Groundhog Day 8

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf was in camp today and wandered out back as the team took infield practice and worked on ground balls.

“Pressure’s on,” Ozzie yelled to the guys, jokingly, “Jerry’s watching.”

The team worked on fielding bunts, with the first baseman fielding the ball and either firing to third base or to first depending on the call.

On one play, Paul Konerko’s throw to third skipped, and Mark Teahen made the play at third.

“He’s all in,” Konerko called out.

“He’s a grinder,” someone added.

At least they are watching our advertising.

After the drill, Guillen joked that, “The Big Donkey (Adam Dunn) is going to have a sore arm and a sore back tomorrow.”

Ozzie And The Grounds Crew

Ozzie, as all our fans know, will talk to anyone and everyone.  A favorite audience during spring training is the grounds crew here in Glendale.  In fact, Ozzie annually takes the crew out for dinner during the spring.  That tells you a lot about the man.

Happy Birthday

I was told that Rose Salas reads everything about the White Sox online, and her husband, Mark (a good friend, better friend than golfer, but you knew that), asked me to wish her a happy birthday today.  So, Happy Birthday, Rose.  Mark said he was buying you a new car, so surprise …

Mini Camp

Mini camp for 50-60 minor leaguers starts here tomorrow.  It gives them a head start on the spring and gets them down and working out before regular spring training begins for the minor leagues next month.  Finally, Nick Capra will have something to do! (joke)

Cool Story

Sunday morning, I received a very cool message via my LinkedIn account.

Here is what it said:

Subject: Hi Scott, true story about the 1968 Sox (Ken Berry & Cisco Carlos)
Hi Scott,

First off, thank you very much for accepting my connection request, it’s really appreciated!

I’ll try to be brief, but I would like to share a true life story about the classy Sox Team of 1968 & how they converted a SoCal boy to becoming a life long Sox fan!

It was the summer of 1968, I was a young boy & the Sox were in Anaheim playing the Angels. It was a weekend series. Saturday was a day game & Ken Berry hit a foul ball that made a direct line right at me. I caught it on the fly like like it happens every day. I was thrilled beyond belief (my only foul ball ever by the way). A Major League Baseball, I was on Cloud Nine.

I had tickets for the Sunday game as well. My buddy & I got there early to try to get Mr. Berry to sign the baseball. I was never able to get close enough to him. I got a few autographs but not Ken Berry’s.

After the game we worked our way over to where the Team Bus was parked (security was not so tight back then). It took us awhile but we made it (our seats were in the top level of ths stadium). By the time we got to the bus Ken Berry was already on it & the bus was about to leave. One of the last players on the bus was a right handed pitcher named Cisco Carlos. I asked him if he would mind getting Mr. Berry’s autograph (I quickly explained, as best as a kid could, why I wanted the autograph). He looked at me for a few seconds & said, “sure kid, give me the ball”.

He was gone what seemed like for 3 days. I just knew the bus was going to leave & my ball with it. Finally the bus door opened & Cisco Carlos tossed me the ball and said, “here ya go kid”. I was at a complete loss of words, every player on the team signed my ball & Ken Berry’s signature was right in the middle.

I have shared this story with lots of people over the years how these players, how these class act men, impacted a young boy forever & they had no idea. How their positive actions were so huge, so lasting. I have used the story at public speaking events & 1 on 1 as an illustration as to how one’s actions can have such a huge, & at times, leave a life long impact on a person.

I have made several attempts to try to find Mr. Berry & Mr. Carlos to let them know what a huge positve effect they had. To date, I have not been successful in my quest….

If there is any way at all Scott that you could reach out to these two mean thank, it would be greatly appreciated.

As an aside, I have never been to a Sox game but thankfully our company, that I Co-Founded, plans to be expanding into the Midwest this summer.  My life long goal/dream is to watch a Sox game in Chicago, this summer will be that moment.

Sorry for this lengthy message but I wanted to do the story justice.


So of course, I am going to help Craig send along his thanks to Ken and Cisco, and I look forward to seeing Craig in Chicago sometime this summer.  Great story about how a random event created a fan for life.

We tell our players over and over the power of a few seconds and the impact they can have on the rest of someone’s life.  One minute, a hello, an autograph, a smile, can impact another life forever.  That’s a pretty cool gift and a pretty awesome power.  Thankfully, so many of our guys over the years get it, understand it and accept it. 


Our crack BBDO advertising team is down for today and tomorrow to shoot additional commercials for this summer.  I’d like to tell you more, but I can’t because the story lines are top secret.  Stay tuned over coming weeks and we’ll let you in on the secret before the rest of the world.

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