Sunny Saturday

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Today’s Lineup

Owens, CF; Fields, 3B; AJ, C; PK, DH; Erstad, 1B; Dye, RF; Uribe, SS; Richar, 2B; Gonzalez, LF.  Buehrle pitching.

Random Items

Good for all of Chicago to finally see the sun today … yesterday was certainly no fun … the Little League World Series was on the televisions in the clubhouse today before the game … when the storms hit on Thursday, several Sox players ran to their cell phones to check on wives, children and family in the SW suburbs … today, Mark Buehrle is attempting to reach double figures in victories for the seventh consecutive season … Buehrle is in line to join Joe Horlen (1963-69), Bill Pierce (1955-61), Ted Lyons (1924-30), Eddie Cicotte (1913-20), Doc White (1903-13) and Ed Walsh (1906-12) as the only pitchers to accomplish the feat.

Rookie Power

Despite playing in just 71 games, Josh Fields leads all AL rookies with 16 home runs and ranks second in RBI (48) and slugging (.464).  Fields ranks fifth in the AL after the All-Star Break with 11 home runs and tied for 11th with 30 RBI.

Projected over 162 games, Fields would hit 37 home runs and drive in 110.

Who Else Is Hot

Jermaine Dye is hitting .302 with 12 home runs and 25 RBI since the ASB.  His 12 home runs rank second and he is fifth with a .617 slugging percentage.

Javier Vazquez is 8-1 with a 2.94 ERA over his last 12 starts.  Ryan Buckvich owns a 1.93 ERA over his last 27 games, and Ehren Wassermann owns a 1.38 ERA over his last 15.  Right-handers are hitting .119 against the sidearmer.


You would hope that no matter how bad the team, at least personal and professional pride would have some impact.

Apparently not with this group of highly paid ‘professionals.’

I can accept losing, I can accept even getting the snot beat out of you…I can not accept a brain-dead, lifeless, corspe-ball like effort.

That’s what we are now seeing on a daily basis.

Meanwhile Ozzie just sits there, and Kenny says ‘we’re not that far away…’

It better be an interesting, busy and productive off season.

That’s all I’ll say.

Mark Liptak

I agree with you Liptak. Guillen shows no fire and williams is nuts to think that this team is close. There better be some major moves in the winter.

First off, I owe Mr. Quaid an apology. The chastising wasn’t meant solely for you, you just happened to have the most memorable quotes. I just didn’t expect the exchanges i saw.

And I agree with Mr. Liptak on how this needs to be an active offseason. I don’t mind losing, but seeing Kansas City level play for what these guys are getting paid? No thank you. A CF won’t solve all our ills. But I do believe that all options with our vets up to and including Konerko should be on the table. Ozzie talks about speed and defense/pitching like he’s Al Lopez but even the 2005 Sox were putting up ridiculous home run numbers. Speed is something we haven’t seen for a while. I would like to see some hitting and some pressure on the basepaths as opposed to homeruns about now.

As for the pitching, I am really missing the dominance shown by the 2005 starters. I hope we make some changes here (hopefully not with Vasquez). Ain’t it funny how our pitching situation is so much weaker in the span of a year, yet Cleveland, Boston and Detroit are putting in these rookies for spot starts and they’re dominating established veterans? Williams keeps talking about talent, and where we’re going. Must be nice to have the luxury of wasting a year and big money with no worries of losing your job. I wonder what exactly he’s got planned. It needs to be more than lackluster trading… or he needs to go.

I’ll back anyone in a White Sox uniform and if the planets are aligned against us this season, fine, but I don’t get the carefree attitude shown by some of the folks in this organization. I’d be happy to see Konerko go, as long as we keep some of these young turks (fields, owens, richar etc). I think some of these guys forgot what they were here for. Used to say, never-say-die attitude, now it’s, I’ll get out of a slump when I do, or it’s a business. Where’s the desire?

oh, remember the slogan Win or Die Trying for the 2005 White Sox? Here’s one for Kenny and this season, Pride Goeth Before the Fall: Ozzieball 2007. These guys are ridiculous. Going to Cleveland this weekend. Note to self: pack paper bag and scissors to complement Chicago White Sox jacket…..

