Aren’t They All Big

Monday, August 21, 2006, 4:18 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

I am still awaiting word from Detroit.  Better check closer to game time.

Big Series

It is, but at this time of year aren’t they all big?  I think we all will be saying that to one another quite a bit over the next six weeks.

Ten days ago, would any of us have forecast the present situation? … Detroit suddenly looking very human (about time).  We still look dangerous in the division race (let’s see how the next four games go).  Minnesota hanging around annoyingly (We needed Friday night and fell short).  New York surging in the East while Boston really struggles.

Tiger By The Tail

Normally, going 2-2 on the road against the team with the best record in baseball would be an accomplishment.  Not this series.  I think everyone in Chicago (at least our Chicago) is hoping for better.

It will be interesting to see if the first few innings tonight set any tone … can we keep Verlander struggling (same with the Tigers overall) … can our 3-4-5 guys drive our offense … do we all believe Contreras is the right guy to have on the mound for tonight? … I am excited to watch tonight’s game … let’s hope we all share that feeling at 9:30 pm …

The White Sox are 5-1 against the Tigers in Detroit so far, 9-3 overall.

Let’s Go.


Yes the lineups will be interesting with Ozzie saying the bench will be playing more and more. I hope Thome can get back in a groove like in the first half of the season. Playing under .500 ball after the All-star break won’t cut it this year.

Let’s go SOX! Let’s show them why we are the WORLD CHAMPIONS! Step on their throats and show them who’s the boss.

Paulie, Thome & JD HAVE TO perform. Home runs do us no good when we’re up 11 to 2! And I do feel confident with Contreras pitching. I remember being at a Sunday game last year where he pitched. Balls were flying out of the park like it was batting practice and we walked out. But he recovered then and I think he can do the same tonight. But in my gut I believe if we don’t sweep this series we’ll have to spend the rest of the season watching the scoreboard each night following the wild card race. Without a sweep of Detroit our destiny is no longer in our own hands – but at the mercy of how the Twins, Red Sox and Yankees perform. And just the thought of that really irks me! Let’s Go Sox!!!

This was a great post Scott, fired me up even more for tonight, and this series as a whole! Very well written!

Can you believe New York? If they can sweep a 5 game series, you better believe we can sweep a 4 game series.

I read through a LOT of the media guide this year (very exciting might I add)- and the two tidbits that I just couldn’t stop re-reading…

1.) The stats of El Duque’s magical inning in Boston…

But most importantly:

The 4 game streak of complete games thrown by our guys in the ALCS..

The 4 guys that we have throwing the next 4 games. I’m looking for the same dominance this series. We always step up when it means the most, and this is prime time!

One game at a time though, and tonight Jose, set the tone.

Lets go Sox!

Let’s get this positive train rolling… I plan on sending every bit of good will, positive energy, and those good vibrations North to the Motor City for our boys. Detroit is ripe for the taking, and we are just the team to do it. This is truly our time to show them what the real Champions are made of! Go SOX!!!

I hope I am wrong but this week decides the season. Pitching and defense win championships. Let’s see it for a streak of more than 3 games!!!

PS Before you asking for BMAC instead of Javy again, check Jose’s recent stats.

Well, we can point to this game as the OFFICIAL beginning of the end. Once again, pathetic!! By the way, congrats to Jose. He finally joins the rest of our PATHETIC, LOSER OF A PITCHING STAFF with an ERA over 4. Welcome to 2006 White Sox baseball – the heartbreakers have now entered and have returned WS UNIVERSE to its pre-2005 reality!! ******!!!!

We really stink.

Congrats Jose, now you are a true part of the Sox rotation. Once again Ozzie sticks with his starter too long and lets the other team put us away. Game after game after game…I’m sick and tired of sitting here knowing our pitchers should be pulled only to watch Ozzie throw them back out there for one more inning cause they haven’t gone 110 pitches yet and then having to walk out to the mound to pull them after they give up 3+ runs. And I agree…why all this reliance on the home run ball again? Isn’t this exactly what Ozzie DIDN’T want when he came here? Now he’s constantly talking about how good the middle of the order is while our basestealing continues to decline and our “small ball” or “Ozzie ball” is nearly non-existant. I just keep watching videos of last year to keep me happy and to enjoy baseball the way it should be played.

