Every Series Is Big

Friday, August 25, 2006, 6:18 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Dye, RF; PK, DH; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Gload, 1B; Uribe, SS; Mackowiak, CF.  Vazquez on the hill.

Thome Update

Ozzie Guillen said Jim is showing improvement.  While he certainly won’t play tonight, Guillen said there was an outside-outside chance he could be available to pinch hit tomorrow.  Ozzie said it is really tentative and would depend on how Jim felt tomorrow. 

Santana On My Mind

When asked if tomorrow’s start by Johann Santana might influence how he manages the game tonight, Ozzie said not so.

"It’s bad enough that we have to worry about Santana tomorrow," Guillen said.  "We don’t want to worry about him tonight, too.  The guy I worry about is Nathan.  If we see him any of these three games, we know we are in trouble."

Guillen felt the club’s approach against the last start by Santana was the best he had seen in some time. 

Listen In

For those interested, check out MLB Radio‘s "Under the Lights" show tonight at 9:20 (while also watching our game) and listen to frequent reader Adam Hoge (who also posts his own thoughts at "Sox Pride.")  Adam is the MLBlogger of the Week tonight …


Someone help me understand why BA can’t play centerfield on a regular basis. He certainly has proven himself defensively and his bat has come along nicely. I would feel so much better knowing he was out there in this bid series. I hope Mack proves me wrong…

Sorry..BIG series. Can’t Mack play left for Pods who seems to have been slumping?

random thoughts from tucson after the 7th inning. we should have scored two in the second, but Pods couldn’t get the bunt down. we still should have put up two in the second except Ross was thrown out at the plate. what followed? a fly ball to center.

i had the same butterflys in my stomach that you all did when Neal came in to pitch in the 6th. i thought “oh,oh” it’s going to be a 3-3 tie, but just a single to bring up the lead run with the usually solid David Riske pitching. we know what happened.

next thought, why isn’t Pablo playing after the game he had yesterday? give Pods a bit of rest as Ozzie does for Brian regularly, then the sac bunt would have been down and we would still be leading. IF we lose this game i will be very SAD/Dissappointed/Pi$$ed..

Javier pitched well as he usually does into the 6th..

okay, guys, make me and WS universe HAPPY!!! j.k.

oh, yeah, j.k. from the land of shaking heads and bitten fingernails…..

A true heart of a champion. Vazquez does his job and the ******* ‘pen gives it back to them. On top of all of that BS, runner on 2nd, fastest guy on the team ……

What the **** is his problem? 2 strikes and you protect the **** plate. Another squandered opportunity to pick up a game on the Tigers and we’re sitting in 3rd place again. I’m tired of this hoping and wishing they can run away with this thing but that ain’t gonna happen.

I’m going to go break my computer now.

THIS *****!!!!


Javier Vazquez didn’t do his job, unless all of a sudden his job is now to only go 5+ innings and make the bull pen pitch 4 innings. The guy is terrible, and if you don’t think so, then find me another pitcher who goes 5 2/3, gives up 2 runs, throws 70 some pitches, and still gets pulled. And why did he get pulled? Because disaster was in the near future, just like it always is. He is a liability every time he pitches.

And don’t point to how few runs he’s given up in his past starts because the only reason he doesn’t is that he’s not given the chance any more. He’s terrible, and it hurts to watch every five days.

The ONLY difference between Joey Cora and Gwendle Kim is Cora gets luckier more often, but other than that, they are the same person. And now it looks like Cora has gone to the well one too many times. Cora is constantly sending people when he shouldn’t be, and the odds are finally catching up with him.

Tough one to swallow.

All of a sudden Minnesota looks like the favorite to win the wild card, not because they won tonight, but because they have been winning consistently for two months.

P.S. What is up with this stupid comment spam? Anyone else getting that?

Detroit did their part by losing their series opener to Cleveland.

