Sunday at the Park

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Today’s Lineup

Owens, CF; Fields, 3B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Dye, RF; Pods, LF; Uribe, SS; Cintron, 2B.  Danks pitching.

Essay Results

Thanks to everyone who responded to my call for essays from suburban moms who enjoy bringing the family to U.S. Cellular.  I asked for essays describing your experiences at the ballpark.  The response was great, with so many good stories, that it was difficult to pick one.  In the end, we selected Marie McDowell’s submission as the one we would feature in the final edition of the program.  But the rest were so good, and so personal, that I thought I should run them here over the next week or so.

So, here is another story of a trip to the ballpark:

By Lainie Novak

The only things that get me through the tough times of driving (slowly) down I-55 to U.S. Cellular Field are the countless White Sox hats and jerseys I see in cars next to us and blasting Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” as our pre-game ritual.

We are fortunate enough to have friends who live the White Sox fan’s dream – living two blocks from the park – so parking is a breeze.

Then we back track a little to get to The Grandstand.

When I picture Heaven, I think of a combination between The Grandstand, with all of the White Sox apparel and U.S. Cellular Field *cough: Comisky*. We spend at least a half hour browsing The Grandstand in search of the perfect item. After all, I have to maintain my status as having THE MOST White Sox gear of all my husband’s friends.

After our purchases were made, we headed over toward Gate 3. Up the escalator we went, anticipation mounting. The smell of hot dogs permeated the air. Lines started forming at the bathrooms.

We immediately found our seats to see what our view would be and who would be sitting around us. When the White Sox are taking BP, we stand and watch, trying to catch the eye of one of our heroes. When the visitors are batting, we take the opportunity to get some nachos and a Pepsi. After all, we don’t want to miss a second of the game!

The instrumental music began, signaling the start of the game drawing near. I perched myself on the front of my seat, slapping my legs to the beat I’ve heard numerous times before. Then the magical words: WHITE SOX FANS: ON YOUR FEEEEET! The crowd stood in anticipation of the White Sox taking the field.

Throughout the game, we went back and forth, cheering and then shaking our heads, wondering what our boys were doing. When the bullpen took over, we knew the game was over. We left the park in the 8th inning, weariness had set in along with the extra 2 Tiger runs.

A 20 minute drive back to the suburbs listening to Ed Farmer and Chris Singleton on The Score told us of our fate. Although still in last place, we were reminded of the true heart of baseball when Billy Pierce was recognized and his statue was unveiled.

Thoughts and Sympathies

Our thoughts and sympathies go out to the friends and family of Richard ("****") Hackett, who passed away yesterday in Chicago.  Hackett worked for the White Sox from 1959-70 before joining the Milwaukee Brewers in 1970.  With the Brewers, Hacket served as VP of Marketing and VP of Governmental Affairs before his retirement.

"**** knew everyone in baseball," said his brother, Robert, who called us this morning to inform us of ****’s passing.


So what are the chances of getting to listen to Stone all the time?

Another trash pitcher completely befuddles (ya like that word?) the White Sox.

3-10, with an ERA of SIX and he shuts them down.

This season can’t end soon enough to suit me.

Mark Liptak

I was at today’s game. It ***** that we lost, but it was VERY cool to see Bobby tie the MLB record for consecutive outs. It made sitting in that godawful heat worth it. Way to go Bobby – it was the highlight of the day. Which, while it was GREAT, doesn’t say much for the rest of the dang game.

This is definitely one of those seasons that is tough to figure out (okay maybe not). Nothing works. The starting rotation occasionally costs the team, the offense doesn’t show up, or the bullpen gets smacked around. There just doesn’t seem like enough time to figure some of these problems out. Well they’ve got til before next year. All I can say is that Seattle ‘owned’ us these past two games.

And I must say Guillen and Cooper and Walker have more than had their work cut out for them this season. I just wish they had more to show for it.

Well, the offense left us shaking our head again, but I would just say again, that of the six teams leading the AL, Seattle is probably the least talked about and is playing with a chip on their shoulder. They’ve got a tremendous offense, it’s s shame we couldn’t show them up. It would have been a boost for our rookies especially (pitching). Ah well, next series please….