when, oh when will all you “die-hard” Sox fans who have nothing to say unless it’s to complain, stop posting here? i’m tired of listening to all of your moaning. maybe it’s because i’m older than most of you, but we’re still in this thing. if we run off 10 in a row will you be happy? probably not. i said this before, please, please, GO AWAY and let me root for My Sox. are you officially off our wagon now Duke? if so, just go away!!!! if we lose the rest of our games will you then go away? some of us enjoy what our TEAM has done for us not just last year, but every year, win or lose…. success sure spoils some of you. where are you Kolsens. i’m sure you can’t wait to join the crowd jumping, so let’s hear it now and then you can go away too.

i’m sorry FANS, i didn’t mean to rant. i just get tired trying to reason with some of you. i’ll go away now. bye-bye… j.k. from the land of success in the end and fewer people hanging on to our wagon stays…..

okay…i’ll admit it. this one is totally my fault. my bad karma just had to come out and **** up the end of my day. i woke up this morning and just knew that things were going to go wrong, and whaddaya know? they did. all day. so i’ll take this loss as a sign that i should take a long cold shower (100 degree heat in a non-running car for over an hour will make that necessary) and just close my eyes for eight hours. here’s to tomorrow being the reverse of today for me and the white sox. sorry to have let my bad vibes affect todays game 😦

sleepy, sweaty, and frustrated in texas (sorry couldn’t think of another “s”)


…way too frusterated and disappointed to make a worthwile post. So all I’ll say after that one is GO SOX! …trying to keep myself positive after this one.

Oh my dear Klein, I must admit I was hopping on here to just do that, complain and as you all know, I don’t do that very often but tonight was frustrating to say the least. That’s where my complaining ends.. Klein is right, plain and simple, I’m with him. Cinnabun, doesn’t this weather ****.. I’m sorry for your lousy Monday, things will be better tomorrow, not cooler perhaps but better. How far away from me are you? We at least had clouds for some break in the heat.. well, it was only like 98!
Here’s to another night tomorrow night, hope the extra innings channel has Hawk and DJ and not the monotone turds from Detroit!

Good night all…

Kris-frustrated but not funky in ******* (not my first ‘F’ word choice) Texas too! 🙂

Klein- Don’t EVER apologize for what you just said, becasue quite frankly- that’s the majority of what we are all thinking. Its just that if we voice our support of our team, we are degraded for being “dreamers.”

Really though, I will never apologize for sticking with my team through a loss. Who is anyone to say I can’t be a fan through thick and thin? You know what, when we make it to the post season this year- please don’t pretend all of you naysayers, that you believed and all. It seems as though some of you WANT them to fail so you can make up poems and such. Really though, whats the fun in that? Its your perogative, but if it casues you “soo” much pain, just remember that NO one is keeping you here! Its your choice to keep watching! Have you any fun in enjoying everything our team is blessed with, even if we do lose and have our struggles- what about all of the GOOD?

So we lost a game. Detroit just lost 3 in a row to Texas. And they just beat us in a game. Of 13 games now this season, we’ve lost 4 to them. Of course it hurts worse now as we get deeper in the season. But holy cow, BREATHE. We all know that Jose got really roughed up tonight, but you know what? Who said it was going to be easy? Who said we were going to have it handed to us this year? NO ONE.

We led wire to wire last year, and that flippin spoiled us for this year. We are on pace to win 90+ games, and if the season ended RIGHT now, we’d be in the playoffs. But hoenstly- even though we’d take the wild card, we are in a DIVISION race right now. We are right on Detroit’s tail. This is a division race for our team first, then a wild card race.

A couple of weeks ago we gained almost 5 games in ONE week. Its only August 21st- you can do the math.

Can we please lose the negativity? Can we please trust our team- I wish all of you naysayers were there on blog night to meet and speak with Kenny and Ozzie. Y’all would’ve been floored at how much passion they have for this team. Trust that passion.

I am sorry to rant, and ya know what- I’m probably going to get many posts saying I’m a daydreamer and not being realistic at all. And I’m fine with that, becasue it doesn’t matter to me. I know that we played horrible tonight- EVERYONE SAW IT AND KNOWS IT! But I ALSO know that our team has the talent and capabilty to do amazing things. We’ve seen it so much this year already, and we are so far from being done. So, so far.

Tomorrow is a new day, a new game. We are 6.5 back and its August 21st. If we are 6.5 back come September 21st- then you can all be bummed. But right now, wow, a little patience and trust.

This post has been all over, incoherent ramblings at best. But I needed to stand up and say something. God forbid Scott or anyone else think that all Sox fans are thinking that we are done and all. That is so far from the truth, so please know that Scott!!

Just remember that its easy to be a fan during the good times. That takes nothing.

Pick us up tomorrow Mark.


