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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Adult Version

For those of you who happened to read this morning’s Chicago Sun-Times (I know, insert joke here), you were once again treated to screaming headlines and a juicy backpage, only to open the paper to read the 18th version (estimated) of the same old story (I used to think it was just Mariotti who repeated himself ad nauseum, but apparently it is endemic to that publication).

So if you prefer a more adult rendering, one without the screaming headlines, out-of-breath ranting commentary and stomping of angry feet, feel free to check out Scot Gregor’s blog here:



How sweet it is! Our Sox FINALLY bench Adam “The Big Donkey” Dunn..bring up our sluggers from down on the farm…and now win six in a row! Bravo to my fellow Sox fans (on this official pollyanna Sox fan site) who have been pleading the last 3 months for Viciedo to be brought up and Dunn sat down. Grab some bench, Adam !
Can’t wait to read the pollyannas spin on this one.
De Aza….Flowers….Viciedo…..the future is NOW !!
Everytime Ozzie & Kenny say they couldn’t never find a spot for Viciedo (or De Aza) their noses grow a little bit longer. I see Ozzie is now doing his usual Wendy Whiner shtick on his contract. Yawn !

Yes your right that’s why Ozzie and Kenny need to go.
Who doe he think he is the only Manger in baseball demanding an extesnion on
his contract. Jerry is th boss not Ozzie or Kenny and Jerry needs to step up like a leader and get rid of these to incompentent idiots.

Whoops…’couldn’t never’….i got so excited about the Sox streak that I used a double-negative ! My bad !

Ok, I’m a nice guy, but I’m getting a little sick and tired of this. Bill and Buster, I don’t mind that you have opinions. Hell, I even agree with some of them. But stop calling out other Sox fans. Nobody here is against you two. There is no such thing as “true” White Sox fans. We’re ALL fans. We’re ALL happy with our current winning streak. We were ALL frustrated with the offensive struggles up to this point, namely from Dunn and Rios. Calling out others serves nothing, and if anything, shows a lack of maturity and respect. I’m sure I’ll get some negative responses from this, but I’m tired of the personal bickering going on here. Have an opinion, express it in a respectful manner, and leave the personal comments alone. Ok, I’m done with my ranting. Time to see 6 in a row. Go White Sox!

Another terrific start by the third member of our overpaid, underperforming Holy Trinity of recent (and awful) KW aquisitions. One can only wonder where the Sox might be without these three.

I’ll take your word for it that you’re a nice guy. For that matter so am I.
Further, I don’t think that I have ever disagreed with, or posted a negative response to, anything that you may have posted on here. I agree that we are all Sox fans, and we are all frustrated with their performance this year. Please don’t presume that you have the right to tell me what I can and can’t say on this blog. You don’t.
I also (to the best of my recollection) have never said I thought anybody on this blog was “against” me.
Anytime there is a blog, there are going to be dis-agreements. It is the nature of a blog to have differing, sometimes heatedly different, opinions.
That said, there are a couple of very knowledgeable, life long Sox fans, and long time bloggers who DO NOT ever post on this site any more (and whose opinions I really miss). Their absense is plainly and clearly due to being continuously and repeatedly “harrassed” and “called out” by a couple of “bloggers” (who shall remain nameless). It is these bums, and these bums ONLY, who I regularly fued with on this blog..
More than once I have attempted to “bury the hatchet”, as it were, with these particular blog bums only to repeatedly be called out by them yet again and again.
Go back through the blog history to verify this if you choose.
Respect is a two way street pal.

ozzie your loyalty is killing us! You benched Dunn how about Rios? We have a chance but not with these two in the lineup or on the bench! They both stuck out in the ninth with the tying run on base. The kids are playing well – give them some help! Kenny send Rios and Dunn to the minors for some swing help. Someone down there has to be better then a .163 and .216 average. Look at the Giants – cut two overpriced veterans. That’s guts! That’s a team that only cares about winning. Show us you care to!!

Amen, Erik!

Well can’t say I disagree Erik. What the hell was the thought process in that 9th inning?


You’re sentiments are right on but, unfortunately, veterans such as Rios and Dunn can not be sent down to the minors by MLB rules. And it is easy for fans to say “cut them” but not so easy for Jerry Reinsdorf and his investors to just throw away nearly $80 million.

While I am really disgusted with the performances of Rios (especially) and Dunn, I think we have to cut Peavy some slack. He is coming off major surgery, surgery that reportedly has never been done on a pitcher before. He has had his good and bad outings this year. I think we have to let him have another offseason and give him another shot next year before giving up on him.

I can not understand why Guillen brought the “Big Man for Nothing” to hit by Alexei Ramirez, who the most of the times puts the ball in play even without make a hit. Everybody in the stadium, and out, knew what was going happen, except Guillen.
With decisions like that, regrettably we can not do nothing to reach playoffgames.
Please, somebody must do something!! Ernesto, from Miami….

Buster, why do you have to call fellow bloggers bums?

Because some of them are.

I should have said, in my opinion some of them are.

Make or break series this weekend. Go White Sox!

It should/ could be a very interesting weekend. One game at a time Boys….. Go JohnnyD and go Sox’11….j.k.

We absolutely, positively, MUST stop this current slide at two games and then go on with another five game win streak (or better) to have any chance this year. Hanging on by our fingernails: go Gavin and go Sox’11….j.k.