Hats off to Bobby Jenks. So happy to see him tie the record. Most of you know about Bobby’s struggles before he came to the White Sox, and how he has matured off and on the field..and this just makes it that much sweeter. We were at the field two years ago when Bobby made his first appearance in the Cell. I had read about him, and his blazing stuff and told the people around us and how awesome it would be to see him get in to the game. He did, and tossed a 100 MPH fast ball and wowed the fans and opposing batter alike. He’s lost a bit of the velocity, but with the movement he has now, he’s become an even better pitcher. Here’s to hoping he adds a lot more outs to the record! Scott, if you could pass along our pride and well wishes to Bobby, I’d be truly grateful!!

What a joke yesterday. It is good to see Bobby tie a record, but the fist pumping, crowd going wild, and players acting like they won something is a shame. The M’s got a great laugh at our expense.

The Sox were getting killed, lost the game, and everyone is acting (players included) like its the 7th game of World Series. If the players had put forth as much effort as they did for Bobby’s record, maybe the season would be in better shape.

It just s*cks that this is what we are reduced to.

kr.. Kris, old friend, what do you want the fans to do in a situation like that?…Sit on their hands, because the boys are getting their hinies handed to them by their visitors from the Pacific Northwest?…Anytime you can witness a historic moment like that,treasure it…what if it was Thome’s 500th HR yesterday, and they still got their ***es kicked in, say, a 14 to 1 final… Would you have the same feeling ?…
Retiring 41 consecutive batters is a feat to be celebrated,as that is the toughest thing to do for ANY pitcher, starter or reliever…

Meanwhile, Seattle doesn’t give a rat’s rear aperture(hi, Dawn)as to what the fan’s reaction is to something like that…They’re more involved with catching and passing the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Azusa and Cucamonga for 1st place…

And would you rather have the bench grumbling, b**ching and moaning the way this site has been ALL DAMNED SEASON, or would you rather have it the way it was yesterday– supporting a teammate who is going after a milestone?

My condolences also go out to the Hackett family…I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Hackett many years ago in County Stadium… and he couldn’t have been nicer or a better representative for the Brewers or baseball…

It’s just very sad that its all we have to cheer for.

How’s about cheering for being alive and able to cheer for something as supposedly meaningless as that?

I never said meaningless!

The entire situation is just sad and you cannot deny it.

Yes, Kris. The situation is sad. This isn’t where any Sox fan wanted to be at this point in the season. But I would rather see some of our players accomplish amazing feats than have everything fall completely flat. There is no denying that what Bobby did is remarkable, and for that reason, I, like so many others at the park yesterday, cheered myself hoarse and gave him the respect he deserves.

On a different note, to all who sent birthday wishes last week: Thank you!

Amen, TQ and Maria!! There’s so much misery and garbage going on in the world..complain about that. We still are only 2 years away from a World Series, most of us have our health, and the weather is taking a turn for the worse. If I see one White Sox pitcher get a strike out, one White Sox player get a base hit, or one player steal a base, I, for one, will cheer. Things could be worse! -Dawn

They also should have been MUCH better! And this is not a world issues blog or a current events blog. This is a White Sox baseball blog. I agree, there are things in the world that are more relevant than baseball, but baseball is this blog’s world. Therefore, I can talk of the sad situation that is White Sox baseball any time I wish.

kr… Kris,Kris,Kris… for most of the past, oh, say,90 SEASONS, things have been turning out sadly or badly for this organization…and do you see folks railing about THAT???…besides Brothers Liptak and kenwo…
Life is too damned short to constantly rail about the playing of a stupid a**ed kids game by (supposedly)grown men…

Face it, Kris…You and a lot of others in WS Universe were SPOILED ABSOLUTELY ROTTEN by the ease of the victory two years ago…and you think that it should be automatic that they do it again and again and again…and when they don’t, you react like a child that has had his toy taken away from him…


On a separate note, my condolences to Jerry Reinsdorf on the passing of his mother-in-law yesterday, at age 96…She lived a good, long life and was very active in donating her time to reading books and magazines to the blind and disabled…
a worthwhile cause…

Also today, the passing of a true baseball legend… Phil

“The Scooter”Rizzuto…13 years a player and 40 years a broadcaster for the Yankees…and the oldest living Hall of Famer…Sometimes, Phil’s scorebook would include the letters “WW” in a player’s spot… When he was asked what “WW” meant, he very simply stated…”Wasn’t watching.”