Thanks Bethany. This was the post I was needing. I will admit I have been thinking out loud some negative thoughts, but in my heart I gotta believe we will at minimum make it to the playoffs via wild card. As Ozzie said, if we win 90+ and don’t go, tip your hat to the other teams. Yea, maybe we are all, as my husband would say, high on White Sox Kool-Aid, but alot CAN happen. As Cyndi said, it was a frustrating day..(not your fault though girl!):) Give Verlander some credit for stepping up. The day is done and tomorrow is another. Bethany, I don’t think everyone is giving up. I think we are all just hoping for a little magic to continue and venting frustrations when the magic seems to be fading. We are still with you woman!! GO SOX AND GO MARK…Show them what you got and let’s hope for a white sox winner!

thanks for the well wishes guys. i have decided that since today was such a crummy day, that tomorrow will be just that much better. i have full confidence that our 2 game losing streak (oh no!!! not 2 whole games!!!) will end tomorrow and we will begin a nice little winning streak that will stretch into our games at home against minnehaha (having lived there for almost 10 years i am allowed to make fun of the state as a whole).

anywho…spending so much of my day thinking about the psychological reasons behind things i have come up with a theory as to why some of our fellow bloggers find it so hard to be positive. it’s possible that underneath it all they really and truly believe in the sox and believe that they will make the postseason and put on a good show, but that they just are so scared to be wrong, and to be criticized for being openly wrong, that they repress those feelings and respond with a nice little freudian defense mechanism that we like to call reaction formation. basically, they take those “unacceptable” thoughts and turn them into the opposite.

okay…i clearly am missing teaching and am really pumped that both of my classes start tomorrow. so i’m off to bed early to get a head start on my REALLY GREAT day tomorrow!!!


btw…kris, i’m in huntsville. i’m assuming you’re in houston, so i’m about an hour north. unfortunately we did not have much in the way of clouds today

Ok so this puts losing a game in serious perspective:

Our boy Aaron suffered a very hard collision with the Philles second baseman tonight. He left the game in a lot of pain, and I am going now to find an update.

Man, this was one that made my stomach cringe bad.

I hope everythings ok.

thank you, Ladies…Princesses all. i expected to come back here after dinner and find a new rear apperture (hi Tom) dug for me, but i appreciate that you’ve stuck with me. we all are frustrated and my way is to complain about the complainers. we are NEVER as bad as some posts suggest, and we still have a solid chance to make the post season. if we don’t make it, well there you are. it will be time to shuffle some things and work at it again next year. i wish i could have been at Bloggers’ night to listen to Ozzie and Kenny. i’m sure that they still believe in our team, and until there is a change, it seems to me that we owe it to them to stick with them. as i said in my earlier post, i’m older than most of you. what i meant is that i’ve seen more losing than most of you, but i’m still here. from 1959 to 2006 is 47 years, and i was finally rewarded with the ultimate prize.i don’t think we will have to wait another 47 to feel that magic again. i know our pitching isn’t what is was last year, the hitting is better, and still we will (as will ALL other teams) win 50 and lose 50. it’s what we do with the other 62 that makes a post season contender.

thanks again all you wonderful Princesses, we could use a few Princes too by the way. keep rooting for our team and good things will happen. i believe…… j.k. from the land of daily monsoon rains and low humidity…(sorry to rub it in Kris and Cyndi)

Bethany: Just saw the footage on ESPN. I cringed/screamed when I saw it. Nasty. They indicated that Rowand had a “sprained right ankle” and was “favoring his wrist”. He was “taken to the hospital for precautionary measures”. Let’s hope he’s all right. Such a good guy.

Cyndi.. I’m actually 45 miles North of Houston off of 59.. Cleveland, Texas… scary, I know, the school’s mascot is none other than the Cleveland Indians..(ugh)! My daughter and I watched Aaron bust himself up again..squeemish is what the replay does for me. Man he’s tough on himself! Hope all is ok.

Night from ‘yes, it’s still 93’ this late at night!!!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love chattin with you guys and gals???

Thanks Maria…I just saw that on the Phillies website…that was nasty boy. I love his hustle, I love that guy. Speedy recovery Aaron.

I have Cubs tickets for tomorrow and Wednesday night solely to see my guy play- I had my Rowand shirt and everything ready to go. Just my luck, right? ****** Chase Utley! 🙂

Glad I missed this one tonight!

