Big Game Time

Thursday, September 25, 2008, 9:40 am

So we came into this series against the Twins in Minnesota with a chance to end the race with two victories.  We haven’t gotten that done.  But a victory tonight — really any one victory in the series given our lead entering Tuesday — moves us back into a pretty good spot.  As painful as the last two nights have been — for a variety of reasons — we just need to take tonight.  It might not be Game 7, but it seems to be pretty close.  If we hope to play into October again, there will be more of these.

And we have the right guy on the mound in Gavin Floyd.  Early in the year, you might have doubted that comment, but look at his results, the team’s performance in his starts and the key, key games he has posted for us down the stretch.

We certainly all would have rather it not come to tonight, but it has, so let’s win this and then take care of business over the weekend.

Will any of us have any nerves left when this is all said and done?  It’s one of the great things about September baseball, unless you’re living it, in which case, it is a killer.

But we are all living that together, aren’t we.

Go Sox!


Love the optimism Scott. We need Gavin in such a big way tonight. More then we needed any chump in the line up last night.

But oh yeah we need all those chumps in the line up tonight. I could go for a 10 spot on the board in the top of the 1st inning tonight.

Wow! Now those losses in April/May are coming back to haunt us – EVERY GAME COUNTS, whether it is first of the season or the last.

Go White Sox

I’m sure some will disagree, but we just don’t seem to have any intensity out there. The Twins are having more fun (they’re winning, so that’s a given) and they just seem to want it more. We need to get hot and we need to get hot now.

Horrible calls by the umps (they should fine the ump for that pickoff call). Bad bounces off the ridiculous surface they play on in that joke of a stadium. JD turning into the absolute worst hittter on this team for a whole month and not getting a game off to clear his head. Griffey in center. Where the h.e.double-hockeystick is Brian Anderson. On 2-1 throwing a batting practice change-up after your team goes out and gives you a lead. Un-freaking-believable.

Look, I truly LOVE the White Sox, everybody knows that. It is, for me, not over yet. However, if and when we get into the playoffs,we will NOT get very far swinging for the fences each and every at bat. What bothers me the most is the way our players have seemingly rolled over to take it up the wAZZoo from these freakin’ “pirhanas”! And I can’t stand the way everybody from the coaches to the announcers are suckin’ the Twins wienies and glorifyin them to no end, as if they could do no wrong! Get off their dix already!!
Another thing I have noticed is the listlessness displayed by our players. They don’t seem to have “the hunger”, The fire, the passion to win anymore!!! They are not putting up enough of a fight in my opinion.
Yet, even with all that said, I have still not given up on this team! If the White Sox don’t win the division, it will be because the White Sox have given up on themselves!!!!!!!
So get out there and WIN tonight gotdammit!!!!!!!!

I feel sick thinking about this game tonight. It takes me right back to 2003. You can say all you want about how we weren’t expected to make any noise in the division anyway so making the playoffs is a bonus, but that’s just kidding yourself. This division was ours to lose and we are in serious jeopardy of losing it.

Many of you said after game 1 of this series that getting shelled was better than blowing the lead in the 8th or 9th, and I agree. But I think that also holds for a full season. I would much rather have given up hope on the white sox a few months ago than have them get swept by the Twins and watch as we just miss the playoffs.

My stomach is already in knots, can’t imagine what it’ll be like during game time! Go Sox!!

Is it just me or have the women on this blog developed potty mouths, yours truly included! LOL!!

lmunoz, I agree, the Twins are supposed to be our arch rivals, and instead all we do is praise them. I’m surprised Ozzie didn’t try to sneak into the Twins’ high-fiving session last night after the game.

One more thing and then I’ll shut up. It has been pointed out plenty of times before that this team has lost the ability to play fundamental baseball, that they have lost the skills necessary to do so. Well, they better freakin’ find them if they hope to contend!!! Why is Ozzie not stressing this all year long??!!!!!! WHY Scott, WHY?????!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa, excellent post….I could not have said it any better. I agree with you 100%.

Wow! Lisa I am shocked at the language! (Ozzie would be proud)

Welcome all the newbies!

All of our regulars are bailing (typical WS fans) when we need them most

Don’t worry Boys, you can’t get rid of me that easily (maybe if you DON”T WIN TONITE)

Swish, maybe you should try the blow-up dolls!

I have a good feeling about this one, I think they will win – if not – hjhjhhfjhefuhfuihfjkwdjkdos,qlksqnkqniudhjih!!

Please just go there and try your best!


An observation from last evening: Wise walks to lead off the game. What did everyone expect next? Yes, a bunt or at least hit and run. What did we get? 6-4-3 DP. Enough said about the fundamentals. “Who are we to tell Ozzie what his lineup should be?” He got what he wanted in the leadoff walk and didn’t manage what should have happened next. And so goes the reliance on the softball station to station approach, looking for the bomb.

The Twins are not a more skilled team, the reason they win is that they execute fundamentally consistenly. In fact frankly I think the Twins stink right now! So what does that say about the WS?


I can’t remember the last time I saw any team sacrifice in the top of the first. Now a hit-and-run would have been something to try. Maybe tonight. I’d like to see Cabrera back at leadoff and AJ back in the two hole. Of course, I’d like to see Quentin miraculously healed too but that isn’t going to happen.

You’re right. The Twins have stunk in the last 5-6 weeks. So have the Sox. And the Tigers, who were declared World Series champions by almost everyone but Kenny Williams last December (remember, he said that all the Tigers did was put them in a better position to compete with the Sox), have stunk all year. And Cleveland has for most of the year.

The AL Central has been pathetic. That is the only explanation why two slightly-better-than-average teams (Sox and Twins) are fighting for a post-season berth.

That is also why I can’t get too mad about the perilous position the Sox are in right now. They over-achieved in the first half and had a bullpen that was executing better than any in baseball. Until late June.

This struggling in the final few weeks is no “collapse.” In order to collapse, you have to be way ahead. With the exception of that time in late June after we swept the Twins in a four-game set at 35th and Shields and went up 6 1/2 games, we really have not had a lead of more than 2 1/2.

This is not a collapse. This is two a-little-over-ordinary teams wallowing their way to the finish with the hopes that one of them can get hot at the right time (like the ordinary Cardinals of ’06) and make a post-season run.

And it is that hope for a hot streak and a late run that keeps me glued to what is happening with the Sox right now.

I have to go to school tonight so I’m hoping when I get home tonight you guys have a winner in hand for me!! I think it is probably best I am in school and not watching because my heart has been breaking these past 2 games. Yes I know, we probably won’t go far if we make it in the playoffs anyway, and yes, I know we have alot of issues, but to get this far and then it’s gone, HEARTBREAKING. Not the first time, probably not the last time, but can we please at least look like we are putting up a fight?? I’m still holding on to hope, but the effort has looked pathetic. I’m not on the field so I don’t know, but I agree with Lisa, from where I’m sitting the hunger just doesn’t seem to be there. It looks like we get down and feel sorry for ourselves. I’m hoping and rooting for a winner tonight–which by the way guarantees us nothing except going home still in first–but we are going to have to REALLY have to put in something more than we have the past 2 days. Bring me home a winner gang…I’ll check in after class!

Hey, Lisa, how are you? I’m not bailing, but I have had a few things to do the past couple of nights. Tonight, I have to help my daughter with some stuff, so I won’t be able to post throughout the game. I’m still believing in a Red Line World Series, and it *could* happen.

I know Ozzie likes salsa music only, but he should put some “slide” on in the clubhouse tonight. Their energy is soooo high, they even dance while they play their instruments, the team would have to get fired up.

Go Sox!!!

Lip said it, I said it and many many others have said it too: “Expect the best but prepare for the worst”. So what is the worst? If we lose the remainder of our games and the Twins win the remainder of theirs, that would be the worst.(We’d finish 31/2 games behind them).

What then is the best? We win the remainder of our games and they lose all theirs and we finish ahead of them by 41/2 games.

I don’t expect either of those two scenarios to take place realistically. What I do expect is for the Sox and Twins to remain pretty close (as they have been all season long). So I’ll stick with my prediction from over a month ago that has us playing the Tigers on Monday in order to get to play the Twins on Tuesday. That means we will be within 1/2 game of each other after Sunday night.

The ability for us to win big is still there, and the chance for them to lose big is still there too. They play a hungry KC team on Fri, Sat. and Sun. That could be tough. We play a good team in Cleveland those last three days. Even if we lose tonight we will still be in striking distance of the playoffs.

This White Sox team hasn’t done ANYTHING easily all season long. Why are we surprised that towards the end of the season this hasn’t changed?

Getting back to my prediction mentioned above. I thought we’d win only one from the Twins, and we can still do that. All we can do is root for them to win and go from there with the results. This has been one CRAZY season, and it’s not over yet….. Go Sox….. j.k.

It’s interesting that other teams (Phillies, Red Sox, Colorado) have gone down to the last days of the season to get into the post season but the Sox basically have been in early (2000, 1993, 1983) or eliminated early. In 2005 we clinched on Thursday of the last week of the season but we were always up at least 1.5 games those last couple of weeks so here’s hoping that tonight is a good night. I want to see us jump on the board early today and take it to the Twins.

I just have to say that listening to Hawk has been pure tortue this week and I have had to put the mute button on. If I wanted to hear how wonderful the Twins are, I would listen to their broadcast. His whining and complaining and kissing their butt’s have been truly horrible to listen to and had made these 2 losses much harder to take. I wish that he would just retire!


Hey Jen, who are all these new people all of a sudden.. I for one, did not and will not bail, lose or win tonight, I’ll sit here the rest of the week praying as I have been since day 1.

I usually like Hawk but maybe I’m one of the lucky ones that can’t hear him during this series. I mute the Minn announcers, they just plain suck.

