November 2011

Acts of Kindness

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Curious as to what White Sox players have been up to since the season ended? Well, pitcher Gavin Floyd and his wife have been busy doing some good in their offseason community for a young man in need.

When Tim Smith needed two new legs, his health insurance company refused to pay the $31,000 bill. As a result, Smith was forced to use his old prosthetic legs which were being held together by duct tape and were causing him painful blisters.

The Trinity College community as well as the members of Smith’s church worked to raise $10,000, but unfortunately there was still a large gap. When Floyd heard about Smith through a relative he and his wife decided to fill that $21,000 gap. “We talked about it, prayed about it, and just felt led to do it,” Floyd said. “To know what he’s achieved in his life really moved us.”

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In Support of Minoso

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

As many of you may know, the White Sox are doing all that we can to get behind our living legend, Minnie Minoso’s candidacy for the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Minnie is one of ten candidates on the Golden Era ballot for contributions made to the game of baseball from 1947-72. Voting will take place next month at the Winter Meetings in Dallas.

Our efforts have included the launch of, a website dedicated to chronicling Minnie 17-year baseball career. It includes testimonials, career highlights, archival video and audio clips, photos, an interview with Minnie and more. Check it out when you have a chance.  You may be surprised by Minnie’s myriad accomplishments and contributions not only to the White Sox, but also to the game.

In addition to the website, we also are hosting a “Minnie Minoso Hall of Fame Forum” this Thursday here at the ballpark. The event will be hosted by ESPN’s Pedro Gomez and will bring together the baseball statistical community, historians and former Major Leaguers for a discussion around Minnie’s Hall of Fame candidacy. Minnie also will be in attendance to share memories from his record-setting career.

We’ll be live-tweeting the event via @whitesox, as well as posting photos and videos to and our official Facebook page, so be sure to follow and “like” us!