SoxFest Countdown

Monday, January 17, 2011

SoxFest Details

I know many White Sox fans can’t wait to plan their schedules at SoxFest, so here is a link to this weekend’s events at SoxFest 2011.  Of course, thanks to our friends at the Chicago Bears (Go Bears!), fans are definitely going to have to schedule their Sundays accordingly.

I was talking with Ken Williams this morning and he can’t wait for his chance to talk with fans at Friday night’s seminar with manager Ozzie Guillen.

It’s also not too late to purchase two-day and individual day passes to the event, by going to this link at


And for those of you following @InsideTheSox on twitter, today (Monday) begins our Hide & Tweet with SoxFest tickets available to the first fan who finds our intern somewhere in the city of Chicago.  Stay tuned and keep following.


I see somethings NEVER change. The Cardinals and Cubs both had very successful caravan stops in Peoria last week.
NO sign of the White Sox caravan….Year # 21.
White Sox to Downstate— DROP DEAD !
Brooks Boyer cares much more about ‘Dog Day’ and ‘Elvis Night’ then any Sox fan south of I-80. I once had those comments printed in the TRIB about 7 years ago(Nothing has changed!)
It seemed to strike a raw nerve with some fellow Sox fans in my area.

The Sox use to have a team in the Midwest League (A no-brainer! DUH!) for 50 years. Now, the last 10, our Midwest team is in Kannapolis, NC. Thanks guys! Any family wanting to see the baby Sox? Just fire up the ol’ Family Truckster and head 1,000 miles east. Go to the Dale
Earnhardt statue and make a right.
Scott once told me several Midwest teams no longer have teams in the Midwest League. Hey, Scott, that dog won’t hunt! 8 of the 9 ‘real’ midwest MLB teams had MWL teams last year. HELLO! Yup..everybody but the White Sox.

I’m 60 and have been a fanatic White Sox fan since 1959.

Bill Kauzlarich
432 N Main St
Farmington, IL 61531

Scott – when are open tryouts at spring training? Date, time, location, please. thanks,

Hello to my fellow White Sox faithful out there!

With nothing to watch on tv last night, I flipped over to the MLB Network, which was running a couple of “countdown” ranking shows. The first one counted down the top 50 collisions in baseball. It wasn’t a surprise that around #16 in the countdown, I see a hard-charging AJ plow into Michael Barrett of the Cubs, and of course we all know what happened next. Also on the list was Torii Hunter bowling over Jamie Burke. The next show counted down the top 50 ejections, and at #48 (I believe), we got the infamous Joe West game from last year where Buehrle got called for a balk twice and both he and Ozzie were thrown out of the game. Also of note, before they revealed who #1 was, they noted that Joe West had the most appearances on the countdown. And in case you’re wondering, Pete Rose’s All-Star collision and George Brett’s pine tar ejection were #1’s respectively.

Needless to say, this just makes it worse that baseball season isn’t here yet. I know spring training is only a few weeks away, but it can’t get here soon enough. Go White Sox!

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