Sometimes I wish that certain members of White Sox Universe would say the same…

You are unfairly putting words in my mouth. I’m not railing about. Just observing a situation in which the White Sox were dominated in a baseball game. And at the end of said baseball game the crowd, players, and pitcher went wild with glee as if the Sox won the World Series after said pitcher ties a MLB record. Its sad because that is the only thing the White Sox have to cheer about this year. Its sad because we ALL thought/expected, yes ALL of us expected much more from this team. Sad because they were dominated in that game by a pitcher who is AWFUL. Sad because this season could have been much more than a pitching record.

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand why everyone is on my case for this. At the most this record is severely bittersweet.

And it’s really not cool to be throwing around personal attacks , calling me a child, spoiled rotten, and a complainer merely because I gave my opinion.

Kris is absolutely right on. While yes there are more pressing issues in the world than a bad season for the 2007 White Sox, this blog is here for us to discuss the Sox. I won’t speak directly of what is going on with our closer for superstitious reasons, but it was just kind of a bad time for what happened to happen. Would have been much better had we been winning the game with the last out.

It is sad that with all the high expectations of this team that the only great memories that will stand out this year are Mark’s no hitter, and what is currently going on. While they are both incredible accomplishments, it would just be so much more sweeter and enjoyable if this team was going to make the playoffs.

Tom, Don’t even say we were spoiled rotten. You waited all your life to see 2005 happen. Spoiled rotten would be describing a Yankees fan. I would not say victory came with ease in 2005. We scored about 100 less runs in 2005 than in 2006. I would say more execution and everything (hitting, defense, starting pitching and bullpen) clicking at once for most of the year.

Should we celebrate accomplishments? Yes we should, but let’s not let them blind us of how bad this team has played as a whole this year.

The funny thing about this blog is people can be SO short sited. kr mentions, “Its sad because that is the only thing the White Sox have to cheer about this year.” I can think of a few…How about Buerhle’s no-no?? I was at the park for Richar’s first ML hit and Owen’s first homer. Those were pretty exciting. Yeah, so this season isn’t turning out exactly liked we hoped, but if you look hard enough, there have definitely been some highlights. Can anyone else add to my very short list? I remember others, but maybe others can help us remember too.

AJ’s slam against the Cubs could be added.

“If it doesn’t matter if you win or lose why do they keep the **** score”–Bobby Knight.

I was going to stay out of this but since Tom decided to include me, well here goes.

Life has nothing to do with baseball. It’s a sport, it’s a game, it’s a diversion.

All true.

But my attitude is if I’m going to do anything…work, play, study, read,exercize,broadcast, I’m in it to win.

That’s my mantra, my ‘life philosophy’.

I root for the Sox to the fullest extent that I can and I get personally disgusted and embarrassed when season’s like this take place.

I expect accountability for this garbage at the end of the season. As a loyal fan, to me, that’s the least that should be gotten out of this.

Those who say ‘well some good things happened,’ that’s true and if you choose to accentuate those, that’s your right.

Personally if the team can’t win more then they lose, I choose to take the Homer Simpson approach, to wit:

‘let us never speak of this again.’

Once the Sox lose the 82nd game the season really is over, I don’t care what the calandar says or who did what in what game.

I don’t care. Not a wit, an iota, a fraction of a second.

Wins, losses and the post season is what these guys play for, what they get paid (a lot) for and what I watch for.

I can’t speak for anyone else, misguided as they may be.

Mark Liptak

Also no one has the right to tell anyone how to live their life or what should be important to a person.

You may think it’s petty, futile, childish and again that’s your right…but you can’t decide what’s important to someone else.

To me, my wife is the most important thing in my life, then my son and his family, then the White Sox.

Period. In EXACTLY that order.

Again if someone doesn’t like that…that’s fine, as long as you keep your mouth shut and don’t try to tell me how to run my affairs. Because frankly I don’t give a **** what you think!

