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Sunday, August 27, 2006, 12:20 pm

Today’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Dye, RF; PK, DH; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Gload, 1B; Uribe, SS; BA, CF.  Buehrle pitching.

The last two games have been frustrating for a number of reasons … we could have won both games … Detroit’s struggles have given both the Twins and Sox an opportunity to put some pressure on them … Santana wasn’t Santana last night, etc.

Still, a victory today would leave us 1/2 game behind the Twins.  A Detroit loss today at Cleveland (notice they are now 60-68) would then put us 4.5 games behind the Tigers.

Jerry Owens

I am sure you saw that we recalled Jerry Owens and placed him on the disabled list.  This was done because players on your roster on August 31 are eligible for your postseason rosters.  We were covering our bases.


Did Rob-Mac run out and get his Bachelor of Arts or does the BA actually stand for Brian Anderson in centerfield? This is the lineup I wanna see.

As far as Jerry Owens goes, I have the same sort of infatuation with him that I had with Chris Young. I love following our minor league affiliates and he’s been one of the many standouts. I know there was that whole fiasco with Joey Cora in Winter Ball but I truly believe he can contribute next year. He’s a prototypical leadoff hitter with good contact and the only knock on him is his arm but putting him in left would more than compensate for that deficiency…I know I’m getting ahead of myself but it’s never too early to begin thinking about the future.

As for the present, I don’t think it’s an exageration to call this one “must win”. Silva’s ripe for the picking. Let’s pluck him up.

I’m feeling you Scott!! Frustration has been the feeling the past couple of days because our boys haven’t been able to deliver. Way to go J.D., so clutch.
We have the best line-up in the league, but our pitching isn’t what is was last year, unfortunately. You need both to be successful.

It’s nice to see the Tigers coming back to earth, which most of us expected would happen late in the season.

We need this one today team, let’s go out and kick some butt.

Lol, palehoses… Rob with his BA…

I am optimistic about today’s game. It’s still early, but we’re leading.

Sox win! Sox win!

We needed that one, obviously. Buehrle looked great out there, especially after that shaky first inning. Hopefully we get more of that from him. The bats looked good for the most part. The only negative I saw was not getting a runner in from third with one out three times in a row. We have to get better at getting those guys home, because those are the runs that just might determine whether or not you’re playing baseball in October.

Why no retaliation from Buehrle? I would have loved to see a fastball right at Hunter. Any thoughts?

At least they aren’t going quietly into the off season.

Ozzie said they need 95 wins. They have 76 with 32 games remaining. That means they have to go 19-13 down the stretch with a difficult schedule.

We’ll see.

It would be a monumental shot in the arm if they could actually go 5-1 against garbage teams Tampa Bay and Kansas City. If they could (and given the way they have played against trash teams this season who knows what they’ll do…) that would drop it down to 14-12 for the final 26, that is certainly do-able.

It all rest with the Sox, we’ll see how bad they want it.

A much needed win today.

Mark Liptak

What a great win today!

Mark; phenominal. The first inning looked to be rough for him, but how great did he do? He received a great standing O as he exited- and tipped his cap in appreciation. Hopefully he’s back, for real.

And now to my boy AJ..

I’m sick of teams playing bean ball with him. Real classy. But as I sat in the outfield with my Dad, I turned to him and said “watch, he’s going yard here.” And then when he flipped that bat at the dugout, yea baby. Of course I wanted a little retribution, but in the big picture- there’s no better retribution than that right there.

And then Joe Crede going long back to back- it was his way of saying “mess with my boy, I’ll make you pay.” I love this team.

Today some Twins fan caught Crede’s home run ball a couple of rows down and proceeded to throw it back like we were at Wrigley or something. We all went crazy, and sure enough- he was escorted out for throwing something on the field!! Everyone went nuts, it was awesome.

Unfortunately this series didn’t go as planned, but this was a key win.

Hopefully the day off tomorrow is great for all the guys, they sure needed/deserved this. It is my hope that they come back rejuvenated….imagine if our piching and hitting starts clicking together. Scary thought there.

This is so far from being over. So far. Lets just do this one day, one game, one inning, one pitch at a time.


