Cut Down Day

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Roster Decision Day

Following today’s game, the club will make its final decisions on the 25-man roster, so stay tuned to for our official announcement.

Tomorrow, we play a noon game against the Rockies with one lineup while everyone else flies to Birmingham for our exhibition game tomorrow night.  Then, it’s on to Atlanta for exhibition games Friday night and Saturday afternoon.

Do you think there is any chance AJ figures out a way to stay in Atlanta and watch his beloved Gators?

Sunday, the team works out in Chicago at noon, which then brings us to the day we have all been waiting for … OPENING DAY.


Some people have asked why we wait until after the game to announce moves.  I have two examples, one sad and one gulp.

The sad one came just a few years ago when Brian Simmons, an outfielder who had earned a job on the big-league club, went down in a heap rounding second base in the final game in Tucson.  It turned out he had ruptured his achilles (which I had also done).  Brian re-habbed, but it is safe to say he never was the player he could have become.

Another time was during the season.  We were making a player move after a game on the road.  It was a travel night, so the newspaper writers weren’t even going to head down to the clubhouse after the game.  Because of their deadlines, it reached a point where I either had to tell them the move while the game was still going on, or stay quiet and have them mad that they didn’t have the move.  So I told them to try and help.  The minute after I told them, a hitter lined the ball off our pitcher’s leg (the guy who was going to be sent down).  As a result, instead of being sent down, he was heading to the disabled list.  Now, the news was out (even though it didn’t happen) and we had to worry that early editions would be wrong.  So I learned a lesson.

I’ve been back in Chicago this week preparing for Opening Day and getting our new press box in shape.  I think people will be pleasantly surprised by what they see.


observations from the chilly southwest, ie, tucson….. i only went to two games this spring and we lost both. that’s ok except that our pitching is the main reason we ARE losing. i am waiting for the season to begin too, but here are two points; while pitchers expect to give up more runs/hits in AZ than elsewhere, why is it that we gave up more than any of our competition. isn’t it reasonable to assume that if the spring air is conducive to hitting here, that it is also the same for the other teams as well? I’m not too big on spring stats, and in Ozzie and Kenny i trust, but…. i have a baaad feeling about this one (season coming). i hope i’m wrong, i hope i’m wrong, i hope i’m wrong…. point two is that we’ve been relatively injury free for the past couple of years, and as a realist, it just might be our turn for the “I” bug to hit us, even beyond Toby…. again, i will be rooting for our guys from day one… there just seems to be something missing this year that was present the past THREE years.. i want to be wrong, and in my circles it is well documented that the opposite usually happens in my predictions, and i did get a White Sox to Win the WS when i was in vegas earlier this year, so who knows? only time will tell. i feel better now, having gotten that bit of worry off my chest…. thanks for listening, and Go Go White Sox ’07…. j.k.

i’m hoping that everyone who keeps saying that spring stats don’t matter are right…let’s go sox.
-bv in kalamazoo

Hawk let out an interesting stat today. Over the past 2 spring training seasons we are 2-21-1 combined against the Rockies and D-Backs. I know these games mean jack squat, but you would think that in 24 games against the garbage of the NL we could win more than 2 games if not just by accident.

Klein – I understand your worries. One would expect that the hitting and pitching numbers would go down somewhat equally once we leave AZ, and if that is the case we are still looking at giving up more runs than we are scoring. I am no genius, but I am pretty sure it is tough to make the playoffs doing that.

Going 2-21-1 against those junk teams proves that Spring Training stas are meaningless. The White Sox finish much better than both of those teams year after year in a much harder division. I feel a little bit better now.

Boone got robbed! He outpitched Sisco by leaps and bounds. I hope he doesn’t get traded because chances are, we’re going to need him soon. And I know Kenny’s getting fed up with validating the Freddy trade but he better get used to it for the time being. That’s what happens when you trade a proven horse for two minor-leaguers who in all liklihood will make no contributions to the team this season. In Kenny’s mind I’m sure he saw Gavin stepping into the 5th slot with ease and obviously he hasn’t done that. A good trade for the future, certainly. But for the time being it’s made us weaker.

And I’m glad to hear that Ozzie’s pulling out the short leash because the long leash from ’06 gave players way too much wiggle room for laziness and lapses of concentration. Someone mentioned this previously but we don’t have the luxury of finding our stride once the season starts. We’re facing tough division rivals right out the gate. This last week of ST should have been that period to tie all the loose ends together. Most fans aren’t bother by results in Spring Training. W/L don’t mean much. But the apathy and lack of effort displayed (especially last night) do concern me a bit. Come on out the gates blazin’ fellas and it’s moot. Come on out like we have been and it’s going to be a very long season.

All that bitter garbage aside I can’t wait for the games that do count! The season hasn’t even started and I’m already a neurotic mess…wouldn’t want it any other way. Gotta love the Sox.

