Crunch Time

Friday, September 26, 2008


My sixth-grade son’s Humanities teacher takes an interesting approach to vocabulary.  He has the kids pull together a list of new words each week from their own reading.  As a class, the kids then vote for the “best” to be on that week’s vocabulary test.

One of this week’s words:


Which I learned means:  to fall apart or down from a strong emotion, such as frustration or annoyance.

I told my kid he is living with a dad-sized example of plotz this week in case he needs a sentence on today’s test.

I just had this image after last night’s game of millions of Sox fans sharing plotz as they flipped off televisions, radios and computers all across the country.

As we all know, sleep has been tough and no food seems to taste good. 

And we certainly have done this to ourselves, put ourselves in this situation.

We need to win the next four games, or go 3-1 if the Twins lose one to the Royals.  Will it be tough?  You bet.  Is it doable?  Yes it is.

That would get us to a Tuesday winner-take-all playoff game with Minnesota for the Division title.

It has to start again tonight when we take the field.  Think how the scenario could change if we win tonight and the Twins lose the first game of their series.

We’ve made things much, much tougher, but it isn’t over yet.






Plotz. I couldn’t agree more.
But I plan to be there tonight to cheer my heart out!! Hopefully, we’ll be celebrating soon.

Sorry to feel this way but I read an article today from Scott Merkin, a MLB writer. The title of his story about this weekends games.

“Do or Die”.

It’s too late for that. The Sox had their chance and now it is too late.

Well, it?s done and the Sox are dead. I have no faith in this team to win a game when it?s all on the line. All they had to do is win one of three from the Twins and have a 1-1/2 game lead. This team has no heart, no passion, and no leadership.

To think that a professional team can be so apprehensive and intimidated about playing an opponent in their ballpark is inconceivable.

See you next year. I will not watch any of the 3 games this weekend. There won’t be a game on Monday. The Twins will assure the Sox of that.

Fan since 1966. Yes, I recall the 5 straight losses to the Senators and A’s to end the 67 season. .

Well Scott you’re right, there is always a chance.

How good that chance is though no longer relies solely on the White Sox and as you stated that is entirely their fault. That’s the scary part, well that and the reports about the locker room issues.

Win or lose, as you showed with my post to you after the Detroit twin bill, this has been a good season but unless they get to the post season that nagging kick in the gut is going to be there for everyone.

The division was their’s for the taking.

I hope they can someone pull themselves together and get it done but I don’t think that’s a realistic chance now. Had they won last night, no question…but now?

Mark Liptak

I took one for the team…. I lost two handball games and am now ready to tee it up on the links…. I’m still amazed after reading all the previous posts at the lack of support for our team. Some of you say you’re being realistic and back up your statements with years of heartbreak. We have been there and know the history. We don’t need to be reminded of it. To keep hammering the same tune over and over is insulting to us and more than boring. Take your Told you so attitude somewhere else and let the remaining two or three Sox fans left enjoy this site that Scott has so graciously provided for us.

I Don’t mind venting, but get off it already. Fact is we still have a chance and until that chance is gone I for one will continue to root for the Sox to win and get to the playoffs. That chance has been deminished with recent loses, but until we are eliminated I say DON’T give up. That attitude can’t possible hurt and it just might help. All the negativity is old and has been all year long.

If winning cures all ills, then some of you have been terminal for awhile. I’m sorry for you. I’ll check in after the game and “take” your rebuttals to the above…. Go Sox’08…. j.k.

I’m just sick to my stomach. I don’t even know what to say. Well, I do, but it would all come out in a rush and I might have to be institutionalized.

To Klein711

If you don’t mind venting then why tell those who do so to get off it already? Hammering the same tune over again?
The Sox had a 2-1/2 game lead before Tuesday. Who was singing gloom and doom then? Most all Sox fans agreed all we had to do was win just one game. But this is a repeat performance by the Sox against the Twins. I had high hopes mixed with nervous anticipation but we just needed one win and it didn’t come to fruition.

The Sox season as far as postseason goes ended last night. I’m going out to enjoy this beautiful fall weekend and not be watching the games. I pick up a score now and then but that is it.