The Sox have won every game I have been to this season and this was another great game. It was great to see Mark out there and I got chills when we all gave him a standing O. He did a great job. The flip of AJ’s bat as well, I think that is the best comeback for him. We were sitting near some twinkie fans who had the nerve to bring a broom. Of course in the first inning, when they scored their one and only run, they kept yelling, but it was nice to send them home and tell them to put their brooms away.

What did everyone think of Scott’s throw to second. I thought it was amazing, but no web gem or mention of it.

mark was on fire today! i had so much fun watching him, and our guys were getting the runs in. poor a.j. it always seems like he is the target. i have to say my husband our 5 kids (ages 1, 2, 4, 11, 12) and i went to detroit to catch the series and we were impressed with comerica park, and the people were so friendly, even with all of us in our white sox gear. and best part of all i had caught mark buehrle’s hat when he threw it in the stands on june 4, and he signed it for me in detroit, (thanks mark!!) my kid’s were laughing saying they were going to throw ice cubes on me. anyway keep winning white sox!!!

the GREAT 24 games in twenty-four days marathon is over and we went 13-11. it could have been much better, but that’s this year. hopefully a day off will start a winning streak against a tampa team with four losses in a row. we need to win with twins playing kc and maybe gain ground on detroit who visit ny. good game from Mark yesterday. no floaters high in the zone. enjoy the day off White Sox World, see you all tomorrow… j.k.

If I see Mackowiak in center again in another key game or Cotts in for an important situation I think I may puke.

30 games left and we still don’t know which team is going to show up. The Javy/Buehrle can-all-of-a-sudden-pitch-like-Garland team or, the Contreras/Garcia fall-apart team? The Pods-get-on-base-steal-and score team, or the Gooch-hit-into-a-dp-with-Dye-on-deck-to-end-a-great-comeback team?

That was a great win yesterday, but the past 10 games were, once again, an overall disappointment which highlighted our inconsistency. Some may argue it’s great to see this season go down to the wire. I disagree. Don’t misunderstand me – yesterday was great. We won the absolutely-must-win game. But our team was built to dominate and we are not. We should be swimming, in the deep end, without a float. Instead, we get into desparate situations, we are about to drown, and, at the last minute, we find a tube in the water to grab onto for dear life. That takes a lot more energy out of you. More importantly, all it takes is one time where the tube ain’t there and we are popping in the 2005 DVD on October 4. Why can’t we get something going? Since the ASG, 19-23. I submit that if we cannot go 5-1 against TB and KC, then, what? We’ll take care of business against Boston in Fenway and the West Coast teams?! Yes, of course we can’t win every game…blah, blah BLAH!!! Enough! We need to see a string of W’s before we go to Fenway. Tigers are playing NY and then the Twins play NY. If we are still where we are by then, I’m dusting off the DVD.

Great win yesterday, and Mark pitching like Mark ’05 was the icing. Twins are hottest since June, we showed we are right there with them, played them tough, but must needs win those 1 run games! Could’ve, should’ve, won all three, but we’re a 1/2 game back, still kickin’!! Hopefully Sunday’s win will spring them into BIG GAME mode for Freddie on Tuesday. You’re right, Duke, time for blah, blah, BLAH IS OVER. We need to string some wins over these bad teams, put the pressure on, BIG TIME. Two-out-of-three won’t do anymore, some of the remaining series need to be settled 3-out-of-3!

Great story, Bethany, about the Twins fan getting tossed for throwing the ball on the field! I HATE it when anybody throws any ball back, give ’em to the kids, or ME! I remember the story about the woman who threw a ball right past a right fielder’s head last year, then claimed she was just following the “tradition” of throwing the opposition’s HR back onto the field. That’s just the reason security needs to do what they did. Kudos to them.

Good to see Scotty back in the groove yesterday, we need him big time as the spark plug for the rest of this year. I sure hope he’ll continue on this trend.

to kenwo….First off,if you think that Rongey is terrible,DON”T LISTEN TO THE F***IN POST GAME SHOW!!!! I don’t,for one simple reason…TOO MANY PEOPLE LIKE YOURSELF CALL UP TO WHINE,B**CH AND MOAN SHOULD THE TEAM PLAY POORLY AND LOSE!!!!….I need that like I need a third eye….
Secondly,I have NEVER,EVER begged for a t-shirt,a cap,or anything else from any radio station….and I never will….

It is people like you that make me want to throw my hands up and say….”I QUIT THIS SITE!!!!THE B******* HAVE FINALLY WORN ME DOWN WITH THEIR NEGATIVITY AND THE REST OF THEIR BILE AND ****!!!”

