Here We Go

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; JD, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Griff, CF; Alexei, 2B; Wise, LF; Uribe, 3B.  Vazquez pitching.

Down the Stretch

2 1/2 games up with six (maybe seven) to play.  We all would have taken this position on April 1.  Let’s win tonight, close this out over the next six days, enjoy a small party and then prepare to move on.

I spoke to Tom Quaid at 3:30 and he already had his scoresheets ready for the game.


After a difficult start to his season, anyone notice PK’s production since the end of July?

July 30, 2008-Present: .316/.434/.607 with 9 HR, 20 RBI in 36G/145PA

Birthday Wishes

Thanks to everyone for the emails, posts and calls wishing me a happy birthday.  The very best present will be a victory tonight.

My spouse and I are trying to find a nice restaurant where I can still watch the game (she realizes a poor first three innings means a crummy dinner).

Reader Feedback

This late last week from Lip:

“Considering everything that happened in 2007…and for that matter considering everything that has happened this season, this deserves to be noted and commented on.

With these wins, the White Sox have guaranteed themselves a “winning” season in 2008.

That means even if they don’t win another game from here on out, they will have made an eleven game improvement over 2007.

Further the White Sox stayed relevant in the market, especially in the wake of what the Cubs have accomplished so far this season. That was very important for the long term health of this franchise.

Everyone…from the front office, to the coaches, to the players, deserves congratulations for this accomplishment.

Of course we hope this is just the start of the accomplishments

Historically this is the 7th “winning” season this decade, to go along with 00, 01, 03, 04, 05 and 06.

That means this is the most successful decade, under these specific parameters, since the 1960’s and the end of the “golden age” of White Sox baseball. That decade saw the Sox have eight “winning” seasons from 1960 through 1967 inclusive. (On top of the nine winning seasons in the 1950’s – from 1951 through 1959 inclusive. 17 straight winning seasons, the 3rd most in MLB history.)


And this from Jennifer:

Hey Scott,
Wanted to send you a link to my latest Sox Video – maybe it will get the boys to start thinking!
How about a new post – the page is taking too long to load!
Go White Sox!
Jennifer K


Happy Birthday Scott! My wish for you is a nice dinner with your wife, another happy healthy year and of course a White Sox winner!!

So is anyone else but me feeling overly anxious. I really really really want a winner tonight. Even if we lose the next two (of course I am greedy and want a sweep or 2/3 but I’ll take even one win) at least we can get out of town still in first. I can’t decide if watching the game or not watching will be better for me!! Someone get me some valium!!!

Why is Ozzie Guillen so afraid to play Brian Anderson, your best defensive OF, in a big game where defense will be paramount to victory? Griffey can’t get to balls in the gap any more and the Twins will run all day if you can’t get to fly balls. Griffey has not produced enough to outweight the benefit of having him as a defensive liability.

Happy Birthday, Scott, from a “left coast” fan! I will second Donna’s wish for a really nice dinner for you and your wife, and of course, a wonderful year to follow. And I hope you get a Sox win for your birthday. Are you in Minnesota, or at home in Chicago tonight?

Is Jr. in the lineup due to a pitcher/hitter matchup? Otherwise, I agree, Brian is better defensively.

I can’t watch this game on TV, so I’m off to a concert of Irish music. I’ll have to check in at the break, on my boyfriend’s iPhone. Here’s to a grand win, and the start of our march to the postseason.

Go Sox!!!

From Chuck Garfien:
So the Sox can do it, and I believe they will do it, if they follow the advice of former Twin A.J. Pierzynski, who told the Sun-Times, ?Some guys gets caught up in, ?Oh my God, it?s the Metrodome,? instead of going in there with the mind-set of, ?We?re going to go in there and kick their ***.??

I think I would start Junior, too. See how he does, then if not performing well, put BA in.

I also send Happy Birthday wishes Scott. I am also nervous about our play tonight. Back in April I would not have imaged the Sox would be 2 1/2 up going into the last 6 games of the season. My hope is win or lose the boys come out tonight and play with lots of heart. When the boys play good fundamental baseball and have some fun in the process we can win. The countdown is on – 1 1/2 hours to game time. GO SOX

Let’s SWEEP these dogs and go into the playoffs ‘white hot’

Go White Sox!


I may be last, but add my wishes for a happy birthday, Scott. Have a great dinner and a White Sox Winner for dessert.

I’m not nervous or anxious about these three games. The way I feel is we either win enough to get to the postseason or we don’t. I’m rooting for us to play well and eliminate the Twins, but there is absolutely nothing I can do to make a difference one way or another. So I will watch on and we will see what happens.

Of course I’m wearing my lucky tee shirt, and my 1917 replica cap. (just in case that might help ). I have my beers ready to go and the family knows not to disturb me. I’m set, So Go White Sox… j.k.

Ok, I wasn’t going to post today, nervous energy has my blood pressure up, my ears are actually warm, (and I truly don’t have high bp) but got a voicemail from TQ this afternoon as well checking up on the clean up here and thought alright, I will, but only for awhile, maybe. Ya’ll are an addiction of the good kind. Do I want to watch? You know, during the playoffs and world series, I actually had two tv’s on in two different rooms, would walk away if things got crazy, into the other room with the other tv, don’t know why but for some reason it helped. Got the new season of NCIS on to take my mind off the game as well . . . whoa, already an explosion on the show, maybe it’s a sign that our bats are going to explode! bring on the Twinks and let’s kick their *****!

That was quick… Come on Javy…… Go Sox ’08…..j.k.

Great pitching job Javy. Now we need those bats to explode. Come on boys – let’s score some runs.

Nicely done Javy….. Go Sox… j.k.

Wow 2 hits in a row. Does anyone else think Hawk and DJ are dwelling a lot on the negatives?

2 nice hits, Jimmy running to 3rd – up 1-0 – good job boys.

We can take that as a start Up 1-0… Your turn Javy… Go Sox… j.k.

I think Hawk is coming across as hoping for the best, but planning for the worst…. Go Sox 08…. j.k.

the dreaded walk – come on Javy – we need a double play

That could have been much worse – I think you are right about Hawk. I guess everyone is struggling to stay up beat. We need some runs now boys.


You’re right Molly. Hawk and DJ sound like we have NO chance in this game let alone the series.. WHAT’S UP with that????? Good job limiting the damage. Go back to work on Baker and get the lead back… Go Sox… j.k.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who hears the pessimism. At least we are hitting. Now we just need to string some hits together.