Klein – just because you can always smell the roses win or lose does not mean every true Sox fan will. I am one of the people who will proudly come on here to trash parts of the game, but will also pay dues when we perform well or a player is doing a great job. We are not Cubs fans. We expect a lot out of our players, and if they don’t give it to us we need to let them know. Cubs fans just ask for another beer and blindly cheer. The way they act tells ownership they don’t care, but they will still show up. Sox fans are not like that. I am positive going into every game, even the Vazquez vs. Santana matchup I was trying to find ways that we could get to him. However, we have been let down a lot this year. Our pitching has pretty much stunk all around except for Jon, Jenks and the first half for Jose. We don’t expect to be let down by our pitching. We won the World Series last year with 4 of our returning starters. We can not lose games to Kansas City. Losing or splitting a series with a AAA team like that is embarassing. If a Sox fan is not ticked or embarassed over that then they are not a Sox fan. At the end of the season compare our records from 2005 and 2006 against teams under .500 That will tell us a lot.

It’s great that we are on pace to win about 95 games right now. I love cheering for a winning team, but there is no guarantee that 95 wins gets us in the playoffs. If we don’t get in then we have no chance to defend our title. So all the Sox fans that can only smell the roses will be watching their 2005 DVD’s during October dreaming about what happened a year ago. But the Sox fans that see the true reality of what happened will be looking to Kenny and Ozzie for answers and the fixes that will get us back where we belong in 2007.

well we will be either 3.5 , 5.5, 7.5 or 9.5 out after this week. my guess is 5.5….hopefully.

sox1966 – If you have directv extra innings you should be able to pick the game up on 640. I have it also and when i was watching the tigers game the other day when they were playing texas i just switched to the rangers channel and listened to their announcers. hopefully we can pull of these next 3 games. Anyone else think its going to be the White Sox and the Twins in the playoffs and the tigers missing completely?

Let’s face it, our pitching staff just isn’t that great right now. Obviously, on paper and in their careers, they’re one of the best rotations in baseball, but that’s irrelevant if they’re not performing, and they haven’t all year.

The only reason we fans get mad at the Sox is because we actually care about the team, which is not in any way to imply that those who stay positive don’t care about them. But it’s not the worst thing in the world to see some Sox fans complaining about the team not performing as well as they could be, because at least we care enough to be mad.

I still think we’ll make the playoffs through the wildcard, which is just fine with me. Winning the division is nice, but really, if you win the world series, nobody even thinks twice about the division title that you won that year.

I guess the one thing we have on our side is we’re not asking anyone on our team to do something they’ve never done before. Our pitchers have all stepped up and got on a roll before, especially after throwing an entire season, our hitters have both pounded the ball and played small ball before, and we know how to deal with adversity toward the end of the season.

It’s not how many games you get into the playoffs by or how many games you win in the season, it’s who is the hottest coming into and throughout the playoffs. We still very much have a chance for that to be us. Remember, things have looked grim before, the pitching staff has looked flat, the bats have gone silent. None of this is new. We just happen to have a team in our division playing way above their heads.

Would you be more comfortable if you were a Twins fan or a Red Sox fan? No chance.

Go Champs!!

excellant post, bigdog! see you all later for a White Sox winner….j.k.

screw freddy garcia. i didnt realize, either because i was out of town or i didnt read the entire paper that day, that he was complaining about not getting enough offensive support? is he crazy? maybe if he didnt give up massive amounts of runs everytime he pitches, maybe if he would throw the ball hard instead of trying to “save his arm”, the sox would win more games for him. that lazy piece of garbage should be put on waivers or released. what a joke.

(Psst…Kolsens, and all the rest of us “naysayers”….shhhh!! I’m talking in parentheses to keep our conversation off of the radar. Wouldn’t want to upset Klein. After all, he has seen more baseball than me. Also – don’t want to be too pessimistic on the site. Funny how we are considered negative, but when some bloggers in here are faced with any negative comment about the team, watch out!! Isn’t that something?

You know, yesterday, I saw a comment from Theo Epstein and he made an excellent point. He said that fans should be critical of his team (a team that also owns a comfortable winning record, albeit the Yankees monumental sweep) when it’s not doing well. That shows a high level of expectation from the players, the manager, and the whole team. If we don’t criticize, we accept status quo, which, for now is disappointing, at best. Klein can accept status quo – I won’t. I even question his allegiance, for in his mind, everything is OK. However, when Klein realizes that we are facing a collapse, it will hit him hard. Like a drunkard who feels no pain during his inebriative state and constantly bangs his head on the wall – during his stupor everything is great! No pain at all, bright side everywhere. When he wakes up, however, *****!!

