Tonight’s Lineup

Wednesday, May 31, 2006, 3:20 pm

Tonight’s Lineup at the Jake

Pods, LF; Cintron, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Mack, CF; Uribe, SS; Garcia, RHP.


With B Anderson struggling, how about a trade of B McCarthy for Crawford from Tampa Bay???

During the game last night Cintron at bat Pods at first. The Cleveland catcher is a very poor thrower. Why didnt Cintron take a pitch so Pods could steal? Why wasnt Pods stealing? That game situation cost us the game!! Was Ozzie asleep?

I’m not in favor of a trade yet, unless it is for bullpen help. But if I was going to trade a pitcher, it would be Garland. No way in h*ll should B-Mc be traded. He is the future. I like the acquisition of Crawford, but why would they give him up?


Thanks for referring me to the Couch article in today’s Sun Times. To your very well stated criticism, I would like to add that Couch displayed the same type of amnesia which Mariotti did in his article about the Barrett ****** punch on Pierzynski (i.e. “forgetting”, as did most of the media, that Barrett had displayed his infantile temper just a week earlier on the West Coast). In Couch’s case, he “forgot” (as did Boyer) that the Sox’s 3-5% raise in this year’s ticket prices was NOT due to any concern for the average fan but RATHER due to the organization’s foolish setting of prices BEFORE the World Series, which the Sox HAD to do if they wanted to offer playoff tickets as an incentive to fans willing to commit to season tickets for this year. Once the Sox won the series (something the organization REALLY hadn’t counted on), prices could not be changed, and season tickets were thus relatively cheap for fans wanting to see the champs this year. But I’ve got a double sawbuck that says fans will see a STEEP increase next year if the Sox make the playoffs again this year. Indeed, if you’re an average baseball fan who’s already feeling squeezed by the cost of watching this sport, then consider Sox losses as having a “silver” lining.

Hi Scott,
why is tadahito out of the line up again? lately it seems like he sits every other day. i know he is hitting 2 for 30 or 40 something at bats against westbrook but is that the only reason or is he in ozzies dog house?

thanks for keeping us as close to the white sox as possible, dan

Devil Rays have 5 good OF’s and need young pitching. McCarthy ***** coimg out of the bull pen,it is not natural for him. trade would be young talent for young talent and both teams get what they need. Garland no way to much experience to move.

I can’t see trading away any good pitching at this point in the year, pitching is the premium.

Just as Jenks went back down last year, and then became a valuable part of this team for the stretch run and Series, Anderson probably needs a little more time in the minors for his confidence. I hate it when Pablo has a line drive coming his way, or fly ball in the wind, for that matter, and love the confidence I have in Brian’s glove, speed, and arm.

Send down Brian, bring up Owens or Sweeney for a little experience in the bigs, platooning with Mac. Sounds like a great idea to me, how ’bout it Ozzie?? Feel free to pass that one along to him, Scott. 🙂

Our boys need to pick up Freddy here. Plenty of game lef- but we need to quit stranding runners, and start putting up some big runs! Lets go Sox! BC has us winning the next 8!

We ain’t gonna win this thing going thru the season hoping that Detroit falls apart. Freddie’s 2nd poor outing. We gotta get those hits with runners in scoring position. Time for Ozzie to light a fire.

Last year we were exceptional at situational hitting…could use some of that right now.

I just saw the first wave of all-star votes that came out and i got to say, I am frickin disgusted with MLB nation. All the top vote getters are Yankees and Red Sox, most of which are not putting up numbers like most the players on the White Sox. Lets see here: First Base #1 Ortiz, #2 Giambi: Konerko and Thome have better numbers than both those douchbags.
Second Base: #1 Cano, Iguchi has better numbers

Third Base: #1 A-Rod, #2 Lowell, Crede should be ahead of both those clowns if baseball fans would get the heads out of their fat ***** and actually do some research before just asuming A-Rod’s the best

Catcher: Veritek and Posada, A.J. easily could be ahead of either of those pillow biters

OF: Dye has better numbers in less games than Ramirez, Damon and Vlad but where is he on the list not even in top ten. For all the schmucks who voted for these a-hole’s, don’t even bother voting next year because you just screw everything up

waiting for detroit to fall apart??? that’s almost funny.

