Big Series

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Indians Arrive

The White Sox are attempting to move above .500 for the first time since 4/15 … AJ Pierzynski (fractured left wrist) has been placed on the disabled list for the first time in his career and C Donny Lucy’s contract was purchased from Class AAA Charlotte … Juan Pierre is hitting .347 since 6/28, Paul Konerko owns an 11-game hitting streak (.375) and Carlos Quentin is 12-26 (.462) with three home runs and 12 RBI in seven games against Cleveland.

Congratulations to Jim Thome, who last night became the eighth player in major-league history to hit 600 home runs.  Thome hit 134 of his 600 with the White Sox and his 42 homers in 2006 remain a club record for left-handers.

To a man, White Sox players had hoped to be present when Thome reached his 600th, having homer in a game the Sox would win. 

“I would just want to shake his hand,” said Pierzynski.

Thome did always as well for his former teammates as his two home runs helped the Twins beat the division-leading Tigers and cut Detroit’s edge over the White Sox to 3 1/2 games.

Paul Konerko went 3-3 with a walk and a HBP Sunday, which according to the Elias Sports Bureau is the 11th game in his career that he has reached base safely in each of his five (or more) plate appearances.  That ties Luke Appling for the second-most in franchise history, a long way behind club leader Frank Thomas (24 times).

Since May 7, the White Sox own the best record in the AL Central at 49-38 (.563).

Tonight’s starter, Gavin Floyd, is 6-3 lifetime against Cleveland and is 2-0 with a 0.61 ERA in 2011.  Among the notables, Travis Hafner is 1-14 lifetime and Kosuke Fukudome is 1-9.

Earlier today, Matt Thornton, Chris Sale and AJ took part in a Pros vs. G.I. Joes video game competition at U.S. Cellular Field.  The Sox players, along with 25 local servicemen and women from different branches of the military, competed on-line vs. active service members from across the globe, including Kandahar, Afghanistan.

“I played for a while,” Chris Sale said, “but then I just enjoyed talking to the guys and having a chance to thank them for their service.”

It was pretty cool to see AJ playing Call of Duty against soldiers stationed in Afghanistan.  We’ll have video and photos of the event soon …


Are the Sox trying to lose this game, or what? This is beyond ridiculous. Come on guys, get a run across in the bottom of the ninth1

Whether the Sox win or lose tonight, we can thank our resident CF BUM for a great defensive play in the 9th. Way to go alex, let the ball drop at your feet. You’re a BUM! A BUM! I have more hustle in my little finger than you do in your whole body. YOU’RE A BUM!

Runner on 3rd, no outs, can’t score?!!! The Sox deserve to lose this one, and they surely will.

OMG! It took 14 innings, but they did it. I am soooo happy to be wrong in my prediction, because we really needed this win. We are finally over .500! Now that we broke .500, on to first place!

Go SOX!!

I agree, Peggy. That was an EPIC ball game. Like two pit bulls going after each other all night long. Thankfully, we came out on top. We need to limit those BB’s that kept Cleveland in the game and I hope we still have a few (after 22 tonight) hits left in our bats for Mark later today…. Go Mark and go Sox’11….j.k.

Buster, we get it. You don’t like Rios. You don’t need to keep hammering us with that opinion.

He had a great hustle play, though, with his leadoff triple in the 11th. And if Lillibridge would use his brain once in a while, there would have been at least one more at bat opportunity to get him home with the winning run.

Bravo, Buster! Maybe if we keep hammering TOTAL flops Dunn & Rios… SOMEBODY will figure out in the Sox dugout to bench them ! HELLO!
Ignore the pollyannas on this White Sox site.
Lillibridge did a great job subbing for Dunn–yet Dunn is back in the line-up. HUH? SAY WHAT?
2011 Sox top priority? Making sure Adam Dunn doesn’t get mad.
2011 Sox #2 priority? Trying to win!
I see yet another lame crowd at the Cell in perfect weather.
The fans appear to be voting with their feet on Adam Dunn & Alex Rios staying in the line-up….but I digress.
Our Sox STILL have a shot at the division…despite being too frightened to play their best line-up. MERCY!
Has Ozzie bought his new home in Miami yet?

I respect your opinion and your right to have one. But don’t think that us “pollyannas” are trying to make any excuses for Dunn and Rios. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m sure most of us here are just as frustrated with Dunn’s and Rios’ lack of offensive output this year as other White Sox fans are. We all want the best players on the field for us to win the game, and as much as we’d like to bench Dunn and Rios, it’s not exactly a long term solution right now. With PK nursing his knee, Dunn has to see some time at 1st until he gets better. Lillibridge has been a nice fill in, but he doesn’t have a lot of experience playing 1st. I will agree though, that I’d like to see Lilli play a little more if he keeps contributing at the plate. Benching Rios could be a little easier to do as we can play De Aza more. However, Lilli and De Aza aren’t proven everyday players yet, but I won’t dispute that if they keep producing, they should play more.
Buster has made his opinion of Rios known many a time on this blog. Again, he has a right to it, and we respect it. However, there are only so many ways to say the same thing before it gets a bit repetitive. Again though, he has a right to say it, which is why I’m not really arguing against it.
And TC wasn’t making an excuse for Rios. He was stating a fact that Rios did give us a chance to win the game in the 11th and it was squandered away.
I don’t really understand the rant when we just won a much needed game. But, like I said, this is an open blog and all opinions are welcome here. In the end, though, we don’t make the managerial decisions, so while we may not want Dunn and Rios in the lineup when they’re not producing, we still have to pull for them when they’re in the game. For better or worse, this is our team this year. Changes to this team won’t happen until we get to the offseason. But, what I think we all can agree on is that we all want that AL Central title this year.
So, here’s hoping we take round 2 tonight! Go White Sox!

