Santana Saturday

Saturday, August 26, 2006, 4:30 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Ozuna, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Dye, RF; PK, DH; Crede, 3B; Gload, 1B; Uribe, SS; Mack, CF; Alomar, C.  Contreras on the mound.


Last night hurt … a lot.  Up 3-0 with a chance to move 4.5 games behind the pseky Twins, we drop a 5-4 decision and now sit in third place.  We need a win tonight against Cy Santana.  Maybe it’s our turn for a knockout.

Runs Scored

With 709 entering today, we trail the Yankees for the MLB lead in runs scored by two (711).

Dye Another Day

Jermaine Dye after 115 games in 2005 and 2006:

Last year:


113 H

23 HR

65 RBI

27 BB

This year:


138 H

37 HR

99 RBI

45 BB

AL Win Leaders 2005-06

Garland, Sox ….. 33-14

Johnson, NYY …. 31-18

Santana, Min ….. 31-12

Let’s Get One Tonight


Ok everyone,

I’m about to drive 45 minutes to go see this one live on TV (huntsville cable doesn’t offer WGN). So Jose and crew, lets make it worth my while.



What, no AJ? But Buehrle isn’t pitching… :p

Lets go Sox, they can handle Santana… 🙂

JD is MVP…end of story! Cinnabun…you are true fan…And that kind of dedication is exactly what we need to turn this! Go Go SOX!

I believe!

Hey does anyone know if Brian Anderson is hurt? I like Rob but he is not an everday center fielder. Thanks

oh, Boy! i got to watch an unexpected replay of America’s funniest home videos. it looks like the game is coming soon though, i just hope it doesn’t resemble what i just witnessed on tv. nothing funny about OUR Sox!!! Go, Go, Go……j.k. from the land of “just win Baby”…

Unfortunately klein, America’s Funniest Home Videos bled into the second inning. Can we officially put the Rob-Mac centerfield experiment to rest yet or do we need to see a little bit more of him? I think he’s a great pinch-hitter/super sub but that’s it, and that should be good enough. No more starts please Ozzie!

When do we get the OK to panic? Tonight (and the past 7 games) the role of Javy Vazquez will be played by Jose COntreras. Um..this really *****. Jose is once aain returining to his pre-Sox days. If we wouldv’e won yesterday and today, we couldv’e been 3.5 games out of 1st!! Instead 5.5 behind Detroit and Minny is 1.5 up on us. I am starting to sweat profusely! Our window is closing fast. I welcome any optimism at this point. Thefacts and stats look very daunting.

If JD doesn’t win MVP, there is something wrong!!

Does anyone know what song they play when Paul Konerko comes up to bat??

ANOTHER coulda, shoulda, woulda. nothing new. the twins have our number, and have had it for several years. especially towards the end of the season. i dread the last three games of the year. come on Mark. we NEED you tomorrow. j.k. keep fighting Boys…..

This 2006 Sox team seems to have the uncanny inability to seize the moment. In my opinion, the loss on Friday night was a bigger disaster than the loss on Saturday night. They win Friday night, they pick up a game on Detroit and build a 1 1/2 game cushion on Minnesota, and put less pressure on themselves against Santana on Saturday night. A win on Friday night and a loss to Santana (not uncommon) on Saturday night still would’ve left them in position to take the series on Sunday. “But nooooo!” as John Belushi used to say, they screw around on Friday and lose and then rally a couple times only to lose again on Saturday night. I’m getting mighty sick of these dudes getting beat by teams who seem to want it more, and lately that means just about everybody (including KC). 20+ games over .500 or not, these guys are a huge disappointment!

I truly believe the only way we are getting into the playoffs is if Detroit collapses, Minnesota wins the division, and we take the wild card. I don’t see any way we can overtake the twins. They have been playing great baseball for the past 2+ months, and are now in a position to make a real run at Detroit. How sickening!

Just imagine, two teams from the Central going to the playoffs and neither of them are the White Sox.

Oh what life would be like if we had just won these last two, very winnable, games. We’d be sitting 3.5 out of first, dancing in the streets. But when you have close games like the past two, it often comes down to the team that does the little things better, and you have to say the twins play much better situational ball than the sox, not just this series but all season.

Man did these last two games hurt. There really isn’t any time for moral victories anymore. The season is slipping away very, very quickly. I still think there’s a chance Detroit doesn’t make the playoffs, but we don’t really have the luxury to worry about them. And the fact that we play our final three games in Minnesota really makes me nervous. They just seem to love beating us when the games count the most, and they’re pretty d*mn good at it too.

So on this all important 10-game stretch that was supposed to define the rest of the season, we have so far went 3-6, looking to salvage a game tomorrow. How can I possibly get any sleep after a game like that.

Why didn’t they just contract the Twins when they had the chance?


Ozzie is making himself look like a fool by playing him over Anderson in center. Should be 3.5 back now, but we are not because for some reason we can not beat these punks.

Mark, you got one job tomorrow. Put one in Hunter’s ear hole. We don’t give a **** if you get tossed suspended or banned, make that ****er hurt!!! Lost 7 of last 8 to these guys, and Hunter is killing us lately. HURT HIM!!! SHOW SOME **** FIRE!!!