Ok, remember the movie Bring it On, it’s time to ‘Bring it’. Hands down kick their *****, shove a rod up their butt, something, I don’t know whether music or what will get them fired up but Ozwald needs to come up with something fast!!! Bring in that blow up doll again, did it really offend anyone except some ******* woman who tries to write about baseball, a game she’s never played. NO, it didn’t!!


My uncle was put to rest today and in honor of his love for the White Sox, all the paul bearer’s wore Sox jerseys instead of suits. I am hoping there is a way to have a special mention in his honor during the broadcast of the game tonight or tomorrow night. I know WGN radio reads faxes during Cubs games, so i am trying to find out if the Sox do something similar. Can anyone lead me in a direction to have this done. My email is

Ryan – sorry to hear about your loss and maybe your Uncle can talk to the Angels up there and tell them that the WS need their help! Being so late in the day – I don’t know if they can do anything now try emailing Hawk and DJ –!


Kris – I don’t know who all these newbies are, I will tell you that I need to stop talking about my personal life (there are ALOT of people who read this blog) when Scott put the link to my video on his last post I got like 250 hits that day!

I enjoy Hawk – he always makes me chuckle during some point of the game – as a broadcaster – well, I enjoy when the WS are on Fox or Espn – for a different scenery.

I think it will be enjoyable next year when Stoney joins him.

I can’t really say I enjoy listening to Farmio (sorry) when you just in the car and want to know the score – outs – whats goin on – it takes him about 20 min to say.-

Who do we have here for the game?

Like I said – they WILL win, tonite!


Oh, and Ryan if you e-mail them make sure you put something like please read White sox!

Where does the Hawk go? He’ll take off for 20 min – to go have a Sandwhich? – drink a beer? – take a dump?
Where the heck is he?


Don’t worry about all those hits. So another 250 or so people know about your personal life. After all, we all know:

A) how you feel about your husband
B) how much you like the phrase WTF
C) that your mother has a new floor in her home in Plainfield
D) and that you’re still mad that Carson’s discontinued selling your favorite bra.

And even with all that info at our disposal, we know that there is plenty more to learn about TQ’s favorite “Queen of Crown Point.”

Should we all be checking police blotters in Vegas tonight for Kenwo?????

I’ll be here Kris and Jen – root root rooting for our boys! Tonight’s the night…

I agree, get the blow up dolls out, play music, whatever it takes, but bring on the Big Bats and let’s do some damage tonight.

Oh, and yeah, I agree Kris, Hawk needs to retire. I always mute the TV if the radio is in sync with the broadcast. I love Stone and Farmer. They are really funny and very informative. I’m going to miss the two of them together next season. Has DJ accepted the radio gig yet? I haven’t heard.

In the words of jk…GO SOX!


And, yeah, there are new people here, so hi to you guys.

But, where is Jim D??? And, dleeun is still missing. Come back boys we miss you.


TC – Thats Scary! You forgot my hair cut!
What’s even scarier – kenwo in Vegas – why is he there, anyways? He’s got a 1 year old – unless he is not taking his family – typical male – only thinking of himself!

I don’t think I’m TQ’s favorite anymore. He’s mad at me from the last comment, I e-mailed him the other day saying he took it the wrong way – but he never responded!


Marie – they’re on the other Blog – the Mens Blog!

I wish we had TCQ’s BIG Bat – (girls you know what I mean – wink, wink)

You know what really kind of urkes me (well actually alot of things, I can’t type that fast, nor do we have enough time) these new people who just leave their 2 cents – then move on – and we never hear from them again-
So – Come on newbies, stay, take a seat, have a beer, we want to hear more, have a taco with jk (oh, that was last night)

Can you guys tell I doubled up on my Prozac? 🙂

Hey you ******** stop talking about me when I am still here! I am leaving tomorrow night not tonight…and yes unfortunately I am taking my wife….after all it is her cousins wedding anyway. Vegas is just so much more fun without the other half there…..SHHHHHH don’t tell her I said that. I went myself in February….ended up puking on myself. Fun times. My son however will stay at grandma’s. Check the police blotters if we fail to win a game vs. Cleveland. Someone may be at risk of a KenWo rant.

If we clinch while I am out there I may take the road trip to tucson to party with Klein….(it still doesn’t seem right typing the name that way. I for one think you should change the spelling.) Where the hell is Jimmy Devereaux at for goodness sake.

We need a big win tonight. I don’t care if it is 1-0 or 17-16. Lets get it done.

Is anyone else having a problem with this page? It’s taking to long to load!

By the way…Lisa…I am impressed with your vulgar language. Very nice!

Ladies and Gentlemen
I will be here tonight. Just now sitting down after a long day at school. The boys can win tonight. They just need to play good fundamental baseball. I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed. At least we are battling for the championship. Better than all those years in last place. The frustration comes because we have a good team that should be easily in first.
Go Sox. Let’s get those Twins tonight.

Thanks kenwo! You taught me well! ; )
Have fun in Vegas and don’t get arrested!!! LOL!

kenwo – will we be blessed by your comments tonite?


I knew that there was enough material on you to go through the whole alphabet but neither time nor space permitted me to do so.

JK, you heard it here first. When we clinch this weekend, Kenwo heads to your place in Tucson for the champagne.

Also jk, I think Liptak more often puts it as “Expect the worst and be surprised with the best.”

Are we surprised that Kenwo:

A) puked on himself in Vegas


B) congratulated Lisa on her vulgarity???

Last night I got at least something right with my pick to click (sorry Hawk haters) being Junior. Tonight, I’ll take AJ. The perfect setting for him to take down his old team. He had two hits last night and got robbed of extra bags in the ninth.

I am not surprised in the least tc.
BTW, it’s scary how you remember all this stuff.
Klein, lock the doors and bar the windows if kenwo gets anywhere close to your home!!! ; )

Jen, sorry i can’t join you guys at game time but you can bet I will be watching…….Prozac within reach, of course!

Yeah Lisa, I remember some of this stuff and then can’t remember what I had for dinner last night. But I can remember what jk had for dinner because when he posted about the damn tacos I got really hungry!

Hey MariE! I LOVED your lineup for today!! Hilarious!

And MariA, I was LMAO at your son’s question about “reptile dysfunction”. How the heck do you answer that?

tc, the memory declines after 50, it’s good that you remember the important stuff, though!


Quit reminding me of how old I really am.

Speaking of old, where in the hell is Quaid????

I think he’s still too upset to post.

Tonites lineup- In case anyone wanted to know

wise -LF, OC -SS, JD -Right, Thome – DH, Captain K – 1B, Junior – CF, Ram – 2B, AJ – Catcher, Uribe – 3B

Twin are the Favorite – AGAIN – 61%

Come on boys – show ’em where you come from!

Now Jen is posting the lineups. Damn, she’s taking over this board.

The Twins are overconfident tonight. We have set them up the last 2 night. Tonight is our night. Let’s go Sox.

Hey hey, I’m not the Hawk hater, I never said I wanted him to retire. Dj is still considering his options about the radio stint, article I read last night, it’s on the website. He said him and his wife will discuss things after the season, whatever that means.

Ryan – if you still are looking for ways to get to hawk and dj, the email worked for me some odd years ago when I wanted to wish my parent’s a happy anniversary, needlesstosay, I got a phone call from them when they said it after they picked themselves up off the floor! Sorry to hear about your uncle, may he r.i.p and kudos to the gentlemen wearing Sox jerseys, somehow I think your uncle would’ve absolutely loved that!

Don’t forget about Jen’s crazy kids, and her new boots from ebay! I [personally don’t get personal because I don’t have anything to tell anybody, I know, get a life right?

I talked to TQ yesterday morning and he told me to read the blog when I got home giving me the impression he was going to post but then to no avail, he’s a bit frustrated to say the least though. He is safe and well though for anybody wondering.

Let’s Go White Sox!!!!!!

Good to know our TQ is safe kris….thanks for the info!!!

Wow. I haven’t been this nervous in a while. Couldn’t read the sports sections in the papers. No desire to watch the pregame show. Wouldn’t listen to sports radio. Don’t even want to talk Sox with coworkers. I just want this game to start, and I want the guys to know we’re all rooting for them. It’s almost time. Let’s go White Sox!!!

I can tell it’s almost game time – my stomach is starting to churn and spin. Come on, Sox, gotta win this one, and you *can* win it! The Twinks are not that dominating of a team.

Guys, you are in first place, act like it. Own these Twins, and then come home and take on the Indians!

Go Sox!!!!

I hate night class! I’ll be checking in when the prof isn’t looking, but otherwise I’ll be rooting from afar. I won’t be able to concentrate on ANYTHING!! Go Sox!!!

I am Not nervous tonite, I was last night and Tues, but tonite – for some reason I am not – I know they will win!

My kids are on a roll already – fighting like banshees (what are banshees)

I’m here too, but you all knew that I presume. We all know a lot about most members of this blog by now, some good, some bad and some ugly. That info should be held in confidence by us to guard all our identities. You never know who is out there to SCAM us. ( caps intentional).

In spite of the warnings, tc, I would welcome kenwo to Tucson and buy him and his lovely bride a beer or two. (rest assured, I won’t give him my address)….. The rest of you are also invited, it could be a clinching party to be remembered….

I’ll get this out of the way early, tonight looks like pork chops. Now you have time to satisfy your hunger before first pitch if you hurry. Then you won’t miss any of the action.

It’s about time so I will sign off for now, but not before I urge the Boys on to Victory…. Come on Sox, you can win tonight….. Just do it…. j.k.

At one point during tonight’s win, I’ll disappear, quit commenting and head to town to get my child from vball . . . I’ll have my satellite radio on t hough, have no fear, I’ll be gone but never truly away!