I guess Ozzie has put Javy on notice…. Pitch well or leave the game … Come on Javy… go Sox.. j.k.

Guess I’m glad I can’t hear HAwk and Dj! I muted it after their homerun . . . I’ll touch base later. COME ON BOYS!!!

We aren’t out of this yet, still early gang LETS GO!!

OK 1, 2, 3 inning. Great comeback Javy. Let’s string some hits together now.

omg is anybody representing us out there on that field tonight, this is ****!

So the talk about Javy hasn’t worked. How long before we see a pitching change? What is Javy’s future with the Sox?

Remember that whole Pollyanna thing?? Right now, Polly feels like puking!

There was a quote in an article the other day, not very complimentary, but very telling…. “Javy Vasquez is the type pitcher who comes up small in a big game”. Very accurate so far…. Come on Boys…. Go Sox… j.k.

Finally the inning is over. Now let’s recoup and score some runs.

absolutely embarrassing. totally uninspired baseball up to this point and as a result the twins are kicking our ***. what the hell is going on with JD? with AJ? Cabrera? Hell, you name it! If this team can’t get fired up and play some damn inspired baseball then stick a fork in us and let’s start talking about off season trades already……

javy stinks tonight. i guess the person who commented that he was unable to come thru big in the clutch was right. tonight was clutch and he choked. ozzie challenged him and he freaked out.

and what’s with ozzie playing “junior, I can’t run to the ball in CF griffey?” BA gets to that ball in CF and we got an out instead of a triple. once again ozzie is going to cost us the game by playing the wrong people in the wrong position. junior has done nothing for us in almost two months. a total waste…..but worse yet a total waste when our “oh, i gotta play the washed up star” manager puts him in the game.

don’t look now but we’re setting ourselves up to get swept in this series. if that happens. this is over. no way the twins will lose so much as a game to the royals this weekend. at least i got my deposit down for seats next year…….****. if i sound P*****D its because I am. To throw away the year like this simply SUCKS.

It all started with a drive that Jr. made a valient effort on, but that BA would have caught. Then it went south from there…. There is still lots of time, but we need to start pecking away….. Come on Boys…. One run this inning, what do you say??? Go Sox.. j.k.

Good grief I can’t even listen to Hawk and DJ anymore! They sound as frustrated as me! Plenty of game left guys, show some guts!!

Ok, mean Kris is gone, for now, good girl is back. We all know that they can come back, still a lot of game left but for some odd reason, maybe it was too much pollyanna thinking, I just didn’t think this game would go bad so quickly, thought or wanted it to be at least a close battle, so far I’m only seeing one side of the war being won. They know what they need to do, unfortunately, we can’t do it for them. Come ON boys!

Alright alright!!!!! More more more!

As I said last week throwing Vasquez/Vazquez (however you spell it) in this series was a big mistake. He is not, nor has he ever been, in our top three. A career .500 pitcher starting the biggest game of the year? Sorry but I don’t need to wait till this one is over (officially). As long as this bum is pitching we have no chance. We might as well call it a day and hope for the best tommorrow.

Can someone explain why D. Wise is not bunting with two on none out?

Deep Breaths, boys and girls – if we do get swept (Don’t count your chickens before their hatched) we can still make it – Come on I’m pi**ed too, but lets still be positive! They know what’s at stake, this separates the boys from the men or turns the boys into men……..

This is whats truly p*sses me off the most – when wwe have guys on – no outs – quickly 2 outs – and they can’t bring ’em home!


Bases loaded – please a 2 out hit AJ. Yes, a grand slam would be wonderful, but I’d be happy with a hit.

no comment necessary ****

If Wise lays down the bunt we have at least a 5-3 game, I don’t understand.

Ugh!. The dreaded leadoff walk didn’t help, even with two hits…. Hold these guys now, I think we are starting to have them right where we want them.. Go Sox’ 08…. j.k.

Jen, positive huh? Some of your posts aren’t always positive, venting helps keeps my ears from exploding (see a previous post) . . so far, ain’t **** to be positive of!

Mark better get them tomorrow night this game is ova. Good night to all.

I agree no comments are necessary. We try to stay positive, but can’t. Hawk and DJ are getting ridiculous. Tonight they sound like the Twins broadcasters. Enough already.

Jesus Christ. That was pretty disgusting. Spam was LETTING GRIFFEY SCORE and they didn’t send him in. What can I say the sox are playing like ***** *******. Not that I didn’t expect it tonight. I believe we will win the Gavin Floyd game. Hopefully we can win tomorrow. Shoulda just left Vazquez in. Richard will do no better. Hawk and DJ are scared, the sox are scared, the fans are scared…I think everyone is a bunch of sally *****

bc – because they try for the Homer too much!

I have a question – Ozzie said that Javy has not come thru in big games –

Guess what, Jen lost her positive quite quickly! πŸ™‚ Just pokin fun at cha, you know that! I agree with her though!

hmmm, it must have been clayton’s turn to pitch huh? had to of been, cause he’s not pitching cause he’s the hot hand…..let’s see….two batters, two hits….two runs…..too much for me to watch this anymore……if ozzie’s given up, i guess we should too…….

Kris – I am just telling everyone to stay postive for the sake of sanity, but we could flush this game down the toilet – Good thing you guys can’t watch this crap on tv –
Let’s move on – get ’em tomorrow!

Right on Molly, and my question exactly….. And in order to get Javy in this game he had to pitch on short rest which lost us a game in NY. But then, Ozzie is the manager and it’s his to take care of. I only hope we can win tomorrow. If we have to rely on Gavin on Thursday, that won’t be good. Speaking of GOOD, how about a run and at least get ready for tomorrow… Go Sox… j.k.

Cubs lost! I got to get the Big L flag out!

Girl, lost my sanity about the 4th inning. Turned the sound down a long *** time ago. . . watchin and listening to the tv, some new seasons starting tonight.

Very frustrating to watch and listen to. We are a much better team than is on the field tonight. Staying positive when we make the playoffs we still have to play on the road. We need some confidence playing on the road. Come on boys – let’s stage a huge come from behind victory.

I can’t even watch anymore. Someone please tell me if there is reason to turn the game back on, otherwise I’m getting ready for bed and hoping for the best tomorrow. There is nothing else to say.

oh as far as hawk and dj are concerned, they should be blasting this team. we look like a bunch of candy *** sissies and they are simply calling them out…..

I will continue to torture myself – I’ll let you know IF anythings happens!