I am trying to be positive, but the view from 3rd place *****!!! I am beyond sick when they lose, now I am just flat out pissed off!!!

This team is breaking my heart.

Most disappointing, underachieving team I’ve ever seen.

Wake up.

Baseball KARMA ’06. as good as this team is, we are unquestionably getting handed our butts instead of finding a way to win, as we did most of last year. this year, almost anything we do doesn’t quite work out, where last year almost everything we did made us World Champs. one has to wonder what might have been if Brandon had pitched from the beginning of the game instead of from the third on. for us to come back from a big deficit against santana AND nathan was HUGE, but alas this is ’06 and another heartbreaker instead of a great comeback ’05 win. when we commit an error it invariably costs us as it did last night in the ninth when the twins were the recipiants of Juan’s misque to open up that inning. it does look like the twins have the momentum to possibly overtake the tigers and after these two tough losses it seems like our Sox will never win another game this year.

well, that is just balogna! no team wins every game and no team loses every game. the red sox fan i know still thinks his team is going to the playoffs and they are struggling more than we are. with 30-some games left we are still in charge of our own destiny. we can build on that fighting spirit of the past two games and start to win and i mean now, or we can hang our heads in defeat and give up. i’m sure our Boys on the field haven’t given up.( i’m also sure they are shaking their heads in frustration). come out every day and play your best ball with the best players on the field. that means the guys who are hottest need to be in our lineup and not sitting (hello, Pablo, BA and Brandon). there is plenty of time to sit come november. it is now crunch time and if KARMA ’06 is to change all the stops need to be pulled NOW. this editorial has been brought to you by your sleepless buddy in tucson, the land of rattlesnakes and dammed-up lakes..j.k.

Take an angiogram of Jermaine Dye and post it up in the clubhouse because that’s what heart looks like fellas! I got goose bumps when he launched that shot off Nathan. Brandon looked great last night going 5 1/3 but apparently he’s still not stretched out (according to experts like Chris Rongey). Not sure what that means but methinks it’s a euphemism for “we got a couple of over-paid, under-perfoming pitchers here whose egos dictate they start every fifth game so…”

Can’t really say anything that’ll provide a new spin or a fresh perspective on the weakness we’ve all had the pleasure of watching lately other than we fans live and die with this team, and we will be there regardless of what happens this season. Give ’em **** Mark, they deserve it.

Jim D I have been screaming about BA being in for weeks now. We were so patient with him in the beginning and now his bat is catching up with his defense and we sit him more. KEEP HIM IN!! No disrespect to Mack, but isn’t he an infielder? Mack has come through for us with some big hits but it is do or die time. We need DEFENSE and PITCHING. Heard that awful stat this morning that we have only one 1 game since July 5 were we have scored less than 4 runs. I am in serious need of a pep talk gang. The boys are breaking my heart. Don’t go calling me negative, it is just so painful to see Detroit losing, we can’t gain ground and then the Twins passing us up. Then to watch them come back with the huge HR by JD and then lose. Give me something positive today gang. I’m fighting a nasty cold and could use a boost in the positivity levels!!

Sorry, the cold talking we have only WON 1 game since July 5 where we have scored less than 4 runs…that’s the stat I heard

to tom…i know baseball pretty well thanks. secondly, if you guys listen to the postgame show you know that Rongey is brutal. third, i worked at the score in 2001 so you dont have to tell me where to send the resume. you probably begged me for a t-shirt. The twins have the sox number…its unbelievable. the sox will not win that last series against them so if we are to make the playoffs we have to either be in front of them by 4 games, or detroit has to fall below both the sox and twins. and i noticed people saying the twins have no respect for the sox, why should they? besides 2005 they have completely OWNED THE SOX since 2001. they have more heart, more guts, and they are the true “grinders” in the A.L…. for once i dont blame guillen for having mackowiak in center. its about time he had some lefties in against santana, and they hit him better this last game than ever before. he finally looked at the stats and seen that lefties hit santana much better than righties. the twins have good ol 56’s number too so dont expect a win tonight.

Palehoses –

Great Post! If Brandon can pitch 5 1/3 he can out pitch Vazquez and Contreras’ last 3 outings. Tine to DL Contreras and give Brandon the shot. Contreras, out one time hottest pitcher, has the most losses in MLB sicne the all star break. Something tells me he is not healthy!

Klein –

Last time I checked we were in 3rd place in the division. You can not control your own destiny from 3rd place. We don’t control anything right now except a downward sprial. Controlling your own destiny means you have a lead and just need to worry about what you do, and not anyone else. Sitting in 3rd place we need help from those teams playing the Tigers and Twins. Enough with the optimism of everything will work out! It is not falling that way right now. If this thing comes down to the final 3 games we are screwed. (If the Twins rotation stays the same guess who is scheduled to pitch the last game of the season, that is of course if it matters at that point) I am not saying we all need to be pessimists, but it is time to start worrying. This is sadly looking a lot like the 01-04 seasons where we just can’t get past the Twins. Please don’t make 2005 a mirage as to what we can do.

I’m sick of losing, especially to the Twins. At least it’s comforting knowing all of the Twins players and fans sat at home last year and watched while we swept the World Series.

It’s crunch time.

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