I am so tired of the bandwagon talk – you’re on if you own a pair of pom poms and you’re off if you point out anything of substance which shows a depressing slide. We have been playing miserable baseball, of late, and maybe you can brush it off. It really affects me, though, and I suspect a lot of the others as well. If it makes Klein feel better, take me off the bandwagon. ****, Klein will ride that thing even if the wheels fall off, it catches fire, and the horses are dragging him top speed toward a 100 foot-steep cliff! I’d rather drive myself, thank you very much. If we make it, I’ll be happy. If we don’t, I’ll be sad. Very simple. I saw the white-flag trade and I’m still here. Saw the disappointing 1995 season after a promising 1994, still here. Saw 2001-2004, still here. I wonder if Klein is aware that thsoe were also heartbreaking seasons. You know what, on second thought, better not tell him. Let him think that win or lose…we always win. Just keep the liqour flowing…)

Hope Rowand’s allright, I heard he might be out for the rest of the season with a broken ankle. Couldn’t help but feel nostalgic after watching him flip over Chase Utley like that. You can crunch numbers and dissect stats, but you can never quantify a players heart; or his “focus” and toughness for that matter. Rowand had those intangibles, so do most of the players on the Sox (albeit some are keeping it dormant right now). If we’re gonna see this to the end and reach the playoffs a couple things are gonna have to happen, quickly (not a marathon anymore boys, you’re in the sprint portion now):

Scott Podsednik needs to find a way to get on.

Paul and Jim need to hit and hit hard. I’m not sure if I got this right but in the month of August they got a combined four HRs while JD sits on 5. If nothing else move Dye up;it’s not a sign of desperation, it’s a sign of dedication…to winning.

The most obvious is the pitching, really got no rememdies for that. Try not getting lit up early and often I guess?

We still control our own destiny so you gotta love these Minnesota and Detroit matchups, but the operative word in this sentence is control. Let’s hit the field tonight and control the tempo of the game. Let Mark hit the mound and control his pitch selection and location. And let us try to control our emotions and ease back on this back-and-forth, who’s the “real fans”, my daddy can beat up your daddy rhetoric. The best thing about this blog is the balance. I appreciate the kleins of the world when my patience begins to waver (last night and third game of the Minny sweep at home) and I need to be reminded of the larger picture. And I appreciate the dreifers for vocalizing sentiments most all of us have (even if we’re not willing to admit it).

Let’s get after ’em tonight fellas.


As a teacher, I understand your frustration. But remember that as in any public forum, this blog reflects American society, a society which still considers ‘faith’ a viable (never mind legitimate) epistemology. ( Heck, over 60% of all Americans still think the earth was created 10,000 years ago!!!) AND any challenge to faith is likely to elicit the reactions we see here (Sam Harris’ book The End of Faith is eloquent on this issue).

But remember that we have the ultimate weapon, not only to the bandwagoners but also to Ozzie Guillen, who himself is a “faith over reason” manager. That weapon is KENNY WILLIAMS, who will do everything possible to correct this year’s problems and right the ship for next year. Pods, Garica, Vazquez and all of the other deadwood will be gone, and the Sox will have hope again.

I forget your real name, Sox1966, but I love your use of the word “turds” when referring to the Detroit announcers! Funniest thing on the post today. You gotta find humor in these times that try Sox fans souls.

I give credit to Rowand for his hustle, but what ever happened to “calling” the ball? If Aaron and Utley are out, count Philly out of the NL Wildcard, which I think a lot of us Sox fans have been watching and rooting for.

If you love the Sox, you have to be frustrated. Frustration results in being critical. Throwing guys under the bus is another thing.

What’s going on with the pitching, four returning starters, and what was thought to be an improvement in the fifth starter? Everybody wants to know that. Fatigue? Quite possible, but don’t let Coop hear you say that. BUT, fatigue killed the Sox in Aug./September last year, and they came back like gangbusters in the last two weeks. We can only hope (can’t we?) that whatever the staff found at the end of 2005, can be found again and soon. We can be critical, we can get down, but don’t throw out hope, not yet.

Scrub Fans, go ahead, throw out hope, it’s way past time to do that. Sox Fans, we’re still in it!!

GO GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kolsens, I was writing at the same time you were. You ended by saying, “the Sox will have hope again”. I submit, for 2006, we still do have hope. We don’t have major injuries, we still have a great team, and there is still potential to turn it around. I don’t think those that hold onto hope when we’re a half game up in the Wild Card makes us blind, Sox kool-aid drinking fans, or equates us to loser fans from the North Side. Hope and optimism will keep us supporting our team, just what we need to do.

The “legend” does not feel too funny today….The “legend” is having some rough times,personally(too many to go into detail about….)and with the way the Sox have been the last four games(three losses,each one another stake in the heart of this club and its post season hopes….),The “legend” is about ready to snap like the perverbial twig at people such as dreifer,kolsens and all the others whose main goal seems to be to irk WS Universe….
Trust me,folks,when I get into one of these funks,you do NOT want to f**k with me…NEVER…..