JEN, here, have a beer with me. i can’t watch this sober anymore……

We look as though we don’t give a sh*t! Too confident, like our sh*t don’t stink – and it stinks so bad they’re clearing rooms!

I don’t mind Hawk and DJ calling the players out, but can quit complimenting the Twins and their manager.
I’m still watching between dances. Come on boys hang in there.

I’m watching dancing too!! πŸ™‚

Jen, do you have facebook? If so, check the website for me and see if it’s working. I’m gettin nothin.

Since I started wearing glasses I have found that I have to put my face in the book to read it. Is that what you’re talking about Kris????? Keep it light, let’s get a run and start some MO… Go Sox… j.k.

How about a dew xanax? The scenery in my house – I am trying to watch the game – my kids are out of control – 3 year old screaming and running in circles while my 5 year old is chasing her as he is making guitar sounds with his mouth, 6.5 year old is chasing both of them and screaming – the dog is chasing all of them as he is barking at the cat – they’re slamming doors, throwing things – GET ME THE F*CK OUT OF HERE!! AAAAAAAAAAAAA I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE – THEY NEED TO BRING THE PADDY WAGON TO PICK ME UP AND TAKE ME TO THE SANITARIUM!!

Shouldn’t they be in bed by now?

Lol – you’re a funny man Klein! I read too – facebook is kinda fun though, sorta, try to keep it young, keep up with the teen in the house!

JEN, one word for you, ritalin…..give it to them in large doses and often…….

I meant a Few Xanax!

Kris – they SHOULD be, but their not!

So Kris, who do like to win the dancing? i’m not seeing any outstanding dancers this time. Cloris Leachman is a stitch. The only fun on tv tonight.

soxblog – my luck Ritalin would have the opposite effect on them – Benadryl makes them not sleep!

Twins are kicking our A*S!!

Kubel doesn’t even use vasoline while he gives it to us in the brown. my god. every game he crushes us. back to back shots now. boone logan….yep. hit someone in the ******* head

That’s what I like to read!!!! We are losing, but there is still a lot of passion out there that is coming through. So we are losing one game. As kenwo would say, so what, we’re still going to take two… gotta love kenwo. Jen, put on Animal House and you’ll feel better…. Go Sox.. j.k.


What was your prediction for this series?

I’m on Facebook and having no problems with it ladies.

LOL!! When mine were that age, they had to be at daycare by 6:30 am (single motherhood was no picnic) so they were out by no later than 8:30, 9 at the very latest. They were more than ready!

Mollie, mom and I think the same thing, no one couple outstanding, I like Warren Sapp to be honest, he’s so huge and so fun to watch dance too. Of course I like the siblings Julieann and Derek, no matter who they dance with, they’re my favorite professionals.

Somebody put a bandaid on this bleeding.

Awe!!! Come on Ozzie, I wanted to see Logan give up a couple of more hrs in a row…… Yip, yip, yippeee, only 21.5 hours to go till another game… Go Sox

Sorry about your dessert Scott. That’s not what we all were hoping for… j.k.

OK – the Sox are giving the Twins one last Glory before their season is done, I can handle that. Tomorrrow we come and stick it to them –

I sent all the kids upstairs with my husband – now he gets to deal with them!!

Eh whatever we got our ***** kicked. Thats ok. Not as bad as blowing the lead. I think the twins are blowing their wad today. I hope they score 20 tonight. To hell with it. then they will only score 2 the rest of the series.

I like Warren Sapp also. Misty May is impressive. I thought she might be so stiff.
So the way the Twins are scoring tonight tomorrow they will be so tired we will have to win. The game, the series, the year isn’t over until it’s over. We have to have hope. What would life be without hope.

I forgot, what is the mercy rule in major league baseball? Can we at least get a couple of hits and clear out the cobwebs for tomorrow? Come on Boys….. It’s our to win or lose, and we’re rooting for you… j.k.

Website working for me now . . . thanks obrn!

More important, What would Hope be without Life??

Can the dreaded walk work for us tonight? A few runs would help the psychi. Hawk is so into that tonight.

Question, how come when OUR pitchers give up a walk – it’s always the dreaded leadoff walk – but when any other team gets a walk – WE CAN NEVER DO ANYTHING WITH IT?????????


When you have the answer Jen let us all know.

That’s the curse of a station to station ball club Jen… We’ve seen it all year…. Tomorrow is another day, the sun will shine (at least here in Tucson), and the Sox will Win… j.k.

Isn’t it hope love and peace , or something like that! Kenwo, I’m with ya buddy, this is it for them this series.

Yeah! If I was Ozzie and the Sox, I’d be Pi$$ed of about now and ready to go tomorrow… Go Sox’08…… j.k.

Nite all…

I wonder if it’s a Sox Fan?

Maybe this will be a turn around?

what’s a sox fan jen, what am I missing?

You guys missed it!

A fan came out on the field, I couldn’t get a close look!

What did we miss???


probably a confused and lost cub fan! πŸ™‚

I guess it won’t be a turn around – maybe – the dreaded walk – duhn, duhn, duhn

A Fan jumped on the field and all the security came out to get him –
Holy SH*T – Junior steps up and the dreaded walk finally came thru – Nope Game over!

at least we went down swinging

Atleast we got 2 more runs and now Junior has 2 HR’s!

We’ll get’em tomorrow!

The sun will come up in the morning. Should be a beautiful day for a win.

The walk did come through… Get ready for tomorrow everybody. I’m burning my “lucky” shirt and burying my replica 1917 cap….. I’ve had enough beer so I guess that’s all folks… tomorrow everybody…Go Sox’08… j.k.

What does the C stand for in Twins – I saw Cub – what is that all about?

jk – I am never wearing my Gray WS socks again!


Why is Griffey playing center in a big game? It’s as if Ozzie doesn’t care about defense at all, just so long as we can get Griffey and his .250 avg, 1 HR (Now 2) and 18 or so RBIs up to the plate.

This guy has done nothing but hurt us. His defense is miserable, and his bat is no better (and maybe worse) than Anderson’s. It is absolutely unbelievable that Ozzie plays him in at all, let alone in center field. He turned an out into a leadoff triple today that got the Twins started on a big inning, and he hit into a double play at the first sight of momentum that we saw. And then he hit a meaningless home run in the 9th.

Brian Anderson for Mayor/Center Fielder

I’m confused, what C?

Twin Cities


ok Jen, I understand what you’re asking, I’ve always wondered that myself . . anybody know?