I’m having peanut butter toast, yum! Oh, another random thought, tonight I think I’ll wear a bra during the whole game, I know I know, sounds like a Jen comment but. . . last two nights I had already jammied, tonight, I’m dressed, what the hell, it might make a difference, ya never know! 😉

Don’t worry everyone, I’m here to pull us through this tonight.

I am making beef sandwhiches – I slaughtered the cow today from the back yard (I know that was just udderly disgusting) get it – udder – ly – no I am joking I don’t want PETA sending me nasty e-mails – if thats what its called. Yes I am make beef sandwhiches – Chicago Beef – I think? Store bought, I already had rice, so I am not that hungry!

Enough about me – How ’bout them WS!

I have officially lost my F*cking Mind!

LMAO. Thanks Kris. If the Sox score and you start jumping up and down, just don’t get a black eye.

ok, you asked what a banshee was from the Irish bean s (“woman of the sde ” or “woman of the fairy mounds “) is a female spirit in Irish mythology , usually seen as an omen of death and a messenger from the Otherworld. Let’s come up with a new word for Jen’s beautiful babies!

Can I come to Tucson too???

No chance of that Maria!!! 🙂 You know what frightens me the most, Jen and I found out what a banshee was, at the same time . . . yikes. I think we’re all rambling a bit tonight, is it nervous energy. I’m gonna beat the Rottie!!!! UGH!

Here’s what I think. There is SOOOO much female presence here now and the language is so Frank that I’m having a tough time staying focused…. Please, ladies,,,, I’m an old man, be thoughtful of my high blood pressure, not to mention my Victorian sensibilities…..

Howdy, Scam……

Go Sox… j.k.

God I hate these announcers!!!! Is beatin the crap out of someone with a ball bat a felony charge in all 50 states???

Alright JK, I’m settled now . . . it’s all good my apologies to your heart and bp! You never did answer, can I come to Tucson too?

Where the hell did I even hear that word? I thought banshees were monkeys, oh well!

Maybe all the girls tonite should take off their bras while watching!

you read it wrong, I’m leaving mine on!

But Jen, I can’t! Prof would look at me REALLY wierdly! Not stopping you guys though!

It’s showtime Gavin…. Keep it simple and throw strikes. Put them away as quickly as you can… Go Gavin, Go Sox… j.k.

Come on down Kris, (please wear your bra)…. Go Sox.. j.k.

Good, jk is here. We’re in need of testosterone in here.

See how dirty us women can be, you men thought you were the only ones with dirty minds!

OC should of had that –

Gavin looks like he’s playing football!

Good idea Jen, mine’s coming off now.



Scam, can you pretty please put on your ugly hat???

Scottie – I don’t think your prof would ming:)

OK kris – maybe put a black bra on!

I’m sick! BA totally would have had that catch. Damit Ozzie.

omg – wtf??? I can’t take this for 9 innings tonight!!!!! Would BA have caught that?

Sorry Marie, I forgot to bring it to school.

Griffey needs to catch that ball.

I second that, MariE. Junior in centerfield is a liability. Why not DH him, rest Thome, and put BA out there?

I may not have to drive to Vegas to puke on myself!

WTF is right!


Scam, can you call your dad and have him put it on or something??

Oh, yoohoo, remember I’m still here…… Were fine, we need to settle down take their shots and then put them away… Go Sox… j.k.

Haha. Don’t worry Marie, we’re going to win this game.

That damn dome can’t be torn down soon enough. Ball take the craziest bounces. If the middle of the order would just put some hits together we would do alright. Come on boys we need some runs.

Just got a text from TQ wondering the same thing about BA, does anybody know. . .

Vienna Beef, BTW!

What does LMAO mean?

6 up 6 down!

This game has more pop-ups than a frickin’ childrens book. C’mon.

Good one Maria….. I laughed my *** off …. Go Sox.. j.k.

LMAO = Laughing My *** Off

Kris, Maybe Jerry Owens – Tori Hunter for sure – Aaron Rowand for sure!
BA – I don’t think so – I’d give it a 20% chance he would have caught it!

Wow jk knew that and I didn’t !

Side retired with no runs. Great job Gavin. The broken record keeps saying score some runs boys PLEASE.

Jen, I may be old but I try to stay connected… Yeah right Chumly ( as TQ would say)… Take good swings Boys… Go Sox… j.k.

Here we go Hawk is talkin about how the bad call last night cost us the run and he even said we would still be tied at 2.

One of the girls – your wHITE Castle commercial was just on!

At least Juan FINALLY hit to the other field… Hey, if the Twins can do it, we can at least try to do it… Go Gavin,, Go Sox… j.k.

I am so sick of Hawk and DJ complimenting the Twins as a team. If they like them so much go work for them.

How does the song Time in a Bottle go?

Good job Gavin… Now is our turn Boys, Top of the order, second time through,,,, Go Sox’08….j.k.

See we can score. Here we go boys. A rally is in the works.

“If I could save time in a bottle, the first thing that I’d like to do… is to save every day til eternity passes away…”





Make it hurt Paulie…. Go Sox.. .j.k.

Please get JD home. Fundamental baseball. This could be a pivital moment in this game/series. Score some runs boys.

pound it paulie!!!

I got my Bra off!! WOOHOO!

I’ll take it. Now bring Thome home, Junior.

I thought that song was Time is on my side by the Stones – never heard of the time in the bottle!

Yea, a manufactured (somewhat) run!!!
good job Paulie!!
Comon Griff.

Scared to pitch to Junior. Come on Alexi make this pitcher pay.

That’s cause you’re so young. :o) It’s by Jim Croce. Ever heard of him?

Hits are sexy. Way to go, Lexei!!!

We have a 2 run lead. Maybe Ryan’s uncle gathered all the Sox fans in heaven to bring a victory in our direction tonight.


I like that Maria, that’s cute!!!

I swear Mollie, there’s some serious truth in that, we won the ws the summer after my father passed, good karma up there. Uh oh, come Jauny baby!!!

holy **** YES!!!! the bra is working!

Throws it away! Throws it away! Throws it away!


YEAH! I love you Juan. It’s about time the breaks came our way. The Sox angels are truly looking down on us tonight. So Jen does this mean you will remain braless over the weekend? Go Sox

Don’t let up. Bring Juan home NOW!!!

Remember what your wearing – I have my Self Made Totally Worn Crede shirt – no bra! I will have to wear this everyday!!

YESSSS!!!! There is a little tight sphincter time in Minn. too appearantly…. Keep those bras coming off, whoops there goes my jock strap……….. Wonderful… Keep the pressure on… Go Sox, go…. j.k.

Maybe we should put Swish in!

Looks like that hurt!
GO SOX!!!!
Lets salvage one.

Pat just told Ian that “reptile dysfunction” is when your snake has problems. It just keeps getting better!

I think the DeWayne experiment era should be over now. He is looking like he has Swish disease…. But, that’s cool…. up 6-1 in Minn.? Now that’s something to write home about… Throw strikes Gavin, NO RUNS… Go Sox… j.k.

oh god, snake problems huh, god I luv that!!! gtg get the daughter, be back in 30 mins… hopefully

Com’on Gavin, no more walks, we got somewhat a defense behind ya, pitch to em.

I agree about DeWayne. He needs to sit. Give Swish some bats. He brings so much energy to the game. Now Gavin needs to stay cool and calm. No runs for the twinkies.

I’m starting to think that Kris and her bra are the key to the Sox success. Please hurry back.

I agree about DeWayne. I’m only on gameday, but every hit they get seems to be to on him. I can’t see whats going on, but I’m willing to bet TCQ would be getting nearly all of those. *sigh* when is he coming back?? baseball is a very visual game (girls, you know what i mean!)

And another blown call by the umps. How many times is this going to happen to us?

Hey, Farmer and Stone just said that ball Span hit was a foul ball. Another rotten call.

The bra thing may be working. At the least I’m way more comfy.


Maria it’s the combination of the bra and our heavenly sox fans. If what Hawk said is true about that being a foul ball – we should see that first after the commercial.

Not exactly shutting them down, but Gavin did minimize the damage…6-3….. More runs Boys.. j.k.

Like I said earlier – we NEED TCQ BIG stick! I’ll settle for AJ’s until he gets back!

Uh Oh, the umps gave hawk some more fuel for his fire!!
Look Out!!

I’m not sure if Wise should be in there, but I sure as heck wouldn’t put Swish in. He is just miserable at the plate.

Scam – BA, it’s BA…we need BA!

Hawk is very confused!

We need another 6 runs this inning. A three run lead is not enough.

I would take BA and Swish. I suspect BA will be in center before the end of this game. Why are they not showing the replay of the “foul” ball? Hawk hasn’t mentioned it again. Ladies we may have to go without a bra all weekend.

C’mon Konerko. Give the guys a bonerko.

I would definitely have 2 black eyes!

IF we win I won’t wear a bra until we lose. We all gotta do it though. Who’s in??

You 3 M’s are getting me very confused – MariA, MariE, Molly

Just while the games are on though – : )

🙂 8

Minn is trying to give us this game…. TAKE IT…. Go Sox… j.k.

Baseball and superstitions, gotta love it.

MariE – I would be arrested if my 34DD’s didn’t wear one out in public – but at home – I won’t – !

Throw ZEROS Gavin…. Go Sox..j.k.

Well, Junior must have heard about the braless Sox Blog Babes and was distracted at the plate.

We need Gavin to be able to go at least two more so we can get at least to the seventh before Thornton time.

I wish my wife had your girls kind of passion for this team.

There I go again, giving too much info-

Dam it Pauly!

Gavin you need to hold ’em!

Oh, Jen. You’re not shy, are you? :o)

I know there’s a lot of love for BA in here, but I’d probably take Owens over him. He’s a better defender, has more speed, and has a higher average.

Molly… I’m not wearing a bra….. Go Gavin, Go Sox’08…. j.k.

YAY jk! OK, how about you tc, Scam?

And Scam….I’d take Jerry Owens too.

