A Game With Jerry

Monday, August 1, 2011

Jerry Reinsdorf on Being a Team Owner and the Brooklyn Dodgers

Earlier today, White Sox Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf and MLB Executive VP of Business Tim Brosnan met with White Sox sponsors and took part in a Q&A session with Comcast Sports Net Chicago’s Dave Kaplan.

Among the funnier moments …

Reinsdorf said that to be a Major League Baseball owner, you needed to “enjoy the game and love the competition.”

Kaplan asked what it was like to be the owner of the Chicago Bulls and White Sox and have to watch games on TV.  Reinsdorf explained that he much preferred watching games with people, that when the teams were on the road, he often ended up watching alone at his home, adding that his wife “doesn’t watch sports.”

“When we are winning, I’m usually smoking a cigar,” Reinsdorf explained.  “But sitting at home and watching a team lose is a miserable, miserable experience.  I usually text Gar (Forman) or Kenny (Williams) to drive them nuts because I don’t want to be nuts all by myself.”

Reinsdorf recalled his most vivid baseball memory being a sad one when Bobby Thomson hit the “Shot Heard Round the World” as the New York Giants beat Reinsdorf’s beloved Brooklyn Dodgers in a 1951 playoff.  But his favorite memory was being at Brooklyn’s Ebbetts Field for Jackie Robinson’s debut in 1947.

“I was too young to fully realize how significant that moment was,” he said, “but you could feel the buzz.  There aren’t many people still around who can say they were there that day.”

As a Flatbush native, it was only natural that shortstop Pee-Wee Reese remains Reinsdorf’s favorite all-time player, although he listed Jim Thome and Harold Baines as contemporary players he loved.

Reinsdorf pointed out how Reese — a Louisville native and just in his mid 20s in 1947 — took a stance within the Dodgers clubhouse and throughout baseball by supporting Robinson as his teammate.

“I always respected him for that,” Reinsdorf said.  “He was my favorite and will always be my favorite.”


Another “quality start” by JD.
You can pretty much stick a fork in these bums, when we get swept in Minnesota, that’ll make it official.
I’m not sure what is worse, having a bunch of overpaid, underachieving losers on this club or having a manager who is so smart that he hits AD (who is 3 for 73 against lefties) cleanup against the best lefty (CC) in the AL last night.
Another brilliant Ozzie move.
Yeah, I know, you all get it and my comments are just as predictable as Rios & Dunn not hitting. Whatever.

It really doesn’t matter where Dunn bats in the lineup. With Konerko out of the lineup, there is not one good, MLB hitter on the team. Quentin and Ramirez are close, but both are way too inconsistent.

I never quite understood the “All In” theme. All they did was rework the bullpen, sign a slugging free agent that strikes out a lot, and resign Konerko and AJ. Well, the bullpen moves worked out. AJ is playing okay, but not great (but he never was great, just a better than average player with a lot of heart). Konerko is having another studly season. And the FA slugger is having an unbelievably horrible year.

How people thought that these moves could take a third-place club and ramp it up to a World Series contender is beyond me. At best, I hoped for 87-88 wins in a bad division and then a hot streak in the playoffs. But that was going to take some breaks and some unexpected contributions from other players.

The prospects certainly don’t look good. Detroit has way too much offense and the best pitcher in the league. Cleveland has had some late-innings magic all season long.

I’m not throwing in the towel but I’ve got it within reach . . . .

Go White Sox, but I am afraid it is not going to happen this year. There is a hitting disease on this team, maybe just the caliber of players we have, maybe coaching, maybe ill advised management. We know the guys that are not playing up to their ability, and we know the players that never will. This has to be fixed in the off season, Kenny has his work cut out for him.

Adam “The Big Donkey” Dunn is now 3 for 76 vs LH….yet our manager Ozzie “i don’t care anymore!” Guillen has vowed to keep on playing him till hell freezes over. Just shoot me! Good luck with the Marlins next year, Ozzie !
God bless all those thousands of my fellow Sox fans who keep booing and jeering Dunn & Rios! I notice Ken “Homer” Harrelson hides underneath his desk— too frightened to EVER comment on the 2 months of booing—under orders from the Sox management?!?! Care to comment on that, Scott Reifert?!?!
Still time to win this thing….IF we decide to play our BEST line-up. (wow..what a concept!)
Dayan Viciedo….phone home!
Step #1…Get Paulie back healthy !!

Sad to say, but with Paulie hurt, what you saw out there last night probably was our best lineup . . . .

Ozzie can change the order — and probably should — but other than that there aren’t many options . . . .

I’d like to see Omar Vizquel be our DH whenever he isn’t playing in the field. He is a much better clutch hitter than AD, and a better hitter, period. Or else, just let the pitchers hit – they couldn’t do any worse.

I’m with you Peggy. Omar is a first ballott HOF (if he ever retires) !
Why not let him DH? What do we realistically have to lose?

Okay, the proverbial “towel” is getting closer to being thrown in. Once the pitching takes a dive (as it is tonight), the wheels will all be off.

And I seriously doubt if Omar is back in a White Sox uniform — or any uniform — next year. It is easy to see this year that there has been a huge drop off in his play in just the last season. Great career but it may be time to retire.

An even dozen “Don’t stop now boys” putting a movie in going to watch Lincoln Lawyer. And while i typed this The Boys from the Bronx made it 13. Good Night!!!

Finally, some great news. The Hawks just re-signed Patrick Sharp for 5 years. Roll Hawks.