Unfortunately, this was as painful a loss as any White Sox fan could imagine. Watching this game on my Extra Innings Subsciption Package (from my home in Tucson) with the Minnesota annnouncers calling tonight’s game, made tonight’s loss even harder to stomach. Watching Bert Blyleven circle gleeful Twins fans on the screen throughout the game at US Cellular tonight just added insult to injury. The Twins announcers sure didn’t express much respect for the White Sox throughout the game… It seemed as though they were expecting the Twins to come back at any time and snatch this victory away from the Sox (which sadly they did).

There were several key missed opportunities and mistakes made by the WS tonight.

In the 2nd inning… when Cora sent Gload (to try to score from second) on Mackowiak’s hard hit single to left… you knew unless there was a wild throw, that he would be a dead duck as the cut-off man took his time and easily nailed Gload at the plate. That play killed a rally that had the makings of burying the Twins early in this game… Consider the difference between a 3-0 lead with runners on 1st & 3rd with the top of the WS line-up coming up with just 1 out… vs. Minnesota shifting the momentum with a clutch out at the plate and two outs! Of course, Podsednik flew out to center field to end the inning… and the rally was squelched.

As usual, the man on the mound “with the great stuff”, Javier Vasquez looked brilliant the first two times through the Twins order… but holding true to form, Vazquez imploded the 3rd time through the Twins batting order. After Castillo flew out to left on a solidly hit ball… Punto drilled a hanging breaking ball up and out over the plate for his 1st HR of the season (only the 8th of his entire MLB career). Next, Mauer drilled a scoarching line-drvie that Gload makes an excellent diving catch on to save a base hit (perhaps even an extra base hit). At that point, it was prettty obvious that Vazquez wasn’t fooling anyone at the plate (with 3 straight hard hit balls)… but instead of patting Vasquez on the back, congratulating him on a nice outing… and bringing in McCarthy or Riske to close out the inning, Ozzie decided allow Vazquez to pitch to the always dangeous Michael Cuddyer (who came into tonight’s game having gone 7 for 9 over his previous two ball games). On the 1st pitch Cuddyer proceeded to smash a base hit to left. Finally, Ozzie elected to bring in (the struggling) Neal Cotts in attempt to end the inning with a lefty-lefty match-up against Twins MVP candidate, Justin Morneau. Cotts unceremoniously gave up a quick single and was promptly yanked out of the game by Guillen. In comes Riske to face Torii Hunter who (on the 1st pitch) proceeded to take Riske deep into the right field stands for a crushing 2-out, 3-run jack… and just like that the White Sox’ 3-0 lead was gone… and the Sox were on the wrong side of a 4-3 game in the 6th inning.

Fortunately, AJ (serving as the great equalizer) pulled the Sox even with a 1st pitch lead-off bomb to right in the bottom of the 6th! But sadly.. this would be the last run the WS would score tonight.

The Sox just couldn’t drive in any runs down the stretch and left a crucial 8 men on base tonight including 4 left in scoring postition.

It was sad watching previously solid Mike MacDougal give up the go-ahead run with two outs (after he had battled so hard throughout the top of the 9th inning).

Oh Well, What else can you say?

Shake it off boys… you better bring your “A Game” tomorrow… as you will be facing the the dreaded Johan Santana. We need for Jose Contreras to battle Santana and the Twins with the focus and intensity of a playoff game.

~Hark In Tucson

Frustrated but still hopeful

Another in a long line of totally frustrating, winnable games that somehow, someway the Sox manage to give away.

Chemistry, moxie, heart, call it by whatever name you wish, is a thing that you can’t put your finger on. The Twins have it, the White Sox don’t.

Minnesota played in a coma the first two months and lost three players to injury yet they’ve come back to make a season for themselves.

Meanwhile the Sox were giving away games to garbage teams like the Royals, Indians, Cubs, Devil Rays, Pirates and Orioles.

Tonight is the type of night when you wish to God you had those games back isn’t it?