MariA – No, I am not!


Come on Gavin, hold ’em!

hey rburt, you are right…us girls just love our Sox! Get your wife to read this blog and maybe she’ll change her mind!

I’ll take BA in CF over Owens defensively. But Owens does have more speed. We’ll see one of them in center if we still have the lead in the 8th or later.

Is it the Blackeyed Braless Blog Babes that have put us ahead???

I can read the headline now: “Blogger babes support Sox by lacking support”

I’m over here talking to my Husband and I look over (he wasn’t responding) and he’s Sleeping!
What a PUSS!

Crap!, Gavin we need you!

I’m speechless.

C’mon Gavin. They’ve only hit a couple of balls hard all night. Hold on to this lead!

Jen — to answer your question — well, why would I answer that question?

“Twins hopes sag. And twins sag too”

How about a double play Gavin?

Too Funny – Maria – you’re a hoot (er)!

Maria, no matter how hard you try, you’ll never come up with a better line than the two your kids have come up with about Ciailis.

OK, a strikeout works – thank you! One more

The bra queen is home again . . . gotta luv this bra talk tonight, jk, I tried to refrain, it just didn’t work, and I’m not giving my size!!! 😉

Wish this score was farther into this game! GO SOX!

MariA – men don’t know bra sizes……………they know how big they are by how much of their hand can fit!

He Gone!

OK, outta that jam.

More runs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get some!

I’m in for the braless weekend, whar r u boys gonna do??? 😉

Good grief! Sagging twins, men and women without bras and the sox in the hump dome. What kind of party have I been missing???? Glad to be home and seeing a good score. Let’s keep it going!!

I think I said that wrong………. they know how big they are by how much fits in their hand! Thats Better!

TC – what was my question?

Come on Boys – we need a few more runs!!

Here we are, fighting for a division title, and we’re discussing bra sizes.

Scott Reifert will never believe what his board has turned into.

But if this is what it takes to win, just like AJ took one for the team, Jen will give one of her 34 DD’s for the team.

Go Sox… j.k.

Start it off Alexi!!

I’m sending the love out to Gavin. He’s one cool cucumber. jk what’s for dinner? tacos again?
We would love a few more runs. This is one crazy bouny field.

Boof! Who the F*ck would name their kid Boof??

Come on AJ!

Jen, Boof’s given name was John Bonser. WHat kind of idiot would legally change his name to Boof?

His birth name was John Bonser. He legally changed his name to Boof. I say he lost a drunken bet.

i was thinking the exact same thing. His parents are probably some pretty interesting people.

Come on Juanny it is time to send another pitcher to the hospital.

tc – Thumper would get lonely without Bambi!

You gotta hang in there Gavin… You can do it…. Go Sox… j.k.

Give this idea to the Sox marketing department for next year.

No bras on Blog Night. Attendance increases dramatically. Of course we lose Quaid for all remaining Blog Nights because he’ss keel over from a heart attack when he sees his Blog Harem without chest support.

Carlos Gomez is weird. He is way too intimate with that bat.

Maybe he’s gay -not that there’s anything wrong with that (just in case someone on here likes to swing on the same side of the fence) I could not see a straight guy changing his name to Boof!

rburt – Please call me Jen, Jenn, Jennifer, you make me sound old!

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo ready for Wise to be taken out!

Jen, are you saying that your husband is sleeping with Thumper and Bambi on the loose?

Damn, I thought DeWayne had that one.

OK, next time Gomez comes up someone better hit him.

I think that Gomez thought it would be caught. He wasn’t anywhere near full speed until after he saw that Wise didn’t make the play.

Time for Thornton. Good job, Gavin.

OK, folks, head to the medicine cabinet, it may be time to break out the valium and rolaids. Here comes the bullpen.

We just can’t score enough runs in this place. Great game Gavin. Now we have to really get the help from the bullpen. We might just have to start burning the bras to win this game.

MariA – He’s like our own Swish!

Oh – Mother !@#$$#@##$$%&^%&THGVH*&&%%^$^%$&(*&^

He did have 101 pitches – I hope Thorton is on his toes tonite!

We need the early season pen to pitch tonight….. good job, by Gavin… Go Sox… j.k.

tc – I don’t sleep with my Hubsband, neither do Bambi and Thumper!

Did you guys see Thorton yelling at the guys do get their head out of their A**!

Nice job by Gavin and way to hold em Matt–no braless pun intended!

Another personal note about Jen to file away.

That is the first time I have ever seen Alexei do something really stupid. But at least he got the out.

Or maybe that should be the theme the rest of the night. Hold em!

We need some more points on the board.

God I hate it when I’m right. Ozzie’s incompetence is gonna cost us this game too. What the F**k is Wise doing in the game. He is 0 for INFINITY at the plate and by my estimation, he’s made 4 damn errors tonight. On two of those plays he quit running for the ball even tho the ball was still in the park. And how do you drop that damn ball in left field….??????? Oh, and was that a ball getting over Junior’s head, too????

Ozzie you damn idiot, you should have played anderson. you are truly a fool, ozzie. Gavin floyd should have been out of the inning. Ozzie’s the first one I’m firing after Sunday’s game. Then his BOZO sidekick Cooper, too.

Poorhankie, I must disagree.

Had Wise cought that last drive it would have been the defensive gem of the game. And what other balls did he drop????

And he just nailed that last pitch he saw.

He may not be a star tonight, but he is certainly no goat.

This game seems like it will never end. Hurry up boys so we can put this game in the win column.

We stole a base!! Fundamental baseball is back. Come on Paulie get that runner home some way some how.

I changed my name – have you guys been to the update profile?

Your allowed up to 20 characters now – you can even add friends! – kind of like Myspace!-

Come on Pauly!

Poorhankie – if you don’t like Ozzie, maybe you shouldn’t be a WS Fan – Ozzie is the White Sox!

Molly – I believe they gave us that base! Hey we’ll take it-
Come on Pauly!

Damn it!!

Ok Jen I stand corrected. It so odd to see one of our runners go from 2nd to 3rd. We just need to hold these guys. Go Matt.

Does anyone elses DirectTV just freeze spontaneously?

MariA – yes mine has been doing it all night!

Listen up Maria. Cialis is on.

Maybe Matt should just pitch the rest of the game.

BLAH . .

Matt does a great job. I suppose he won’t be back for the 8th. Who’s the next one out of the pen? Once again a few insurance runs would be nice. We could put some of the anxiety meds away if that were to happen.

Great job Matt…. I say bring him back out for the eighth… Go Sox… How about another run or two… Go Sox.. j.k.

We need Matt in the eighth, Oz. You hear me, Oz???

JEN, put your bra back on. Ozzie isn’t the WS anymore than you or I are. Sorry. Given the number of games we all watched him throw away this season, I knew it would come back to haunt us. He has constantly played people when he shouldn’t and Wise is the latest mistake in many. Oh, and before I hear the BS of Ozzie winning the WS for us, he won nothing. The boys were on a roll in 2005, and Ozzie just got out of the way.

TC, Wise has done nothing tonight. 0-4 at last count and I believe he’s 0-13 for the series. In case you missed the replay, he dropped the ball in left. Ran right by it. Then he stopped running for the ball that was called fair on the left field line. STOPPED RUNNING FOR CHRISTS SAKE! You NEVER stop running on a ball until its in the seats. Then he lolly gagged to the ball hit to right center. He looks scared out there.

I know! That was one of those priceless moments that you never forget. I imagine it will somehow make its way into a wedding toast someday.

Here we go again with hawk and the umps.

Poorhankie, if that’s the case regarding 2005, then do you really think Ozzie would have received the BBWAA Manager of the Year Award? Last time I checked, baseball writers are some of the most critical journalists around. So you think they would just hand it over to him? Give me a break.

Hey Kris – I think another Cubs Fan got lost!

Bring Back Matt…. Bring Back Matt… Bring Back Matt… Go Sox…j.k.

tc – I think he heard you, see how some people can turn the board around – does Lip like Ozzie? Maybe poorhankie is Lip?

Look BA comes in!

BA in center. We must hold this lead. Come on Scott. I like Matt better.

Poor hankie, I don’t want to fight but you are dead wrong on all defensive counts on Wise tonight. Yeah, he hasn’t hit in this series but there has not been a damn thing wrong with his defense.

And you can say what you want about Ozzie and Cooper, but I can’t think of anyone else who would have done a better job over these past 5 years.


Go Bobby, Go…. Get the hitter…. Go Sox’08…. j.k.

Okay Bobby, just get two outs. Give them the run if we have to but get two outs and no more baserunners.

GREAT job by Matt tonight. Bobby’s coming early but let’s hope he’s on…………..

TC, he was the manager of the WS winner. BBWAA is a good ole boys club. Give me a break.

I literally am sick to my stomach . . . poorhankie, wtf kind of name is that?

BTW, Poorhankie is also SWS and blogbabesgonewild and fireozzie.

Crap – enough said

oh crap. come one we still got the lead but we need OUTS


well poorhankie, leave the negativity aside. WE NEED POSITIVE VIBES TONIGHT>>> take your bra off!

WHOA, it didn’t star out the b- word, sorry, thought it would

triple crap


i said sun of a witch, kind of

I missed everything – I had to clean up Sh*t – my little girl is learning to use the potty and she poo’d in her pants – I usually just throw the pants out – they were expensive jean shorts – had to clean them – anyways – what the hell is going on!

Holy Sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poorhankie – you are bringing negative vibes!


huh! Just testing!******!

Accckkkk….another hair ball…………..****

I said son of a bitch as all one word and it censored me. I guess you just have to say SON OF A BITCH.

****! f,uck

hit hit hit hit hit hit hit hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET SOME HITS!

For the love of God PLEASE score a run!!

HAWK made a couple good comments. Why is Bobby tossing a heater in the middle of the plate when he’s got those guys 0-2? DAMN

I’m gonna be sick.