I was watching last night’s game on the internet. It was just crushing to see a 6-1 lead go and the season too. Ozzie was asked what happend after last’s night game. He said “I don’t know go ask them”. He was referring of course to his players.

I wondered what the players had to say.

posty1….Good F*ckin Riddance!! Don’t let the door hit u in the *** on the way out! We don’t need fans like you!

posty1, try reading this blog for more than one f’ing week. Give me a break. Go back to the start of the season and read every Liptak post that follows a loss. He LOVES to tell us the same S**T every time the Sox lose, in many many many many words. Over and over and over again.

Then realize what you said was idiotic.


Queen Jennifer:

I accept your apology… I wasn’t sure what you meant, but now that I have read it, I am sure that your husband would understand what I say… because I do provide a “TQ to English” translation dictionary… at no cost or charge…

I have only 15 minutes left in this session, and I have been going over the posts I have missed… so let me summarize quickly…

If you will recall, and not to beat my own drum, I called this tragic turn of events, based on what the Sox did not do last Saturday in KC… I was quite the prognasticator (memo to Dan K… that means I knew it was going to happen before it did…), wasn’t I?

As I write this, Herm Schneider, Brian Ball, Allan Thomas and whomever else can be recruited are busily at work with the “jaws of life”… trying to open up the collective sphincters of the team from one of the worst road trips in the last ten seasons… capped off by a lack of performance in the HumpDump that almost made me physically ill…

I don’t care HOW many “blown calls” occured, or any thing else…


Just think, only 9 more losses in that pirahna tank… and then it will be the “great outdoors” once more…

As far as the players are concerned… There is a new rule of grammar…


Take him, and Swish, and Logan and Dotel… and open the bomb bay doors…

You now know how I feel… sick to my heart about the whole shooting match… as is Kenny, from what I am reading…

Ozzie? I couldn’t tell you what he is feeling right now…because I think he saw this coming, and is in deniaL at the moment…


Don’t mind Marie.

“Go back to the start of the season and read every post of hers that follows a win. She LOVES to tell us the same S**T every time the Sox win, in many many many many words. Over and over and over again.”

Feel better Marie? LOL

Mark Liptak


Unfortunately I have to give you props, you saw it coming clearer then anyone else and said so.

Level headed, realistic clear thinking does that to people.

Mark Liptak

You guys sound like a bunch of Freakin ninny’s – shut the F*ck up already – Quit feeling sorry for yourselves! We are not Cub Fans (atleast I am not)






And we all enjoy reading TQ’s posts because they are generally well thought out and original and never the same old thing recycled day in and day out. We only have to read or scroll thru 6-8 posts per day (or hour lately) from you Liptak following a loss. All to tell us the same old crap you said the last time they lost. Got anything new in that trick bag? If not, give it a rest already. I know you think we are all morons who need to have your “intellectual thoughts” drilled into our heads, but really we aren’t.

Hey, Mark, can you ever come up with an original thought, or do you have to constantly rip off other people?

Hey if you need me to post so you can copy, go right ahead and use this one too.


I really do sound like kenwo! Someone help me!

Go to the game tonight. Is the atmosphere at the Cell electric with anticipation of a big weekend? After all they are only 1/2 game out. No, it will be of pending loss. and it comes from the Sox themselves. Here is what Buehrle had to say about the Twins.

It just seems like they can’t do anything wrong,” Whenever they get on base, they hit and run and run around and do all kinds of things,” he said. “They’re a pain.

He said this “BEFORE” the series. Gives Sox Fans hope doesn’t it.

The Sox are reeling from the last 3 games. Not the entire season. I’m feeling the same way the players are only they aren’t saying it to the media. Lmunoz and Marie, you are going to hate me even more for saying this but both of you sound like there is nothing wrong with this team at ?this? point. There is. Take your head out of the sand. I for one will not waste my time on a team that doesn?t care.

Lmunoz and Marie. Sorry, I won’t go to the level of swearing on a blog even when there is anonymity. Tells me something about both of you.

