Random Pregame Thoughts

Monday, May 22, 2006, 6:11 pm

On Frank’s Reception

The man is the greatest offensive player in our franchise’s history.  It is certainly up to the fans to decide his reception, but I think he deserves a standing O.  Then I hope we strike him out four times.

Good to see him, although he still looks funny in green.

Turns out my information was wrong in a prior post.  The ceremony will be between the first and second innings, so hopefully right before he hits.

I spoke with the TV folks and they will not be able to air the tribute.  You may be able to hear the other gesture we have planned.

No Biting

A story out there that Joey Cora bit Jacque Jones’ shoe during Saturday’s fight was circulating the ballpark before the game.

I went to Joey and told him he probably needed to comment in some way to end the speculation.

"I did not bite anyone … in this fight," he said/confessed.

Don’t ask him about a fight with the Padres in something like 1988.


We all were giving Ozzie Guillen a hard time about the ever-present billboards of him in downtown Chicago promoting a Brazilian-style steakhouse.  If you haven’t seen them, they are everywhere … omnipresent.

"It looks like you are carving a rabbit," one person said.

"My brother said, ‘Look, he is always watching us,’" said Oney Guillen.

"Listen to this," Ozzie said, before launching into a hilarious story.

(Note to reader: all of this is a direct quote from Ozzie, so imagine the following with his accent)

I am going to the place where I get my nails done.  I’ve been going there for a year and a half now.

I sit down at the table and take off my White Sox World Series ring.  Then I put my hands out.

‘Oh, the White Sox,’ the woman says.  This is the same woman who has done my nails for almost two years.

‘I am the biggest fan,’ she says.

‘I know you from somewhere,’ she says a bit later.  ‘Are you famous?’

No, I’m not famous.  Now, I am thinking that she has seen my face for two years, claims to be a big fan and has even seen my credit card … G-U-I-L-L-E-N.  She still doesn’t know who I am?

‘Are you a chef?’

Chef?  I have no idea what she is thinking about.  Then I remember?  Oh yeah … the billboards.

No, I work in baseball.


Yeah, I am the manager.

‘Manager?  What is a manager?’

Nevermind … I’m a chef …

Two days later my wife goes in to have her nails done.

‘I didn’t know your husband was famous,’ the woman says. 

My wife tries to lowkey our name and celebrity so she doesn’t say much.

‘He’s a chef’, the woman says. ‘What restaurant does he work at?’

‘He told you he’s a chef?!’ Ibis responds.


Jon’s getting smacked around a bit tonight. =( Don’t know what’s gotten in his head..he seems to have lost some confidence.

As for the Cora issue. DJ mentioned the Padre “fight” and I thought I was going to fall off my chair =) The idea of little Joey biting someone’s ankle was just too funny. =)

Sounded like a GREAT reception for Frank. I was proud..until he slammed one out =( Didn’t catch any of the tributes, though.


So once again, Anderson and Uribe are automatic outs and Garland pitches (if we could call this pitching!) like Anderson hits! (At least he gave 2 of his endless longball tosses to Big Hurt!)I will reiterate my stand – get rid of all 3 for a decent bullpen arm and make another trade for someone in the outfield who could hit over a buck eighty! UGH!! How long are we going to suffer with these clowns! If Detroit keeps it up folks, we are in for a long, sad summer!

That’s a Chicago Style Mac Attack!

Fred in CA

OK – keep Uribe…

I’m extremely happy that we’ve got a class group of fans, and Frank received the ovation he deserved. And hopefully all of this will bring some closure to everything.

All hail, Pablo!! the squirrel was a great addition, too!! =) Maybe he’s the new team mascot. Gotta be honest and tell you that I called Pablo as my “pick to click” !! As my daughter said a short while ago…I don’t like these extra inning games. Glad we came out on the winning side of this one!!

and we BEAT the a’s!!?? how is this possible? just another grind it out type of win for our guys. i KNEW that Pablo was going to squeeze in the 10th. and it worked!! maybe i could be Ozzies bench coach ?? see you all tomorrow when we beat the a’s curse again!! j.k. in tucson

Good job by Mac and Ozuna. I’m glad the fans gave Frank a standing ovation and treated him right not like the Indian fans did to Thome. Eddings has been a prob for ump’s, I will take his call for AJ last year but still he has made a lot of mistakes for other teams. Good win

Evan, Arlington Heights

Tonight is just another good example of the strength of our bench. I think I can speak for everyone when I commend Kenny on the amazing job he’s done and still doing to put great players all over the roster 1-25.

And totally off-topic…did anyone see Jake Peavy’s 16 stikeout outing tonight? Funny thing is that he’s 2 innings away from getting the loss. Thought that was interesting.


