Tampa Bay In Town

Tuesday, August 29, 2006, 5:15 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Dye, RF; PK, DH; Crede, 3B; AJ, C; Uribe, SS; Gload, 1B; BA, CF.  Garcia on the mound.


Hit and miss tonight, according to Roger Bossard.  So light that it doesn’t even register on the radar, the sprinkles are circling on the edge of the lake and are likely to be a factor all night.

Golf and Rain

Yesterday was our annual Field of Greens Golf Tournament at Harborside International Golf Course.  Heavy rain washed out most of the rounds after a few holes, but Sox GM Kenny Williams was spotted on the soaked course long after most other golfers headed in for the day.

"I was worried about my back," Williams said.  "So I was swinging nice and easy on the range and the ball was jumping."

"I think I found something in my swing," said Williams, "so my attitude was ‘Forward.’"

I’ll try to write more about the outing tomorrow …

Let’s take tonight.


JD is the Man!!! Just imagine where our sorry as* pitching staff would be without him! MVP, MVP (chanting)

Way to go Freddie – plunking D. Young. Does anybody think the ump even considered a warning?

Freddy’s kinda freakin’ me out tonite. Imagine the postseason, with every inning starting out with a runner on base (which, with Freddy, means on second base). Not a pretty thought. And let’s recall, he’s pitching against Tampa Bay, not Oakland, or Detroit or New York! Scary…

Omg Freddy!!! So I get home and can listen to the game and now you decide that it needs to be close???

C’mon guys…we need to pull this one out, especially with the twins currently losing to the royals.



joey cora is gwendle kim in a sox jersey

JOEY CORA YOU ******* ****!


Plunking Delmon Young really did a lot of good, huh? Hey, nobody minded Joey Cora last year when everything was clicking. He’s about 10th on the list of things wrong with this bunch right now. Neither Hawk nor DJ have said one word tonight about Garcia’s sloppy ****. There’s no sense of urgency with this team. They’re the most frustrating team I think I’ve ever watched.

This game fits one of the two classic ’06 Sox game scenarios: either the pitchers go out and spot the other team 3 or 4 runs right away and their teammates spend the rest of the game playing catch up, or they jump out to a huge lead and the pitchers let the other team back into the game. You could just feel the D-Rays creeping back into the game. It’s enough to make a fan want to jump off a building

Why are you so frustrated when we’re winning? Obviously Freddy should pitch better, but he hasn’t all year. We pulled away from the D-Rays after they crept back into the game, that’s a good thing. I’m not quite sure I understand your frustration.

The Twins got shut out by KC, so assuming we hang on tonight, we’ll be back up on the Twins and within 5 on the Tigers. Hopefully the Yanks can sweept Detroit in the double header tomorrow. Should be a fun month of September!

Go Sox!

You don’t understand my frustration?!!! The Sox scored 7 runs in the first two innings, which should be PLENTY to beat a team that’s 25+ games below .500. If the Sox hitters hadn’t piled 4 more runs on to Tampa’s band of nobody pitchers, this game would be TIED right now! It’s unacceptable. You just can’t count on having to outscore the other team all the time!

As I type this, the D-Rays have two men on base: Delmon Young, in THE FIRST MAJOR LEAGUE GAME OF HIS CAREER, and Zobrist, who came up from minor league ball like 3 weeks ago, and this is against a team that considers itself a contender? Un-freakin-believable!

Are we going to lose this game??!!!

Relief pitcher #3 steps to the mound. Cue the circus music. Only with this bunch of clowns can a team score 11 runs and not consider themselves safe. I’m getting “typer’s elbow”, but it’s better than damaging my vocal chords screaming at the TV.

I can’t post a **** thing because of this stupid comment spam, and it says to correct the error but doesn’t highlight the text in question, so how am I supposed to fix it?

Well, to sum up my post, i take back what I said because this is frustrating, but the Twins lost to KC 2-0 so it could be worse. I’ll take a win like those over a loss like that any day, but we do need to start playing better baseball if we’re going to make a run at this.

Go Sox!

The bullpen’s ERA for tonight (so far): 36.00.

Let’s hear some more, “Hey, c’mon, at least we’re winning! Who cares if we have to hit 14 home runs a night?!”

well that’s just a stupid comment. taking someone’s era for one day is pretty irrelevant. it’s like telling me someone is hitting .1000 today. ok, great, but what does that have to do with anything. i think our bullpen has been pretty good for the most part this year, so that’s really a useless stat.

nobody is arguing this is a bad game, but would you be happier is the sox lost? perhaps try looking at at least one positive, like the win that’ll move us back on top of the wild card. or you can just focus on stupid stats and the fact that we aren’t going to win the way you want us to today.

here’s an interesting stat for you. a 1-0 win is worth as much as a 11-0 win, which is also worth as much as a 11-10 win. crazy.

what an UGLY win. the key work of course is WIN! it doesn’t matter how you do it, just do it as the marketing genius says. i now am giving up on Neal. it doesn’t matter when he gets in, he will give it up. i read somewhere that he still thinks he has good stuff!!! sorry, but you need and overhaul, and the Sox need some quality call-ups in a couple of days. so now with Jon on the hill tomorrow, let’s not waste this one…. j.k. from the land of rain! can you believe it? and two in a row.