Alright, enough already, please, you guys are starting to sound like my kids – do I need to lock all of you in the closet?

TQ – I am glad your not mad at me

Lip – I really enjoy your posts – I am not being a pollyanna (I have know idea what that means – I guess I kind of do – now)
I don’t know what I feel about how the Sox will do – I am pretty numb – but I still have a little hope, faith in our team. I don’t know – they are 6-0 against the Tribe – we’ll just have to see – I don’t want to predict the future, nor do I know how – but I do know how to pray and that’s what I will be doing – praying for the WS to get the heads out of their a*ses – I don’t remember who said (I think many people did) If the Sox do make the playoffs, they won’t go far – I don’t care – the AL champions is good enough for me – considering they were a 4th place team!

I am not getting my hopes up, but I am still hoping!


Since I have told everyone about myself – is it ok if I swear?


Posty1: Whatever hole you just crawled out of you need to get back in . Marie and I have been a part of this blog since it’s inception, you come around in the end and start touting opinions and making judgements on those of us who have been here through the good, bad and the ugly!!! I don’t give a rat’s *** what opinion you have formed about me or the Sox. So, please follow through with your promise to disappear!

TQ –
Ozzie saw this coming – but when he went on a rant about it – KW pouted and got his feelings hurt –

My, my, my Miss Jennifer.

Love your style. The prose you chose made me feel vanquished to the point of driving to the Cell in my winning ugly shirt from 83. The Sox don’t have any players left from that team on the current roster as well.

You must be just one wonderful person to sit next to at the game. I bet the conversations with you about baseball would leave me speechless.

I’ll give the Sox players “positive energy” when they play like a contender. Even the Brewers who had the worst record in Sept for a contender are playing with emotion and zeal.

The Sox had their chance and lost it. They had 3 chances and lost it all three times Tues, Wed, and Thursday.

Yes, see you next year but hopefully not at the same game.

I’ll second that Lisa.


Hey Lisa,
Make sure you take your bra off, tonite – it worked last night – until Kris had to ruin it and got get her daughter
(Thanks alot, Kris)

How the heck do you spell tonite? tonight or tonite?

I meant:
until Kris had to ruin it – to go get her daughter

Hey Munoz, I’m taking the day off from work so I can see I’m wasting my time with you. I don’t care if you have been here all year. Do you own the site?

Do me a favor. Go back to work. Your employer gave you access to the web. Chicago State. I’m sure they feel you are being productive at this time of the day. Typing on a blog site. Been doing it all year? Hmmm.

Tonight. Bra will be off just because you asked jen! LOL!

I think posty is a woman, or a really old man!

What do you guys think!

How do you know posty – I could have sit next to you and you didn’t know it!

Alright, posty – now your on my last nerve – don’t come on here threatening Miss Lisa. You said your 10 cents, now go! MLB owns this blog, Scott Reifert is our host – but all Lisa is saying she and some of the rest of us are like family (a very dysfunctional family) and though this is a free country, your interrupting our family time – get it? GOOD!
Now please, if you have nothing nice to say – then just go away!

Thank you!

A lot of new people show up when times are tough, don’t they?

Yep, it’s always easy to pick on someone when they are down.

What Liptak refuses to believe is that a realist can also be optimistic. There is nothing wrong with trying to see the positive side of any situation.

Of course, it is much easier to always predict gloom and doom and look really smart when things don’t go well.

Baseball is supposed to be fun. Too many people here have let it take control of their emotions and their lives.

No matter how poorly the last road trip (and for that matter, the last month-and-a-half) have gone, the Sox do still control their own destiny with possibly five straight home games. It will take an effort to win all five. As long as they win (mind you, all you negative ninnies out there, I’m not making any predictions) they don’t have to get any help from anybody else.

Posty1, you can jump off this funeral bandwagon. Joining this discussion at this late date gives no merit to your opinions.


Here’s two for you to cogitate on.

1. The Sox lost four one run games at the House of Horrors this year. (Little things win games…)

2. In three of those eight losses, the Sox pissed away leads of at least four runs in the middle innings.

Enjoy! LOL


And since we’ve been reduced to looking for signs and omens and tailsmen perhaps this is good news. (Keep those fingers and toes crossed!)

