May 2009

Wise Back, Quentin on DL

Friday, May 29, 2009

Roster Move

Carlos Quentin has been placed on the 15-day DL, retro to 5/26) with plantar fascitis in his left foot, and Dewayne Wise has been recalled from his rehab assignment and reinstated to the active roster.  DW will be available for tonight’s game.

Off Day

Friday, May 29, 2009

Day of Rest

I am not on the trip, so no tears for me, but anyone who listened to our game broadcast from Wednesday night heard Hawk complain about playing getaway games at night, especially on the west coast. 

As someone who travelled with the team for many, many years, you know what, he’s right.  I understand a west coast team not wanting to have too many day games, but I can say from experience that playing that night game, flying all night and then arriving at 5 am in the next city wipes you out, often for more than one day (and I don’t play; I keep a scorebook). 

You finish the game at 10.  Bus leaves the ballpark at 10:45 ish.  In LA, the drive to the airport is easily 45 more minutes.  30 minutes to load the plane, and you take off at midnight, which is already 2 am in the next city.

You arrive and bus to the hotel (in KC the ride from the airport to the city is ridiculously long) and then try to get to sleep.  (Perhaps you were able to sleep on the plane a little but that often just screws your body up even more).

I heard our team got in around 5 am yesterday morning.

Twice in one season one year (they blur together), we played 7:35 pm getaway games in Texas on Sunday night and flew to Toronto (actually, since it is too late to land in Toronto, we flew to Hamilton and then bused in).  I put my head on the pillow at 6:15 am and we played a game that night.  I know professional sports figures deserve no sympathy, but that schedule just has to impact your ability to play the game.

One time, we arrived in Detroit very late.  We were at the Hyatt near the Fairlane Mall (we don’t stay there anymore).  I woke up in the morning and went down to buy newspapers (back when there were newspapers).  I forgot my key and did not have my ID with me (it was in the room).  I had no idea what room I was in or even what floor.  The front desk was understanding and security eventually brought me back to my room.  I was near comatose (which some would argue is the way I usually go through life … half asleep and comatose).

My point is that many times, travel for professional sports teams is not very pleasant and it does hurt your ability to win baseball games (often the jet lag is felt the day after).

So much for my complaining …


Memorial Day

Monday, May 25, 2009

Tonight’s Lineup

Rainy in Chicago but it’s always sunny on the west coast …
Pods 8, Missile 6, JD9, Thome, PK3, Q7, AJ2, Fields 5, Getz 4. Danks on the mound.

Sunday, Sunday

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Today’s Lineup

Pods 8, Ramirez 6, Thome dh, PK 3, AJ 2, Quentin 7, BA 9, Getz 4, Fields 5.  Buehrle pitching.

Let’s Get a Sweep

Sox go for the sweep today and a 5-1 homestand.  The Sox have won back-to-back series for the first time this season.

Good luck Blackhawks.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods 8, Missile 6, JD 9, Thome dh, PK 3, Q 7, AJ 2, Fields 5, Getz 4.  Richard pitching.

About Last Night

Sox have won three of four on this homestand … recorded our third shutout behind Gavin Floyd’s two-hitter … have won five straight interleague games and seven straight at U.S. Cellular Field … seven-game streak is club’s longest in interleague play … game time of 1:51 was fastest since 6/1/07 at Toronto (1:50).


My fried Israel del Toro, a Chicagoan and life-long Sox fan, sent me an email yesterday that reminded Americans just why we stop each year and commemorate Memorial Day.  His email included these cartoons, which must have struck him personally.  Take a look here: 

You see, I’ve gotten to know DT through the Wounded Warriors organization.  I think I’ve mentioned him before, but DT was serving in Afghanistan as a forward observor with the Air Force when a IED destroyed his vehicle.

DT was badly burned over more than 90 percent of his body.  He survived — he’s something like fourth on the military’s list of most burned patients to survive, has undergone more than 100 surgeries to repair his wounds, and now is a motivational speaker.

He’s thrown out first pitches at our games and been honored at SoxFest. 