JK it’s oveeeeerrrrrrr!!! Sorry to say.

Unfortunately, the Tigers again show why they are the best team in the division. They have a lot of good hitters, the best pitcher in the league and one of the best closers.

And, they always find ways to win . . . .

That was THE worst loss of the year. This season is rapidly descending into hopelessness. I fear Bench is right. Its over. The Tigers are a better team and at least it isn’t the twinkies. Siiiiigggghhhhh………

Who’s going to go, and who’s going to be with the team next year. Ozzie? Kenny? Greg Walker? Rick Hahn? Buerhle? Who is going to be the “lightening in a bottle” that the Sox try to catch year after year. Who besides Paulie is going to provide offensive spark. Mmmmmmm or will it be we’re fine because we are “All In”.
Shake it up Jerry…whats it going to hurt.

Obviously the talent level isn’t anywhere near where it needs to be. The best player turns 36 in March. The best pitcher is a great guy that eats up a lot of innings but is not a stopper and will be a free agent in another month.

The rest of the cast is mediocre or below with some slightly above average in a few spots.

“All In” was clearly a misnomer. Or, if not a misnomer, a terrible judgement of what they had.

Blame can go anywhere. But blame doesn’t solve a single thing. Changing managers and hitting coaches might change an approach but doesn’t do a thing to upgrade the talent to a level that can win a division championship. Changing GM’s could, in the long run, procure the necessary talent. The Chairman pays the bills so the ball will be in his court.

Bench: what’s that I see now? Yep! Sure enough! It’s the handwriting on the wall…… Go Sox’12………..(It was fun for awhile)……j.k.

Symbolic final nail in the coffin.

Things happened in second and third games, sorry to say that were enough relevant
to be convinced that we can not beat Tigers, there are better hitters than us, while
our starter pitchers are unable to hold a good lead score like 8X1 we had in second game… Ozzie is not the only one guilty for keep Dunn and Rios in lineup, in this Series agains Tigers, I have found some other worst guilties…only a real miracle could do something to change things….Ernesto, from Miami….

TC, I have to disagree, I believe there was enough talent to win in this division. Probably not the whole enchilada, but definitely the division. So if that is the case, the fault rests in getting the most out of the talent you have. And if your honest with yourself TC, you have to agree they did not get the most out of the talent they had. The only question is….who’s fault is that?
Every team that does not win the World Series could use that as an excuse, (not enough talent). It is the team that gets the very most out what they have, that wins. Having the “best” or “most” talent helps, but more often than not, they lose to ambition and motivation.

If I was Reinsdorf I would get rid of both Kenny and Ozzie. He spent a lot of money and got the shaft thanks to Kenny Williams mistakes. Ozzie has a big mouth and who is he to dictate to Jerry he wants an extension.
If I was Gerry I would say you have one year remaining take it or leave it . Actaully he should get rid of the big mouth.

Actually I would send Ozzie and Kenny to the Cubs. Along with Zambrano they would have a real circus of stooges and Big Mouths. Lets get someone who will Manage with common sense and doesn’t shoot off his mouth. And a new GM who doen’t have a chip on his shoulder. Jerry get someone with past success and experience for a change please. I will spend my money to watch clowns next year.

I will not spend my moeny to watch a bunch of clowns>

Bench, I agree that the talent on the Sox has not played up to its potential. No doubt about that. And, had Detroit stumbled badly, yes the Sox had enough to win the division.

But the Sox are not as good as Detroit. And it shows in the standings.

I don’t take last night’s 18-2 game into account. A game like that — a blowout, not necessarily as lopsided as it turned out to be — was to be expected after the crushing loss the day before that virtually put the team out of the race.

TC take Verlander out of the equation, it shows a way different picture. To say the rest of Detroits team are more talented is a stretch, imo, I would say it comes down to which “team” was more efficient. There is a reason they are talking MVP for Verlander, Without him they are average at best. I know only every 5 games, but if another pitcher would have won 12 instead of 21 how would the standings look.

8-1 lead and we lose what are you talking about. Wake up!

Poor managing poor baseball all the way around.

Bench, 25 guys make a team. Take Konerko out of our lineup and we’d probably be nine or 10 games further back too.

Wow, Valencia reaches out and gets a bat on a great two-strike pitch by Stewart and that is the only thing standing in the way of a perfect game.

Nice bounce back today by the team after the disastrous 48 hours that preceded it. Of course, it helped to play the downward-spiraling Twins.

Couple of great pitched games by Humber & Stewart. Too bad valenica reached out and stroked that ball for a hit. In any case this team has always had enough talent to win the AL Central. Problem has been inconsistency and a number of guys having career worst years at the same time.
Tigirls have played the Sox well the last two years and the sweep in Detroit was plainly due to tigirls having 3 excellant games in a row and the Sox not. Series turned on that game Saturday.
I agree with Bench. Take JV out of the detroit rotation, or simply give him an average year, and the Sox and tribe are right there, even as badly as the Sox have performed. I persoanlly don’t see tigirls going very far with just JV because the rest of their staff is average at best. Great closer, but average bullpen otherwise.
If KC had the Sox starting pitching, with the way those kids can hit, they would be running away with the division!

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