Just got my copy of The Sporting News. Eight players are on it representing the eight playoff teams. Dye is one of those on the cover…the Twins aren’t.

Happy Motoring!

Mark Liptak

I think I got rid of all of them – hell, maybe it’s just me tonight!

I really love you, Lip! Your Awesome!

That’s what I like to see a negative then a positive to follow!


I agree with you, a realist can also be an optimist. Point taken.

Regarding the comment about baseball taking over lives. That’s up to the individual to decide upon, it’s not for you to judge. Your comment is your opinion, I and others probably disagree with it.

I do agree however that the Sox have worn on so many individuals this season that nerves are frayed, folks are angry, disgusted, embarrassed whatever word you care to use.

That’s why I try not to take personally some of the comments that are posted. I get angry and I fire back but ultimately there should be no hard feelings.

Mark Liptak

tc – I love you, too!
You and Lip are like the Devil and the Angel!

Lip is like the little red devil –
TC is the beautiful white Angel!

I have no hard feelings, except for the thoughtless and angry comments by fireozzie and some others. It is obvious I have disagreements with you but I never have argued with your right to express your opinion.

I’ll just never understand why people get so angry over A) things they can’t control and B) things that almost all of us have never done — i.e., play or manage major league baseball.

I’m a realist and an optimist. That is why I still hold out hope for this weekend but am not making plane reservations for Tampa.

I will make one prediction, thought. The loose and young Royals will win at least once in Minneapolis this weekend.

Interesting to see how this blog reads after the WS win and the Twins lose tonight? For whatever it’s worth that’s my prediction.

This coming from the guy who admits and has written that the WS have stunk for a while now but guess what so have the Twins. Twins beating the WS the last 3 not that great an achievement in my eyes, Twins stink too!

Now, I think I am being ignored!
That’s ok I have been home for too many years with kids – with no adults to talk to – I can just talk to myself!
I know – I have lost my mind!

At least Posty left!

Don’t worry about when and where I post. You don’t pay my salary and i do NOT work for Chicago State so shut ur piehole *****!


I haven’t been called either “beautiful” or an “angel” since I was probably 3 years old. So, I’ll gladly accept the compliment.

You having mood swings, today? From all caps and maniacal to normal and reasonable with your posts. Maybe you did get two black eyes last night and a concussion as well!!!!

Now I feel abandoned by the lady with the short hair do in Crown Point… She has gone on to Lip and tc…

Oh, well, there’s always Helene…

Some notes I kept during the Twins series, just small observations that seem to be coming up again and again…

Hanging breaking balls up, pitches center/away, fastballs down the middle, hanging sliders down the middle…

What do all these pitch descriptions lead to?


I have seen way too many times this season a habit I call “cub itis”… The symptoms are going after the first pitch in an at bat, before the batter has a chance to find out if a pitcher is going to be on his game, or if he has nothing on the ball except for the cover… It happened with Wise last night, leading off the ball game…

I tell you what, gang… Let’s go back to the days before the White Sox discovered the home run ball… when batters were patient up at the plate… took a selective look see at what the pitchers had available to them in a specific at bat, or during a specific game… before the days of the Eastern Sports Propaganda Network and its SportsCenter… which ONLY rewards 450 foot HR’s, rim rattling slam dunks and ridiculous celebrations after scoring touchdowns, hitting HR’s or doing the routine activity on a playing field, just to keep the attention of the brain dead who need to be told every 2.6 seconds what is going on instead of following along like the rest of us old f**ts…

Hawk and DJ said it best in their scene set Tuesday night… the Twins do the little things better than the WS do… They go from 1st to 3rd on a single, they take the extra base repeatedly… They are greyhounds out there, while the WS are plough horses… lumbering along, unable to go anywhere but station to station…And the piranhas take advantage when their tank starts to close in on their next victim, and said victim begins to panic and forgets to do the routine… that is when the blood letting occurs…

As to this weekend… Let’s see a show of hands… How many out there in WS Universe think that the boys can shake their doldrums, forget what just occured in the South Bronx, KC and the piranha tank, and sweep the Tribe out ?

