Ozzie on 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pregame comments by White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen today:

Reporter: Does it seem like not too long ago you were meeting in Glendale for the first time?

Ozzie: No. It’s a long time they way the summer was. I mean, it was a crazy, weird, odd season. I think it was a very unique, very different season, at least for me. Very tough, very, very hard one. A lot of issues on the field and off the field, but it was fun. It was fun. I think the best thing about any season, when the manager says he feels proud of his players and they didn’t win, that’s a compliment. I do feel proud of these players. I feel proud of my coaching staff, the way they worked with the players. The support of the fans once again, a lot of times in the beginning when we were very bad they still supported the ballclub, and then we made it interesting for them too, for them to have fun and feel proud of the ballclub. Unfortunately we didn’t’ do what we were supposed to do or what we would like to do. In the meanwhile every season is a long season if you’re not winning, you wish it could be longer because that means you’re in the playoffs and you did what you wanted to do, but in the meanwhile I’ll walk with my head up, I think every player in this room should walk with their head up because we didn’t give up. We didn’t lose. They beat us. When that happens, you can’t control that. They played all the way through the season the way I think they should be playing, and we’ll get it next year.

Reporter: Are you sad it’s over?

Ozzie: No. Well, sometimes you are. You can either say no or yes, but you get sensitive. It can be the last game for a lot of guys in this uniform. Every year you lose players, I wish it never happened, but that’s the way baseball is. You’ve got to flashback on the full season and I just think it’s going to be an interesting day. Especially this team, this team is pretty tight and they get along very well. It’s always hard to believe it’s the last game of the season, but at the same time it’s a release. All the stress, all the work all the negative things. Last night I was hugging Buehrle’s son and the first thing I said was I’m not going to see you until next spring training. That’s going to be a few months. When you’re in this business for that long you get used to it. You keep in touch with them but you’ve got your own life from tomorrow on, and that’s a good thing to have.

Reporter: Was there anything that surprised you this season? In a good way?

Ozzie: I think (Chris) Sale, he was really nice. Mo, (Brent) Morel. He played pretty well. I think the SS (Alexei Ramirez) should be a Gold Glove. There is no doubt about it; there is no better SS out there than him. I don’t care what people say. No disrespect, because there are a few SS out there I’m really high on. The kid in Texas is very good, but this kid is playing very well. If he doesn’t win a gold glove this year…he should be a silver slugger, but pretty soon he will. I think Matty was the same guy, (Serio) Santos, we didn’t know what Santos would be.  The only thing negative was we just didn’t win. A lot of great things happened though, PK has a shot for the MVP, Rios, we told people what he was going to be. Juan Pierre, best worker I ever had to prepare himself for the game. I hope not, but I hope that Joey gets a managing job, but I also don’t want to lose him. Even all the tough days we had, we enjoyed it.

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