As to Sunday….vintage Buehrle,needed win….and a needed off day today…..then bring on the rest of the schedule….they have five weeks left to set their fate….I don’t know how many times I’ve written it,and I don’t know how many times I’ve said it….but I’m sick of both…..

And,thanks to you,kenwo….I’m sick of this…..

I’ll stop by from time to time to READ what you’re thinking….but,for the here and now….I am history until something gets done….

Thanks,WS Universe….see you sometime…..

Don’t let a waste of blogspace like kenwo drive you away. I’m all for people having their own opinion, but this is the same kenwo from last year who said Crede was awful and Konerko should be gone. He wanted Kenny gone and Ozzie gone, not to mention quite a few more idiotic statements about the Sox. When his name comes up just keep moving down the blog and don’t even read the post. It’s a good strategy, trust me.

you are right on! kr-trepac. last year kenwo was ALWAYS complaining about everybody. his kind of negativity doesn’t deserve a response. when his animus is directed at one of our most frequently read bloggers causing his reluctance to contribute, i say enough already. stick to the facts, good or bad and contribute/don’t slander. Duke used to be nothing but negative, but his posts recently have been perceptive, honest, frustrated (along with the rest of us) and even hopeful instead of doom and gloom. i don’t know if kenwo understands that concept. in the past year plus,he’s never shown that side of himself if it exists. don’t go Tom. we look forward to your witicisms and insight.
j.k. from the land of mediation and understanding…..

I’m here again to poison the already cloudy waters of White Sox Nation, if it is still intact. Congrats on banging around Carlos Silva and his batting practice fastball. You guys remain the most schizophrenic team in MLB this year. Why?

BTW I LOVE the Ozzie label of the Twins being PIRANAS. It is very true. And if our Triple A starting rotation behind Santana can hold up without Radke or Liriano, you guys are in for a fierce fight.

What if it comes down to that final series at the DOME? That would be MLB at its best I think, 3 games to decide a playoff spot. And the way the Tigers are FADING, it might even be for the AL Central crown.

Good luck to you CWS backers. I have to be honest and say as a MIN fan I never thought they’d be in this position, but going 51-20 over 70-some games will do that for you!


Tom: Please don’t go! You are a wonderful and fun part of this blog community, and it would pain me to know that the dreiferians (Sorry, Ira!) were in part responsible for chasing you away.

Can I remind everyone of what Scott Reifert posted here on 3/30/06? He wrote: “What I really like is that you guys (the readers) have seemed to create a community here that enjoys one another, loves the Sox and doesn’t need to scream at one another or lower the conversation to sharing insults. Thanks, because we all benefit from it.”

Let’s take a step back and think about that. What we have here is… no, not just a failure to communicate. What we have here in this blog is REMARKABLE, and it’s unlike anything I’ve seen on any other team’s site.

So please don’t destroy it. There is room enough in this community for dreiferians and kleiniacs alike.

But I’m not sure there’s room for “John” from MN. :oP

Well put Maria, no room for John. TomQ, don’t get too discouraged, we’re gonna need you pumping on all cylinders for the playoff push this year. Mark Buehrle looked like the Mark Buehrle of old yesterday, just when we needed him to be that the most. I’m hoping that was the ticket to his re-emergence for good. Scott P., what a difference a leadoff hitter on base can make. Excellent game all around. Enjoy your day off fellas you deserve it, those 24 straight games were brutal.

TQ –

Your insight and experience is well appreciated. As dreiferian(truth teller) I respect your views and what you bring to the community.

Don’t be discouraged by the idiotic thoughts and comments from someone who is always trashing players such as Crede and Konerko and trying to trade away the entire farm system. Even the Dreiferians have some positive thoughts sometimes unlike Kenwo who is so negative he must bash others on this site. Friendly banter is good, but there is a line. He is Jay Mariotting you (new term: writes such irresponsible and irritating stuff so readers must read him.)

As for yesterday’s win, yes it was a nice win and great to see Mark have a good game. Let’s hope it is not a mirage though. We need to go kick some butt the rest of the season. The Tigres have definitely slowed lately and the division can still be won!!!


There’s no reason to stop your contributions to the blog. They are insightful and enjoyable.

