Paulie 2000

Monday, August 22, 2011

Counting Down

It’s a pretty rare occurance to have Paul Konerko disappoint White Sox fans, but that’s just what happened Sunday afternoon in the Sox 10-0 win over Texas.

After collecting a hit in his first two plate appearances, Konerko’s career hit total stood at 1,999 as he looked to become the 265th man in Major League Baseball to reach 2,000 and only the 13th player to do it in a White Sox uniform.

But unfortunately for Sox fans in the crowd Sunday, PK failed to collect in hit in either of his last two at-bats, meaning the Sox star will likely reach the career milestone Tuesday or Wednesday on the road in Anaheim in a late night Chicago time contest.

It’s history that’s worth staying up for as Konerko is about to join an impressive list of players to collect No. 2000 in a White Sox uniform:

Jim Thome, 2008

Frank Thomas, 2003

Tim Raines, 1993

Carlton Fisk, 1989

Luis Aparicio, 1969

Nellie Fox, 1960

Luke Appling, 1943

Jimmy Dykes, 1935

Al Simmons, 1934

Harry Hooper, 1922

Eddie Collins, 1920

George Davis, 1902

Konerko is also hoping to become the 41st player in MLB history with 400 home runs (he’s seven shy) and 2,000 hits. Frank Thomas is the only other Sox player to grace that impressively brief list.


I guess it’s nice to have major milestones happen when a player is on their home field, but what happened (or didn’t happen) yesterday mustered no sense of disappointment in this fan. Go PK!

Well, I had my excitement for the day. Here’s hoping we get a W tonight in earthquake-laden LA. Maybe it’s a sign. Go White Sox!

Hey, Josh, are you OK? Were you shaken badly? (Some of the quakes we have here in Northern Cal, I barely feel them, and some I only find out from the news that we had one. Others, however, … 🙂

Apparently, I was only 30 miles away from the center, but there hasn’t been much damage from what I can tell. The building I was in swayed for about 30 seconds. We have a shelf unit in our warehouse that is comprised of steel beams and even that thing was swaying violently. But overall, I think it was harmless. Definitely nothing I’d ever seen though.

Well, the Tigers are starting to do what I thought they would do before this season started. They are beginning to pull away.

Just my opinion, but they are clearly the best team in our division. It is going to take a really nice run by the Sox or Cleveland to catch them. Both the Sox and Tribe are feeling the effects of the injury bug right now.

And this game is ovah! Ozzie lost this one for us by leaving Jason Frasor in to pitch the ninth inning, not to mention playing Adam Dunn at first base. So, we spot them a run in the first with two errors and still manage to tie it at four. Shoulda, coulda, woulda, and with the Tigers finally winning close games…..Go Sox’12…….j.k. (Sorry all for that negativity)…….

Catch this? Twice in the last few days on ChicagoTribune Live, a reporter has said how nutty it is the Sox have refused to bench Dunn for good! One even said that our Sox would have won 12-15 more games and would be in first place! AMEN!
Too bad we have a manager who cowers in fear of Adam Dunn instead of TRYING to win! Hey, Scott, here is your slogan for 2012– “DUNN IS BACK !”
How many times has Ken “Homer Simpson” Harrelson given his sobbing speech that Dunn could STILL get hot and carry us to the playoffs….13 or 14 times? YAWN!
Hey, Hawk, good luck with that theory—month #5 !!
I see there were about 40,000 empty seats at the big weekend Rangers
series–despite perfect weather. Any comment, Scott?!?
ESPN last night even mentioned how the team from Pennsylvania drew more in 4 games than the Chicago White Sox have in any series this year! OUCHY!
Good job, Brooks Boyer!

I should have added a ” LITTLE LEAGUE ” team from Pennsylvania drew more than our White Sox.

Bravo Bill,
Apparently your last comments were so accuarate that none of the other fair weather Sox fans have found the time, or a reason, to post since. My hat is off to you buddy.

Short and simple: Go Mark and go Sox’11….j.k.


Last time I checked, attendance figures have nothing to do with the standings.

No need to post comments about that.

I’m with JK. Let’s see if we can take care of the Twins and hope the Tigers stumble a time or two before coming to the Cell . . . .

Sincerely (or maybe not, lol),

“Fair weather” fan

Would expect nothing less from you chump.

Bill And Buster, if you judge your team by their attendance, maybe you should be a northside fan. I am a Sox fan if they win or lose, and I know I am not qualified to do a better job than Ozzie, Kenny or Jerry. But if releasing your frustrations on this blog keeps your blood pressure down, then lets call it healthy, and go for it.
Personally I prefer golf.

I prefer winning streaks, the longer the better. Let’s hope the Sox keep this one going, because winning is fun!!


Remember: “build it and they will come?” Well, the Sox are / always have been: Win and they will come. But this team HAS to prove that it CAN win. Why go to a game when you’re pretty sure you’re going to see a loss? That’s NOT fun. Right now it IS fun and if they continue to win it will STAY fun. The jury’s still out on this team, but I think if our good play continues, the fans will support them at the gate as well as in our hearts… Don’t stop believing and go Zach and go Sox’11….j.k.

I’m right there with you bench and if I am ever down your way, I am stopping in your pub and ordering me a cold beer and toasting to your post.

Keep it going boys, this is starting to look interesting. Except this year, I keep saying that and then getting disappointed. I wonder if my bi-polar medication I have to take because of this season would be covered by the White Sox? Up and down, up and down, up and down. Well, as long as we end up on an “UP” it will be all worth it.

Three words…Go White Sox!

Marie I will buy you that beer and a big juicy New York Strip.

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