I fell like a 12 year old seeing what I can get away with!

Dammittttt….. We need a run now…. Come on Boys, Bristle up… Go White Sox.. j.k.

oh crap, Joe Nathan.

Who do you think will pitch for us in the bottom of 9?

I guess bitch is not a bad word – it’s a female dog!

Marie….bobby’s coming back out….Nathan has been shaky as of late…let’s see which version shows up………………

Come on Swish!
We cannot Lose this Game!

Sorry about the F word – I was testing!

I can’t take this anymore – we need a RUN!

Whoever put their bra back on – better take it off!!

Do it for the Team!

BULL SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s a really really bad call.

Minns announcers just said ‘he did not go’ so we got ****** again on a **** call!

That’s 2 bad calls by the same ump. Hawk is right about putting the best umps on the field.

Three calls now. Not sure what these umps have against our team.

Get mad!! Make those F*ckin Piranhas Pay!!

Well, maybe we can bust some bone in Mauer, that would give me some enjoyment at least!

OH my goodness sakes…….why sure, let’s pinch hit Swisher…..why not? Its his turn, right? Ok, wheel of fortune time again….WHO’S GONNA PLAY THIRD IN THE BOTTOM OF THE INNING? ANYONE? BUEHLER? BUEHLER?

He’s a home town ump!

why god, can’t you just give us a damn break!

Just hold ’em boys….we haven’t lost yet.

C’mon Sox. Don’t let up now. Hold em and get em in the 10th.

stupid xrays were negative, can’t even get that right… poor Klein, I think he’s knee deep in beer, haven’t heard from him in awhile. TQ’s sick, heartsick that is.. poor guy texted me a few minutes ago.

Come on Bobby…… Pitch , Pitch, Pitch….Go Sox… j.k.

I really hate Carlos Gomez.

Swisher was not a bad choice there. He can hit the long ball off of Nathan.

I never have liked the rule allowing an umpire over 100 feet away make a called third stike call. Twice in two innings that guy at third has made the bad call. And then he waves off Swish.

That was just bad umpiring.

Ah ha ha ha ha ha …..Here he comes to save the day…..joshie fields is in the game…….I need another beer……

TC, anymore questions about Ozzie???

how do you kill a piranha.

I don’t know but lets use Kris’ rod she talked about way earlier.

poorhankie – WTF – get the F*ck out of here – we don’t need your Sarcastic remarks – don’t you have someone else you can bitch to? If you know so much, why aren’t you managing the F*cking WS? No one here wants to hear your negative f*cking comments!

All the Sox fans in heaven must be taking a nap. Wake them up God. We need to hold these guys now

Oh, no you don’t, MariE. He’s good. You’d want that kind of fire on your team. You just hate him when he’s playing us. And I do, too.

Jen, you mean poorhankie, don’t you? tc’s the smart one.

thanks for saying what i was thinking jen. That guy needs to get out of here.

I know MariA, I do hate him, but almost added that is unless he someday dons a White Sox uniform.

I guess that’s AJ’s problem. Everyone hates him unless, of course he’s on your team!

JEN….who elected you to decide what anyone says or doesn’t say……..and save your BS comments for your husband, cause I ain’t gonna listen to it.

Jen, you never fail to make me laugh out loud. Gotta luv your attitude and fire!

Not sure what you are talking about Marie – I said poorhankie!

1-2-3 …. Alright… Runs Guys….We need one or two…. Go JD, Go Jimmy, Go Paulie, Go BA, Go Sox… j.k.

Ozzie has made all the right moves tonight. Swisher had a much better chance of getting on base against Nathan than Uribe did. And if the umnp doesn’t blow the call, Swish does his job by drawing a walk, something Uribe never does.

If Fields can’t play third base in the late innings, he doesn’t deserve to be in the big leagues.

Get off Ozzie’s *** and start thinking a little, okay?

C’mon JD. We need you NOW.

Poorhankie – go F*ck yourself!

you know dude, everybody else seems to be hanging tough in here and you have to come in and rub everyone the wrong way, Cub fan aren’t ya???

Poorhankie, screw you and leave Jen alone.

sorry jen, when you said “TC – any more questions about Ozzie” I thought you were confusing him with poorhandjob.

i meant poorhankie

MariE, he is a little showboaty, though.

Dude’s just playing a bully. He wants to get a rise out of us. Send the boys the good vibes, and ignore him! GO SOX!!

Gomez, not poorhandjob

C’mon Bobby!!! C’mon Sox!!!

Gotcha MariA! He IS! Lot’s of caffeine in Gomez, or something.

yada yada yada…..HENpeck, I mean JEN, no soup for you……

Poorhankie – don’t come into Ozzie’s house (this is the White Sox blog – we are guests of the Scott Reifert – so them them a little bit of respect) and give him **** about how you think he should manage – HE IS the F*ckin WS – if you were a true fan you would know that – go back to whatever stinky a*s you crawled out of, we don’t need some piece of SH*T like you here bringing everyone down!

he just kissed his bat . . . reminds me of something out of Major League

ummm…so i know im only on gameday, but those last 4 looked like STRIKES. Thats what over the plate, in the zone equals, right? please correct me if im wrong…

I meant – so show them a little respect!


Goodnight. It’s been fun, at least until the end.


Mercy!!! Whew!!! I need some time to think and then I’ll be back….. A good game by us, just not quite good enough……. Tomorrow…… Go Sox… j.k.

I just don’t even know what to say. I don’t even know what to say. I’m going to bed to just mull this whole thing

JEN, sure, whatever you say……I’m a sox fan and one who’s fed up. so if you don’t like it, you can kiss my a**.

I’m sorry everyone, it may have been me. I got back from class, and turned the game on TV. they scored the 2 to tie, and I shut it off right away, but it was too late. I’m really really sorry.

Going to bed to cry in my pillow. See you all tomorrow.

jk, give us a pep talk, willya?

Well, if there is any consolation. The Sox did not lose this one, the Twins won it. The good news is, we don’t have to go back to the Dome. If we play them again, it will be at home.

This thing is far from over. We still control our own destiny. Of course, so do the Twins.

The hard part is that the rainouts and doubleheader last week threw our rotation into a mess. It is not set up to come back and win five straight.

But, that may be what we have to do.

I still say that the loose Royals will come in and win one against Minnesota. I’m not counting on it, but I am not counting it out either.

It was disappointing tonight, but a helluva game.

Too bad the third base ump had to make his presence known.

Hang in there guys. And let’s beat the Tribe.

I am at least glad that we are done playing the twinkies, what a bunch of sandlots, it is like playing the bad news bears with their bloop hits and all of the help they got from some either very bad or “on the take” umpires. Can they really be that bad, or is there money under the table? Two games in a row where the outcome was changed because of obvious botched calls from very bad umpires. And Ozzie should have left Matt Thornton in, he is too quick to take someone good out, and too slow to take someone out who is doing poorly.

poorhankie – I wouldn’t kiss your stinky fat a*s………..

I forgot Ozzie is the one who goes and gets players – that’s why ozzie and KW relationship is on the line – because Ozzie told him this team needed work – hard-headed Kenny thinks this team is the best! Ozzie can only do so much – he can only play who he has!
You being the WS fan you are – already know that, right?

No surprise. Any time you get into a battle of the bullpens and clutch hitting, i’ll take who ever is playing the white sox any day.

Let’s face it, this team really isn’t that good of a team. When you watch them on a day to day basis, they are the most one-dimensional team you can imagine. The only reason this season is exciting is because we’re in the miserable AL central.

I can’t believe we just got swept. It’s a shame, but honestly, there’s really not a game in this series that you can say we should have won. Ya, today’s game got away from us, but we were given 6 outs in out only big inning, so it’s not like we were playing great, minn just had a really bad inning.

I don’t see how the Royals are going to go into the dome and beat a team with all the momentum in the world. I guess anything can happen, but it just seems unlikely. And if we’re still alive on Sunday, we’ll be facing Cliff Lee. Oh joy.

Disgusting game. I can’t imagine what Cubs fans must have felt like after that Bartman series. This is a miserable feeling, that had to be absolute sh!t.

tc, rml, good statements, Klein, I’ll read yours in the morning, heading to a hot soak, trying to ponder it all in my brain. Trying to catch my breath. TQ is heartsick, not sure we’ll even here from him via the blog. Night all.

Scottie, it wasn’t your fault, it wasn’t our fault, it was just the way it went, not in our favor, umps had issues all series too but they didn’t truly lose the whole thing for us.

Lets try not to take our frustration out on our family and loved ones this evening ok friends?

WTF kind of comment is this?
It’s on one of the white sox myspaces

Thanks Kris. You know how superstition and baseball go hand in hand.

So now what? We have to win ’em all, they have to loose ’em all? A very close combination thereof? …grrrreat.


I apologize for coming on board, I said I’d wait until Sunday but since tonight was basically the end of the season I guess it qualifies.

When the autopsy is done remember two important things:

1. Four of the eight losses in the House of Horrors came by one run (little things win games…)

2. In three of those eight losses the Sox had a lead of at least four runs in the middle innings in three of them…and urinated away each and every game.

Like it or not gang, it’s all mental and these guys are midgets in that department especially in the House of Horrors… which will probably continue to make the White Sox wet their pants next season.

They couldn’t hold a 6-1 lead in the biggest game of the season. Like in 67, 96 and 03 they don’t deserve to be in the playoffs.

Mark Liptak

It boiled down to our inconsistent offense once again. I can’t fault the bullpen. That was Jenks’ first blown save since June 4, according to the game story.

The Twins won this game. And contrary to what Liptak would say or what Cub fan Mark Schanowski said earlier on “Cub-Cast’s” Sportsnight, the stadium — the so-called House of Horrors — had nothing to do with this loss. The Twins got clutch hits and we didn’t. Simple as that.

