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Salsa and Stars Recap

Tuesday, September 14

Even though the team was off yesterday, quite a few guys still put their star power to work by attending Ozzie’s ‘Salsa and Stars’. The event was in support of the Ozzie Guillen Foundation, which benefits children touched by cancer and enhances educational opportunities for underserved youth.


The ambiance was electric as one by one, players and coaches began to arrive. Among them were Paul Konerko, A.J. Pierzynski, Juan Pierre, Alex Rios, Mark Teahen, Omar Vizquel, Freddy Garcia, Dayan Viciedo, Gregory Infante, Greg Walker, Mark Salas and Juan Nieves.




Ozzie and Ibis kicked off the night by being the first couple to hit the dance floor. Pretty soon Garcia, Vizquel and Nieves (among others) could be seen singing and dancing alongside of them; at one point Vizquel even jumped on stage and took over the drums.




The fun-filled atmosphere was maintained by NBC Chicago’s Zoraida Sambolin and Omar Ramos of Univision Radio’s La Kalle who both served as emcees. At one point Sambolin was even spotted sharing a dance with our G.M. Kenny Willams.




Ozzie’s inaugural ‘Salsa and Stars’ managed to be a hit. Special thanks to the performers, players and fans who came out to support the cause.