we’re pacing to win a solid 100 games. if the tigers(who were 3-0 this year against, those 3 coming in detroit) want to beat that, then hats off to them.

they can win 120 games this year and take the division, but they cant keep us out of the postseason.

magg’s new team gets a big whatever from me. best of luck to them. let’ just take care of what we can control, and get those 100 wins.

and a question for scott… or anyone. what was that link last year to the site that would predict every teams odds of making the postseason?

i just want to track it through a whole year, because it was pretty cool.


i have to agree again with someone. this time it’s mypOO. His/Her point is perfectly made. even with our recent struggles, we are on pace to make the playoffs. i would rather have a rough go now than in sept. like last year…remember? i also think we need to shore up our bullpen and agree completely that Cintron should have given Pods a shot at stealing. the look on Ozzie’s face told me that he wasn’t too happy about that loss and the way our guys played/didn’t play. and Michael (also in tucson) was right about giving our manager the benefit. he has earned that from us. j.k. later all….

That great website from Scott is
the columns are: current wins, current losses, expected win percentage, average wins through 1 million simulations, average losses, percentage of times won the division in simulation, percentage of times won the wildcard, percentage of times made the playoffs

Schemptster- if I am GM I take that deal in a HEARTBEAT. I don’t think TB would do it. Pitching is at a premium, yes but equally if not more of a premium is a one of the fastest guys in baseball who can hit for average and a little power and play defense. With an outfield of Pods, Crawford and Dye the opposition would have about 10 square feet of outfield to work with.

mattcurto: The allstar voting is allmost as big of a joke as the gold glove/GM&manager of the year voting. I say good! Keep putting in the 1&done yanks and redsox, light a bigger fire under the World Champs to repeat.

just to be a devil’s advocate… isn’t it better to struggle a little at the end so you are hungry getting in? Granted you don’t want to be tired and worn out going in, but if a team has been struggling down the stretch and heats up come playoffs time they tend to do fairly well.

Then again I guess a team could be way over .500 and heat up around the playoffs too.

UGLY is best for last night’s game!

I have to echo… We are still, arguably, the best team in baseball. And a bit of a adversity isn’t the worst thing in the world. Remember the last few weeks of 2005…when SOME folks were jumping off the bandwagon… Remember..that which does not kill us, makes us stronger.

Perfectly said Dawn.

Although frustrating, the reality is that its June 1st, and despite hitting some rough patches as of late- we 1.5 out of 1st place, with arguably the best team as a whole in baseball.

Things will turn around. We don’t want to peak now anyways. We want to steadily build as we go so we’re playing our best baseball at the end.

Big man on the mound tonight, I sure like our chances. Here’s to our bats coming alive tonight!

I think before the Sox fans get really agitated with the votes for the All-Star Starters, we have to look at why this is happening. ESPN shows a Yankees game almost 5 nights a week. Most of the nation, not only NY voters, vote for these players because they are seeing them more than their own home team. Most importantly, Ozzie will be the manager of the AL team. I’m pretty sure I recall him calling the team, the AL All Star White Sox. Would it be too far of a stretch seeing Ross Gload on the All Star team? Ozzie will take care of the Southside boys.

Keep voting, it’s still early.

Whomever makes the team, I just hope they get the AL the win so the White Sox will have home advantage in the WS again! Thome/Konerko in the home run derby?

Let’s keep filling the park with the team coming back home, making some big noise. Going to the final in the Detroit series with the kids, hopefully to see the final game of a sweep.

thanks for the link rj…

as for the all-star voting… i’m fine with having a championship team that no one thinks has any star players. it’s kind of fun to see us play against those ‘better’ players in october and see who comes out on top… in 11 games out of 12.

but i do seem to remember back in ozzie’s first year, frank was putting up some monster numbers. AL MVP contender kind of numbers, and he did not make the all-star team. joe torre picked tino, i believe. and ozzie said he couldn’t blame torre. if he were picking guys for the all-star team, he would load it with his guys too. he said he’d even try to get his back up players in.

i would so love to see him live up to that.

“jeter, take a seat! uribe’s gonna hit for you.”

ok has anyone heard the rumor Jon Garland to philly for Aaron Rowand and move mccarthy to 5th starter.

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