Keep battling and take the Cleveland games one at a time. They haven’t beaten us at the Cell all year long (6-0). Let’s keep it that way.

Nice Follow-up TC!

Lip, as much as I don’t want to believe you, I do!

It was a wild ride!
Glad to share it with all of you – you guys are the best!

Night all!


I knew Liptak couldn’t stay away. This is his shining moment.

I’ve worked with a lot of people in my life. There is nothing worse than being dragged down by negative people.

Congratulations Mark. You now have another series in the Metrodome to harp about until the Twins move.

And just to show you Mark that while I despise your negative attitude, I don’t disagree with EVERYTHING you say.

You are exactly right. The Sox don’t deserve to be in the playoffs. But neither do the Twins. Neither one of these teams is better than an above average club.

But the Cardinals weren’t either two years ago and look how they fared. And the ’87 Twins weren’t that good either but at least they had Frank Viola and Kirby Puckett.

The AL Central is a pitiful division. Somebody, though, has to be declared the champion.

And to this point, no one has.


I’m sorry that you take offense to my comments which apparently are grounded more in reality then yours. I’m also genuinely sorry the Sox performance “disproved” your theories about the past not mattering (even if it was this season) and so forth. I’m not exactly happy about it, not having slept well in three nights.

EVERYONE, including now some of the players themselves are coming out, pointing fingers, turning in teammates. Cabrera, Swisher, others.

Don’t shoot the messenger, Mr. Sunshine.

I suggest you speak to the powers that be and ask them about it. They put this mentally weak, gutless team together that couldn’t stand prosperity if it jumped up and bit them directly on the ***.

And regarding the “shining moment” comment you show your ignorance once again… given that you’ve never met me, never personally spoken to me, never spoke with any of my family, never spoke with my employers. You know NOTHING about me. Nada, zip, nothing.

Keep deluding yourself T.C. Close your eyes and all this might go away in your world.

Maybe in your world the Sox don’t piss away leads, don’t get beat by garbage pitchers up from double A throwing horsedung, actually can bunt, steal a base, play the game with enthusiasm. If that’s what it’s like in your world, then we agree on something because I wish it was like that in real life.

Mark Liptak

Oh and folks, please stop the madness about the umpires.

The Sox scored six runs in a single inning then rested for the other nine. Umpires don’t win or lose games, teams do.

If the umpiring is a problem, score enough runs so that it isn’t… or if you’re a pitcher get the next guy out.

Blaming umpires is a lame excuse and deep down inside I think you all (or y’all! LOL) know that.

Please, Sox fans are better then that.

Mark Liptak

Here’s what I’ve got. The Sox didn’t lose this series, the Twins won it. That’s a fact. It may be hard to take, but it’s still the truth.

The Twins put on something like a magic act in tonights game especially.. So, we could have won yesterday, we should have won tonight, and now we find ourselves looking up at first place…. After being in first for most of the year, yeah, it hurts to be down… Notice I didn’t say out….

Fact: the Twins are in first place with three games left to play against the Royals. Fact, the Royals have gone 2-4 against them in Minn. this year so far. KC is 2-7 at their home. Not very encouraging, but there is a chance KC could eek out a win over this weekend.

Fact: We are 6-0 against the Tribe this year at the Cell. Anything less than a sweep of Cleveland will finish us.. That is NOT a fact. If we go 2-1 and the Twins do the same, we play Detroit on Monday. The answer is simple, Win and we’re in….

This has been a rollercoaster ride of a season, and lately it seems like we’ve only been going down hill. But, I’m still proud of the way our guys have played all year long, win or lose. When you consider that we are one dimensional, and that we’ve lost much of our best talent at the worst possible time, that other of our hitters have hit the skids also at the worst possible time and we’re still in striking distance to me is truly amazing.

I’m not ready to give up on this year. It’s been too unpredictable, it’s been too much fun, and I don’t want it to end. Go out and beat the Indians tomorrow and when the Twins lose, we will be back in first place. That’s the really amazing thing about even getting swept, we’re still IN IT!!

Some of you have checked out.(judging from your posts). I understand that, but I think you’re wrong to give up on our Boys just yet. Hell, even kenwo still believes in our team. TC is still here for the finish, I know Maria will be at the Cell this weekend. Peggy will be watching from SF, Kris from Texas. Maybe even Lip will check in from Idaho. And I’ll be here too. I wouldn’t miss it, not with only four games left to play. Who could have asked for more than this in March?

But since tomorrow is Friday, I will be out of the house all day, and will catch the archived game later in the evening. Bring home a winner for me and for yourselves, and let’s win this thing….. Go Chicago White Sox ’08….. j.k.


If I get that kind of reaction from you for calling you negative, I’d hate to see what would happen if I really attacked you.

First of all, I haven’t lost a wink of sleep over any of this and won’t tonight or this weekend either. I love the Sox, but I don’t let their shortcomings affect my health and my sleep.

I don’t think the Sox lost this series because they are gutless or mental midgets. I think they lost because they are slow and are prone to long hitting slumps. And because the Twins got clutch hits and played well at home. Just like the Sox do at US Cellular Field.

And my reference to the “past” was about this season — not 1967, 1996 or 2003. This season is relevant. Those other years have no relevance to the 2008 Chicago White Sox.

I don’t blame the umpires and never will. I just think that the rule allowing a base umpire to call a checked swing is a flawed rule and that was proven tonight. No ump from 100 or more feet away should overrule the umpire right on top of the play. That rule has been around for almost 40 years and is a bad rule. But, that is just my opinion.

And I am not deluding myself. Do I think the Sox will come back this weekend and win the division? No. Am I giving up and throwing in the towel? Of course not. This is why you play all 162 games.

I called you negative. I don’t need to talk to your family, your employers or other friends to be able to form that opinion. Your countless negative posts on this board are enough to give me that opinion. And I am certainly not alone on this board in having that opinion.

So, like I said, congratulations on having another bad series in Minnesota to add to your “I warned you guys” list. All good Sox fans know of our troubles on the road against the Twins. So you won’t be telling us next year anything we don’t know when you harp on the team’s inability to win in Minnesota.

Well time for bed and a good night’s sleep. And then let’s see if John Danks and the Sox can hold their ground tomorrow night.

Good lord. What a terrible outcome. The Sox had the game in the bag and then that fat ******* Jenks came in and blew it. He was awful. No excuses for him. Just a terrible choking worthy performance.

That being said….we still control our own destiny…as do the twins. Even if the Twins sweep the Royals we could still win this thing.

I will be betting on the Twins and Indians in vegas since my betting record is very subpar. I will gladly lose money to get the sox into the playoffs. What a shame. My playoff tickets came today and now it looks like they may not be used. I really thought we would take one game. This is way worse than 2006 and 2003. At least in those seasons we choked the lead away earlier than today.

What the hell ladies…all this watching the game topless and I didn’t get any pictures in my email. Cmon now… wonder why we lost! If you’re gunna do it …do it 100 percent!

Go get em this weekend. I will be watching from the sports book saturday and sunday. (friday we will have to take the victory while I am in the friendly sky) Lets do some damage. Put the pressure on the twinkies. Also…lets go royals. If they win a few games I will indeed by a royals jersey. I just seen the highlights on baseball tonight. My stomach hurts worse now than it did after I drank all that patron in February.


Two things.

I’ve seen this discussed elsewhere using the premise “well on April 1st would you have been happy if the Sox were in this position on September 25th?”

The flaw with that argument is that this division was their’s for the taking. Cleveland was gutted by injuries, Detroit got off to a horrific start. Minnesota was forced to trade its top pitcher, lost one of the top free agent center fielders in baseball and had their second best pitcher in the minor leagues for four months, and yet the Sox STILL couldn’t take control and win this.

Kenny himself said in the newspaper today the Sox should be “ten games better and already won it.”

Perceptions change during the season. Being in first place for 145 days and yet not winning it? How can ANY Sox fan not be upset over that?

Second, Cleveland is throwing a rookie Friday night with a 1.45 ERA in three starts (I can hear DJ now saying, uh-oh…) and Lee may be available Sunday (reports are he has a stiff neck and may be out) add to that this absolutely crushing, gut wrenching, melt down, players now calling out each other, Ozzie calling out the fans….it’s complete utter chaos. These are the signs of a mentally weak, selfish club composed of individuals, not a team. Swisher’s actions last night and today are completely uncalled for.

Anything can happen but the Sox now have to win five games straight to get in. To say those are long odds with the shape this club is in, is a real understatement. Hell they haven’t won five in a row since mid August when they hit the 20 games over .500 mark.

Hope for the best, expect the worst, remember these are the White Sox. History shows what happens is usually the latter and not the former.

Mark Liptak


I can’t be too hard on Jenks. He has been too good all season long. He gave up one hard hit ball but did make a couple of bery hittable pitches on 0-2 counts.

We’ll just ride this thing this weekend and see what happens. Not optimistic but weird things happen in the game of baseball.

Kenwo is right about one thing, this is worse, MUCH WORSE then 2003 or 2006.

In 06 they started going downhill in July when Buehrle got lit up at Wrigley Field, in 03 they “only” had a two game lead but there were 17 games left and Minnesota went out and won ten straight. They earned that crown.

This one, to have a 2 1/2 game lead with six to go and completely fall apart on the field and apparently now in the clubhouse, how can that not be the worst?

I liken it to 1967 when the Sox dropped five in a row to the dregs of the league, Kansas City and Washington to blow the pennant.

I swear to God, I’d love to be wrong but I just can’t see them pulling this out, not after the last 72 hours on and off the field, the Twins again stuck the knife right in the heart and twisted it while laughing.

And the Sox simply stood there and took it.

Like I said, the long term good may be that Kenny finally says “enough” with the sluggers and finally after eight seasons (not counting 05) decides to bring back balance and fundamental play to the roster. He can’t be that obtuse, that stubborn, that egotistical.