“We get it. You don’t like Rios.”
We? We? Since when were YOU annoited to speak for anybody but yourself?
Did Scott or the SOX give you some special blog priviledge that the rest of us don’t know about?
“You don’t need to keep hammering us with that opinion.”
If you think that me posting comments about that overpaid, underperforming BUM rios is “hammering on us”, you’re as delusional as you are sanctimonious!
Far as I’m concerned, as long as my comments are within the guidelines for this blog, I’ll say whatever I want, as often as I want, about our resident CF BUM!
When our brilliant manager puts that BUM rios in the 9th inning “for defensive purposes”, and then that BUM lolligags after a very catchable ball (yet again for the umpteenth time) and lets the ball simply drop at his feet because HE WON’T HUSTLE, yeah he needs to be called out. His “great” hustle in the 11th? If that BUM hustles in the 9th and catches that weak flyball, game over, AND NO NEED TO PLAY EXTRAS!
You don’t like like Lillibridge. I GET IT. So what? You don’t need to keep hammering me with that opinion.
You don’t like my comments? Go to another blog!

Why can’t we all just try to get along? We can all be 100% Sox fans (me? since 1959)…but have various opinions. Me? I’m tired of Kenny & Ozzie being too frightened to bench Dunn & Rios. We’d be 5+ games ahead if that would have happened 2 months ago….but I digress.
Love how we still have many games left with Cleveland and Detroit !
Maybe 86 wins will be enough to win the division.
In the meantime…Dunn & Rios? BOO ! GRAB SOME BENCH !

We won last night. YAY! One game over .500 and picked up a game on the Tribe. As for all the BUM talk, whatever, I’m just glad we won. A W is a W at the end of the day.

Go Buehrls we ya tonight!

*we need ya tonight (I meant to say)

Well, I don’t like Rios (didn’t want Kenny to commit to his big contract when he claimed him) and I love Lillibridge. I just mentioned that Brent made a poor play on the basepaths and still has a lot to learn to be a successful, everyday player in the big leagues. I want that guy on my team and hope he stays with the Sox for a long, long time. And if Kenny can find anyone to take Rios and Dunn, then that would be great. As far as I am concerned, once Konerko is back at first, Dunn can sit for the rest of the year. But none of us make out the lineup card.

Buster, you are free to post whatever you want. But it is quite clear you hate Rios and seem to be on a mission to proclaim that every day. You really should sign up with some of the other fan boards. The members at WhiteSoxInteractive bitch and moan about the Sox ALL the time. Even after wins. You’d probably enjoy joining them.

How about another win tonight? Or am I being delusional and sanctimonious when I propose that thought??? lol

tc: Sanctimonious? No. Delusional? I hope not. We are all rooting for Mark to pitch well enough to win tonight. Our lineup is suspect though, with Bacon backing up Dunn, and Lucy in the nine hole. Still rooting though. Go Mark and go Sox’11….j.k.

The injuries to Konerko, Castro and Pierzynski have pretty much left us with what we have. Thank goodness Paulie has still been able to bat. Flowers did a nice job last night but it will be asking an awful lot of a rookie catcher to take over the everyday duties in a late pennant race.

The whole Dunn thing has been a mystery and a head-scratcher all season long. I know that Ozzie is constantly being criticized about his use of Dunn — and I add myself to that group that yells at Ozzie each day to get Dunn out of there — but when you are in a manager’s shoes there are so many things that come into play.

Beckham has struggled at the plate, but thank goodness he got that double in the 14th last night. He still has been exceptional in the field. Lucy hopefully can give us nine innings of good receiving and give Tyler’s legs a one-day break so he is ready for the remaining four games on the homestand.

About the only good thing in playing Dunn at first is having Lilli on the bench and available to pinch-hit or pinch-run in a key situation late in the game.

We got beat today, plain and simple. Not going to be easy against Masterson, so now would be a great time to turn things around Humber……Let’s take two of three tomorrow…. Go Sox’11….j.k.

I have this creepy feeling that this game will be like the one on Tuesday – Sox score, pitcher gives up more runs, rinse, repeat.

Hope not, and hope we win this game and this series.

Go Sox!!!

Scott, how come your blog gets buried further down in the website every day? It used to be a link on the home page, then a link in the drop-down menu from the Fans tab, and now I have to click twice from Fans to get here. What’s up?

Here’s to hoping Phillip Humber is OK and will be back in the rotation. Did any of you see that shot he took to the head? Oh, my goodness, my stomach turned and it was very scary to watch, especially how he just folded backward like that.

Other than that, any time this team wants to win again, I’d be up for that.

I hope Phil is OK too, that WAS a nasty hit he took last night.
And, yeah, Scott, what’s up with the web site? I’m with Peggy, in wanting to know why we now have to jump through hoops to find “inside the White Sox”. If you wanted to track how many fans follow you, just ask, don’t make it harder to do so……Now, go Sox’11…..j.k.

Just go to Blogs on the lower left-hand corner of the home page.

Thanks tc: you can also select “fans” and click on inside white sox from the site map on the lower right side, BUT………Tadaaa!! White Sox win! Much needed and good for what ails you (or me). Gotta try to win tomorrow to salvage a winning home stand @ 5-4…….Go Gavin and go Sox’11…..j.k.

Whoop it up Sox fans! We just finished a WINNING home stand! I know 5-4 ain’t great, but it’s better than what we’ve been used to most of the season. Nice win ALL around. Very good pitching and great hitting! Rest up well Boys and I hope there are a few hits left in your bats going out to LA….. Go Mark and go Sox’11…..j.k.

Wow! 20K for dinner with Hawk and Stoney! Nice gesture offering that amount for Sox charities. I hope you have the time of your lives…….j.k.

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