March 2009

White Sox vs. Dodgers

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Today’s Lineup vs. LAD

Anderson 8, Ramirez 6, Quentin 7, Thome dh, Dye 9, PK 3, AJ 2, Fields 5, Lillibridge 4.  Floyd pitching.

The Great Race

To everyone’s amusement, coaches Don Cooper and Jeff Cox squared off in a race for pride, physical fitness and endurance this morning and the duo dueled in a 50-meter dash down a clubhouse hallway.  A shirtless Cox (I’ll leave that to the imagination) beat Cooper.

“I’m feeling it,” Cooper admitted afterward.

Surprised the “dash” was captured on film, Cooper exclaimed, “I thought there were no cameras.”

Told the footage is likely already on YouTube, Cooper quipped, “I’m already all over YouTube,” referring to his now-famous, hamstring-pulling toss-and-fall move in the dugout last year in Los Angeles.


White Sox media relations staff, manager Ozzie Guillen and a few players spoke to White Sox minor leaguers today about the importance of being available to and working with the media to the benefit of fans, players, the organization and the game.  One session was in English, the second in Spanish. 

Heading Over To Mesa

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sox at Cubs

Owens 8, Getz 4, Quentin 7, Dye 9, AJ 2, Ramirez 6, Kroeger 3, Fields 5, Richard 1.


It’s not a Cubs vs. Sox battle without A.J. Pierzynski in the mix.  The great protagonist/antagonist (depending on your point of view).

Little Kids

Sight seen before the workout in Glendale … two uniformed Sox pitchers picking up rocks and competing with each other to hit a target 50 feet away, just like we all did as kids in the playground.

Visiting Dbacks

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Today’s Lineup, Dbacks at Sox

Wise 8, Getz 4, Quentin 7, Thome DH, Dye 9, PK 3, Betemit 5, Ramirez 6, Miller 2.  Marquez pitching.

RV In The House

Robin Ventura stopped by camp today to say hello. 

“Who’s that guy Ozzie us hugging?” someone asked.


Robin delivered some news, announcing he had “retired” from his postseason baseball career of coaching girls basketball, the game losing yet another great.

“When the season ended, I went in to the principal, handed in the clipboard, the whistle and said, ‘thanks, I’m done.'”



Dog Days of Spring

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sox vs. A’s in Glendale

Lillibridge 8, Getz 4, Q 7, Dye 9, Thome DH, PK 3, AJ C, Ram 6, Fields 5.  Colon and Contreras pitch.


Six guys were sent out prior to the game today:  Adam Russell, Ehren Wassermann, Gordon Beckham, Ben Broussard, Aaron Poreda and Eider Torres.

There were no lucky signs on the board yesterday.


This philosophical tidbit from 3B Coach Jeff Cox today:

“If at first you don’t succeed, don’t try skydiving.”



Tripping to Goodyear

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sox vs. Indians

We are heading just down the road to Goodyear for our first look at the Indians (and next year, the Reds) new complex.

Our lineup against the Tribe:

Wise 8, Getz 4, PK 3, Thome DH, AJ 2, Fields 5, BA 9, Lillibridge 6, Owens 7.  Poreda starts on the mound.

John Danks and Scott Linebrink are scheduled to pitch at our complex in minor league games.

Thornton Returns

Good to see a Matt Thornton back in our clubhouse this morning.  Matt still was pumped talking to other players and staff about his experience in the WBC.  Congrats to Japan on that country’s victory.


As I stood in the clubhouse in front of today’s lineup (I was twittering it into my phone … for daily notes from camp, sign up at, my name is nelliefox2), I felt a player behind me.

“I’m just looking for clues,” he said, as he studied the various notes and schedules on the board.  “I know they usually cut guys on Tuesdays, so I’m trying to read the board for signs to see if I’ll be around for another week.”

It reminded me of why we are really in spring training and how real the competition for jobs is for these players.


We still have 11 games remaining in the spring training that will not end.


I snuck away on Sunday and Monday to visit Sedona with my family.  Beautiful rock formations.  Great hiking.  Super restaurants.

We were pleasantly surprised by how many people we saw sporting White Sox hats, t-shirts, jackets, car flags, etc.  Either there is a reasonably sized pocket of Sox fans who reside in Sedona in March or many Sox fans down for spring training took advantage of the day off to visit the resort.

Either way, lots of Sox Pride in the Arizona mountains. 

Home And Home

Friday, March 20, 2009

Giants Visit Camelback

White Sox Lineup:

BA 8, ARam 6, Quentin 7, Dye 9, Thome DH, PK 3, Betemit 5, Stew 2, Lillibridge 4.  Contreras starts.


Juan-gone is expected to DH today against his former teammates.  Uribe was greeted yesterday with the chant of URIBE-URIBE-URIBE from the Sox dugout prior to his first at-bat.  During his final year in Chicago, Uribe would often wait in the on-deck circle before his at-bat until he could hear his teammates start the chant.  It became something of a team-wide joke.


The Cubs travel to Camelbeck to face the White Sox and expectations are for an all-time, Cactus-League record crowd.


The rest of the week or so …

Buehrle tomorrow vs. CHI

Richard Sunday at Oak

Poreda on Tuesday at Cle

Contreras Wednesday vs. Oak

Don & Charlie’s

A Scottsdale tradition, last night was “White Sox Night” at Don & Charlies as front office staff and members of the Chicago and national media grabbed a postgame meal.  If you come to spring training for baseball, a visit to Don & Charlie’s is a must.

Heading to Scottsdale

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Today’s Lineup at Giants

Jerry Owens 8, AJ 2, Quentin 7, Dye 9, PK 3, Ramirez 6, Fields 5, Getz 4, Danks pitching.


The clubhouse was buzzing this morning with anticipation of the White Sox facing former shortstop and teammate Juan Uribe.  The entire team has a very unique welcome planned for Uribe, who we hope is in the lineup for the Giants.

Sox vs. Angels on a Sunny Wednesday

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

White Sox vs. Angels

Wise 7, Getz 4, PK 3, Thome DH, Fields 5, Kroger 9, Beckham 6, Lucy 2, Lillibridge 8.  Floyd pitching.

Early Morning

As a pounded away at the Stairmaster this morning, Joey Cora slinked into the room, head down, scurrying past.  So much for Team Puerto Rico.

“Did you see that slider to Youkilis?” Juan Nieves asked.  “When he called that a ball, I turned the TV off.  I knew it was over.”

The mood is much different than last Sunday after Team USA lost to Puerto Rico.

“Watch out when you drive over to Peoria today,” Cora chidded.  “Beltran’s ball is due to land near her sometime soon.”

Jim Thome prepared for his return to the lineup today by working out early. 

“I’m excited to play,” he said.  “Spring Training game, any game, doesn’t matter.  I just love to play ball.”

It’s amazing to see that type of passion out of a guy who has played as long and as hard has Jim has.  On March 18.


Monday Postgame

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ozzie Postgame Comments

On Bartolo Colon’s outing:

“The most important thing is he’s healthy.  The ball was up at times.  His velocity was good enough for me.  I think he did what I expected.  It’s hard to get feedback from him because he’s a pretty quiet kid.  I’m happy with what I saw today.”

Monday Morning in Arizona

Monday, March 16 (I think I had yesterday’s date wrong), 2009

Today’s Lineup vs. KC

Wise 8, Lillibridge 6, Kroeger 7, Konerko 3, Fields 5, Restovich 9, Allen dh, Getz 4, Miller 2.  Colon pitching (likely to go one inning).