Okay… now then…

How many of you think that the KC royals, who have been playing much better baseball when the pressure has been off(which has been since the All-Star break, or so it seems), but who are bad not just on say so, are going to go into the piranha tank and smote the mighty Twins down at least ONCE in three tries, not to mention TWICE?

I didn’t think so…


To answer question: ME!

tc, I can always count on you to make me smile! Among many others on this blog!

BTW, “plotz” is also Yiddish for “sitting or falling…”

Another Yiddish expression is “meshugennah”… which means “crazy”, or “insane”…

Which this site can be, once the fur starts flying… and the topics go as far off the board as they do…

One thing you can say about this site since June of 2005 when Scott began it…

It has seldom been boring…

And, if any one of you youngsters out there would like to know the history of late season let downs ( I was going to use the word “choke”, but that would have been TOO unkind) by the WS, Mark and I would be, perhaps, more than happy to illustrate…

Sorry Tom and Mark, I really like you guys but i’m completely
and utterly disinterested in the statistics of seasons past, especially this late in the game. I am only speaking for myself. But, the only season statistics I’m interested in right now is this one.

I really hope that didn’t come off as being offensive. You two are the last people in this world I would want to offend. I didn’t mean that in a bad way. I guess all the negativity has made me weary.

Lisa, you are exactly right. Why exasperate yourself with past failings? They have nothing to do with what is going on now.

I’ve never seen a team get written off that can control its own destiny. I know the Sox are playing poorly, but the Twins (despite what Hawk and DJ say) are not exactly baseball’s strongest team.

The Sox need to relax tonight and have some fun. Playing angry and uptight is no way to win in baseball.

TQ – You know I love you also! I shouldn’t have to tell YOU that!


Lip the little red devil-
TQ – the beautiful white Angel

And you TQ are the Big Almighty-

Oh, and I forgot about jk – he is one of the Angels!

TC – I am not having mood swings – I was just annoyed about how everyone has given up and telling us over and over and over an over again – It was really starting to make me mad – so I thought I’d voice my opinion-
Now all those little negative gremlins are gone and it’s just us again – now I am better!

Whoa, that took me awhile to get thru, fur was definitely flying.

Jen – damn you for noticing that when I went to get my daughter **** hit the fan, I noticed but hoped no one else would! 😦

Read a lot of comments, agreed with most of them oddly enough. Glad I wasn’t here for the mud slinging of newbies (what’s that all about) I can say this, we all may disagree but bring a newby slammin people and we’ll group together like fireants and sting the **** out of you. It’s like I can call my brother a short nerdy dude but anybody else does it, they got to answer to me! Know what I mean.

I for one, may or may not be here tonight. Debating on the hs football game, not sure, hot and sticky out and cool in, may opt for in! 🙂 But I assure you, if I’m out and about, the bra will be on! But know, if I’m not posting, my heart is in Chicago, and on this blog! I am thoroughly disappointed in the series and actually the last couple of weeks, but I am true blue, they are my Sox ’til the end of time. Hell, we even got Cards fans rootin and tootin for us now. (my bestie in Springfield). We all may be disappointed by Sunday but life is full of disappointments, we can sit back and watch Minnesota get their ***** handed to them in the playoffs, which will leave me with yet again another warm fuzzy!!!

Let’s Go Go Go White Sox!

And to the dude who doesn’t like swearing, you do NOT know a thing about any of the ladies or men on this blog, we swear, it happens, don’t like it, go read some other pansy *** blog. Frustration levels rise frequently here, therefore, wordage gets used! You’re probably one of those co workers that complains to human resources that somebody looked at you funny… WHAA WHAA BOO FCKN WHAA!

Did you ever think that Ozzie was playing Junior to prove a point to KW – we didn’t need him – we had no room for him – but Kenny, being the hard-headed person he is, had to have him – Ozzie needed pitching – defense – not another power hitter! I can’t see any other reason why he did not take him out when we were up 5 runs – Ozzie is not stupid – he knows what he is doing – very vindictive – I really think it was to prove a point!

