Two for Tuesday

Tuesday, May 23, 2006, 5:49 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; Konerko, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Mackowiak, CF; Uribe, SS.  Vazquez.

So What Do You Do When You Are Thrown Out of a Game

For White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen, you flip on the televisions in the clubhouse.

"I watched our game and the Spanish news," Guillen said.  "My wife asked me what I did for three hours, and I told her ‘what do you need to know about South America?’"


“Why are Mack and Pablo on the bench, while Uribe and Anderson start?”


You mean like Uribe’s play in the last game of the Cubs series? Come on – we’ve heard the defense argument before and it is getting old. And if you mean to tell me that Pablo and Mack are just too much much of a defensive liability, then I say again, get **** and CF who can play defense AND HIT! I think there are some of these unique players available in the majors, you know, those who can do both. I am just tired of these two at the plate. Uribe hasn’t seen a pitch he doesn’t like (similar to our manager’s batting style). BA is still like a deer in the headlights.

And then there is Garland…we don’t know what we are getting with him from game to game. Package the 3 of them while they still have a semblance of value left and let’s get some quality bullpen/fielders please.

Sorry for the double post–

I think we all would like to see more offensive production from both Uribe and BA, it will come. I will take their defense right now all day. I think you’re all wrong on Garland. He will win 15 games without issue and that’s all we need from our #4.

Relax and let this play out a bit more you will see it all come togther from those three.

Get the brooms out, A’s will be swept.

driefer: The Sox have the second best record in baseball!! Uribe, BA, and JG are not going anywhere. I’m not thrilled with Garland’s pitching, but with his new contract he is not very tradable. We need to trust KW’s judgement because he has built a World Championship team.

I think you need to get off the ledge or stop being spoiled. Name a better 4 or 5 starter in the league than Garland. You’d probably be hard pressed to name a 3 starter. So Garland is going through a rough stretch, it wouldn’t look so bad if the other pitchers were not pitching so well.

As for Uribe, your going to get rid of him because he makes one error against the sCrubs? Don’t you remeber his plays from the World Series? He’s a streaky hitter and ususally does better when it warms up. Don’t forget it’s still May in Chicago.

You’ve got to give BA more time, it’s only May and we still have the second best record in baseball. IN BASEBALL!!!! This is not the time to panic.

And to put in my 2 cents worth…why is it we rarely hear from dreifer, unless it’s a negative comment. We are the WS Champions, with darn near the best record in baseball AGAIN… no team is perfect, and no team will win them all. I’m very happy where we are. If 3 of our “starters” are struggling, and we are doing this well…we’re only going to get better!! Every sports expert I’ve heard says we won it all last year, and we’re a better team this year. I believe it and I’m just going to sit back and enjoy it. AGAIN! =)

i have to agree with Dawn and blakeheem on this one. last year we got all over our Sox when they struggled late in the year. we are fans and would be happy to have our team win every game. earlier this year, Scott answered a question about how many games we would win this year, and he quipped that we would win all but nine. we would split with the cubs and lose to the a’s. that’s a good joke, except that we have beatten the a’s twice already and will win again tomorrow with Mark on the hill. bottom line is like the others have said, let Kenny and Ozzie do their thing, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride to another championship. hey Tom, i loved the penguin bit. you wouldn’t see any of those out here. j.k. tucson..

Yeah I think most of our complaining just comes out of being spoiled because of our dominance in the post-season last year. That’s the freshest memory in all of our minds. But you just have to remember how you felt towards the endd of the year when the Sox were stuggling and losing the lead on Cleveland. The Sox aren’t going through anything more now than every other team in the majors (and going through much less, might I add). We have the best pitching, great hitting, and amazing defense. You just can’t expect it all to be exactly 100% every single night. But the Sox will always find a way to make up for the part that is lacking. We’ve got a great team, don’t forget that. -Phil in IN

First time poster here. I have been reading this for a few weeks now, but just now decided to post. I love the blog Scott. A lot of good information given. I just want to put in my two cents here.
Like it has been said, I wouldn’t get worried about Juan’s slow start. Uribe is one of the streakiest hitters in the majors. He never does good in May. He is a career .236 hitter in May. Let the weather get warmer, he will come around soon.

Anderson is only a rookie. Do you really expect a rookie to come in and hit .300 with 30 HR and 100 RBI? No. The most important thing is that he gains experience and we win. He has shown his power for us, but he just has to relax and not try to do more than he is capable of. His hitting will come around. Luckily for us his poor offense so far really hasn’t cost us anything. We still have the second best record in baseball.

Garland may have had a freaky good year last year, but he is still one of the best, if not the best, number 5 starter in all of baseball. His ERA isn’t pretty right now, but the offense is picking up the slack for him. If he can just keep us in the game, our offense will step up in the clutch and win the game for us.

Like a few people have said, we got spoiled last year. If this were 2004 and we took 2 of 3 from the north siders and had a 30-15 record through 45 games would you still be complaining? Most likely not. We are on pace to win 108 games. We most likely will make the playoffs this year and make another run at the world series.

That was longer than I expected. Oh well. Let’s finish off the sweep tomorrow. Go Sox.


Scott Podsednik was 0-1, let’s trade him!!!!! Vasquez gave up a home run to Chavez, let’s trade him. Anderson didn’t play, LET’S TRADE HIM!!!!! You know, there is a team on the North side who could use your genious moves …. we’ll do just fine on our own. Thanks for the boatload of support though!!

Proud of the double post. It needed it.

mrp2390 is right dreifer. You just might have some north side mentality going there. You’ve heard the defense argument because its valid. Our pitching would not be as good as it is if we didn’t have a quality defensive infield and outfield. Hitting isn’t always everything my friend. And if you haven’t noticed, our hitting as a whole is a million times better than last year. So quit trashing our players already! I love Uribe and Anderson and so does our team. Look in the mirror and you might just see a fairweather fan.


If you ever wondered why the Sox hired an amateur like Chris Singleton, look at the reactions to your perfectly legitimate criticisms, which are, in Sox culture, interpreted as “complaining.” Those who “complain” should not speak (and certainly not announce!), at least when the team is winning.

On the other hand, watch what happens if this team begins to lose some games, which it bloody may well do if the pitching doesn’t improve soon. “Complaining” then will be the rule, not the exception, just as it today with the war in Iraq. You would think, however, that Sox fans would understand their history better than George Bush does his. Changes should be made BEFORE the ship begins to sink, not after. Thank god that at least Kenny Williams gets it.

As for Garland, I share your concern not only about him but also Vasquez, who seems to prove the old adage that no matter how many times you enter a horse in a race, you can’t make a thoroughbred out of a nag. Instead of a trade, however, why not exchange one or both of them with McCarthy, who, in my view, deserves the chance to start if these two continue to falter?


Starting pitching is not an issue on this team period. If there is cause for any concern, it’s middle relief. It seems as though guys are not nearly as effective as they were a year ago. Maybe Jeff Nelson lights a fire under guys like Cliff, Cotts and Thorton.

Get the brooms out sweep is coming!!

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