Peavy Redux — Day 7

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Clubhouse.jpgPeavy Returns To Mound

With pitchers again throwing live BP to White Sox hitters, Jake Peavy’s two turns on the mound again dominated the day in camp with media lining the fences.

He again threw two 20-pitch “innings,” and most importantly, he walked off the mound feeling fine as he was followed by an ESPN television crew.  As always, the right-hander stopped to sign autographs for fans.

Peavy post workout:

“It’s another step in the right direction,” Peavy said of his day. “It’s been a long, long process and the past few days have been as grueling as far as getting your arm in shape, trying to pass the test, so to speak.

“When you throw 40 pitches, two sets of 20, like you are almost simulating two innings then take just a day off then come back and do it again and get through that, it’s obviously a good sign. I’m excited about it. There is some soreness, but, just sitting around with some of the other guys and them talking about their soreness and trying to get through it as well. We got some good work in today, I’m not sure effort-wise how much was there, but I did throw everything and threw the ball where I wanted to throw it.”

On how he felt following his second stint on the mound against hitters:

“I feel pain-free,” the Cy Young Award winner continued.  “I feel normal. Obviously, I have some stiffness and soreness, but I feel normal and that is something that I haven’t felt in quite a while.

Peavy.JPG“We are going to go outing to outing. We are going to evaluate the situation. Right now, I’m on schedule just like the other guys. I’m doing nothing any different than any of the other guys. Read between the white lines, if I can keep going with the guys, I want to be ready to go. But, like I said, we are going to re-evaluate the situation every time I’m on the mound. I have to talk to the doctors, talk to Hermie, I have to go in there and report in and tell them pitch-by-pitch how it felt, and that’s not only the training staff but the doctors who want to document everything. We are going be cautious and if there is a point in time they hear something they don’t like, or I feel something I don’t like, I’m sure we will back off.”


On another diamond, lefty John Danks followed Matt Thornton on the mound.

“I know I’m throwing about 15 mph slower,” Danks called in to catcher Josh Phegley, half-way apologetic.

ESPN In The House

John Kruk and Tim Kurkjian spent the morning in camp as part of ESPN’s annual tour to spring training sites.


OzKruk.jpgKruk caught up with old minor-league roommate Ozzie Guillen amid laughter, while Kurkjian talked with Buddy Bell, who Tim got to know when he was a beat writer covering the Texas Rangers.

I gave Tim a hard time about having to wear a suit for 30 consecutive days, while Buddy focused in on the ESPN bus, which features renderings of Kruk and Kurkjian on the back, much to their chagrin.

“We shot a promo the other day that showed me driving the bus,” Kurkjian joked.  “Me.  I look like a freshman at Duke.  And they have Kruk sitting next to me in the piece.  Now he looks like a truck driver!”


ESPn Truck.jpgDunn-Sized

I had to look twice today when I drove past Adam Dunn and Paul Konerko fielding ground balls during infield.  PK is not a small man, but Dunn makes him look like a high schooler …

PK and Dunn.JPG



Seems like a lifetime since I last watched a game. The Good news, there is plenty of baseball soon, 8 months till the World Series…Go Sox Love the Clubhouse shot! Thanks Scott

There is no doubt that Big Donkey is one enormous player. That guy blocks out a lot of sun.

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