By the way has anyone noticed that regardless of all the banter etc. we are right in the thicj of arguably one of the best playoff races ever. This is good stuff!!

You know the best part of this playoff race is that we have the opportunity to keep and AL east team out of the playoffs(hopefully earn JD the MVP at the same time). It would be the first time an AL Central team won the Wild Card since it’s inception in 1995. Last year was the first time a current AL Central team won the World Series since 1991 when Kent Hrbek pushed Ron Gant (I believe it was Gant) off first base to tag him out.

Mr. Q., I love your wit, your way with words, your insight. Keep writing, you’re one of the characters that make this site worth a visit. Getting your perspective from a veteran is not something we all have access to. My grandfathers are gone, my dad isn’t a fan, you fill that role in the baseball world for me.

People can express their views here, negative or positive, we all know that. It’s when things get personal that we all hate. And, some people aren’t happy if they can’t spew negativity of some sort. I like to read both sides, and laugh at both sides from time to time. But the negative all the time, gets a little old.

It’s not just negative/positive posts. The above mentioned poster, kenwo, has spewed many personal insults to members of this blog.

Has me thinking that KENWO is nothing but an outsider, trying to cause trouble, jumping out on this blog just to ruffle some feathers, but is a fan of some other team. Here’s to boycotting the dope, if nobody responds to the village idiot, maybe he’ll just go away.

Anyone know why we are getting the comment spam error?

I’m really just trying to write something nice about viewing the blog book, but keep getting comment spam errors and can’t post it

Ok, I give up on trying to post what I first wrote and just want to thank Maria for putting the book together and Scott for getting it up on the site. It’s awesome and I hope everyone looks through and gets the good feeling I did seeing how different we all are yet so alike in our passion for the Sox. AND TQ, don’t leave us…who else is going to make me laugh out loud when reading?

I haven’t gotten one of those “comment spam errors” as of yet. Sounds strange. Maybe Scott will come up with something with his IT people.

Going to the game tomorrow with a fellow fan and buddy, and we’re bringing a friend who happens to be a disgruntled Cub fan and his son, who asked dad to take him to a Sox game. How cool is that? The dad may be switching over, we can only hope. 🙂

where is the book available for viewing? i can’t find a link. thanks and go Sox….j.k.

Look on the left column klein, blog night book. It is divided into 5 sections

Wow Maria!!! Awesome job with the book!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us, thank you Scott for posting it on the blog, and thank you to everyone who contributed. I loved reading all about your favorite sox moments and all of the other little tidbits.

I must say this one more time. I love coming to this blog because I can discuss one of the things that I am most passionate about with people who are just as passionate. On that note…TQ, PLEASE COME BACK!!! It won’t be the same without you!!! Ignore kenwo, he’s just got his undies in a bunch because no one else will succomb to the personal attack theory of blogging.

Back to prepping my lecture for tomorrow. I really need to stop procrastinating, but this blog is just too tempting! 🙂


Oh…one more note. I would like to congratulate my fine academic institution for giving an excellent display of their ethical standards and priorities in the acquisition of our new quarterback (Rhett Bomar). I am absolutely positive that this attitude toward ethical violations will have no deleterious effects on the ethical principles of their undergraduate students.


first of all, my crede bashing was from mid 2005 and prior…i have never bashed him since he grew his hair and became a good ballplayer. dont make it seem like i was the only one who thought he was trash too as i heard many many boo birds at the sox games for crede at that time. secondly, i would can ozzie. it is painfully obvious that they win in spite of him. he is a terrible X’s and O’s manager. how many times to we have to see rob mackowiak playing center or neal cotts pitching in crucial games before you realize that. third, i still would have traded the farm system for soriano and i do think williams dropped the ball on that. do you think we’d be losing to nick punto if we had soriano a 40/40 man in our lineup instead of scott pathetic? i dont. i also think konerko is terribly over paid. you can find players who do what he does for a whole lot cheaper. im not saying that they really had a choice to resign him or not because the white sox “nation” as you guys call it would have had a panic attack if they didnt. by the way……there are a ton of people in this “white sox nation” all of a sudden…where were you when i was at 40 games a year watching gary redus, john cangelosi, eric king, bill long, etc. etc. etc. it was me and 2000 others. so dont bring to me that i am not a white sox fan. between 83-present i have been to 40+ games except maybe 94 because of the strike (sorry for bringing that up jerry, i know you want everyone to forget about that)… i say good ridance to tom Q, who will “leave the site” for about 10 hours before he unfortunately comes back.

by the way tom…what did i say to disturb you, that you begged for a tshirt? when i worked at the score many people begged me for tshirts. lighten up jabronie. in my heart i think we should destroy tampa this week…in my head im thinking we lose 2 of 3 as we cant beat tampa, cleveland, KC this year

Thank you Scott for making available, the terriffic book that Maria put together for Bloggers night. i thoroughly enjoyed “meeting” all of you. i wish i was able to have made it to the event.