Exactly right, is our approach so different in ST than every other team? Do the Sox just tell the pitchers, “Get in your work, and don’t worry, it doesn’t count?” In the immortal words of Jaime, “it’s fruuustrating”.

I don’t agree with Logan not making the team. Should’ve left the ex-Cubbie off, he might be bringing a curse with him.(joke) Seems like ST meant nothing to a guy working his tail off, pitching better than most on the team, and then being sent down.

I liked the idea of moving Dye back to #3, putting the speed (best of the 3 bigguns, anyway) first, then Thome, then Paulie, making it a righty-lefty-righty punch. Instead, now with I-PODS and ERSTWHILE at the top, that gives you 3 lefties in a row. BUT, Ozzie reversed that thought. Too bad, he let a good idea die before trying it.

Anyone else hear this junk on the WSCR about how there will be a HUGE White Sox announcement sponsored by Walgreens this Tuesday on the Score? I’m sure its another marketing deal liek the 7-11 7:11 start times. What a pile of you know what.

Anything to make a buck!

Before you know it, you will have “home plate brought to you by (insert massive takeover machine name here) Bank”

And of course that is not just the Sox, that is all of professional sports. Even the Scrubs broke down this year and will have an UnderArmour sign on the wall in place of some of the coveted ivy.

Great to finally be able to post again. I had some password problems for the last 2 months. I was chomping at the bit to express some thoughts, but haven’t been able to. Lets relax a little over spring training, have they ever been good under Ozzie, last time I checked we are the only team over the last 2 years to win over 200 games. Looking forward to some 65-70 degree weather on opening day. See you cats there. Again jacked about being able to post again.

Good news from one of the enemies today. Kenny Rogers out until July. Probably had to have the pine tar surgically removed from his hand.

A lot of people are picking the Tigers to pull out a repeat perfromance of last year. I am anxious to see how some of those young arms are doing come about mid-season. If our veteran arms grew tired last year they should have similar problems because the young pitchers have never thrown as much in the past as they did last year.

The pickup of Gary Sheffield does not mean much to me right now. If they look at him to be “the man” and be a leader they made a big mistake. The only place he was really successul was on the Yankees where he really took a back to seat. We’ll have to wait and see if he learned anything.

OK, I am really just trying to make myself feel better by using reasons that I think we can be better than Detroit this year.

I completely agree with you Dev. Kenny being out is great news for the White Sox. And I think the young players on their team won’t be able to pitch as well as last year. A repeat performance like that almost never happens. Sheff is not a leader at all. They will look for him to be the man and it will backfire.

I can’t wait until Monday. Go Go White Sox

I am by no means soft when it comes to competition, but I think we should at least hope Kenny Rogers is all right. A blood clot and atrery problems are still pretty serious. With that said I am glad it will be a while before he is making out hitters look ridiculous with his stuff.

Kenny Rogers is a blatant cheater. He was caught on camera cheating last year and nothing was done about it. Can you say karma?

I never said I wanted the guy to be hurt. I am not wishing him any ill will. However, I do like the fact that he will not be on the Tigers until July. Don’t act like we are hoping for Kenny to die, Fitz.

This is a completely random question, but I’m wondering what some other baseball lovers would think.

If a player puts up ridiculous numbers to the extent that he is clearly the most valuable player in baseball, but for some reason this player is traded in a blockbuster move about halfway through the season which league would he win the MVP for? Would he win one?

I guess this is a stupid question because the scenario would probably never happen, but I’m just curious as to what you’d think.

not a stupid question at all, mgrothendick.. when mark mcguire went to st louis from the a’s in the middle of the season a few years back, he had over 20 homers in the AL and wound up with over 50 for the year. he didn’t win either mvp but was considered for both. you can look it up, but i prefer to have TQ correct any/all mistakes i may have made…. j.k. go go White Sox ’07

Went by the park today and a light was on… someone was home! 🙂
I was SO happy… I still am!

It was great to see.

How come Danks isn’t listed on the roster on the website? Guess they traded him already, maybe for Rowand. 🙂
Pretty good game for Beuhrle last night, good to see. Vazquez, not so much, today.

I hope we’re starting Pablo instead of Pods tomorrow against Sabathia. Can’t wait for tomorrow and I doubt I’m the only one who plans to be stricken by a mysterious illness around noon. Opening Day should be a national holiday. Let’s start this season off on a good note and kick some Cleveland ****.

Well, tomorrow is the day we all have been waiting for! I am still concerned about the pitching. It was good to see Mark have a good game against Atl. I hope the rest of the starters can pick it up a few notches now that they are out of Az. Come on Sox, get it started off right on Monday!!

I wish the team health and success in 2007. I expect at a minimum a ‘winning’ season (83 wins.)

I also wish the fans a healthy and happy season watching the team. It’s no fun being sick or having issues that make it difficult to watch the club.

Mark Liptak

It’s Opening Day and I cannot wait for Contreras to throw the first pitch at 1:05

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