Try Again

Sunday, February 27, 2011


I wrote and posted this once but the blog devils seemed to have eaten it, so here is an abbreviated version.

Rain washed out our practices and intrasquad game.  The Dodgers/Angels matchup is underway out my window, so it is nice to see baseball.


Here is our lineup for tomorrow’s White Sox/Dodgers game:

Pierre 7, Beckham 4, Rios 8, Dunn dh, PK 3, Q 9, AJ2, Ramirez 6, Morel 5.  Floyd pitching.

Upcoming Pitching

Buehrle vs. Mil, Jackson at Cin, Danks vs. Sea and Peavy at LAA.

Bobby Howry

A few staff members attended a special party for former Sox pitcher (now retired) Bobby Howry at his home last night.  Also in attendance were Scott Eyre and Keith Folke.

Special Thanks

To FOX Sports for their White Sox piece in today’s pre-race telecast. 

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