Kenwo, let me get this straight. Soriano would come up to bat at the key moment of every game, and would get a hit/home run every time he came up in those situations and because of him, we would have completely closed the gap between us and detroit and the twins would now be in our rear view mirror? last time i looked, he still had to wait for the other eight guys to preceed him. Soriano would have been nice, but not at the expense of all the players it was rumored to have taken to acquire him. i do agree with you that we should be beating the crud out of the lower teams and we aren’t (yet). thanks for at least giving a reasoned argument instead of the usual hysteria that comes out in your posts.

every fan deserves a spot here and i have to correct myself when i previously told “all the nay-sayers” to go away. let’s all be passionate with our point of views, but let’s respect each other as White Sox fans.

Go Sox… j.k. see you all tonight after i get back from phx.

Glad to hear that several of you have looked through the Blog Night Book. Please note that I didn’t do this alone!! Bethany and Dawn were instrumental in helping put it together, and it simply wouldn’t have happened without their effort and encouragement. Mark at MLBlogs also deserves kudos for making it available through this blog. Finally, for all of you who participated, thank you. It’s your stories that make the book something special. Hope you enjoy it!

Maria, Bethany, Dawn and Scott – thank you!!! This is perhaps the most special product of White Sox Universe currently available! It is our World Series final-out game ball! What a diverse and wonderful assortment of fans we got, no? From college age fanatics all the way to the ancients (TomQ, klein, etc. – KIDDING!!) Spectacular!! Hopefully, Vol. II will be debuting after the White Sox parade in 2006. HOPEFULLY!!

OK – App. 30 games to Round II. Remember, Sox players, you either get busy WINNING, or get busy DIVING! Mediocre and just-OK have left the building. Welcome to September Baseball.

dreifer- love how you put it in your last paragraph…this is the time Sox fans! As I sat during the win over Minnesota, I began playing through my mind how unstoppable our team would be if we could get our starting pitching, relief pitching and hitting all cracking at the same time. And not just for a game here and there, for the month of September. It’d be phenominal. In sports, you want to be peaking at the end of the season, so that momentum carries you through the playoffs, and here’s our turn to peak and do some serious damage. I can’t help myself guys, I am so excited!!

Have a good day, and here’s to a big win tonight!

Sorry this is a bit off-topic but there’s no entry for tonight’s game — is this blog a good place to hear of a rain-out in advance? Nasty out.

I just got “comment spammed”. Now I don’t feel left out. Scott, that new company you are using is not working well. I didn’t have any “link” embedded in my comment, and I was verified by my MLB user name and password. Something is not working properly.

Great job with the book ladies. It’s really nice to be able to put a face with some of the names.

By the way, Neadly (aka kenwo, AKA Mr. Neg) the Twins didn’t have ‘ol 56’s number on Sunday, did they? I seem to remember your doom and gloom referring to how the Sox would not beat the Twinks with Mark on the mound…hmmm, guess you were wwrr, wrrrrr, wrrrrong. (insert Arthur Fonzarelli’s voice)

Scott –

Any word on a Thome return??? I know Ozzie said Josh Fields was going to stay down in AAA for the minor league playoffs this year, but if Thome is going to be absent much longer it might nice to see what he can do during the stretch run to help us out. Tonight would have been a perfect situation with a lefty on the mound.

If Delmon Young plays tongiht, after we have this game in hand somebody needs to drill him to welcome him to the majors and for what he did to that ump earlier this year.

Ladies, Fantastic job on the book. Very nice reading about everyone’s memories. Also nice to put a face and name with an email address for the regular contributors.

I missed the answer to last night’s trivia question. It’s driving me crazy. Who holds the record with 27 home runs hit in one season at old Comiskey?

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