Saturday, June …

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Any Publicity is Good Publicity …

I kidded Hawk today that it’s a pretty good sign when your photo on this back page is bigger than the President’s photo on the front page of the newspaper (I couldn’t tell if Hawk liked my joke or not) …

On A Roll

Always amazing how many great stories and stats get produced when your team is winning.

For example:

  • The White Sox nine-game winning streak is the longest since 7/4-15/10.  We won 11 in a row from 6/15-27/10.
  • Our 30-22 record is the team’s best after 52 games since 2006 and 6.0 games better than last year.
  • The Sox have won seven straight over Seattle.
  • Sox are hitting .312 with a 3.78 ERA on this nine-game winning streak.
  • The Sox have been in first place 10 days this season compared to four in 2011, 33 in 2010 and 13 in 2009.
  • The Sox lead the majors in avg, HR, runs, runs/game, OBP, SLG and avg with RISP over the past 17 games.
  • Since 1995, 72 of the 102 teams (70.6 percent) who have held at least a share of the division lead entering June have reached the playoffs (Sox are three of four, missing in 2004)
  • Sox have outscored the opposition by +40, the third-largest gap in baseball behind only Texas (+77) and St. Louis (+57).
  • The Sox have won six straight at home.


Guest coach Art Kusyner on seeing Harold Baines and Robin Ventura sitting together at a table in Tampa’s clubhouse:

“Look at those two working each other up into a frenzy.”

As told by Tom Paciorek during the game broadcast.

Class Act

White Sox pitcher Philip Humber was gracious enough to autograph a mini poster of his Perfect Game for Sox front office staff and even some members of the Seattle front office who helped out with his Perfecto on April 21.  It’s a tradition started by Jim Thomas (500th home run) and continued by Mark Buehrle (Perfect Game) and now Humber.  Very cool.





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Good one Scott! Jim Thomas: the MOST feared hitter of ALL time! He is a switch hitter who also hits for a high average and plays first base. He’s 6’5″ and weighs about 265 and is solid muscle. His first cousin is another switch hitter named Frank Thome. Too bad they’re not still in the line-up, now Go Sox’12…..j.k.

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