Saturday is an automatic loss so maybe Sunday they can win something and at least hang around in the wild card race.

Vasqez pitched outstanding plain and simple. I was there, he had great stuff and I can only guess that he was pulled based on his past. I for one would have liked to see him get his chance to quiet the critics. Oh well, tonight the boys send Santana to the showers before the clock stikes 7:00!

The defeatist attitude we adopt whenever Santana’s on the mound sickens me. Well got some news for you fellas, you f****d up the gimme game, so you’ve got no choice but to go out there tonight and beat Santana. He’s 15-5 so apparently he’s capable of losing.

I don’t think Minnesota’s the better team but what does that matter? Unfortunately the standings don’t take into account how good we are on paper. The Twins got this psychological warfare thing on lock when it comes to the White Sox. They got the dude who will plow over a catcher to get a run (you’re out in either case Ross, so might as well let Mauer feel it the next morning), they got the team that will celebrate on our home plate, they got the manager who will praise us in the papers and dog us in the clubhouse, and they’ve gotten the last 6 out of 7 (or is it 7 out of 8, starting to lose count). Maybe this isn’t a rivalry to the White Sox any longer, but somebody forgot to tell the Twins about that.

Even if we lose 2 out of 3 I like our chances to get into the playoffs. If we get swept, however, it’s gonna take a much bigger toll on the team psyche than it will in the standings. On a positive note it was good seeing Konerko go yard again. Get after em tonight fellers.

Hey everyone,

I’ve been keeping up all week, but haven’t had time to post. I was glad to see such overwhelming optimism the last couple of days, but what happened? One loss and all of a sudden we **** again? You guys call out the players for having no heart, no drive, no desire. Well, where is yours? Show me your heart, drive, intestinal fortitude, and desire and believe in your team. You all know they are capable of what you desire, you saw them do it not too long ago. These aren’t bad players like you keep saying they are. They aren’t bad coaches or managers. They’re just not performing up to par. But, you know they can. So stand behind them, cheer them on, and pray that this year you see just an ounce of what you did last year. It’s a marathon guys, and guess what? We’ve almost made it to the end and we are still within striking distance.

So, I say, LETS GO SOX!!! Show Santana what you’re really made of and he will be running in tears off that mound.


i was at the game and seen the manager totally blow this game like he was jenna jamison doing one of her videos. vazquez has a 4 hitter and he takes him out…which would be ok if he brings in thornton…but no the “genius” brings in neal cotts? cotts is terrible. he shouldnt even be in the big leagues. for the last month he has gotten KILLED almost everytime out. then he decides to bring in riske instead of mccarthy. i hate both of them but id rather see mccarthy in that situation. then in the 9th the no mind jerk puts alex cintron up to pinch hit for tadahito? what is this guy thinking. we won the series last year in spite of him. him and his boy wonder cora have cost us at least 5 games this year. FIRE THE MANAGER!

and by the way…..Chris Rongi or however you spell that spineless company mans name is by far the worst post game guy the sox have ever had. you would think he was trying to make love to guillen by the way he protects him night in and night out. tell the truth once in a while ronji you harry potter look alike loser

Kenwo, I understand you’re upset, but some of your comments really don’t belong on this message board…

Go Jose!

rjriddle.. I feel completely what you’re saying.. it was a sad loss, yes, but there is no real need to bash everybody, it doesn’t turn the win to a loss nor does Oz really give a **** what he’s saying. I think ‘somebody’ should head north and drink a beer to relax!

By the way, as far as being at the game last night. Very disappointed in the WS Universe!! Friday night, fighting for the division/wild card and we can’t sell the place out? Now that there is a travesty? Good thing the 35,000 who showed gave it there all.

kenwo….You can send your application for the position,along with at least three references,to 335 W 35th Street,Chicago,Il.60611…(at least I think that’s the right address….)Then,when you become manager,you can make reifer and kolsens your coaches—then you,too,can have the pleasure and honor of having EVERY move you make second guessed by people who think they know things,but don’t know their a** from their elbow….you also could apply to the Score to be their pre-game and post-game host,and take that opportunity to rip the organization a new one….I guarantee that a year from that day,you would be unemployed a year…..
Two questions and a comment before the comment spam gremlins bite me….