Hey Oz,
Game over we get the point – now can you just win these damn games!

Nicely said –

if you choose not to be with us – I guess you can be forgiven!

We know now that we are 2nd in your life – but that’s ok – maybe hankie or posty can take your spot! NOT!

No Kris, no jk! I guess it’s just me, myself and I!

I love you jen, but you have enough personalities to sustain this blog all on your own babe! LOL! From one mood swingin sister to another!!!

Someone will show up eventually, let’s just hope it’s someone you like! 🙂

lol, that was a good shot Lisa!!!! LMAO!


Relax, girl. You’ve got over two hours until first pitch. Get it done tonight. I know that jk will probably be chiming in late and I’ll be out all together. It may just be you and the girls and some of the new patrons (nicest thing said about them today).

And make sure Thumper and Bambi get the job done tonight, as well!!!

Hey ladies…I just heard on the radio….OC is batting lead off and guess who is in CF batting #2? Yep – BA!

He gets a shot tonight! So, here’s to BA to have an awesome night!



Let me guess. BA is your “Pick to Click.”


Hey if that happens tonight, I’m all for it. To be a half game up with two (maybe three) left swings the odds in the Sox favor.

But…let’s see if it actually happens.


Oh by the way, the official news is out. IF the Sox play Monday the game starts at 1PM CST and can be seen on WGN-TV and WSCR Radio.

Let’s hope it gets that far.

I’m off to work, football broadcast, so I leave you with this, “good night and good luck…”

Mark Liptak

Why do I have to sign back in all the time if I leave briefly! UGH UGH UGH!!!

BA is hungry, maybe his hunger will feed into the others, let’s hope so!

LET’S GO KC!!! Hammer it to em! Maybe they’ll be hung over today. . hope springs eternal or something like that!

Make this short and sweet….win the ******* games this weekend and we will be fine. I have to go catch a plane….When I come back on Monday night i look forward to taking tuesday off as well so i can go see the sox clinch vs. the twins. And there is nothing wrong with sounding like KenWo…..makes you look like you know a thing or two 🙂 I will be taking off at 9pm and landing around 1 AM chicago time. I hope for good news upon landing. Get it done for god sake.


Hopefully the tables, the slots and the Sox will all be good to you this weekend.

Wait a minute!! Stop the presses!!! Was that a positive and optimistic note posted by Liptak??????

This might be a good night after all.

kenwo – have fun and be safe! Looking forward to hearing you gloat on Monday!


TC, yes, he’s my pick to click. Let me guess, yours is Alexei, right? 🙂

Ok, I’ll be a little off base here and we’re gonna pray – to whomever you feel is in charge in your world and your beliefs. I found this on ;baseball church blogspot – guy who wrote it is a Reds fan but, I’m changin it up a bit. Ready?

And with that, let us say today’s prayer:

Eternal baseball gods, I humbly adore Thee, and thank Thee for having created the Sox in your images. I thank Thee most sincerely for having made me a baseball fan, by giving me the true faith, and by occasionally giving me tickets to ballparks in other cities, so that I may see the Sox win. I thank Thee for having preserved them from so many collapses, of which I would have been depressed if Thou hadst not intervened. But the Pirannhas still continue, and will continue till October, to combat against us, and to endeavor to make us second place. If Thou dost not constantly guard and succor us with thy aid, I, a miserable creature, shall return to sorrow, and the Sox shall certainly lose the division. I beseech Thee, then, for the love of baseball, to grant the Sox holy perseverance unto October. Through the merits, then, of the baseball gods, I beg, for myself and for all the just Sox fans, victory never again to be separated from the scoreboard, but to win forever, in time and eternity. Amen. And Allleuia!

I’m in fact going to the football game, I won’t let the kid drive to the Houston area but TQ will be keeping me abreast (with my bra on) of the situation as it plays out!


Alexei is my eternal Pick to Click. And tonight, I also look for Big Jim Thome to move up the all-time HR hitters’ list.

If you girls will have me, I’m going to attempt to be with you here tonight. Bras on or off, we’re in this one together!

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