I just looked it up myself – it is Cities

rml –
probably the same reason he started Javy after saying he knew he would suck!

dude, that’s new info, I never knew that.. thanks! Did you know their new stadium is going to be called Target Field? Talk about a stupid name, almost as bad as U.S. Cellular, which btw, I still hate the name of!

Maybe because he has expirience in playing in domes

I don’t know how to type or spell – Experience

well dome-boy didn’t do **** tonight now did he?

Not a surprise, Kris!

Did they show anything about the person who jumped out on the field?


All I can say is that Buehrle better win Wednesday night or else the pressure on Floyd and the Sox will be absolutely suffocating come Thursday.

1-6 in the House of Horrors so far this season (and counting…)

Mark Liptak

Don’t know if anyone cares, but maybe some hope this will bring-

Sept. 23, 2005 guess how many games we lead by –

Yep, 1.5

but we had just beat the Twins 3-1

Who’s ready for a road trip?

Half way to my B-day – I know, who cares, just saw the date and it reminded me of it!

So, Happy 32 1/2 Birthday to me – and Happy B-day to Scott, again! Thanks WS for your wonderful effort tonite – Those are my Final Thoughts of the night –

Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the piranhas bite!


Looking back over this farce one thing again shows itself to be crystal clear.

The Twins keep sticking it to the White Sox because they have balance, they can do different things to score runs.

Example in the 4th inning, which broke the Sox backs and ended the game. They scored three runs and the inning was helped a lot by a stolen base and a good bunt.

Speed and execution, two things that are just about a foreign language to this all or nothing, beer league softball team.

Mark Liptak

I think one of the biggest problems the sox have is not being able to hold people on/ throw people out. This has been a problem since Ron Karkovice retired for goodness sakes. Well besides the short while Miguel Olivo was here. Something needs to be done about that.

Well, what do you know. The sun came up this morning. The earth didn’t stop rotating. The stock market hasn’t crumbled (completely) and the White Sox are still in first place in the AL Central. How about that! As poorly as we played yesterday, and as good as the Twins looked, they are still the ones pursuing us. Simply amazing isn’t it.

I’d rather lose a game like the one last night over a game we lead late and allowed to slip away. It’s just one game and we are still in first place. I like our chances with Mark pitching tonight. As long as he mixes up his pitches we’ll be fine. If he gets too predictable we could be in trouble. The matchup favors us. All we have to do is throw out the DumpDome jinx.(Jeeze, you’d think we were in Oakland or something). We will win tonight, I can feel it…..

Did I mention that we’re in first place?… Go Sox…. j.k.

White Sox!
White Sox! White Sox!
Go-Go White Sox!
Let’s go, Go-Go White Sox
We’re with you all the way!
You’re always in there fighting,
And you do your best.
We’re glad to have you out here in the Middle West.
We’re gonna root-root-root-root White Sox.
And cheer you on to victory.
When we’re in the stands,
We’ll make those rafters ring;
All through the season,
You will hear us sing.
Let’s go, Go-Go White Sox,
Chicago’s proud of you!

White Sox! White Sox!
Go-Go White Sox!

Root-Root-Root for the White Sox.
We’ll cheer you on to victory.
When we’re in the stands,
We’ll make those rafters ring;
All through the season,
You will hear us sing.
Let’s go, Go-Go White Sox,
Chicago’s proud of you!
White Sox! White Sox!
Go-Go White Sox!
Let’s go, Go-Go White Sox!
Chicago is proud of you!

Hey, JK, I’m with you on the sunshine approach. I’m even sticking to my prediction (thanks, Donna, for the reminder) that the Sox will win 89 games *and* the division.

And I’m glad I went to hear a phenomenal Irish group (called “slide”) last night, instead of sitting in front of my computer following Gameday.

I like that Buehrle is pitching tonight, I think we’ll win.

Go Sox!!!

Oh, and lest I forget. What the hell was ozzie thinking when they put boone logan in the game. this idiot cannot pitch and once again ozzie and cooper put him in the game….the result….4 damn pitches and 2 HR given up.

oh, silly me! ozzie isn’t thinking……or he’s thinking of vacation. gee, anyone wanna bet that swisher plays tonight? i mean, its his turn…..and then we’ll see wasserman pitch too, cause its his turn……….atta boy ozzie, manage us right out of the playoffs!


I was out of town all day and night yesterday and didn’t see a pitch nor hear a pitch. All I know about the game is what I read here. I scanned through the posts and see lots of distress.

Remember this. We went to Minneapolis dreaming of three wins, wanting two wins and needing one win. So, our dream of three is out the window. We can still get the two, but we know how tough that will be against a team that plays as well at home as anybody (including us). But the needed “one” is still very attainable.

Now I am not trying to be a pollyanna. I am not predicting anything. I am not excusing them for their apparent poor play of last night. I am not excusing Ozzie either (although soxblogbases, he only used Logan because he had no other lefties to turn to that early in the game).

I am only trying to keep the right perspective on things.

If the players were even one-tenth as scared and spooked about this series as many of the posters are on this board, then they would be shaking so badly they wouldn’t be able to walk out of their hotel rooms.

There are still two games to play up there. And still five (maybe six) to play in the season. We still control our own destiny, even if we lose all three in Minneapolis.

Have faith in Mark Buerhle. I’m sure his teammates do.

Another day, another opportunity to win. Let’s channel all our positive energy (whats left of it after last night) to the boys. They can do it, we all know they can!

In slightly outdated, but nevertheless good news, as of Sept 10th this blog ranks 10th of all MLB Pro Blogs. We all know we’re number 1, but yay for some recognition!

Goooooo Sox!


Well after vowing that he’d never go back to the House of Horrors again, Kenny Williams made the trip and was quoted in the newspapers today as saying the reason why was because “he wanted to look into the eyes of the players.”

Translation: I want to see for myself if the talk is true about their mental attitude.

Remember the old saying, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

Ozzie sure was willing to at least acknowledge the possibility wasn’t he? ”If they’re [psyched out], then we should pack it up and go home to play Cleveland.”

Tonight is the key game, win it and the pressure is reduced, and they can play looser and easier.

That certainly hasn’t been the case this month. Every significant team offensive number is near the bottom of the league. OBP, runs scored, batting average, practically everything….except of course, the home run mentality, they are 4th in that stat this month.

Lose it tonight and God help Floyd Thursday night in that place.

Random thought for the day as first uttered by Tom Paciorek, “God bless the White Sox.”