Regardless of your politics, take time on Monday to thank and remember those who gave even more than DT in order for people all over the world to live in freedom.


My thoughts are with Ibis Guillen and her family as they visit the bedside of her father in Caracas.


Pirates Raid

Friday, May 22, 2009

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods7, Nix4, JD9, PK3, AJ2, Qdh, Missile6, BA8, Fields5.  Floyd pitching.

Go-Go Hawks

Good luck to the Blackhawks


Friday, May 22, 2009

KW Statement

Here is KW’s complete statement from last evening …

Statement from White Sox General Manager Ken Williams in response to Jake Peavy’s comments from this evening:

“It was communicated to me earlier this evening that Jake Peavy is simply not yet ready to make a commitment to join the Chicago White Sox.

“I understand where Jake is coming from given the unusually early timing of this type of event.  It’s understandable that he was caught a bit off guard, as most people in his position would be.  He has a wife and three young boys to consider, and Jake has earned the right to thoroughly think through this move.

“He and his agent, Barry Axelrod, have been transparent in their thoughts, respectful and complimentary of what we have accomplished with the White Sox, and understand our desire to win another World Series title.  I walk away with a greater respect and admiration for both as a result.

“Anyone who has followed our club knows we still have championship aspirations for this season and will continue to improve our current club by pursuing all of our various opportunities.”


Given Peavy’s comments about he reasons for vetoing the trade, I’m a little surprised by some media reaction that the White Sox were “embarrassed” by his decision.  Obviously, we wished he had agreed, but unless there is some MLB re-organization planned in the near future that I am unaware of, the White Sox aren’t headed to the National League any time soon.  KW took a gamble, that had it paid off would have been huge for the Sox.  It didn’t, we move on …

..of course the 20-1 loss made the link all too easy …

We heard somewhere that this was all a PR stunt.  That’s taking conspiracy theories a very long away.  Apparently, by that line of thinking, another MLB organization was willing to agree to a trade with us that included their very best player, have the deal go public (it broke out of SD late Wednesday night), and then have their best player say no to the trade publicly … all to help make the White Sox look good?  Someone has too much time on their hands if they concocted that …

Maybe It’s Me

So now I’ve been around to witness the two worst losses in franchise history … but wait a minute, practically everyone who is reading this has (we also lost 19-0 at LAA on 5/10/02).  The great thing about baseball, there’s always another game the next day.


Just Another Day …

… with the White Sox at U.S. Cellular Field

You gotta love KW’s aggressiveness …

Today’s Lineup

Pods 7, Missile6, JD9, Thome dh, PK3, AJ2, Betemit6, Getz4, BA8.  Colon on the mound.

Seven-Plus in One Frame

With all seven runs scoring in one inning last night, it marked the second time in the last 20 years that the White Sox had scored all of their runs in one inning (minimum: seven runs).  The other was 9/17/07 in an 11-3 win at KC.

Unbelievable Day

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods 7, Nix 4, Dye 9, Thome dh, PK 3, BA 8, Missile 6, Fields 5, Miller 2.  Danks pitching.


Unbelievable weather at the ballpark tonight — finally (and great forecasts for the rest of the homestand). 

Dog Day

You know it’s Dog Day at the ballpark when you see A.J.’s beautiful golden lab, Bubba, patrolling the clubhouse.  No surprise that Bubba comes complete with a Florida Gators collar.


Pregame Notes

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Quentin Update

Ozzie Guillen told reporters prior to the game that left fielder Carlos Quentin was likely out the next two games or so but might be available to pinch hit.


Ozzie was complimentary of Jose Contreras:

“He did just what he needed to do,” Guillen said, indicating that Contreras likely would make another start at Class AAA Charlotte and that no plans were imminent for his return.  “When he comes back, maybe we should wear Triple A uniforms if that helps him,” Guillen quipped.


“I don’t remember a trip that was that ugly,” said Guillen.  “We found just about every way to lose a game.”

While admitting that the team was embarrassed by the performance, Guillen stressed that the club’s struggles weren’t about effort.

“We’re playing hard,” he said.  “We all know it’s our responsibility as a team to play better.”