1)Who the h*ll left Bartman a ticket for last night….If you want to get a ball so **** bad,chump,go and spend $6.00,like everybody else….

2)WHY NOT BEAT SANTANA LIKE DESI ARNAZ BEAT HIS CONGA DRUM???? He puts his pants on just like the rest of us—one cloven hoof at a time….He is not Svengali–or Swengoolie,for that matter….


3)”hark” in tucson….Careful where you’re stepping there,bub….Game recap posts are MY property,savvy? That’s why I am the “Legend”….

(just kidding—it was very well done,keep it up….)

OK,gremlins….I’m done….

Apparently Scott has targeted me for extinction, as my posts no longer go through.

Before I sign off–and with hopes that this post somehow makes it–does ANYONE have ANY knowledge about where McCarthy is? I didn’t even SEE him in the bullpen yesterday.

I wish it was a day game today, i’m sick of waiting! I need resolution!!

I’m so sick of the Twins and their lack of respect for the White Sox and Chicago in general. We really need to put them in their place, starting tonight.

This is a huge game for us tonight. If we can get to Santana, it’ll really lift us up, but if we go out there flat or give up a lot of early runs, we’re in for some trouble, not just today but tomorrow as well. So far in the first 8 of the 10 most important games we’ve played so far, we’re 3-5. Hardly cause for celebration.

We need this one, and if we don’t get it, we’re in big trouble. Minnesota has been the best team in baseball for the past 2 months, and there aren’t many signs pointing to them slowing down. Just imagine if Liriano was still around. Yikes!

Go Champs!

kolsens, that doesn’t seem like Scott’s style at all, I believe he even said before he likes reading everyones perspectives, positive and negative. A lot of people have been having problems with the message board recently, it’s probably just a glitch that needs to be fixed. Don’t lose faith in Scott like you have lost faith in the Sox

kenwo….The corrected addresses are as follows:
Chicago White Sox,333 W 35th Street,Chicago,Il 60616;WSCR 670TheScore,455 N cityfront Plaza,6th Floor,Chicago,Il 60611–Attn:Chris RONGEY….

I’m sure that both locations are eagerly awaiting your expertise…..

bigdog604….You are exactly right when it comes to the Twins not respecting the White Sox….I think it comes from the big city versus smaller city mentality….I also think that manager Gardenhire should do his interviews in profile,at least on TV….that way,we could see his nose growing as he talks so respectfully about the Sox….(do you think I’m being too sensitive?Or too sarcastic?)

You’re exactly right Tom. Gardenhire talks outa both sides of his mouth. The disrespect continues down to their players, and trickles down to their fan base (trickle down histrionics). My best friend is a Twins fan -it disgusts me too- and all he and the rest of those punks up there talk about is how much they respect us before the game, and how much of a pushover we are after the game.

And you’re right bigdog, they don’t respect us and why should they? We still haven’t put them in their place for burying Burke underneath home plate. The forensic evidence from that crime scene still lingers in the minds of all Sox fans. That’s why we must impress upon them the hazards of dragging their muck into our homes. I wonder if the players understand the amount of vitriol White Sox Universe has for the Twinkie Township. Three second place finishes in a row aren’t such a distant memory. It starts tonight, touch up the Untouchable.

and kolsens the gremlins multiplied and blocked me earlier…must be all the rain.

Little things win games…little things lose games.

They were all on display tonight.

Ozzie-Ball is dead replaced by the same all or nothing philosophy that killed this franchise every year from 2001-2004.

And once again, WHY was Mack playing in CF when he’s not a CF? How many runs is it going to take before Ozzie stops playing him there.


Mark Liptak

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