Now getting back to the Sox which is what this blog is supposed to be about, not a bad version of Dr. Phil…

Mark Liptak

2007 equals some “ups”, mostly “downs”, and lots of losing. UP= Rookie Fields hitting 3 homers in 2 days. DOWN= Thome looking clueless hitting against the same pitchers. Somebody give me the AFLAC duck soundbite of disgust! UP= Field’s grand salami to bring the club w/in one run of the first place team in the ninth…DOWN=having the meat of the order go 3 up, 3 down to end the game. UP= Beuhrle, DOWN= the Contreras implosion. Lastly, down go our vets who can’t hit worth spit, AGAIN. Bullpen’s looking better, but hitting is back in the porcelain bowl. This IS frustrating, whether or not expectations were high, low, or midland coming into this season, this season is tough to watch. I still go, I bring the kids, I watch almost every game, but OH the futility, the futility! I root for the rooks, and shake my head with the vets. I love my team, I love to watch, but I can’t help but boil over at times. All part of being a fan.

I know that these are rumors but the Daily Southtown reported today that this is a strong possibility for a trade. If it is true, it would be very disappointing for Kenny to pull this off.

Khalil Greene, SS: General manager Ken Williams is good for one big trade per offseason and this could be it. Williams reportedly wanted Greene as part of a trade-deadline deal for Jermaine Dye, and he could finally acquire the quick, slick-fielding shortstop in an offseason swap with San Diego. The Sox would send Jon Garland — who nearly was traded last offseason to Houston — and Brian Anderson to San Diego for Greene, reliever Heath Bell and a pitching prospect or two.

here is the whole article,141SPT3.article

Mooney – I can’t see that happening. Now I would not be shocked to see Garland traded, but I don’t think Khalil Greene will be on the southside next year. Overall, I don’t know that he is really an improvement over Uribe. He is a slightly better average guy, will make less errors with the glove, but not as strong of an arm. I really believe the shortstop position will be upgraded big time, and Khalil Greene is nowhere near what will be available.

Like I said back in May (or late April) this team would finish no better than .400. I know when a team has no chance and this one didn’t.
Ozzie needs to go HOME and ********,wrong Cuban)Williams needs to hire a good baseball mind to help him rebuild. I watch the ’05 Series just about every other day and still can’t believe the Sox did it. To be honest, I could care less if they ever won another. At least I got to see them win it in my lifetime.

Maybe I shouldn’t have said that since the Cubs still have a shot. I certainly don’t want to see them win, at least while I’m on this planet.

maybe they could have a double play night at the ball park to see if paulie, dye, thome, and a j. could break the hitting into doubl play record by 4 guys, point is 4 station to station, non situational, slow guys in a row they will not play team baseball instead play for their individual stats, why does ozzie put up with it and the same line up, many close games have been lost this yr.

What bothers me more than four slow guys, are people who don’t use capital letters and punctuation, and can’t put a cogent thought together.

ok dippy timmy, I will put my I Q up side of yours anytime and come out 20-30 points to the plus side, this is not an english class, jerk

yogi is probably an idiot to you , also , you no imagination featherweight.

Mark Liptak,
If the White Sox are so important to you, why have you been to New Comiskey only one time since it opened? Read the story here.

Mark Liptak Mark Liptak Mark Liptak Mark Liptak Mark Liptak Mark Liptak Mark Liptak Mark Liptak Mark Liptak Mark Liptak Mark Liptak Mark Liptak Mark Liptak Mark Liptak


As soon as you’re willing to pay for plane tickets from IDAHO, I’ll be happy to visit two, three, even four times a year.

In fact I’ll go so far as to say I’ll attend as many games as YOU want to pay for. Is it a deal?

Ever hear of something called road games?

It’s a lot easier to see the club in Seattle or Oakland. (cheaper too…)

Try acting your age next time you post…not your IQ.

Mark Liptak

awkward silence

that’s the spirit everyone! some humor for the masses. (capitals left out on purpose). go White Sox. let’s start winning? more cricket noise in the background.(thanks mgrothendick for the segue idea). j.k. watching in 15 mins.

lol.. no kidding, that was something wasn’t it! 🙂

Hey Liptak do us all a favor and stay in Idaho!!!


