Sox Drop Cactus League Opener

Monday, February 28, 2011

Play Ball

How great to see, hear, smell and feel baseball again … even if the Sox dropped their Cactus League opener to the Dodgers, 6-5, in Glendale Monday.

Good Start

The day actually started out with the great news that White Sox vice chairman Eddie Einhorn had been selected as a member of the National Collegiate Basketball Association’s Hall of Fame Class of 2011.  Eddie will be honored at the Final Four and the official induction ceremony will take place just before Thanksgiving.

Surprised at Einhorn being selected for the BASKETBALL Hall of Fame, shouldn’t be.

Gavin Floyd gave the White Sox the second good start of the day, throwing two perfect innings.

“Gavin threw the ball well,” manager Ozzie Guillen said.  “We did a lot of good things today.  Spring training is about pitchers, for me.”

Guillen lauded Alexei Ramirez, who made a strong play going into the hole to make a tough out look easy.

“It’s our job to get him where he should be, the Gold Glove, All-Star Game,” Guillen said.  “It’s my job to make sure everyone knows how good he is.”

Guillen did say that he would prefer to avoid a repeat of the Sox first inning when Juan Pierre was thrown out at third with no outs and Adam Dunn at the plate.  Guillen admitted he told guys he wanted to be aggressive in spring training, but maybe not that aggressive.

“I hope he doesn’t do this during the season,” Guillen offered.  “I hope it’s a spring training thing.”

Ribbing Coop

Ozzie was all over poor Don Cooper this morning, having read somewhere (internet, magazine?) that Coop was only the second-best pitching coach in baseball.  Ozzie admitted that he ranked somewhere “next to last,” at which point Coop was quickly noted how much he had overcome to gain his lofty perch.


Sorry, we’ve had all kinds of pretty cool photos to post the last few days but apparently technical difficulties have made that nearly impossible.  A lot of the stuff was of our players at the races.  At some point, we’ll get it to you.

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