Is this over yet? I guess this became a must-win…so we won it. Any way – if anyone sees my stomach, please let me know. I can’t seem to find it. I think it just quit on me after the 7th…

Please guys!! Let’s save these types of wins for the postseason…K? Thanks.

WHOA WHOA WHOA.. some of you people need to take a sedative and breathe.. I can’t say I didn’t look at the tv and say ‘geezuz ch**st’ BUT.. we won right.. yes, it was an ugly game but bjwsjw.. you’re a bit excessive don’t cha think? Wow..

The extent of the conversation about tonights game doesn’t need to go any further than Ozzie’s comment after the game: “I’m really happy we won, becasue that was UGLY.”

On a serious note, David Ortiz is out indefinitly with a heart condition. That is some really serious, scary stuff boy, and my prayers are with him. It goes without saying the huge impact that clubhouse will have to deal with losing a leader such as himself, but that is irrelevant right now. Something like this puts things in perspective, and I hope everything is alright.

Back at it tomorrow, good job guys. Now don’t look BACK- keep rollin all the way through October, ok?! 🙂

I think my poor stomach might finally be recovering after that roller coaster ride. Thank God for Tums and white sox winners.

Lets lock it down early tomorrow Jon and coast to the finish.

Go Sox!!!


Neal cotts cant even come in the game with a 6 run lead. he is brutal. ive been saying that for months now. finally you guys are coming around. take it easy on freddy he wasnt that terrible…he was pitching with a big lead which will lend itself to giving up a few runs. JD is incredible. i remember my dad and uncle flipping out when they lost maggs and i said dye will do as much as maggs in his prime for a third of the price….JD it seems will be hitting third the rest of the year. what i dont understand is why he wasnt there all year long (i stated that in a may post i believe). its just a better fit. joey cora is not having a good year.

I guess winning ugly is better than losing.

Is Neat Cotts hurt? He can’t be this bad. He has never been close to this bad. Even with a 6 run lead I get a knot in my stomach when he comes in, and apparently rightfully so.

Kudos to Freddy for plunking that jerk Delmon Young. If you saw my last post from Scott’s previous post I expected it to happen. What he did to that umpire should have gotten him suspended for the year. He is lucky to be playing. I think not being able to rob Dye of the homer was better though. I was laughing at his dumb *** for the rest of the inning.

Note to Joey Cora: Paul Konerko is SLOW!

That one was so bad we could not even get on Konerko for not running over the catcher.

I missed the answer to last night’s trivia question. It’s driving me crazy. Who holds the record with 27 home runs hit in one season at old Comiskey?

Was it beltin’ Bill Melton?

Okay, who’s starting the fire Joey website? PK cannot run from first to home, without a little oxygen being applied halfway around. If I was Paulie I’d be pretty upset at Joey for embarassing me. Maybe Joey was trying to pay Paulie back for some offense. BRUTAL, Joey, BRUTAL. I remember when little Joey even sent Paulie on a bum leg before, recovering from an injury…too bad Freddie can’t plunk little Joe instead of the opposition. Although he did get the job done in short order on Young, maybe he can give Gar some lessons. 🙂

The ol’ “we have confidence line” for Cotts isn’t working, Ozzie, just like it didn’t work for Politte. What in the heck is wrong with Cotts? Even with a huge lead and no pressure, and against minor league talent, Cotts comes up short.

What’s with these last place teams being so dangerous, KC, Tampa? Is it they are playing loose? Go figure.

Okay, Jon, nail one down tonight. And, this is the night all Sox fans are secondly Yankee fans. GO YANKS! Sounds good that we could move to within 3.5 games of Los Tigres tonight!

I missed the answer, but I think it was Kittle.

Tuckers –

I gotta second that notion GO YANKEES!!!!!!!

Got our ace on the mound tonight, maybe we can give that awful bullpen(except for Jenks) a little breather. Konerko should be mad at Cora because this has happened to him a few times this year. There is no excuse for not knowing your own players speed. I would not be shocked to see some of our slower players start ignoring Cora when approching third.

Konerko’s too much of a professional to ignore his coache’s sign, in my opinion, but I wouldn’t put it pass A.J. to act on his own. You gotta think the players would pressure Ozzie into a conference with Cora. We can only hope. Something definitely needs to be said.