I understand. I remember when I had my first beer to and tried to use a typewriter.

Like my late father used to say, ‘children should be seen and not heard…’

Mark Liptak

stupid sox could be right in the hunt if they would have won a game or 2 or 3 this week. jagbags. thome needs to go the guy is terrible. dye should be resigned and put to use as DH 90 percent of the games. thome is just really bad and should be dumped. maybe we can get the big hurt back for him! shoulda never got thome in the first place. stupid williams.

Back home from tonight’s game in Oakland and disappointed in the outcome. Frustrating to see the opportunities that came to no runs. One bright spot was Ehren Wasserman’s excellent pitching in relief of Buehrle. He threw only 10 pitches to get 3 outs – nice!!

But it was interesting to compare the two teams. LIke the Sox, the A’s have been beset with injuries this year, including key players, like starting pitchers (Loaiza and Hardin) and their gold glove third baseman who played hurt, or not at all this whole season. However, the young players they have called up as replacements have performed considerably better than some of the Sox prospects. Which leads me to believe that the A’s talent scouting and/or player development is superior to that of the Sox. Comparing the batting averages of their rookies (Cust (270), Buck (292), Murphy (228)) with those of our rookies Richar (162), Fields (257), and Owens (256) not to mention our veterans like Erstad (171), Konerko (266), Dye (245), and Thome (260) is a revelation. By the way, the defensive performance of the A’s rookies is comparable to our rookies’ performance.

(Let’s not even compare their rookie pitchers’ ERAs to our rookies – not a pretty sight!)

I’m not blaming our rookies for the plight we are in – that is not fair and not true. Our veterans have left much to be desired, and that is a big reason why the Sox are 11 games under .500, while the A’s are only 3 games below .500, although both teams are 11.5 games out of first place in their respective divisions.

Bottom line, I think the Sox need an upgrade in talent scouting and/or player development. Injuries will happen during a season, and the team needs reliable backup players who can step in and get the job done.

Oh well, let’s hope we don’t get swept tomorrow! Go Sox!!

I am about ready to proclaim Danny Richar a bum. He has been terrible since the sox traded Iguchi. Iguchi has been outstanding for the phillies. I said it when the deal was made it reminds me a whole lot of when Ray Duhram was traded and the sox pumped up Willie Harris as the second coming. Duhram-up to this year- always outperformed Harris. Now Harris is doing a little better as a part time outfielder. Duhram is still playing 2nd everyday for the Giants.

Richar has until september 1 to impress me. otherwise they need to bring back iguchi because this guy isnt cutting it.

Mark Liptak,
Why don’t you get a real job and pay your own way to a Sox game. I don’t live in Illinois but I can afford to attend several games each year.

Mark Liptak Mark Liptak Mark Liptak Mark Liptak Mark Liptak Mark Liptak Mark Liptak Mark Liptak Mark Liptak Mark Liptak Mark Liptak Mark Liptak Mark Liptak Mark Liptak

hey, guys and gals! here’s some good news! today we didn’t lose by one run!!!! o.k. i know i’m dilusional, but i really thought that with our studs ( Garland, Mark and Javy) that we would WIN at least two games. even in oakland. even out west. even at this point of the season, because we were, had been and mostly played better on the road instead of at home. but no more. it looks like my wish of winning 70 before losing 70 is in jeopardy. oh, well. there’s always tomorrow, and at least i can get a laugh reading this blog every day. if not from the bloggers, then from our players…………………… j.k. see ya tomorrow night.

Kenwo don’t forget, Iguchi’s in the national league now, that’s like a slightly advanced version of AAA, so naturally he’s doing better.

I wouldn’t call it completely out of the question to see him back with the Sox if Richar doesn’t impress by season’s end. I think the Sox figured they’d be better off without paying his one million left for the season.

