I’m Back

Monday, March 19, 2007


Sorry, between the off day (Thursday), demands on my time Friday and Saturday (broadcasts, meetings, etc.) and then yesterday (I rested), I haven’t posted for awhile.

I’m in Tucson today (so not at our game) but am heading up to Phoenix tomorrow for our game against the Athletics.

Jim Thome, Scott Podsednik and Jon Garland, among others, stayed here in Tucson to play in minor league games.


For those of you watching, I heard Juan Uribe picked up that rarest of spring training gems, an inside-the-park home run.

Adam Russell

You also have gotten to see Adam Russell pitch again on today’s telecast.  Keep an eye on this guy.  He was a combined 10-6 last year at Winston-Salem and Birmingham.  Adam is big, like 6-foot-8, 250 pounds big, and our minor league pitching guys now have him dropping down from the side from time to time.  The closest comparison is Jose Contreras.  Anyway, keep an eye on Adam and his pitching lines this summer.  He has impressed this spring.

No. 5

As I’ve said before, numbers can be misleading, particularly whey they involve Cactus League pitching.  Yesterday’s outing by John Danks is a good example.  He pitched well in the first inning and third.  Was OK in the second and ran into trouble in the fourth.  Not exactly what you want, but not quite as bad as the pitching line might lead you to believe.

Pitching Coach Don Cooper offered these thoughts today during the Comcast Sports Net broadcast.

"What that taught us about John Danks is that he’s got to change speeds," Cooper said.  "In the early innings he was getting ahead of hitters.  In the fourth inning he got fastball happy and forgot about his curveball and changeup."

Party In The Park

After Saturday’s game, the White Sox held their annual team picnic in back of the complex.  In addition to food, drink and dip-and-dots (where were those when I was a kid), the afternoon’s fun included all kinds of kid-oriented giant blow-up toys.  Many of the Sox players and staff, as well as families, came out to enjoy the weather and mingle with White Sox partners, staff and family.

Former coach Joe Nossek, in Arizona to visit his son, Scott, attended.  It was great to see Joe and Jean. 


Feel free to fire any questions you may have about the team, spring training, Tucson, etc. my way over the next day and I’ll try to answer what I can later this week.


Welcome back, Scott! Today’s post is exactly what we love about this blog; insight and behind the scenes info. I’m incredibly psyched to get the team home and start some real baseball!! =) -Dawn

Ross just went deep off of Aardsma. I hope he gets a good shot with the Royals because Ross is a real good and solid player and he deserves to play. Adam looked great today and Sisco looked pretty good too. I love ST seeing all the youngsters do their thing. Sweeney, Fields, Owens, Danks. But can’t wait for Opening Day. Gio’s about to pitch now, back to the game.

Scott, I have a question for you or anyone who knows the answer. How many HRs have cleared the seats and landed on the concourse at the Cell? And who hit them? I seem to remember Ron Karkovice doing it once. But I’m not certain. Thanks!

I think Borchard hit the wall opposite the concourse in 2004.

I THINK I recall seeing the Big Hurt hit the concourse…

Other than Borchard’s shot (504 feet!), I’m not certain which homers have cleared the seats and hit the concourse. Pat claims that Thome hit one last year (448 ft) that cleared the seats. (I thought it hit the concourse on a bounce.) Interestingly, the Sox Media Guide lists the longest ones recorded in the Cell (and at old Comiskey, for that matter). The 2007 version of the guide is online at http://chicago.whitesox.mlb.com/cws/fan_forum/media_guides.jsp#2007.
Go to the RECORDS section; and then to page 342.

Scott, can you settle the dispute? Pat and I have a bet riding on this. And BTW… I love that the 2007 version is online already. Pretty cool!

looking at those home run records brought me back! ron kittle is my all time favorite player and it lists all of his roofshot homers…george bell ate up the sox in 85- in the same series he hit 2 roofshots and a bleacher blast! thats pretty impressive. i always liked george bell and to this day i am mad that he didnt play ahead of bo jackson/pasqua in the playoffs in 93. what was lamont thinking. no wonder he is a base coach now.

And on the 7th day he rested…

I asked this question before, but no responses. I was flipping thru the media guide one day and noticed Konerko hit an inside-the-park home run on 4/11 at Tampa Bay. I have searched for a description of this event to no avail. Does anyone know how this could possibly happen? Did an outfielder pass away? The previously listed inside the park homer was recorded by who else, Ron Karkovice.

I was at the game Borchard hit that shot, it was a monster. It was about the only good thing I ever saw that guy do.

BTW I hope you all were watching the Sox and cubs game were Kenny was upstairs in the broacast booth and they had Ozzie with the headset on in the dugout. Crede is at the plate and Kenny tells Ozzie to hit and run if Crede gets on base. He does and the camera shows Ozzie flashing signs. Crede runs on the pitch (way up and in) and Mackoviak somehow protects Crede by getting some wood on it. The ball bounces off the ground and straight up off his forehead. Needless to say Kenny got it good after that, everyone suggesting that he let Ozzie manage before he gets a player killed and so on. It was too funny.

Here you go, BillB: April 11, 2000. Esteban Yan was on the mound for TB. It was the first inning, and the Sox were leading 1-0 with 2 outs and Maggs on first. Paulie hit a 2-1 pitch that ricocheted off the top of the left-center field fence. Centerfielder Gerald Williams overran the ball, forcing leftfielder Greg Vaughn to chase it down. Seeing that Vaughn’s relay to shortstop Kevin Stocker was late, 3rd base coach Wallace Johnson sent Paulie home. (And we thought Cora was insanely aggressive.) Paulie slid in, giving the Sox a 3-0 lead. The Sox went on to win 13-6.

Paulie had some amusing comments about it after the game:

“I’m certainly not the fastest guy on the team, so I had a lot of time heading for home to think about it.”

“It was like a blur — not that I was a blur.”

“I went right to the trainer’s room and ate eight bananas to get my legs back for (the next night’s game).”

Sources: St. Petersburg Times; Chicago Sun-Times

Maria, thanks for the info on the Paulie in the parker. My boys and I heard the homer mentioned on the broadcast, since Juan hit that one, and we turned and looked at each other in amazement. We did not remember it, and also couldn’t believe it!

Russell in the mix? They were almost pencilling in Danks after a few good games, now Adam is in the mix after a good outing. This sure won’t be an easy decision for Kenny/Ozzie.

Maria, thank you for the link to the media guide!! Now I need to know how far a HR must travel to reach the concourse. By looking at the longest HRs, I would say that it must be around 480 feet. Which would mean that there have been four to reach the concourse. But that is just a guess. Feel free to correct me.

Thank you so much Maria. I will pass it on to all my friends who couldn’t remember it either.

This is from a post by Scott back on May 10th, 2006

“Well, thankfully, we now know that a home run off the top of the LaSalle Bank sign in right field would have travelled 530 feet had it not hit the sign. That might be good to know come June-July-August”

So 480 sounds about right, Figure the concourse is about 50 feet wide.

Sure would be nice to win another game soon. At least everybody seems to be pretty healthy now, hopefully they are going to be ready in a few short weeks.

Can’t wait to stop by the seats which are still blue, where Paulie and Scotty hit their homers in the WS. All the rest of the seats are now green, which I have personally accounted for. 🙂

By my count Brian Anderson has only seen action in 5 or the last 10 “A” games and has appeared in the least amount of games of all the potential CFers. Is he getting significant at-bats in “B” games/minor league games? Are stats kept for those at bats and can you post them?

Question for you…who was the last White Sox player to hit an inside the park home run?? Konerko?

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