Mark Liptak

Well, I didn’t see the game last night either. But I did read through what you all wrote. I agree that I would have rather lost last night the way we did than blow a lead. Also, I rather have used Logan last night when we were already losing and have him come in and do what he does – give up runs. I would have puked to see him come in trying to save a lead. Maybe since Ozman used him last night we don’t have to worry about him coming in tonight.

We still got time to get one maybe two and jk’s right, we are still in first place!

Go get ’em tonight boys!


PS, I hope we see BA tonight. Scott, can you tell Ozzie we took a vote and he should be in CF tonight?

I was a little disappointed to see Kenny was there, he said himself he was bad luck –
So, Please Kenny – GO HOME!
Maybe the boys will play looser if he was away!


Whether Kenny is in the Metrodome, Chicago, Arizona or in Madagascar doesn’t matter at all. Sure, he said he would not go back. Of course, he said that immediately after witnessing a frustrating series in the Dome.

This is just another point that has been blown WAY out of proportion. When writers have exhausted all the notes from their notebooks, they write about something like this.

The guy is the General Manager. His livelihood depends on the performance of his team. If he wants to change his mind about making the trip, he has every right to do so.

Again, where Kenny is has nothing to do with what happens between the white lines.

tc –
Have you lost your sense of humor??

Here’s your answers about Boone Logan-

Williams added the players’ reactions would help him make final decisions on the playoff roster, if necessary. … It’s safe to say Boone Logan won’t be on that roster, after the left-handed reliever allowed back-to-back home runs to Jason Kubel and Delmon Young with one out in the seventh. In fact, Guillen removed any doubt during his postgame comments. “Boone still looked the way he looked all year long,” Guillen said. “It’s my fault to put that guy there.”

Ok, Klein is right–as usual! The sun came up, the earth didn’t stop rotating and we are all here. It is a new day, I have a new bottle of Tums and I’m ready to rock. I really have a much better feeling today. Buerhle will come through for us. Tonight is ours. I feel it!

And Marie I’m right there with you on the BA in CF vote.

I third that BA in CF Vote!!!!

I dont even like BA at all (more like despise him), and I vote he should start CF tonight! And thats sayin’ something!

Sorry Girls, but BA will not be starting – Junior is!

With a right-hander starting for the Twins, I doubt if we’ll see BA start over Griffey.

And Jen, last I heard my sense of humor was missing. It was supposedly somewhere near Disney World. Did you not find it for me?

I don’t know what you had to eat and drink at Disney, but ever since you’ve been back you’ve been on fire. You’ve been out-Kenwo-ing Kenwo with the rants.

You sound like Kenwo, Quaid sounds like a cross being Kenwo and Liptak and Dleeun has been missing since the All-Star break.

What has happened to our board?????

The only change is batting order – Wise will leadoff then OC.

TC – It’s the White Sox – They are making all of us CRAZY!!

And I have ALOT on my mind – ALOT!

I like this lineup better. Hopefully some speed at the top of the lineup will jump-start these guys a little.

You listen up TC….NOONE OUT KENWO’S KENWO. Jen can try all she wants but she will never come close. One rant isn’t gunna do it. She needs about 500 more to be in my ballpark. I just feel very confident in our playoff chances. If they blow it everyone will feel the wrath. I say play Jr. Maybe he can get on a homer binge. We need someone to.

You’re right, Kenwo. She’s only been on the warpath for a week or two. You have an entire season and then-some worth of rants on your resume.

And I agree about Junior. I love defense and speed just as much if not more than anybody. But as sluggish as our offense has been, I’d start Junior and hope for some punch out of his bat. If a lefty were starting for the Twins, I’d give BA a chance since all of his power this year has been against lefties.


WTF – iamjoel – what is hj –
I know jk already had too much to drink:)

Almost game time. I have a good feeling about tonights game. We proved last night we can score some runs. Mark is an excellent pitcher. The positive vibes are headed to Minneapolis. Let’s go boys. Relieve our anxiety and stress. Just go out have fun and win this one.

tc – It’s got to be mine and kenwo’s miserable generation!

Here we go again, again – just about gametime!

Sorry folks, but I don’t have a good feeling about this game!

Who’s all here for the game?


I’m here, I’ll be in and out though, depending on the game! My ears aren’t ‘warm’ tonight, ie, bp must be ok, I have a feeling.

Oh Jen let’s start out positive again tonight. just cross all your fingers and toes. Please boys win tonight!

For your information Mrs. Kiernan, I just popped my FIRST bud light three minutes ago and only now took a first sip. So, I’m ready and willing to get a Win tonight…. I know all the rest of us are too…. So , Go Sox’08…. j.k.

The dreaded lead-off walk!

As Hawk says dreaded walk to the lead off batter. We have speed on first. Come on boys here we go off and running.

How come it’s NEVER a dreaded lead-off walk for us? WHY, OH WHY!

what h appened to the walk, I just logged on to the game. . . that was too quick

Come on MARKIE!!!

Go, Mark, go….j.k.

Walk then double play – wish we could have a dreaded lead off walk. Now on to the bottom of the 1st. Mark don’t walk there first batter.

so far, so suckie!

ditto Kris.

After 1 inning only down one. Could be so much worse. Mark needs to settle down while the bats explode. Let’s have some offense.

It’s like it’s 2003 all over again. Let’s hope not!

decent job by Mark, but he’s going to have to be more economical with his pitches from now on… Go Offense… Go Sox… j.k.

Back to square one. nice job Jimmy to run hard into 2nd base. Paulie and Jr did the job to get him home. Alexi gets a hit. AJ breaks out of his slump with a hit. keep those hits a comin’

alrighty, I like this!

Could have used a big hit there!! At least we are tied up… Come on Mark….. Go Sox…. j.k.

These guys are killing me with stress – load the bases, three hits in a row, no runs?!?!

Come on, Sox, you need to win this one!!!

Peggy, try stress eating, or drinking as Klein apparently enjoys. Took out a whole pack of Ritz crackers already! YUM!

What is going on – why is Buehrle getting roped? Can’t Coop see what he’s doing differently than when he’s effective, and talk to him? This is scary…

I wish Hawk would just shut up. Yes, the ump missed the call at 2nd base. But the way Hawk talks, you would think the ump just threw 4 balls in a row. MAKE PLAYS, NOT EXCUSES.

Very scary – and we are only in the 2nd. What a difference some calls by the ump have made.

If we can vent, Hawk can vent.

what happened at 2nd thats got hawk all stirred up? I missed something important sounds like

See how easy it is to score runs!!! Of course with the help of the umpires it is even easier… I had to start watching the Minn feed as CSN went kablooey, and all they said of the pick off at second was that was a close play. I’m sure Hawk and DJ were beside themselves on that…. Come on, we can get to Blackburn… Let’s do it… j.k.

runner was out – ump called him safe. runner came around to score.

No, Hawk can’t vent. We’re on a blog, we’re not part of a broadcast team for a major league baseball team. The guy is supposed to be a professional and he represents the White Sox to the viewers. Instead of talking about the missed call at 2nd, why not cry about the 3 walks we have issued in 2 innings.

What everyone here is forgetting to mention is that Thome was out an on 0-2 pitch and he came around to score because the ump called it a ball. Hawk and DJ conveniently forgot about that missed call, as did everyone else who loves to blame the ump instead of blaming the team.

rml, do you live in Idaho???? Go Sox… j.k.

Apparently the people that pay Hawk don’t have a problem with him venting or he wouldn’t have a job. Blown call or not, he can say what he wants whether you like it or not, quit listening to him then… mute buttons do wonders!

Do you work for a school in Idaho, broadcasting games?

No kidding he can say whatever he wants. I’m not calling for his head. All I’m saying is he (and everyone else blaming the ump) needs to stop blaming the umpires. If the umps got every call in this game right so far, the score would be 2-0, because Thome would have been called out leading off the 2nd. So to say that the ump has cost us a run is wrong.

I shouldn’t have to mute the tv is my point!!

Hi, friends. Rough, rough game so far. Mark looked shaky, if not downright nervous. He seems to be settling in a bit… a good sign. It’s only the 3rd and there’s still plenty of game time. This thing’s still in reach.

I haven’t been so emotionally tied into a game in a long, long time. I’ve already thrown several pillows at the tv, sworn more than the entire crew of the U.S.S. Stennis, and have scared one of my children away. I have not been setting a very good example tonight, but like the Sox, I’m gonna turn it around.

C’mon Sox. If you listen closely enough, you can hear us rooting for you from every corner of the country. Go Sox in ’08!!!

Kitty Carlysle, Your guess: Are you really Mark Liptak????? That’s all from What’s my line…. REmember TQ??? Of course you do… Go Sox… j.k.

Is that the fat lady starting to hummmm? “The party’s ooooooverrrrrrrr, it’s time to call it a daaaaaayyyyy……….”

3 walks, bunts, infield hits, umpires calling Minnesota runners safe when they are out…………but in the end, they hit the ball when we don’t, they run faster than we do, and you can just see each Minnesota player is fired up about this series…….Our guys wander up to the plate…..pop up, ground out, strike out…..wander back to the dugout…..there’s no desire and we look like we’ve thrown in the towel……..HEY LIP, even beer league softball players get excited when they get to bat……LOLOLOL.

KW has a lot of work to do to reshape this team this winter……this collapse, and yes, its’ a collapse, reminds me of the damn CUBS…….

Nope, it’s not all the umps fault, I don’t disagree with that but when Hawk feels the team is in the wrong, he doesn’t hesitate to rag on them either. How many years has he been doing this? He dogs on whomever he feels is to blame for that particular moment.

They can keep this close, that away Griffey!!! Keep it rollin boys!

Great Job Griffey!!!
That fan is stupid, youve got a hall of famer hitting a home run that YOU catch and he throws it back!!

2 homers in 2 nights for Jr. Wow. Now we have Alexi and AJ getting hits. Here we go boys. Score some runs. Lots of nervous fans on the blog tonight.

These Minnesota ******** are talking about their favorite time against Buehrle, showing ‘highlights’ from 2004 I think they said when they lit up Mark back to back, jerkfaces! Next year I’m geting the supreme package where I can listen to Hawk and whomever it’ll be instead of opposing announcers!

Nervous and pissy I’d say….

The good news – home run to bring us within one run.
The disappointing news – another blown opportunity.
We still have hope. Send all the positive vibes up north. Hold ’em Mark. We need defense now.

That’s what I like to see, us hitting home runs but refusing to get the guy home from third with less than 2 outs. Now that’s the team we know and love.

Home run or nothing…. Keep hitting the ball Guys and eventually we will get a hit that counts… 3-2… Hold ’em Mark,,, Go Sox.. j.k.

rml, has got to be Lip… Whats the matter afraid to come out here in person???? Go Sox… j.k.

Very nice job Mark…. Go to work again Boys… This game CAN be ours…. Go Sox… j.k.

Hope – 1, 2, 3 inning. Now we have the opportunity to score some runs.

Good work Mark!
Now lets light Blackburn UP!!!!!!!!!

And the fact that he’s ignoring you jk, maybe, but why would Lip hide? He’s never been afraid before?? πŸ™‚

Yeah, he’s not Lip. Lip is a far more eloquent, albeit frustrated, Sox fan.

C’mon Thome.

I promise I am not Lip.

These announcers are complaining about the umps too.

Wow! I thought I was NUTS! Who are all these newbies?
We got alot of Haters tonite!

WTF – WHY CAN’T THEY JUST BRING THEM HOME WHEN ON 3RD???????????????????????????????

WTF – They have got some good fundamental base hits tonite, BUT NOT ENOUGH TO DRIVE THE RUNS IN


Dewayne Wise your seat back on the bench awaits you. Thanks for your hits last week and a nice day on Sunday, much appreciated. I for one an ready for Swish to come back. While his numbers don’t suggest it, he’s a big game player.

It’s dinner time.. I would have posted earlier but I had to get my tacos… Go Sox… j.k.



I hate this stupid dome, good job Alexi


I don’t understand why that wasn’t an out. The Twins website list the ground rules as follows:


Any ball that hits the speaker or roof in foul territory is a foul ball; if, however, the ball is caught by fielder, the batter is out and base runners advance at their own risk.

A ball that hits speaker in foul territory and ricochets back into fair territory is still a foul ball; if the ball is caught by fielder, the batter is out and base runners advance at their own risk.


Can someone explain? (At least it doesn’t impact us, based on our just turning the double play, but I’d like to understand still.)




You never answered last night what was your prediction for this series?

Another scoreless inning by the Twins. Good job Mark. Now we need to get those runs.

OK… Another good job, Mark… Time for more tacos, and maybe one more beer…. Go Sox.. j.k.

We need some hits!
Hope we have no youngens reading tonite! They should be in bed now anyways!

I do agree, Swish should be making his appearance soon!


Scratch that – we need RUNS!!

Hear DJ – “Swinging for the fences”

tacos and beer – yech…

I want to win this, damn it all to hell!!!

Quick – 1, 2, 3 inning!

Oh Jen, don’t worry about my kids reading over my shoulder tonight. After my tirade (which lasted at least the 1st and 2nd innings), there’s nothing you could say or write that would be new. I just increased their cursing vocabulary tenfold. :o(

This team is just flat out tired. Actually they just stink right now. This one is over folks. See you tomorrow.

yech? is that the same as yuck? is that Texas talk?

Did I mention I hate tacos?

At what point will we see Brian? We can win this game.

WHAT???? BC – they are only down by 1 – come on, stay – have a beer with jk! And a taco!

Brian Who??

BC, I believe you’re wrong. Stay tuned or you’ll miss the good stuff.

lol… yeck, is like ick, I don’t think it’s Texan, it’s um – lingobykris! That and the fact I can’t spell half the time!

Dude, how is this one over, yet?

Maria, I can’t imagine you cursing to the point of educating the youngins. Mine were educated long ago, but Mere still asked permission to curse during clean up when we were wallowing in mud and yech! πŸ™‚

Alright I’m back, poor Mark. Get the guy some runs!

Does anyone else love that White Castle commercial? It cracks me up every time.

Dinners over, let’s do the same for this game… Go Sox… j.k.

I was wondering about Brian Anderson. Will he get in tonights game? Opportunity knocks we just need to open the door.

Where the hell- is jk?

JK where outh thy JK? (I think that’s how it goes)

Maria, you can NOT talk about White Castle, that’s not fair! 😦 The frozen ones just don’t do the real thing justice!

Sorry I am gone can’t take this anymore. Wise ——! Bad bullpen guys up right now. This time good night and good luck!

I know who you were talking about – I was being a smart a**!

Better than being a dumba*s!


The little broken bat gremlins are out at the dome tonite – the dome is cursed by little broken bat gremlins!!

OMG. The Cialis commercial just came on, and Ian asked “What is reptile dysfunction?”. I’m dying. OMG.

LMAO – Maria, hands down, that was the best giggle so far tonight!

ONE more inniing Mark… Hold them down and we win… Go Sox… j.k.

Question of the day – how many pitches will Mr. B throw before Ozzie pulls him?? – 110? 150? 200?

Ahhh, jk – glad to have you back! hOW were you tacos?

youR tacos

God I hate that guy!

Jen was just wondering the same. I think he is afraid to go to the ‘pen! At least Mark is keeping us in striking distance!

I got the cutest white boots off of ebay today!

120 and counting!

White Sox!
White Sox! White Sox!
Go-Go White Sox!
Let’s go, Go-Go White Sox
We’re with you all the way!
You’re always in there fighting,
And you do your best.
We’re glad to have you out here in the Middle West.
We’re gonna root-root-root-root White Sox.
And cheer you on to victory.
When we’re in the stands,
We’ll make those rafters ring;
All through the season,
You will hear us sing.
Let’s go, Go-Go White Sox,
Chicago’s proud of you!

White Sox! White Sox!
Go-Go White Sox!

Root-Root-Root for the White Sox.
We’ll cheer you on to victory.
When we’re in the stands,
We’ll make those rafters ring;
All through the season,
You will hear us sing.
Let’s go, Go-Go White Sox,
Chicago’s proud of you!
White Sox! White Sox!
Go-Go White Sox!
Let’s go, Go-Go White Sox!
Chicago is proud of you!

He’s gotta be done now right? I’m not watching TV just Gameday, I can’t handle the stress. Who was up in the pen??

Again, very nice Mark… Come on Guys, Buehrle deserves this win…. GET IT FOR HIM….. Go Sox ’08…. j.k.

Jen’s kids must be in bed tonight! πŸ™‚

No – they’re not – I have ’em locked in the closet:)

Mac and Adam Russell WERE warming up!

OOH, who do you bring in???

Come on Captain K!!

Well at this point, maybe Linebrink?


The little gremlins are BAAAAAAAACK!

OOH, Kris,
You can’t say that w/ out me!

I was thinkin maybe you traded them on ebay for the boots?

Please let Mark finish this off. We can still tie this up in the 9th – then extra innings – then victory. I must be dreaming.

So if the ump would have called the runner out way back when this would be a tie game. Just a thought.

Scott’s gonna kick me off the blog –

We still need to hold these guys down to give ourselves a chance against Nathan…. Come on Pen, step it up… Go sox… j.k.

The tacos were great!… j.k.

Kris – who? The gremlins? or the Kids?

the kids! πŸ™‚

share the wtf with me ’cause it shortens my desire to go into a long stream of wordage!

I know the Twin are getting a new ball park. Is it a dome? Will it have this kind of surface?
Hold these guys Scott.

nice job by linebrink

Good Job Line…. Are you Back????? Come on Boys… one or two runs….. Make it hurt…. Go Sox’08…. j.k.

Come on Alexi start off our rally

Mollie: The new ballpark, Target Field, will be an open-air facility. No roof. Should be interesting.

And yes, it will have natural grass.

suck my *** . . . .

We are Doomed at the Dome!

suck my?
it’s only 3 letters, so is it a**? πŸ™‚
I don’t think you have a four letter word:)

It ain’t over til it’s over. We are still alive
Thanks for the info on the new ball park. maybe we will win then

OK, gang, I’m back. Had to make and eat dinner – even with my stomach in the spin cycle. Let’s go Dewayne!!!


C’mon D-E-W-A-Y-N-E !!!

you’re right Jen, but on occasion, I use that too . . . I’m discusted in this whole series, what a piece of crap!

That’s too bad. That was a good game, but we lost. Tomorrow is GUT CHECK time…. Later all…. Go Sox… j.k.

crap. played well enough to win this one. very disappointing. just can’t seem to get the timely hit. off to bed. tomorrow is another day. And we still are in 1st place.
good night all

Here we go again – good pitching – but no F*CKING OFFENSE!!!!


we absolutely suck. i imagine ozzie’s postgame comments will focus around how great the twins play, how much he wishes we were the twins, and what hard-nosed grinders they are.

I’m sick of the players talking about how much we suck playing in Minn, i’m sick of playing long-ball baseball, i’m sick of damn near everything about this team.

Well, the Sox are still in first place (hanging on by their fingernails). We sure do need a win tomorrow!

Maria, I just went back and read all the posts I missed during dinner, and yours about the Cialis ad was the *best* – I laughed so hard, thanks for a smile on a night when the game is such a disappointment.

G’nite, all!