Man, I am having a ball reading this blog. Ah… back to baseball though, just read Zambrano is having issues, not just with pitching, but with a contract. I can’t stand the guy, but if we pried him out of the north side, how the cubbies fans will whine!!! And best part is, he may even be able to hit (a little) in the AL. Ticket to a ball game? $40. Cost to demoralize Cubdom? $100 million for something like 5 years. Seeing Ozzie and Zambrano yelling at each other in the dugout or on the mound? Priceless. Go Southsiders!

boy is williams on serious dope. i read that he said that Thome is the offensive valuable player for the sox? if this is the case no wonder why this team is ducked with an F instead of the D. He is awful, brutal, disgusting, pathetic, worthless and terrible all rolled into one. He should be sent flyin to the ryan and the team would be better served with dye/fields or a free agent as the DH. Williams needs to get canned as he doesnt know what in the **** he is looking at. what a joker that guy is.

well, here it is tomorrow night (see my last post). and i’m ready for the rack. no, i don’t want to be stretched into a Mao-Man, i want some sleep. after all, we all know now that this team has no heart and it IS easier to lose than it is to win. tired of losing, tired of watching this team just go through the motions waiting for oct. well, we’re waiting for september, for football, and oh yeah, go D-Backs, that would be my national league team….. j.k. still from tucson………..

p.s. surely we can win a game this week?????????? j.k.

jk… I was just getting on here to say the same thing. I’m sitting here thinking that September can’t get here fast enough and GO CARDS and they’re little comback they’re making… back to back!!! 🙂 whoohoo! Still deepintheheart….KV

And yet again I read i9n the game story in the tabloid that the manager is concerned about his starting pitcher’s mental state, regarding the ongoing divorce proceedings…
and again I say…



Meanwhile, the worst fears of White Sox Universe have come true… The Flubs in 1st…and the boys playing “third banana”to those clowns and Da Bears on the air and in print…

Yesterday it disturbed me to read a quote from J Dye to the effect that some of the players on the current roster seem to be turning their on and off like a lightswitch…UNACCEPTABLE !!!


That’s just how I feel…

BTW, # 1, For those of you who have been beating up on Brother Liptak…He’s a big enough boy to where I really don’t have to defend him,however, he is getting busy with HS football as well as his studio duties for the Idaho State Football Network, so it’s kind of hard for him to come into town on a shuttle to see the team in person…

#2… If any of my earlier comments about the fans and their attitude rubbed a raw nerve or three, I humbly apologize…

Unless somebody doesn’t mind…

The missing word from the J Dye refrence is “performance”, twhich is being turned on and off…
Again, totally unacceptable…

If I could spell reference, I would be a serious threat…

Well if there is any good news for this pathetic week of White Sox baseball it has been reported that Jermaine Dye has a agreed to a 2 year extension at $22 mil and a mutual 3rd year option. Smart move keeping this guy here. He may have had a horrible first half, but he is gonna pay off at DH when he does not have to wear down his body so much playing the outfield.

good deal for JD….hopefully next year he will be outstanding which i dont think will be a problem. with the sox resigning these guys there will be moves from somewhere. if i had to pinpoint it i think garland is gone for sure and hopefully thome. I still dont think you will get a better shortstop than Uribe for 5 million or less. Erstad will be gone as well as podsednik. I do think Crede will be back at third and hopefully fields can be the DH or maybe left fielder. it should be interesting. now lets RESIGN BUKVICH!!!!

Kenwo – I want to expand on two things you said there. Yes Garland is probably gone, and for $5 mil Uribe is a bargain. Unless they make a run at ARod, don’t be shocked to see the Sox talk to Baltimore about a Garland for Tejada trade that may include Uribe and us getting some minor league or bullpen help back as well. The Sox have been trying like crazy to get Tejada for 3 or 4 years now. This is a trade that the Orioles would probably find to make sense. But we’ll see what happens. The conspiracy theorist in me still thinks ARod would look good in a White Sox uniform next year. November and Decemeber are bound to be much more interesting than the next six weeks.

I heard JD got re-signed. Good for him. If they were keeping anyone I would say Dye and Buerhle were a good start. Hope to see the changes Williams is planning to make soon. Like to be surprised is all, and have always kind of liked seeing new faces. Resting on your laurels is bad just about anywhere.

I’m also glad the, ahem, disagreements have played out. I like arguing baseball, but when it gets personal, there is really no point, unless you’re in primary school.