So,I’m going to go away for a spell and see what happens,not just personally,but to the Sox….

As General Mac Arthur said….


When is anybody guess…..

Funks aren’t good.

A bit off the subject here, but we heard Hawk send get well wishes to Minnie Minoso during a game last week.

We sent him a get well card — any news on how he’s coming along or what’s wrong?

dreifer –

Great Post!

I have been there through thick and this since I remember watching my first game in 1982(only 5 years old then). There sure has been plenty more thin times than thick. I still have hope that we can get in the playoffs this year, but I am certainly not jumping off a bandwagon. Don’t believe I have ever been on one. I have always been a Sox and always will be one. Our die hard fandom gives us the right to be critical if we so wish. If others don’t like it that is tough **** We don’t settle for mediocrity on this side of town.

I suppose those like Klein (maybe not him personally because of where he lives) say that they hate Jay Mariotti(in case that name gets ****’d out that was everyones favorite columnist from the Sun Times), and I will call at least half of them hypocrites because they probably read his column. I disagree with a number of things he says, but he is not afraid to speak his mind and make us think a bit. Has he gone too far somethimes? Absolutely! But sometimes the truth hurts. If others want to bury their head in the sand that’s fine with me. I certainly will not take that approach because I care!

I’m very curious. Can anyone shed light on whether or not umpires are evaluated on their performance (i.e accuracy, consistency, etc.)? Maybe I’m too biased, but it does feel like we’ve been getting the short end of the stick lately. If anyone knows, please enlighten me.

A leadoff double (actually a single and an error) and we don’t get the run in. You have to believe last year that run comes in. For as much as there was last year about Ozzie ball and grinding it out, we have seen absolutely none of that this year.

We’re not winning as many one-run games, we’re not getting the run in from third with one out or getting the runner over from second with no outs, we’re waiting on the homerun and that’s it. We’re playing station to station baseball, which is what we featured every year besides the year we won the world series.

Seem backwards? I agree.

Maria –

They are judged by a machine call Questek (pardon me if I sspelled it wrong). They use it in about 30% of the ballparks and move it around every year. Unfortunately it is in use at the Cell this year, and as you know has caused some very tight stirke zones. Apparently it is not in use in Detroit this year. Tonight has been a joke. Talk about one sided! MLB does look at cases requested by teams and I am sure this game will be looked at and this umpire will lose some points towards his chances at getting a playoff assignment. He also may be docked some pay for getting Ozzie to come back at him after the arguement. He said something that ended in “off” to get Ozzie going again.

We have been getting hosed often lately. I am wondering if they think they are paying us back for Eddings supposedly making the wrong call last year, or if they are trying to stick to Ozzie because he has not made many friends with umpires in the last 3 years.

Bigdog –

Wondering why Uribe would not squeeze it home when Detroit was staying back giving up the run for the out. If you are having a tough time getting a hit, then try bunting. Is that not something kids learn in Little League???

Thanks, Jim. Not that I’m looking for excuses. We’re performing poorly enough without what appears to be an uneven playing field from the umps.

Oh where, oh where have my champion Sox gone? Oh where, oh where can they be??? :o(

White Sox, Red Sox, what’s the difference really.

UGH!!!! I just want to cry.. can I cry, am I allowed to cry but not be called negative? So sad is this… brighter note, finally getting rain here deepintheheartoftexas.. maybe it’s just my dad and past sox fans crying.. frankly, it’s been raining for 2 hrs, could be some truth to that. I even missed Ozwald getting ejected, satellite was out..


and going to cry in Texas.

i am continually amazed by how some can turn a negative into a positive. the White Sox stink!(some of you say) and when you are correct, it’s like you just won the lottery.”I’m right! the Sox su**.all you bone headed believers are na na. every team has bad stretches. how did you all feel after sweeping the tigers at home. did you think that those same tigers would roll over for us?

i agree with Duke on one point, i remember ALL the dissappointing seasons from 1960 forward….. what i will NOT do is to trash our team for not winning when they are doing their best. their best isn’t good enough, you say? then Kenny will fix it for next year. this is a very good team. with the way we started the season, who among you thought we would NOT make the playoffs? same question, who among you wanted to get rid of Jon at the start of the year? same team different time of the year is all that’s happened. Thome hasn’t produced well of late, i suppose we should ax him too!

i will say this very succinctly, until the World Champion Chicago White Sox are dethroned, they deserve our support, not our rancor….