At least that something to hope for.

Mark Liptak

Folks, help me out here. Since I can’t watch or listen to any games except the ones on WGN, and don’t have ready access to Chicago media, what did Swisher do last night and today, Mark?

What is Ozzie saying about the fans?

I spent this evening with my family, helping make a birthday cake for my granddaughter. So, I need to be “brought up to date” on what’s going on (besides the heartbreaking score of the game).



Ozzie apparently heard that Sox fans were upset with his putting DeWayne Wise at leadoff for this series (and with good reason…). He told reporters in a very defensive manner according to the reports, that he makes out the lineup and that if Sox fans don’t like it, they don’t have to watch. He added his usual obscenities.

I find it funny that Ozzie (and to a certain extent Kenny) attack and insult the people who are paying the freight for all this. Even more interesting is that they work for JR, a man who said (direct quote) “the customer is always right, even if they aren’t.”

Again according to reports, players were staring hard at Orlando Cabrera before the game Thursday after his comments about the team on Boers & Bernstein. Cabrera (getting ready to leave town immediately after Sunday’s end to the season) ripped them saying they fall behind and expect to lose, their body language is bad and so forth. Let’s just say that didn’t sit well with his teammates (although it looks like he’s right, which is another indictment of this mentally weak team.)

Ozzie said that if Cabrera is going to say things like that, he needed to back it up and said that being a leader is someone who rallies his teammates around him regardless of how that person is playing. (The inference being that Cabrera isn’t)

Swisher Wednesday night after he was pinch run for, appeared to walk right past his teammates in the dugout and go right into the tunnel leaving the field. Thursday he refused to talk to reporters who then went right to Ozzie to ask what his problem was. Ozzie said Swisher’s upset that he’s not playing and that he (Ozzie) understand that feeling but he’s hitting .220 and Ozzie is obligated to put the best lineup out there as possible.

Ozzie then said to all that he isn’t losing the clubhouse.

There you go, some way to end a season eh? (and all this taking place with Kenny in Minnesota watching and wanting to see what kind of look is in his players eyes. I gather he say all that he needed to know.)

Mark Liptak

Well, Liptak just can’t be taken at his own word, can he? He said he’d go away until the weekend was over but he just can’t hold back doing his I told you so happy dance can’t he??????????

I, for one, am happy that Liptak didn’t wait to post. It is reassuring to see somebody else as disappointed in this team as me. Does anybody really think he is happy to say “I told you so”? I think he would have been HAPPY to be proven wrong. I appreciate his passion for this team.

I think I/we am/are to blame for getting so excited about the 2008 team. They never really dominated throughout the year, yet I wanted to believe.

I still Hope for the Best, but I Fear the worst is inevitable.

Well if in fact the boys are barking at one another that’s no good. Hopefully they had a come to Jesus on their plane ride home, straightened out their issues, get to sleep in their own beds and give us a thrill.

In the words of JK, GO SOX!

Well at least one team played with heart and emotion. Too bad it iwas the Twins. It looked to me like the Sox didn’t care that this was the biggest series of the year so far.


It’s it a fact apparently. Not an impression.



Following up on your question from last night. I know it’s early morning but I could only sleep about five hours, two more things have come to light in this the day after.

1. Ozzie was quoted directly as saying that “Cabrera thinks he’s better then he really is.”

2. You’ll want to read this column. Apparently there was an interesting exchange between Morneau (who absolutely loves to stick it to the Sox both on and off the field) and Cabrera.,CST-SPT-deluca26.article

It appears from all accounts that two of the three biggest head cases on the team are the two biggest off season acquisitions by Kenny (the 3rd being Boone Logan). Considering that fact I find it curious as to why Ozzie is apparently taking so much flak for this meltdown and Kenny is apparently being given a free pass.



I appreciate the support but as Kenny would say, “it is what it is.” Some folks feel it’s easier to shoot the messenger then to look clearly at the issues.

This is pro sports, the name of the game is to win. This rah-rah, let’s root, root, root for the home team is something best suited to high school. I graduated from Brother Rice a long, long time ago.

If folks think that I’m enjoying this disaster then they can think what they will, however stupid that may be.

Mark Liptak

Well I have been quiet for some time now. Just trying to sit back and let things play out. The last 3 days made me absolutely sick though. This is by far worse than any other disappointement this decade. And there have been a few!

I was trying to be positive going into the series thinking maybe they could go in and exorcise some demons while taking the division, but it turns out they did exactly what I expected they would do. And I don’t see how they receover from this, and to add all the problems in the clubhouse will only make it more difficult.

And no RAH RAH BS from the fans. I hope these bums get booed by the fans tonight. They deserve it!!!

Which is better? To be playing the way we are in ’08, or like the team from ’07 that was out of the playoffs around June? I prefer this year over last, period.

Sure we are all disappointed. We all hoped for more than what we have right now. This is where we are though, and we have two choices as I see it. We can moan, curse and BOO our team, or we can watch the rest of the year play out and move on from there.

We fans (especially on this blog) fall into two distinct groups. The woe is us-this team stinks-boo their butts out of the park group, and the Rah-rah-let’s win a game to put us over the top-don’t give up group.

Well I’m a Rah-rah guy. I prefer to call myself a fan who watches for the enjoyment the game of baseball gives me. I’ve followed the Sox, like most of us for many, many years and although there has been a lot of disappointment in the past that hasn’t turned me into a cynic. Ask yourself, Why are you a White Sox Fan? I’m not going to try to pursuade you to my way of thinking, but if some of you are so miserable, then why continue to put yourselves through all the torment? Why are you still a Sox fan?

I’ll be rooting for the Boys to win two out of three from Cleveland and for KC to win one from Minn. After that I’ll be hoping for a win against Detroit and then Minn. But whatever happens I’m not going away and I’m not going to BOO my team for not making the playoffs. There are a couple dozen other teams that didn’t make the playoffs either, and their respective fans are unhappy and disappointed too. ( The Yankees, Tigers, Indians, Blue jays, Athletics, Mariners, just to mention a few in the AL alone).

I can’t do anything about this team. I’m not a part owner or an executive with any say whatever. All I can do is root for them to do their best and take them for what they are. Discouragement and elation are all parts of baseball. I am proud to be a fan of the White Sox, How about you?

Enough rambling: today I have handball, golf and bowling…. Have a safe and fun trip kenwo…. Go Sox’08…. j.k.

jk – First, I have not given up – I will always be there for my team – whether they win or lose! I am not a quitter!

I know all of you are not quitters!

As bad and heartbreaking as it is, lets just stay focused, remember why we are here –

If the fans give up, then don’t you think the WS will too?

I say lets not boo them, lets show our support, lets remind them that they can do it, they just can’t give up!

If we show them no support and boo them, that is just telling them that we have given up.

I do believe they need to be boo’d for the 1st 2 games at the Dome, but yesterday, I saw some fire – the Twins were just a better team last night.-

For the WS-
Forget about the season, forget about all the games played – Focus on the next 4 games – we are .5 game out of first – we need to WIN these next 4 – maybe 5.
FOCUS – EAT, BREATHE, SLEEP Baseball – don’t think about anything else – who the F*ck cares whos saying what about who – Grow the F*ck up – your men – quit acting like 12 year-olds! FOCUS- this is why you play 162 games a year – this is what dreams are made of – not too many players get this chance. WAKE UP!
– Get out there and wins some games and prove to everyone that you are the AL Central Champions!!

FOR The WS Fans-
Show some support for our 2008 Chicago White Sox!
They need it! If they F*ck it up, then Boo them – but now they really need to know they have our support!

Thank you!

All this talk about clubhouse issues kind of amuses me. Here you have a team struggling, losing a late-season lead, with the most recent loss being in extra-innings on the road to the team chasing them — and people act surprised that there are clubhouse issues???????

I would be surprised, dumbfounded and upset if there WEREN’T clubhouse issues. At least this shows that there are still some guys who care. I’m not defending the supposed actions of some of the players — i.e., pouting, talking to the media first, etc. But it is commonplace in sports when teams are struggling at crunch time.

I would be more concerned if they showed no reaction to the recent struggles and just packed it in.

There has never been a clubhouse of a team that is in second place in the final week — especially one that had been in first place for so long — that is not hit with some turmoil.

Believe me, the media and the people reading all this are way more concerned about it than the players are. They don’t have time to worry about it with the must-win game facing them tonight.

And, contrary to opinions expressed here, there are good, knowledgeable fans that aren’t just rah-rahs, that aren’t obsessed with what has happened in the last decade and who realize that booing a team is about as futile and unproductive as the Sox offense was on the just-completed road trip.

This is all part of baseball.


Perhaps you missed this from last night:

I’ve seen this discussed elsewhere using the premise “well on April 1st would you have been happy if the Sox were in this position on September 25th?”

The flaw with that argument is that this division was their’s for the taking. Cleveland was gutted by injuries, Detroit got off to a horrific start. Minnesota was forced to trade its top pitcher, lost one of the top free agent center fielders in baseball and had their second best pitcher in the minor leagues for four months, and yet the Sox STILL couldn’t take control and win this.

Kenny himself said in the newspaper today the Sox should be “ten games better and already won it.”

Perceptions change during the season. Being in first place for 145 days and yet not winning it? How can ANY Sox fan not be upset over that?

Regarding your question why root for the White Sox? In my case it’s because I was born on the South Side, went the first 12 years of my life without knowing what a losing season was and am loyal. That’s it, nothing more.

If I was born in Baltimore I’d be an Orioles fan, in Missouri probably a Cardinals fan.



There are many who think in fact, the Sox have given up, given the dissension apparently in the clubhouse the past few weeks.

They still control their own destiny, win five in a row and they are in. The question is can they REALISTICALLY do it?