Phil in Indiana

I had work until 11 tonight, so I watched the game on my Tivo in fast forward. Too bad it was extra innings because I missed the exciting ending. But did anyone catch the second tribute to Frank? I couldn’t tell if I just missed it or if I didn’t hear it because of fast forwarding.
– Rob

All I have to say is that I have more respect for my fellow Sox fans than ever before. I was worried that our best hitter would get booed today in his first game as our opponent. What I found instead was a well deserved ovation for the greatest hitter I’ve ever seen wear a White Sox jersey. Thank God we’re not like Cleveland booing Jim Thome. As much as I hated to see both homeruns, I found myself standing and cheering for Big Frank. I wish him the best of everything for the rest of his career and I hope all Sox fans can forget how he left and remember what he did while he was here. He truly was great. Let’s show the rest of the world that we are TRUE baseball fans.

Go Sox!!!

By the way, forget Marriotti. He’s a joke. The more we write about him, the more exposure he gets. Let’s ignore him and focus on the greatest baseball team in the world right now. Jealousy is a stinky cologne and Marriotti is doused in it.

OK, to the Garland haters: If he goes .500 this year then what are you worried about? We have 4 other aces for starting pitchers. Any other team in the majors would wish they had the problem (if you can call it that) that we have. Just sit back, relax, and watch some good baseball this year. You’ll be wishing you had these kind of problems ten years from now. And by the way, I still have faith in Garland because our organiztion does. If you doubt our organization, then you must think we are better off with Ordonez, Lee, Thomas, Valentin, Loiaza, and Olivo. Does it make sense now?

Sorry for so many comments, but I’m getting a little upset at our confidence. For instance, tonight after Ozuna missed the catch in left field, the bar that I was at was yelling at the tv screen calling him a bum.

“Are you serious?” I asked the fans. “He will win PLENTY more games than he will lose for us, so why are you hating on Ozuna? Plus, what other pinch hitter/runner in the majors is doing better than him?” I felt like I was asking the square root of 9801 (hint: how many regular season wins did we have last year?).

Next up in the 10th with 2 outs, Pablo Ozuna. I told the same fans to watch him win the game for us. What did he do? Yeah, a miracle happened again. Quit questioning this team and its players. This is White Sox baseball at its best!!!

and what i really like seeing is that packed stadium almost every night. so much better than playing in front of 18,000 like in previous years. i havn’t seen a cubs game yet this year,and wonder if they’re still drawing fans. i guess i’ll find out in a few weeks when we visit them up north. we can go for our sweep up there. j.k. tucson

It was great to see Frank last night. And I agree – he got the welcome he deserved. Kudos to whoever made the tribute video – it was amazing and touching, and a perfect tribute to the Big Hurt. I know I thank him for all he has done, and the standing ovation, cheering for his homers, everything, was just what he deserved. We’ll miss him, and yes, it’s weird to see him in green! Go Sox! Way to go, Pablo!!!!

Why are Mack and Pablo on the bench, while Uribe and Anderson start? A coherent answer, not the usual…”I will support these guys till I’m blue in the face” response, without such a hint of backing up such a claim, is welcome.

And to jjrasta – if any other team in the majors wishes they had Garland, well, let’s fulfill their wish. I mean, come on!! We have a pitcher who openly questions his confidence and rightfully so. The funny thing is, he gave up 4 runs and LOWERED his ERA!! He’s got to go to one of the teams who wish they could have him. Let’s get some outfield and bullpen help. We are on the brink of unstoppability – we just need to get rid of the GAR BA J!!

What we have to keep in mind is that there is still a whole lotta baseball left to be played. We WILL get first place back. Detroit’s luck WILL eventually run out. Okay so Garland is struggling right now, every pitcher struggles every now and then. I have faith that he will find his confidence before the second half of the season kicks off. As far as Frank’s Ovation… Way to show some class Chicago!!! I was beaming from ear to ear with Pride!!! Does Ozzie crack anybody else up as much as he cracks me up? By the way, I think I’m falling in love with Mac and Pablo!!! We are becoming the kings of small ball!!! (smart ball).

Go Sox!!! Let’s kick some A’s bootie!!!!
Lisa from the South Side

If you missed it, I believe the surprise tribute besides the video was Gene Honda’s introduction: “Now batting, number 35… FRAAAAAAAANK THOMAS!”

Those restaurant signs have been driving me nuts! Every time I see one, I think “man, that looks like Ozzie. But why would Ozzie be on a restaurant ad in a bus shelter??” I feel somehow vindicated.