and Duke, if i offended you by ranting, sorry, BUT how about a “GREAT GAME GUYS” from you every once in a while, huh? j.k. still in tucson, still suffering along with the rest of you, but maybe with a bit more perspective….

a lot of people have said we’ve still got a “great team” we’ve been playing .500 for about 2 months now.
all the people jumping off the ledges last year when our huge lead was depleting was one thing, because that lead was a monstrous cushion.

this year, we have no cuhsion. we still control our own destiny, as the twins lost too, but as for this “great team,” tell that to the mediocre teams that are beating us.

they can still salvage the series though… then come back to the cell, where it’s safe.

the eternal optimists here act as though the pessimists enjoy seeing this garbage… when i think it’s quite the opposite. it seems like it hurts more for the people who post negatively. the optimists see the next game as our chance to turn it around… a bright future… we’ll finally start playiugn like we should. whereas the pessimist doesnt have the same outlook… they watch tomorrows game thinking, “this will hurt.”

and please, no more complaining about calls…




buehrle gets some more calls, and he loses by less… who cares?

What a trainwreck. I never, never in a million years would’ve thought it would come to this: looking like a bunch of chumps, in DETROIT OF ALL PLACES! I have to work with a Tigers fan all day every day. It’s embarrassing. The Sox really seem like they’re just folding. I’d rather watch a team that just plain ***** and know what I’m getting from one night to the next, than to watch a team, that I know could be performing a thousand times better, go out there and stink up the joint. Let’s say the Sox make the post-season (a real stretch). Do we really want to watch them get swept by the Tigers in 3 games? What’s with these guys? Two weeks ago, I thought they were back with a vengeance: they took 2 of 3 from the Yankees in a series that had playoff-like atmosphere, then they swept the Tigers and looked sharp. Then they sleep-walked through 4 with KC, and it all went to h*ll. They’re driving me nuts!!

First of all ” bad stretch” does not describe this. A stretch would be 2-3 weeks, not 7 weeks!!!

MYP – You make some great points, no cushion here at all. If we continue to play .500 ball there will be no October for the White Sox. I love the White Sox and always will, but I am made sick to my stomach on a daily basis. Why can we not get this thing back together and steamroll into the playoffs. Could it happen? I f***in hope so!!! Am I expecting it to happen right now? Not really.

As for tonight’s game the result could have been different if there were not two different strike zones. Buehrle actually did a decent job of locating his pitches tonight. He just was not getting the calls Rogers was. You can’t say we would not have scored any runs if the zone was the same both ways. We had to pretty much swing at anything that did not hit the backstop on a fly.

first of all they wouldnt get swept in 3 games by the tigers since baseball rules don’t let teams from the same division play each other in the 1st round. we are looking at the yankees right now if we got in. second of all the goofball who wrote earlier that noone should be negative, are you actually watching this garbage? i truely think they lost their fire. no everett, rowand, duque these guys were very emotional guys. they were the “grinders” on the sox. they may not have been the most successful players but i believe when each of those players left they took a small piece of the soul that was the 2005 white sox with them. there isnt anyone on the team that is a player that gets fired up/emotional/do or die attitude besides AJ and i personally think hes a whiner more than any of the above attributes.

and what the **** has happened to the duo of konerko and thome. they never get a big hit. its always dye that comes through out of the so called “big three”. meanwhile if you look out west to oakland my boy the big hurt has been getting huge hits for the last 2 months for the surging A’s.

as hawk would say “dont tell me what youre hitting tell me when you hit it”…im pointing directly at thome/konerko as i say that

Thank God for Markakis.

I call for Scott’s resignation effective immediately. Sorry Reifert, but it’s plain that the start of the Sox most recent slump coincided with Bloggers Night. You are to blame for this! (obviously just kidding)

I hope we can get some offense going because I doubt we can get some pitching going. Let’s get a win.

16-20. Ouch. Why is it the Sox always seem to tank the 2nd half of the season?

Buehrle, hmmm, let’s see. First he blames the Questek, now he blames the strike zone. The flaw in this logic of course, is that the other pitcher must also deal with the same issues.
Man, that 9.5 million 2007 option is looking more and more like a real steal. Oh, and by the way, great idea to pick up Alomar to help Buehrle’s woes, no? Really made the difference!

Kenwo – I hear you! I love Thome, I think he is awesome and I have nothing but overall praise for the lineup. But – I have noticed that Thome is the worst 2 strike hitter I’ve ever seen. He swings at terrible piches when he is behind in the count. Also, along similar lines as Hawk’s statement, he has got to get the clutch hits!


