Konerko, Quentin & Position Players Arrive — Day 6

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Full Squad Workout

Paul Konerko, Carlos Quentin and the rest of the 2011 White Sox took to the fields for their first full squad workout of the spring.

Prior to the workout, Konerko spoke to the media in the hallway outside the clubhouse to avoid the “throngs” impacting other players.

As PK began, AJ walked past the huddle.

“Make sure you mention how much money I gave up so they could re-sign you,” he joked.

“Yeah, AJ, the most selfless act in sports,” an observer added.

Among many topics, Paulie was asked whether or not the White Sox were the favorites in the AL Central.

“It’s all on paper,” the Captain answered.  “It doesn’t mean anything until you go out and do it.  It’s a cliche, but it’s true.

“Until someone knocks them (the Twins) off, they are the champions.”

He was asked about setting and surpassing statistical goals for the season.

“I don’t think numbers.  I think about work, approach, things like that,” he explained, making the point between the difference in being focused on an end vs. the means to reach those ends.  “We’re talking about results.  Focus on how you work every day, your approach, how you’re going to attack each day.”

Then he was asked about what it was like to come back into a clubhouse where so many other players thought so highly of him.

“Allegedly,” he replied.  Smiling.

Now On The Tee

Adam Dunn and Edwin Jackson showed up for their tee time yesterday at a local course only to be paired with Hall of Famer George Brett and a friend.  How’s that for random luck.

And can you imagine how far Dunn can hit a golf ball?

Stone Quip

This from Steve Stone today when told that Omar Vizquel might consider managing once he’s done playing:

“He’ll be too old to manage by then.”

Stone complimented Dunn’s uniform No. 32, the same number he wore while toiling on the mound.  The reason?  Sandy Koufax, of course.


Very special congratulations to Roland and Margo Hemond on Roland’s being named the second Buck O’Neil Lifetime Achievement Award winner today by the Baseball Hall of Fame.  The honor is so well deserved.

Jerry Reinsdorf, who is a board member of the HOF, wanted to be with Roland this morning when he received the news, so he scheduled a meeting with Roland at 10 am at the Dbacks offices just so he could see his reaction.

Roland, as emotional a guy as you will ever find, was stunned by the news.  Jerry had to dial Margo for him so that Roland could tell his wife the new.  Jerry called me afterward to let me know it was official, and you could just hear the joy and happiness in his voice.  A pretty good way to start a day, don’t you think.

White Sox Release on the HOF’s announcement about Roland Hemond


I believe the Sox are the favorite to win the Central. But the Twinkies will always be a pain in our ***.

Greetings Scott and fellow CWS Bloggers. Haven’t written in a while but I’ve been lurking about all the same. My beloved mother-in-law, May, long-time White Sox fan passed away last summer and I just haven’t had the wherewithall to put fingers to keyboard. But I am VERY EXCITED about the team Kenny and the guys have put together for the coming season and the spring training blogs are too much fun not to say keep them coming, Scott! Lots of laughs in AZ should equal lots of wins in Chicago, right? Congrats to Roland Hemond on a well deserved accolade. Happy birthday to a youthful Jerry Reinsdorf and GO WHITE SOX!!


Now that “the band” is back together to begin the quest for the championship… here is MY interpretation of what the lineup should look like at Progressive Field in Cleveland on April 1st…

LF Pierre
2B Beckham
CF Rios
DH Dunn
1B Konerko
RF Quentin
C Pierzynski
3B The survivor of Morel/Teahen/ Viciedo, et al
SS Alexi
P Danks…
No offense to Buehrle, but he has a CRAPPY record against the Indians to BEGIN with, and always seems to have trouble with the Tribe at “the facility formerly known as Jacobs Field”…
Or have you all forgotten about “Country” Joe West and HIS interaction with # 56 last season ?


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