Where oh where has my Tom Quaid gone? Where oh where can he be? I miss you Tom! You know that i check in here every single day just to see what you and/or JKlein will come up with next. Kenwo is gonna end up with ulcers before the end of the season. Serves him right!!! Please come back! I know our opinions matter to you a whole **** of a lot more than kenwo’s! COME BACK ALREADY!!!
(Princess) Lisa

Couple of observations, Brian Anderson is batting .296 since the Allstar Break. Sox need BA and Uribe to deliver down the stretch. Uribe has proven he can carry a team when he gets hot. I’m still high on Vasquez, he’ll be a key.

Let’s go Jon!! Get the W!

I’m onto you, BC, I think you mention Vasquez just to get a reaction out of people. Well, here you go. I think you must be smokin’ Vasquez’ stuff, that’s gotta be the only way anybody can get high on him.
I’ll agree Uribe was a great contributor to the Champs last year, but I’ll not give you that he’s ever “carried” the team. We do need the bottom of the order to contribute, because the middle will go silent at times.

Go Big Jon, keep on rollin’! there’s talk of JD and the MVP, if Gar keeps the hot streak, we may here “Cy” talk around the south side.

The answer to the trivia question is of course, the great **** Allen in 1972.

That was some season!

Now let’s hope the Sox play better and get another win tonight. Every victory against the bad teams left on the schedule is a real plus given the way they have struggled against them this season.

Mark Liptak


I’m not looking for a reaction at all on Vasquez. I’m a big fan of his plain and simple. I know many people are not and I see their point. Nonetheless, he’s got great stuff just needs to avoid the big inning, it’s a mindset thing.


Answer to trivia question: **** Allen in ’72. Melton had 23 in ’70.

Please send that link for the FIRE JOEY CORA ALREADY website already.

I understand that every team needs a mascot, but why is ours a 3rd Base Coach?

I’m going out on a limb here, but I could’ve sworn that last night, Joey actually gave PK the stop sign. I was at the game, sitting in Sec 144 with a good view of third base. I distinctly remember Joey’s arms being up in the air, front and forward, with his hands in a “stop” position when Paulie “blew” by him. Now normally Cora would also point to the base, but he didn’t. But I didn’t see those familiar arm circles signaling Paulie to continue home. After seeing that, I thought, “Geez Paulie, did you have an extra bowl of Wheaties or something?” Can someone tell me if I was hallucinating? (If that’s the case, no more pulled pork sandwiches for me.)

Sorry – my anger towards Joey makes me type words twice. Let’s try this edit:

Please, please, for the love of god please send me the link for the website titled: FIRE JOEY CORA ALREADY.

Much better.


You may have been seeing the stop sign for the batter/runner behind Konerko approcahing second base after hitting the ball into the left/center gap, I believe it was Crede. On TV you clearly saw Cora waving Konerko home.

Vazquez has what used to be Jon Garland disease. Before last season Jon could not avoid that one big inning every game. Jon was young though, and we see with more experience he has been able to get past that. Vazquez has been in the bigs too long for that to happen. Looks like he is degressing.

Thanks, Jim. That explains it. :o)

Let’s see some “winning pretty” tonight, OK guys?

The Tigers dropped the first game! The lead dwindles…

Hooooaaaahhh! Way to go, Yanks! And thanks! Okay, it’s 4.5 games and dwindling.

If you are a regular, faithful blogger and are interested in 2 FREE Sox tickets for tonight’s game, please email me now. (I can’t make it to the game.) I’ll transfer the tickets to you via email, and you’ll need to print them off. First come, first served! Oh yeah… You MUST cheer, and absolutely no booing from allowed!!!

Its funny because for most of this season everyone has been harping on Ozzie for leaving the starters in too long. So yesterday Ozzie had to take Freddy out and finished the game with his bullpen. What is everyone saying today? Everyone is saying how much the pen ****** last night, which they did. The problem is that most people here need to find something to whine about.

Players sometimes play well and sometimes do not. Get used to it, it happens. And guess what, last night was a “White Sox winner”

I think more than whining people want to know what is wrong with Neal Cotts. It is pretty **** frustrating to watch him suffer this year after he was absolutely lights out last year.

JD sticking in the 3-hole tonight with Thome back in the lineup hitting cleanup. Good move!!!

I had no problem with Ozzie going to the pen last night. Even when I saw he was putting in Cotts. Ozzie needs to find out if this kid’s head (and arm) will be able to be useful to the team. We had the big lead, it was Tampa, no better time than to get Cotts in the game. Results were not good. Then Riske failed, too, but I had no problem with putting him in, either, he’s been pretty solid. I was just glad Thornton got that final out in the eighth!

Tonight, I’m in the house that Charles built, watching Mr. Garland go about his business. Thanks a lot, Maria, you’re a gem!

Oh, and don’t worry, Maria, I do my fair share of cheering every game I go to!

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