DId you guys ever see the Seinfeld episode, where Kramer tries to take a vow of silence? After about 30 seconds he blows it. Then he says…OK STARING NOW!…I think he does this 2 or 3 times. Kind of what I see here day in and day out for the longest time from all the “Kleiniacs.” After every tough, must-win game we lose, we hear a similar refrain…”OK starting NOW we will win.” Or something like that. I hope you guys are not stockbrokers. Man – would you EVER sell a losing stock?

Oh, Klein, by the way –


You know, last year’s and the current season’s slide started vs KC. Interetsing, no?

On that note – I’m having a hard time trying to learn the rules of comparing last year vs this year. I mean, I think both the naysayers (like me) and the blue sky forever crowd (Klein, et. al.) seem to look to last year as a starting point of analysis. For instance, I look at this year’s downward spiral and conclude that last year, at least, we had a 15 game cushion, whereas this year we don’t have that luxury. The Kleiniacs probably hold that just like we came back from a misearble August and September last season, a similar comeback is in store this year as well. Just a point to ponder, I guess.

keno et al.,

Konerko’s batting slide dates back to the all-star game, after which he was noticeably doing two things (1) taking too many first pitch strikes down the middle; and (2) then swinging at too many bad pitches when he was behind in the count. In other words, he contracted “Podsednik-syndrome” and still hasn’t shaken it. (Would you like a sure bet? Go into the ballpark and bet another fan that Pods will take the first strike).

May I add that his fielding has also gotten worse; his movement off the base to snag poorly thrown balls (always bad) may now be the WORST in the league.

There is STILL plenty to be positive about. Hold on while I grab my pom-pons:
1) 37 more games to ensure a spot in the playoffs. More than enough of time.

2) The guys are healthy.

3) The guys are talented and capable. You KNOW they’ve got it in them.

4) MIN and BOS aren’t looking great right now either, thankfully.

5) _____ (Add your comments here. C’mon… you can do it!)

6) We didn’t live in New Orleans last August.

Seriously, last night after the game, I tuned in to Spike Lee’s Katrina documentary on HBO. Not sure if any of you have seen it, but it makes our moaning about the Sox and baseball seem, well, downright trivial. Not that I don’t love our Sox… YOU ALL KNOW I DO!… but after seeing and hearing the countless tales of suffering people went through during the past year, it’s hard to gripe about a few losses. Talk about a reality check.

Thanks for the great post Maria.

I too, watched that documentary. I felt about this big [—] during it, realizing everything that I complain about on a day to day basis, when those people litereally lost everything. Everything. The pain and damage down there really took me aback, and like you said- it made our baseball “woes” seem so trivial.

I mean, don’t get me wrong- I’m the most competitive person in the world, and the White Sox are a huge part of my life. I love getting caught up in the ups and downs of the season. I lvoe being part of something bigger than me, I really do.

However, if only for today, I’m stepping back and realizing all we are blessed with. And further, my prayers and thoughts are continued to be with all those people down South.

i’ll try another approach. it’s clear that trying to reason with some of you is a waist of my time, but one more time….you are right, Duke! the sky is not blue for me and my other “kleiniacs” ( i think you’ve made me famous)it is most decidedly gray, and has been for awhile. the way i(we) look at it though is there isn’t anything WE can do about our TEAMS struggles, so why complain? do you think that all our complaining had ANYTHING to do with Pollitte’s dismissal? absolutely not! will moaning about ANY substandard player change anything? ablolutely not! my point is that you can go through life complaining about the trivial (Maria and Bethany are 100% right re; their comments about Katrina). other examples abound, but you get the idea. go through life miserable, or change what you can and make the most of what YOU have. that’s my phylosophy on life, it just happens to coincide with our White Sox. j.k. in kleiniac heaven (just love that phrase….)

and in the meantime, i’m going to play a mid week round of golf. go klein!, go Sox… see you all later for what i hope is a White Sox winner. (don’t we all?)

Hey, look at me, I’m a Kleiniac if I might have one positive thought in all of 2006. I guess when I’m negative, I will be called a Dreiferian. After last night, I would be called a Dreiferian. Nothing too positive going on last night, except maybe that our center fielder didn’t break his ankle, and our pitcher didn’t bloody the manager’s nose, and our DH isn’t in the middle of a steriod scandal. I guess things could get worse, so maybe I just won’t complain today, even if I feel more like a Dreiferian at the moment, instead of a Kleiniac.

Please stop putting Rob in Center Field. I am confident we can do it without Thome today till he comes back but this team needs a fire lit under them. They have no enthusiasm. When they are down they look like they have given up.

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