As far as J Dye saying people were turning things on and off, coming from the guy who played terribly the first half, one would have to assume

a) he wasn’t turning it ‘off’

b) that he is or has a right to be an ‘objective’ observer

To say nothing of his integrity or personal competitive instincts, I’m just saying, one should be careful of throwing stones. If someone is slumping like ‘you’ were slumping (legitly struggling) then why pan them as you know how hard it can be to break out? And when listening to said person throwing stones, keep in mind this person is still a player and may not be so well rounded that it’s his right to pan his teammates. Sometimes you learn these things as you get older though. Oh, well.

Personally, I’d like to see Fields get to stay at 3rd. I hope that Richar can start getting on more regularly and adapt to big league pitching. I remember seeing some rookies coming in, like Jeter, and how awkward and immature they looked. Richar reminds me of that. But I think we got a glimpse of what he can do the other day. Would like to see him grow up in a Sox uniform.

Oh and Zambrano, much to my chagrin, got his payday this week. Funny, he may have his games, but he strikes me (no pun intended) as being a bit erratic on the mound and barring that, erratic mentally. I would love to see this deal blow up in the Scrubs’ faces. Mean spirited? Me? Never…..LOL!

OH, BROTHER!!!!!!!!


some random thoughts that we’re all having right about now (probably)…….

White Sox ’07 Bad Case Scenaios……

1) we get the first man on base in an inning, that’s good,,, no that’s bad, because the next guy hits into a double play.

2)we have a man on second with NO ONE out and all we have to do to score is move him to third and then hit a sac fly for a run,, that’s good,,, no that’s bad because when our guy is on second the next man up can’t move him over, but that’s ok, because a hit scores the runner anyway, EXCEPT that our next guy strikes out and then the fly ball to deep right field is meaningless.

3) somehow we get the bases loaded with no outs ( this must be a dream right? it HAS happened check it out). this is GREAT right?,,, no because the fourth man up pops out to the shortstop and then there is either a double play or a strike out and flyout in that order for a total of no runs.

4)there are two outs and noone on base when all of a sudden the team wakes up and someone hits a single and then the next guy hits a double and we score a run!!!! Wrong again!!! our runner either is sllloooowwwww and is gunned down at the plate or he is held up at third so as to not be gunned down at the plate OR he forgets that there is two outs and trots off the field to the delight of the visiting fans and is called out by the umpire for QUITTING…

ok,ok, i’m sorry that’s just the offense and we know that we really do score at least one run less than the oposition so we can score, BUT……

5) their team hits a double and is moved over to third by a nicely placed bunt or a hit to the right side of the infield. the next guy up hits a sac fly for a one run lead….. see how easy that was????

6) our gutsy starting pitcher is sailing along with no runs allowed when all of a sudden the other team hits a double with two outs. that’s ok because since there are two outs we will get out of the inning right???? wrong!! next guy hits the plate with a high bouncer off of a great pitch and the runner scores from second on an infield hit. wow, you don’t see that very often…. unless of course you’re watching the first, NO,, second, NO,, third, NO,, fourth, NO, last place YES that’s right folks, the last place Chicago White Sox. remember worst to first? well we turned that around this year.

from a World Series Win in ’05, to 90 wins in ’06, to ___ wins in ’07. (you fill in the blank), but i’m thinking that the way we’re going right now, we’ll be lucky to win 70….. UNF——-ING BELIEVABLE…….

that’s all from the land of j.k. except to say, can we please win at least one against kc????????

OH, BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

White Sox signed Mike Myers. Gavin gets sent down. He’ll be available tomorrow.

Hopefully Myers will be a good addition. I called for that move back on August 6th when I heard the Yankees cut him loose.

This team is bad. Really, really bad.

Hey White Sox could you grab me a bottle of wine since your in the cellar??


Kenny seems pissed and making sure this will never happen again. Looks for an interesting off season!

It’s ok though, at least Bobby tied a record. Gosh, let’s cheer/act like we won the World Series.

Where, oh where, has our Scott gone??

Sounds like something written by a wonderful fan I know!


Doyle I <~~~~~

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