June 2009

Taking on the Tribe, Cont. …

Hubris.  That’s what it is, pride that leads to a fall.  Just when I think I have the photo concept down, my images start showing up all over a particular blog, not necessarily where my cursor is placed.  Go figure.

But there were two more things I wanted to share:


1. The Metra Station is coming

Monday, groundbreaking ceremonies were held for the new Lovana S. “Lou” Jones/Bronzeville commuter station, which is set to open fall of 2010 (I know, but at least it’s coming).  Once completed, the station will offer commuters access to IIT, historic Bronzeville and U.S. Cellular Field.  The station will be part of Metra’s Rock Island District line with termini at downtown Chicago’s LaSalle Street station and at Joliet’s Union Depot.


Here are matchups for this weekend in KC:

Thu: Buehrle vs. Chen

Fri: Danks vs. Greincke

Sat: Floyd vs. Hochever

Sun: Richard vs. Bannister


Taking on the Tribe

072008 PIP 046.jpg
072008 PIP 081.jpg
072008 PIP 085.jpgWednesday, June 30, 2009

Tonight’s Lineup

Nix 7, Missile 6, JD 9, Konerko dh, AJ 2, Anderson 8, beckham 5, Getz 4, Fields 3.  Richard pitching.  Special new look for Cleveland’s Cliff Lee.

Special Event

For those of you who have never joined us, think about coming out to this year’s Picnic in the Park on Sunday, July 19.

Following the game, fans can relax on the USCF outfield and collect autographs of White Sox players and staff, many of whom stay with their families and watch the spectacular fireworks show from the outfield grass.  Tickets are limited and cost $250 for adults, $125 for kids.

For more details, click here to visit whitesox.com.

And since I’m figuring out this photo thing, here are a few from past Picnics:

072907 PIP 117.jpg

Leading Off The Roadtrip

monday, june 29, 2009

tonight’s lineup

pods 7, missile6, jd9, thome dh, pk3, aj2, getz4, beckham5, wise8.  Floyd pitching.


To Jermaine Dye on being named AL Player of the Week.


What would ESPN do without Ozzie Guillen?


If you saw Sunday’s Chicago Tribune, you may have read where the Cubs were upset that the clubhouse conversation between manager Lou Piniella and Milton Bradley on Friday was reported almost verbatim.  And in Sunday’s newspaper Jim Hendry, Piniella and Bradley (especially Bradley) are quoted as believing the “leak” of the conversation came from … ta da, a White Sox clubhouse employee.

Our clubhouse staff denied this to the Cubs, while most of Sunday morning was spent with media and employees at the ballpark debating if it happened, how it might have happened, motivation for the “crime,” etc.

But to a reporter’s credit, Sunday before the game, it was explained to the Cubs (we were told) that the information did not come from any White Sox employee or White Sox personnel, absolving our clubhouse staff.

It’s never fun to be blamed — wrongly — in the media, so I want as many people as possible to know that our guys were cleared.  Maybe next time the proof should come before the accusations.


Day 3

Beckahm-Celeb-03.jpgSunday, June 28, 2009

Today’s Lineup

Pods 7, Missile 6, Dye 9, Thome dh, PK 3, AJ 2, Getz 4, Beckham 5, Wise 8.  Danks pitching.

Thank you, Sir.  May I have another?


Postgame Reactions

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ozzie Guillen:

“That’s the great thing about baseball, you have the opportunity to come back and do good stuff.”

“It’s nice to see a kid be in that situation and come through.  That is the biggest hit of his career thus far.”

Gordon Beckham:

“You always want to do something good for the team.  When you make a mistake earlier in the game, you want to do it even more.

“Cubs, ninth inning, walk off … that’s pretty special for me.  What a moment!”

“I got a little nervous when I saw AJ and Thome coming at me in a full sprint.  Thome in a full spring doesn’t happen that often.  To have the team come at me like that is pretty special.”


Jerome Holtzman

062609-Holtzman-22.jpgAnd a special pre-game recognition of Hall of Fame writer Jerome Holtzman.  After his death last summer, Jerome’s wife, Marilyn, gave Jerry Reinsdorf Jerome’s old Olivetti typewriter in appreciation of their friendship.  To honor and remember Jerome’s contributions to the game of baseball, we unveiled a special display for Jerome before yesterday’s game:


Sox and Cubs, Day 2 at USCF

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Today’s Sox Lineup

Pods 7, Missile 6, JD 9, Thome dh, PK 3, AJ 2, Getz 4, Beckham 5, Wise 8.  Buehrle pitching.

Sell Out

Today’s game is another sellout.

Ask Doug Laumann

Questions and Answers from White Sox scouting director Doug Laumann about this year’s draft and Sox signees:

Click Here

Friday Cubs at Sox

Friday, June 26, 2009

Today’s Lineup

Pods 7, Missile 6, JD 9, Thome dh, PK 3, Castro 2, Getz 4, BA 8, Beckham 5.  Contreras pitching.

URGENT Ticket News!

 A very limited number of tickets to TODAY’s Cubs-Sox game just became available (These are turnbacks).  Click here to take advantage of this special offer for Sox fans on this blog and twitter: