Sunday Sunshine

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Today’s Lineup

Owens, CF; Fields, LF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Dye, RF; Uribe, SS; Richar, 2B; Gonzalez, 3B.  Vazquez pitching.

Note the debut of Josh Fields in LF.  We want to see how Josh fares the rest of this season to help plan for 2008 and the return of Joe Crede.  The last Sox 3B to switch to LF worked out pretty well … Carlos Lee.

"We got hit harder than a pinata on Cinco de Mayo," quote from an anonymous White Sox manager about the first three games of this series.

Pitching Notes

Jose Contreras pitches tomorrow in the day game makeup against the DRays, while Gavin Floyd starts Tuesday in the series opener at Texas.

What a Difference a Year Makes

Javier Vazquez is 11-6 with a 3.66 ERA, 147 strikeouts and a .237 opposing batting average through 25 starts this season, compared to 11-8 with a 5.11 ERA, 123 strikeouts and a .268 opponents average at the same stage of 2006.   He has gone 8-1 with a 2.94 ERA in his last 12 starts.

Team Meeting

Following yesterday’s loss, manager Ozzie Guillen spoke to the team, reinforcing the fact that they cannot give up on themselves.

"I’ve been on teams that have done that," Guillen said.  "You come to the park expecting to lose.  We can’t think that way or it’s going to be a long September around here.  We need to make sure we believe in one another."

Blog Night

Reminder … for tickets to the second annual Blog Night on Sept. 27, call Dustin at 312-674-5186.  In addition to the game, your $31 ticket allows you to attend a special pregame event (currently scheduled to attend … me, and whatever friends I still have in the organization on Sept. 27).


Hit harder than a pinata on Cinco de Mayo, ah, priceless. I hope the pale stockings can give those worthless Bosox something to remember the South Side by for the rest of the season. Good luck fellas….

Javier has been much better this season despite today’s start. Too bad Josh botched that ball in the 9th. I’m not sure what he was doing but outfield is a whole new animal for him. I hope they keep giving him a serious shot out in left though.

Another pathetic performance.

Like I said yesterday I can take getting beat, even abused by another team, but to show nothing, to not even care is inexcusable.

This team is an embarrassment to themselves, the city they represent and more importantly to the great fans.

DO SOMETHING to show you care even if it’s phoney…throw at bat, start a fight, throw at an opponent’s rear end. Yell ,scream, get thrown out…but to sit there day after day after day and just get hammered.

Simply unbelievable.

My birthday was yesterday which means I’ve roughly been a fan for 47 years (my earliest Sox memories start when I was five)and I’m hard pressed to remember a more gutless, pathetic,bad team then this one.

At least those awful clubs say in 1968, 1976 and 1988 showed some heart once in awhile. If that offends folks whom I know in the organization (including my friend Scott) well I won’t apologize.

The actions of this team speak for itself and nothing and no one can sweep it under the rug.

The absolute FIRST thing Kenny needs to do this off season is get rid of every single individual except for Bobby Jenks in this arsonists bullpen…and yes I mean that literally.

Eat the contracts, trade them, release them, do whatever you need to do to purge every single piece of trash from there. Then fumigate the bullpen area…at least the stink won’t remain for next year.

Mark Liptak

Look at it this way folks, there’s no where to go but up.. can’t get any worse for next year right??? Always the optimist…

It can always get worse…Chris Young just hit number 27 and 28. But at least it was against the Cubs. This was a painful series for sure, but I’m pretty numb to it now truth be told. And if Mark with all his years of watching the Sox hasn’t seen a more gutless team (and I most certainly haven’t in my few years) you got yourself a situation. A bad situation.

I realize that moves had to be made, and Kenny and Hahn have most certainly made moves. But I defy anyone to tell me they were the right moves. There are a handful of players out there that should be wearing a Sox uniform but for whatever reason no longer do. Players like Rowand and Frank. Players like Maggs leading the league in average, 6th in HR. Players like Caballo 8th in HR, 3rd in RBI. Chris Young 6th in HR. He’s a ******* rookie ******* it! Sorry.

I understand we couldn’t keep all of em. But how about one or two of em. And as far as the argument that those moves created the 2005 roster yeah but it also lead to the 2007 roster. We mortgaged the future on players like Thome, Pods and Jose in favor of better, more reliable players. And blasphemous as it might be, the 2004 team was a better team than the ’05 one anyway. It was just more unlucky.

I still find White Sox baseball exciting!


Not saying you’re completely wrong but in fact that Sox had no choice with Magglio because his agent would not let the Sox examine his knee before having to tender an offer.

Considering the Sox offered four years, 60 million even WITH his bad knee, to be told ‘you can’t look at him…’ let’s just say I don’t blame Kenny there.

And considering if the Sox picked up the option on Frank, a guy who missed most of the two previous seasons with leg injuries,it would have cost them TEN MILLION (by terms of the option), again you can’t pin that one on Kenny.

What you DO pin on Kenny are the following:

1. A ‘compulsion’ (for want of a better word) to make trades and changes even if some weren’t needed, in this regard he is much like legendary Sox G.M. Frank ‘Trader’ Lane.

2. Gambling that guys who threw the ball hard, but showed a history of control issues in their pasts could be turned into a big league bullpen by Don Cooper.

3. Gambling that Brian Anderson was going to ‘make it,’ and having no fall back outfield option when he didn’t. (Which is why Ozzie was ‘stuck’ playing Mack out of position in center field, for much of 2006.)

4. Having no depth in the starting rotation when Freddy Garcia was traded… considering that left a hole and a second hole turned into reality when Jose Contreras began showing his age. (However old that may be.)

It’s like 2003 and 2004 all over again. The ‘back half’ of the starting rotation is a mess with no realistic help in sight in the minor leagues for 2008.

In my opinion these four issues (maybe more) get pinned on the G.M. who for all the credit he got in 2005, deserves the scorn heaped upon him in 2007.

Mark Liptak

where are the seats for blog nite?

I think frank for 10 million would have been a **** of a bargain in 2006 if you take a look at his numbers and you take a look at when most of those numbers came (in a playoff race late in the year…looks alot better than thomes numbers of 06 in the first 2 months of the year).

They traded chris young instead of anderson. thats awful since young has more homers in his rookie season than anderson will ever hit in the big leagues.

they traded carlos lee for scott podsednik. walk off homer in the series or not that will go down in history as one of the all time worst trades in history.

now they are getting nutsy and putting fields into left. he looked so lost out there it almost reminded me of mackowiak in center. if they try to go with fields in left and owens in center there is no reason why they signed dye or buehrle because they wont win. fields needs to start the year as DH or maybe 1st baseman with Konerko or Fields DH’ing and Thome long long gone. Hunter should be in center, as at least he brings some sort of attitude/flavor/cockiness to the club. the team is lacking in all of those areas. ozzie guillen should be replaced along with the whole coaching staff. i love harold and greg walker but they should be put into ambassador role after this season. kenny williams himself should be put out to dry too, but we know that unfortunately wont happen. the sox need an injection of fire/passion. as much as they try to market ozzie as that- it isnt happening. time to make some moves.

yeah field’s looked bad in left field for that one play yesterday, but it’s not like we have anything to lose at this point, might as well find out if he can handle it.

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