Homestand Hopes

Monday, August 20, 2007

Tonight’s Lineup

Owens, CF; Fields, 3B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Dye, RF; Pods, LF; Uribe, SS; Richar, 2B.  Buehrle pitching.

Good Mark Hunting

No one better than Mark to snap this streak.  He is 16-6 with a 3.36 ERA in 32 games lifetime against the Royals.

We have lost eight straight for the first time since 5/15-23/01 and are looking to avoid our first nine-game losing streak since 8/19-28/91.  As painful as that was to write (and I assume to read), the fact that I was one month into my White Sox career in August 1991 just makes me feel old.


I welcomed Mike Myers in the clubhouse today.  He was 3-0 with a 2.66 ERA in 55 games with the Yankees this season before being designated.  Andy Gonzalez was optioned down to make room for the lefty reliever.


Although he did not pitch on this last trip, Bobby Jenks remains tied with Jim Barr (SF, 1972) with 41 consecutive batters retired.  That’s the longest streak in MLB history.

During the streak, which began on 7/17 at Cleveland, Jenks retired 16 batters on ground outs, 13 in the air and 12 on strikeouts.  Righthanders are 0-31 and lefties 0-10.  Jenks faced six of the top seven teams in the AL during the streak (excluding the Angels).

Happy Anniversary

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Bob Keegan’s no-hitter in the White Sox 6-0 victory over Washington at Comiskey Park.


Moose Skowron walked past me headed out to the parking lot to meet and greet a group.

"Moose," I said.  "Do you have an umbrella?"

Each year, at the annual White Sox outing at Cog Hill, Moose, Bob Grim, Don Brown and I are a foursome.  This year, Moose had to pay at the end of the round, so he’s still giving me a hard time … like he refused to shake my hand today.  He did take my umbrella, though.  We’ll see if he brings it back.


How many of you also feel like this season has gone on for eight months … how long ago was it that Mark threw that no-hitter?  Seems like years.

But again, he’s the right guy to have on the mound tonight.  Despite the weather (reports are we will get it in), pre-sale for all of the games on this homestand have been very strong.  How about a nice victory tonight for Mark with Bobby retiring the side in the ninth for the record and win?


I found this very funny remake of Journeys Don’t stop Believin’ (thought everyone would get a kick out of it (seeing how the Sox are playin’)
Here are the lyrics – if you want to listen, copy, then paste in your browser

Just a baseball club,

known as the Chicago Cubs

They haven’t won anything, since 1908

It’s like their fate is sealed,

playing there in Wrigley Field

Fans pray and wait in vain, since 1908

Ivy growing on the outfield walls

Fans pee in horse troughs

They’ve got no stalls

Eamus Catuli

It says there in right

The years go on and on and on and on

Cub fans. drinking

All around the Friendly Confines

Yuppies, stumbling in the night

Bleachers, hot chicks, living for inebriation

Showing, great sets of ta-tas

Lou’s kicking dirt all over the place

Zambrano’s punching Barrett’s face

Hendry paid millions for this year’s team

Results will be the same

For a few short days, they’re in first

But don’t you know, these Cubs are cursed

Wait till next year never ends

It goes on and on and on and on

D-Lee, fighting

Couldn’t land his girly punches

Don’t give, Ryan Dempster the ball

Right quad, Soriano

Your heartbreak’s just around the corner

Santo, still waits for the Hall!

Please stop believin’

And wake up from your dreaming

Lovable losers, they’re the Cubs

Please stop believin’

For 100 seasons

It’s Gonna Happen, Who You Crappin’

They’re the Cubs

I sooo enjoyed that! Sent it on to a Card @ a Cub fan, both of whom will groan and giggle! Gotta laugh don’t cha, sometimes ya just gotta laugh!!! LOL

Was at the game last night and it was cool the buzz around Bobby. When he got up to warm up the left field bullpen area went nuts. Then everyone was on their feet for that first batter and cameras going. It’s a shame he couldn’t outright get the record but he did tie it. The more I see of Field and Owens, the more I like them. They make some rookie mistakes, but I think they are going to give us some thrills. I can’t imagine how it must be for you Scott. I can choose to not watch games! Good to have you back!

Congratulations to Bobby for an incredible accomplishment.

It’s a shame that it ended before he could hold the mark himself and especially because of the guy who finally broke the streak, but it’s an impressive thing regardless.

Mark Liptak

First off, to whitesoxawful…
I don’t know where you will be tonight, chum, but I will be in front of a TV set watching the (to some)unwatchable “U”, with my scorebook and clipboard at the ready to see if the boys can make it two straight against them Kansas Cityies…




Can you say the same?

Onto last night… Manchild, that is a **** of an accomplishment…I was sorry that it had to end like that…but Gathright is a very, very good hitter…and that fact that you hadn’t come in since you equalled the record kind of concerned me, because I thought that you would be a bit rusty… and I also thought that Gathright might try to bunt his way on, first pitch…
Now that you have a new straek working, let’s see if you can make it six straight tonight…

And if I could type the word “streak”, once again I would be a serious threat…
Right, Mama Mack?

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