Dye is hitting .302 since the all star break? He has his money regardless. Look at Dmitri Young, .333 on the season and playing for the hapless Washington Nationals. Spare me please.

getting pounded on like this is unacceptable. the way the team just takes the beating is making me want to vomit. i wish buehrle would go in the dugout and jack up AJ. at least it would show that someone has some life on the team. i know the year is over but for goodness sakes have some pride. this is pitiful. Jerry Manuel never ran the team as bad as ozzie is doing it now. he looks burned out. time to get some new life into the team.

i think if david ortiz hocked up a big ol’ loogie and spit it in anyone of the sox faces right now they would go sit down and wipe it off without saying anything. thats what it looks like. i dont appreciate the pussification of the white sox. god awful

maybe kenny should look into signing a little leaguer or two off of the game in the clubhouse. at least they’d play hard.

All due respect kenwo, if I hear one more ridiculously overpaid ballplayer say, “it’s not all about the money”, I WILL be the one vomiting….. LOL

I HAVE to agree on what Mr. Quaid and others elaborated on a couple weeks ago though, that it’s good to have problems as minor as this. We could be living in polluted China, or dictatorial North Korea, or fighting in Iraq. But baseball and having ‘your’ team has always been an escape from the negatives in life.

I remember the good but not good enough teams in the fifties. I remember some bleak days in the 60s, 70s and 80s. But they never seemed to feel like this. You hear about SOX veterans who got little support and deserved better during their careers. Teams that struggled, had character and played hard, despite the losses. I stopped watching after that strike in the mid 90s. Was doubly sickened over 97 (so I was lucky enough to deprive myself of the exciting farce of 98). I just am not a fan of Reinsdorf. He reminds me of what I watch baseball instead of. He’s a money man. I know, “its a business”, but when the players start reciting that mantra, man oh man. Used to be you had the O’Malleys and Old Romans and the black sox of 1919. Now you got Selig and Reinsdorf, but now in addition you got Boras and these players that think they’re doing you a favor by only asking for 10 million a year.

I know there’s nothing new under the sun, but some things just are gone. Where’s Fisk? Lyons? When things weren’t great these guys stood taller. The 77 South Side Hitmen? Wasn’t it Fisk that told Deion Sanders to respect the game? Who’s around to tell it to our guys now? They sure as **** don’t care to hear from us. The people that buy the tickets, concessions and SOX gear… Yeah, we’ve had our moments this year, but wasn’t the price a little steep… who’s gonna kick back part of their contractual earnings for…. not earning it. Nobody. *whew* thanks. I feel better. and sorry

Thank you, Windycity! no need to apologize for stating the truth, and what we’re all thinking. the lack of desire is what most irks me too. the season can’t “wimper”down fast enough for me…. but i’ll see you all again today via for another go at a W? hey, it could happen…. j.k. go D-Backs……

Well put windycity1950. You’ve been on point with all of your comments. This team is disgusting. They obviously don’t care or have enough pride in themselves and their team to put forth a real effort day-in and day-out. They’re just going through the motions. Waiting for their much deserved vacations. Good for them.

I would really like to see this team blown apart at the seams come the offseason. I’m sick of seeing guys like Konerko, AJ and Thome with their hefty contracts play like a bunch of punks with no heart. Let em do it elsewhere. We’re a 5th place team with them. We can’t be much worse without em.

You can see it here at the blog. There’s been a direct correlation between fan traffic here and players performance. And it’s not even performance. It’s their attitude and approach. I haven’t seen such an apathetic bunch of players in my life. It’s like they can’t be troubled to give the game it’s due respect. They seem to treat wearing a White Sox uniform as some sort of burden or nuisance. It’s disgusting. I still watch every game I can, but it’s because of the rookies. At least they have some heart and some sense of urgency. I don’t envy the Sox front office. You’ll have your hands full convincing fans to spend their hard-earned money on season tickets and such next year. Who would want to pay money to see this ****?

And picking up on what jk said, I’ve been watching a lot of NL ball this year (mostly because a lot of my favorite former players are there). And Arizona is an exciting team. As good as Fields has been, Chris Young has been that much better. Hey Kenny, see if we can get a re-do on that one. This kid is extraordinary. What 26 HRs, 21 SB (both of which would be leading this team) as a rookie! Couldn’t use that here. So yeah Go D-Backs. As far as the Sox go, do what you’ve grown accustomed to. It’s apparent you’ve long ago stopped caring what the fans think of you.

Fields is starting in left field today, lets see how this goes!

That also means Andy Gonzalez is at 3B, brace yourselves.

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