So will it be a 4-6 or a 3-7 homestand today? I can’t say that I’m too surprised as Boston and New York seem to be the class of the AL. Maybe we should play the rest of our games on the road since we barely have a winning record there. Anyway, here’s some more food for thought…
White Sox Team by Team Records
BAL 1-3
BOS 4-2
CLE 6-1
DET 5-7
KC 3-5
LAA 2-4
MIN 1-7
NYY 2-5
OAK 6-4
SEA 4-2
TB 4-4
TEX 2-3
TOR 1-3

Of the 13 teams we play against in the AL, we have a winning record against 4 of them (BOS, CLE, OAK, SEA). BOS is 1st in their division, CLE is 2nd. OAK and SEA are 3rd and last in the AL West. If you look at the AL Central alone, we only have a winning record against CLE.
To put this shortly, we’re a huge mixed bag. We do win against certain teams that we’re expected to beat, as well as make a little noise against some division contenders. However, CLE seems to be running out of gas and we just lost 2 of 3 from BOS. We are just inconsistent, and time may be running out this year. I know you can’t win divisions in April/May, but that excruciating slow start at the beginning of the year is haunting us again. A few breaks here, a few wins there, and we’d be running neck and neck with the Tigers right now instead of being 6.5 games back. I know we’re not out of it yet, but with PK being out (our one staple in a struggling offense this year) along with other issues, I think we’re going to need some breaks to fall our way. I’m still rooting for the turnaround, but the stats are making it hard to do. So, with this out of the way, let’s snap our 5-game losing streak today. Go White Sox!

Great homestand guys. We can finally say that the Sox don’t play the “good” teams well anymore.
Now it’s off to Minnesota to officially finish our season.


!SIGH!!! Go Sox’11?…..j.k.

During last night’s game in the sixth inning with Brent Morel at bat, Hawk announced that Marie and Pat were in attendance. Was that you Marie?…. If so, nice win, and keep up the good work. If not, then good job by the Boys to win two in a row from those Twins…. Can we make it three? Go Jake and go Sox’11….j.k.

Tigers and Tribe play 6 of their next 12 against each other while the Sox have the Os (what 20 games under .500?) and KC.
Seems like the right thing to say is, As bad as the Sox played against Boston & NYY, there is a BIG opportunity staring the Sox square in the face.
Make me a liar SOX and show everybody that you’re NOT done!

Hi, JK. You bet – that was Pat and me. We were in MN for the weekend, and took a tour of Target Field on Saturday morning. (Talk about a beautiful ballpark!) We passed by the visiting broadcasters’ booth, and I left a note on the door for Hawk and Stoney. I was convinced it wouldn’t make it to them, which made the news of the shout-out that more exciting! Only to be topped by a weekend of great baseball and three wins. Don’t stop now, boys!!

Good to hear from you again Maria and I’m glad you had a nice trip to Minn. What confused me was that Hawk said MariE and not MariA and Pat. Glad it was you two and thanks for the win!. Maybe Josh can go up to Baltimore and help out this series…. Go Sox’11….j.k.

Sadly, I won’t be able to. But, at least I get to see the games on the O’s broadcasts the next few days. Go White Sox!

Nice win in an ugly game tonight. Those are the kind you have to win if you still entertain hopes of making a run at Detroit.

Whew! We managed to hang on! Is there ANY way we can stretch this streak to FIVE games in a row?????Come on Gavin and go Sox’11….j.k.

One more! One more! And we’ll be back to .500 yet again……. (not to mention exorcizing the recent 6 game losing streak we suffered).. Come on Phil and Go Sox’11….j.k.

Another “nope”! Back to two games under and Mark pitching tomorrow. Come on Boys, get some runs and make Buehrle’s start a laugher!!! Verlander pitching for Detroit tomorrow, so that should be a Tiger “W”, so we need to take this last game from the O’s. After all, that would even up the year @ 4-4….. Go Mark and go Sox’11….. Scott: are you still here?…j.k.

That was (@ 6-1) a very successful road trip! Now if we can start to win at home with some regularity, we could actually make an impact in this weak Central. Keep up hitting shoes on Boys! Go Stewart and go Sox’11….j.k.

I can’t add much more to what JK said. It was great to see the boys take 3 of 4 from the O’s, and hopefully we can build on this when we face the Royals tonight. But, couldn’t we play the next few games at Kauffman Stadium? The Cell hasn’t been kind to us this year. Go White Sox!

With Josh in Va., Peggy in Oakland, Marie in Tex, me in Az, and too many to mention in Chicago, we’ve got the country blanketed with Sox fans! What we need now is our leader (that would be Mr. Reifert) to post us to victory……… Hey Scott( or should I say Waldo?). Wazzup? Go Sox’11….j.k.

There is a reason why the sox have the worst home record in the entire AL. It’s called mental toughness, or more correctly lack of it!

And the beat (down) goes on…… Come on Jake and go Sox……j.k.

Anybody who doubts how classy alex rios really is take a look:

Sox beat KC! Sox beat KC!. ‘Bout time!. One more tomorrow and Maybe(maybe?) the O’s can hold on against Detroit. Go Sox’11….j.k.

Sox win! (ho-hum) Yet another series win at home. (huh? what?) Oh, yeah. That’s the first since we played Detroit last month! But it’s a start, and it puts us back to .500! (yet again). Now the key is to get OVER that mountain and start skating downhill the other side. With Cleveland coming to town, we may be able to accomplish just that. Stay tuned White Sox fans. Go, go, go Sox’11….j.k.

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