Mark Liptak

I what with disbelief last night as our Sox choked their way into 2nd place.

At this point, this Sox fan tips his hat to the North Siders and wishes them well. Meanwhile back to this debacle. Where do I start….

Lets start with the offense. What a pathetic display. sure they got 6 runs in the 4th, 4 on lucky breaks. Then, the rest of the game, notta. This team is so screwed up right now I can barely stand it. Their inconsistency all year long has troubled me. The middle relief has been awful. We’ve also been victims of bad umpiring.

Hawk had it right when he blasted MLB for sending us this crap of a crew that blew multiple calls. The most blatant was the blown call of Bhuerle’s pickoff at 2nd base. The runners hand was a FOOT away from second when Cabrera puts the tag on him and Gomez calls him save! What a lousy ump he is!

MLB must change this ASAP!!! Only their best umpires should be at crucial games and all playoff games!

Back to the fiasco at the dome. The Sox really looked lifeless and I was really upset at Oz’s performance! In 2005, that blown call at second has Ozzie running out the field and giving that jerk Gomez a piece of his mind. This year, nothing, notta. With the game, 1st place and potentially the season on the line last nigth, Swish clearly draws a walk and the idiot Gomez, at 3rd for last nights game, says he swung, when clearly he checked his swing! Wear’s Oz, yelling from the dugout. Man, I’m down the line before Swish gets back to the dugout and I’m kicking dirt all over Gomez! That would have been the last straw for me.

Prior to that, Matt Thorton is mowing them down. He gives up a double and Oz panics and brings in rusty Jenks. Complete disaster. Jenks, foolishly and immaturely tries to muscle his pitches past the Twins and never throws a SINGLE breaking ball in the disaster that occurs in the rest of the 8th inning. Later in the 9th when he throws the breaking ball, he gets out with no runs. Then in the 10th, a fastball right down the heart of the plate, game over.

What an unmitigated disaster of a series!

Sure we’re only a half game out, but at this point, we might as well be 10 out, the way the team is playing.

Time will tell…


Nicely said. Always some calm and rational thinking from down there in Tucson.

I won’t be able to watch tonight, either. Although it sounds like you will be done with all your activities before the game is over.

Have a great day. I’m glad to see that you didn’t lose any sleep over this and are not letting the team’s disappointments of the last three nights totally disrupt your life.

Thanks again for showing us all how to keep things in proper perspective.


If Ozzie steps out of the dugout to complain about the checked swing call, then he would be immediately ejected for arguing a balls and strikes call. Remember what happened to Piniella at the Cell back in June.

And what good would it do to have your manager ejected in a tight game?

Arguing with umpires doesn’t win games.

If you say that the 4th was luck for the WS – then the Twins got lucky the rest

The Twins gave up the runs in the 4th and we took them – just as we gave up the runs to the Twins and the Twins took them – the Twins didn’t really play good baseball – just better than us – they had more plays, calls go their way- that’s how baseball is, right?

jk – Not that I am still not rooting for them to win, but once in a while you have to let them know that they have disappointed you. I think the last 3 games deserves that kind of reaction.

tc – I do think Ozzie should of came out – who cares if he got ejected – it was late in the game anyways, it would of showed the team that Ozzie is not giving up – maybe it would of fueled them up!

Like I said – let’s move on – the only thing that matters now – the next 4 – maybe 5 – games that awaits us – lets Focus on that!!

Jim D – maybe they do – but I think it is more important at this stage to show them our support – then Sunday if they are done – then I can see booing them –

If you can’t count on your Fans, then who can you count on?

Lip –
I wanted to say I also am sick and tired of everyone coming down on Ozzie and giving KW the free ride – Kenny needs to suck it up and realize that this team could of been ALOT better!
Homeruns do not win Games – pitching, defense remember those 2 things??

Yeah Mark, they can realistically do it. Get over yourself. If you are so convinced they won’t do it, why not do yourself a favor and just pack it in now and call it a season.

Lip, thank you, thank you, for telling it the way it is.

Doug59, I wouldn’t blame Jenks as much as AJ for calling the wrong pitches. And who tells AJ what pitches to call based on the scouting report? Gee, would that be Cooper? That would be an area we should look at after the season is over.

I’d say at this point in time, mutiny rules on the Sox and the meltdown is complete. Kudos for Cabrera calling it like it is. The problem with this team is there is no leader, no passion, nothing. I am thrilled that KW was in Minnesota and saw this firsthand. He should be LIVID. Damn right the Sox should have been 10 games up and won this already. Maybe that means changes are coming. The first one for me is firing Cooper. Ever since 2005 this pitching staff has struggled and Cooper just sits by and watches. His bullpen management is a joke. It seems that no matter what relievers KW brings in, they all fail. Some pitching coach.

I can’t wait to go to the game tonight and see what unfolds. If Ozzie doesn’t like the fans complaining, then he should shut and play to win. Did it escape anyone’s attention that the Twins manager used his bullpen and managed that game last night as though it were game 7 of the WS? Meanwhile, Ozzie sits and stares.

Like Lip has stated, if we all want to put our head in the sand and ignore this debacle, go right ahead. Not me. This is BS. You call it what ever you want, but that little white speck on the top of chicken s**t is still chicken s**t.


I’ll do it when you stop taking your disappointment about this mentally weak, team out on me.

Fair enough?

Rah, rah, yea! Go White Sox….come on boys we KNOW you can do it! We’re pulling for you, we’ve got our fingers crossed and our toes crossed and we’re wearing our lucky shirt and we’ve got our hat tilted to the right angle.

Come on boys!


Hey if it works for you Marie, God Bless You, I prefer results as opposed to false enthusiasm.

Mark Liptak

Lip – you forgot bras off!

Humor us – we know this sucks – I guess this is how some people deal with it –

Believe me I am so F’ ckin Pis*ed off – and fed up – and I am embarrassed as a WS fan (my husband tells me that he doesn’t even need to hear the final score – he can tell by my bitchyness) But this is baseball, I have come accustomed to the win, lose situations.
It’s not going to do anybody no good if I am a bitch all day-
In my sick, twisted mind there is still a little Hope that we can win –
So if some of us want to wear shirts, no bra, underwear on their head – hey, I am all for it – whatever floats your boat – and it brings a WS winner then hey good, I think all of us non-mentally disturbed people understand that it is really the players who win and lose games – but just humor them a little!

fireozzie, sws, poorhankie, soxblogbabesgonewild, whoever you will be the next time you post:

I don’t know what you have against Don Cooper but whatever it is it is completely blocking your thinking process. Do you even know what a pitching coach does? Do you have any clue what his responsibilities are? I shouldn’t be wasting my time asking these questions because it is obvious you don’t.

Ozzie actually did manage that game like it was the seventh game of the World Series. And it will cost him tonight if he needs a closer. He extended both Thornton and Jenks — his two best and only reliable relievers — last night with hopes of winning the game and having a 1 1/2 game cushion coming home.

You obviously have something personal against Ozzie and Cooper and you are letting those feelings control your opinions.

Cabrera may have been (in your words) “calling it like it is” but he would have been much better served to do that “calling” to his teammates face-to-face instead of to the media. He made no friends with those remarks. That may explain why, in spite of all his talent and production, he finds himself traded and moving from team to team on a semi-regular basis.

Jen – I don’t agree with you about the booing. It’s too late if we wait til the end. However I do agree that Ozzie should have strangled an umpire last night. He has the ability to fire the team up and he just sits there with his arms folded.

And as a umpire myself I can tell you that Marquez (3rd base ump) absolutely showed up Swisher. It was a momentum call that he made based on the situation. You could tell by how hard he punched Swisher out. Then waving his arms around at Swisher was uncalled for. Being that Swisher is basically benched for the rest of the season I was surprised he did not go down there and get in his face.

TC, you should be a standup comedian. It’s clear your the one who has no clue about the role a pitching COACH plays. Let’s see, hmmm, someone who COACHES pitchers…..I’m just so dumb I can’t imagine what that might be about……I know damn good and well what a pitching coach does and it ain’t happening here. My daughter’s travel softball coaches are better than this……

And I have something personal against Ozzie and Cooper? Well I guess i do, but its based on reality rather than opinion alone. Let me give you a dose of my reality that stems from the fact I have a problem with losing, with throwing away games like they don’t matter, with playing the wrong damn players, with watching the same mistakes being made over and over and over, with lack of effort, with lack of fundamental knowledge and skills (oh gee, like when we get in a rundown, daddy? yes son) lack of emotion, with leading the divsion for 145 days and tossing it all away. The last item being so surprising given Ozzie’s temperment……so yeah, your damn right. I got a big problem with that and I hold both of them accountable as well as many of the players on this team. And as far as Cabrera is concerned, he won’t be traded by us. His contract is up. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him back with the Angels next year. And for all we know, he was saying these things to the team behind closed doors and i’m guessing it fell on deaf ears. So in an effort to piss his teammates off such that they might actually show up to the game with some emotion and play their butts off, he went to the media.

So my advice to you is to take those rose colored glasses you wear off, and start to see the light of day.

Hopefully, and I do hope…..this will finally inspire Reinsdorf and Williams to realize the party from 2005 is over and it’s time for changes to be made. The get out of jail free cards are all used up.

You know – it scares me how smart I am – fireozzie is… and the drum roll please……………………….

Jay Mariotti!

fireozzie (really clever name, by the way):

So you blame the pitching coach for inadequate rundown plays, huh?

One word describes your last rant — clueless.

And my glasses are far from rose-colored. I was one at the start of the year that predicted a .500 record and a third- or fourth-place finish.

And you’re saying that no changes have been made since 2005? I guess the fact that Kenny has reworked nearly the entire roster does not constitute change. What team are you watching and what roster are you looking at?

Maybe you’ve been too busy trying to come up with clever names with which to post.

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