Buehrle pitched well. The Twins didn’t hit one ball hard I don’t think and still beat us because of those ***** *** **** hits. Disgusting. Wise should find himself a seat on the bench…he gave us a nice week but he isn’t an everyday player.

I really did not like that line up tonight as Wise left the whole stadium on base. You have to think Cabrera gets one hit. Why change things now.

Jerry Owens is sent in to pinch run with 2 outs in the 9th and doesn’t even bother trying to steal second. Whats the point? I could have gone out and do what he did. He should have been running on the first/second/third/fourth pitch. Maybe if he is running that grounder to second gets through. I don’t know why everyone wants speedy guys when the sox don’t use the speed anyway.

However, I predicted the Sox would win one game a long time ago….. and I haven’t been wrong in any series since I predicted the games. I also predicted we would win the Thursday game. In my opinion Gavin Floyd is the man to have on the mound. 9-2 after Sox losses; only pitcher to win for us in Minn. on our last trip. Gavin will be up to the task.

By the way- I hope to god Griffey is in the lineup again as he has accounted for the 5 runs that scored for us this series even though one was on a double play.

Well (again)…

This will be my last post until Sunday win or lose. I need a break (which is something the Sox have apparently already decided to do…)

Another good pitching performance wasted because this team simply can not do anything other then hit home runs.

That’s actually a good thing in one important way. Kenny Williams is personally seeing this abortion at the House of Horrors and if anything will ever push him over the edge to end this eight year run of awful fundamentals, this series will.

Maybe we all have to suffer to have it come out right in the end.

1-7 in the House of Horrors this season with one final monsterous game left.

The pressure on the Sox will be unbelievable and as we’ve seen they generally don’t react well to it.

Hope for the best, expect the worst and keep those stories from 1967 and 2003 ready to go….these are the White Sox remember.

Mark Liptak

Oh man I have no idea what to do, this is so frustrating and depressing.

OK, here is my line up for tomorrow:

Miller Lite
Tylenol 3

And, in relief, Rolaids.

Anyone got a better suggestion?????

Good Night All


I think you need an intervention!

I will be bailing out on Friday night myself. I am headed to Vegas for the weekend. I do think the White Sox will win all of their remaining home games on the schedule….which includes the Monday Tigers game and the Tuesday Twins game if it comes down to that. Of course that will harm the staff WHEN *not if* we make the playoffs…. but you gotta get there first. So even if we lose tomorrow *which isn’t going to happen* we will go 5-0 down the stretch and advance even if the Twins sweep the Royals.

Have fun in Vegas buddy.. I’m thinkin of bailing tomorrow, vball game, life is back to normal. I’ll let you know, or I might not, depends on my mood tomorrow I suppose.. Go Marie, drink it up, pop em down, whatever it takes.

Wait, I have one more suggestion. Scott, someone must have a computer there in MN. Go to iTunes and get the Overneath album from the Irish group called “slide.”

They are the highest-energy musicians I have ever, ever seen (saw them live last night). Put their music on every Sox player’s iPod, and have them listen to it. Believe me, you can’t listen to this music without being energized.

Try it!!! Couldn’t hurt, might help.


Of course I will be watching in the sports book….I just won’t be online to rant about it. Sleep well…we’ll get em tomorrow.

Accckkkk….sorry, got a hairball stuck in my throat. I imagine that’s what’s stuck in the WS throats about now. I am glad that KW gets to watch it firsthand. Hopefully, he’s been paying attention to the way Ozzie and Cooper have managed this team, especially the pitching staff, over the past month. The latest debacle was putting Wise in the leadoff spot.

looks like i was only half right on my prediction on who would play…..swisher did sneak in at the end.

This season is make or break on tonights game. if this team doesn’t show any more signs of life than what we’ve seen over the last month, then we deserve to lose. face the facts WS nation, the twins have better coaching, and players who are actually excited to play in the BIG games. That’s a far cry from what we have done not just in the past 30 days, but in this series. I tire of hearing how the twins are built to play in their dome. BS. They are built to play baseball and are willing to HUSTLE. Now there’s a concept! HUSTLE, EXCITEMENT, PASSION…….Where are you WS?

this will go down in the annuls of WS baseball as a season that should have been, could have been……..

Who’s this “poorhankie” guy who is swooping in like a vulture trying to tell us all — after 157 games — what is wrong with our team?

A half-game lead with 4 or 5 to go but you would think the Sox were 6 back and eliminated if you read this board. It is amazing how so many people will believe whatever they hear and read.

Gavin Floyd — go show us what you got.

TC, I’ve watched every game this year, just like you. I have not formed my opinion by reading. That would have been far less painful than watching. I have various names that seem to be altered whenever I log onto another site. So past monikers like swsa, soxblog, have been used and posted this year.

I stand by my comments and look forward to being proven wrong. I was with Uribe earlier this year, I hope to God it happens with this team now.

A half game lead is a miracle and like you

This is not the CIA. We don’t need aliases here. It certainly would help us all understand one another if we can keep using the same “handles.” I wasn’t trying to criticize your opinion. I just wanted to know who you were and where you were coming from.

P-hankie, what do you mean by saying you were with Uribe? Are you trying to refer to his re-emergence as a third baseman?

TC, I don’t like using alias’s but this darn service keeps altering my name. I went to post a comment on the Yankees site and it made me choose a nickname, so thus the poorhankie in reference to Steinbrenner’s whining about Joe Torre..

anyway, I was wrong about Uribe because I came down on him early in the year when others said he should be playing at 2nd. I was critical of his play and have since seen the error of my ways watching him play 3rd since CREDE went down. that’s what I meant by that. i hope to get the chance to eat more crow after tonight but i dont’ think that’s gonna happen.

This site must be messing with everybody because a lot of people have changed names on more than one occasion.

I was fed up with Uribe last year but was happy that he was back this year, just for his versatility at short and 2B. I had no idea that he could play third as well as he has.

I know tonight is important but life is not over if we lose. Granted, we’ll need to win five straight at home if the Twins sweep the Royals. I have a feeling that a very loose Royals team will come into Minneapolis and win at least one from the Twins. Of course, sweeping the Indians will be no easy task so we may need one Royals win just to make up for a potential Sox loss to the Tribe.

As I said before, while I desperately want to win this division, this team has already over-performed in my book. I’m not saying that I am satisfied with a second-place finish but I am very pleasantly surprised to be playing meaningful games in the last week of the season.

I love Uribe.

Me and kenwo are gonna have a three way with Uribe.

OK, just kidding.

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