In a ballgame that saw,by estimate,1,846 feet of home runs,isn’t it fitting that the winning run comes in on a play that goes all of 90 feet?
That is the way to win a game…although if this was in the East Bay of Northern California,and the home team there pulled the same raabit out of the silk hat,all of WS Universe would be p-o’d no end…

To those of you who were out there last night,congratulations and a tip of my Irish cap for the ovation given to F Thomas when he came up the first time…even though he jacked a Thomas style missle far,far away…As predicted by myself yesterday(am I Rasputin,DJ? or is that the Hunchback of Nostradamus?(Sorry))the second time F Thomas came to bat,there were more boos than overall cheers…

On to other topics…jklein…John,you were wondering if the Cubs are still drawing fans to Jurassic Park at Neverland? The answer,my friend,is this…Is a bear Catholic?Does the Pope s**t in the woods?This has been one of my constant rants about that marketing tool at the corner of Clark and Addison for years…You could put nine copulating penguins out there in Cub jerseys,and there would be 39,000 fans in the seats…and it would draw a 17 rating and a 34 share on WGN TV…For years,the marketing department of the White Sox tried EVERYTHING they could,up until last year’s success,to get fans to come out to the Cell to see the team play…Over at Wrigley,the only worry that Cub management had was if the gates would accidentally rust shut…

Personal note to AJ and any other players planning to appear on the Score’s morning show with the Hot Dog Boy…think twice…anything you say may be twisted against you and lead to a whole can of whupa**opened up…Think I’m wrong? Just ask Ryan “Shecky”Dempster…For once,I actually believe a Cub player was misquoted in an interview….Joey Cora may be a number of things besides a decent infielder in his day and a pretty good third base coach today,but a biter of body parts? I don’t think so,Dracula….

Finally,for now,here’s a riddle…What do the squirrel that ran on tthe field last night and the sports editors of the Sun-Times have in common? Give up? They both deal with NUTS on a regular basis…(I’ll be here all week,folks…be sure to tip your server…then pick her up after she falls over….)

TQ..personally, I’d prefer the copulating penguins =) You always make me smile. Actually, there is a story from years past that our pal Joey did bite someone on the ankle in a brawl. I think that’s where the mix-up came. DJ mentioned it during the series. Explanation in our house, for the squirrel sighting? After Ozzie was ejected, he sent the robo-squirrel out to get a peek… =)

To dvaskeli…You can ask anyone in the Sox front office and they will tell you,and I will second the opinion….Gene Honda is the classiest PA announcer in all of MLB…And I kind of had the feeling that he was going to do what he did the first AB for F Thomas last night…And it was a fine gesture on Gene’s part….

Dawn,I think that Tribune management would prefer the penguins,as well…That way,they’d only have to pay them off in fish….

I’m sorry, I still disagree. Garland is going to be fine. All players go through good times and bad times. I’m guessing you also wanted Podsednik to be benched early this year. And let’s not forget how many people wanted Crede gone last year when he wasn’t playing that well. Kenny Williams and Ozzie Guillen know exactly what they’re doing. That’s why they are in the positions they are in. Give Garland a chance. We’re still unstoppable in the long run.
Go Sox!

All I can say is that I have learned, over the last year and a half, to trust in Ozzie and Kenny. At the onset, I was unhappy with many of their moves..I adored Maggs, Carlos Lee, etc. And I was saddened, nay stunned, when they were gone. Ahhh but how we know what that did for us. I was upset when Aaron left…and not that I don’t still miss him, and Frank, I see the bigger picture coming into focus. Every move they’ve made, that I questioned, looks like genius in hindsight. Nothing has been proven to be a mistake to me. For that reason, I have faith… no matter how odd it looks, they, along with a few fellow bloggers, look like prophets in the making; men of wisdom beyond their years! GO SOX!
Dawn in beautiful, booming Fox River Grove, IL (raise your hand if you are asking,


“Why are Mack and Pablo on the bench, while Uribe and Anderson start?”


You mean like Uribe’s play in the last game of the Cubs series? Come on – we’ve heard the defense argument before and it is getting old. And if you mean to tell me that Pablo and Mack are just too much much of a defensive liability, then I say again, get **** and CF who can play defense AND HIT! I think there are some of these unique players available in the majors, you know, those who can do both. I am just tired of these two at the plate. Uribe hasn’t seen a pitch he doesn’t like (similar to our manager’s batting style). BA is still like a deer in the headlights.
And then there is Garland…we don’t know what we are getting with him from game to game. Package the 3 of them while they still have a semblance of value left and let’s get some quality bullpen/fielders please.

Hey dreifer, Scott Podsednik was 0-1, let’s trade him!!!!! Vasquez gave up a home run to Chavez, let’s trade him. Anderson didn’t play, LET’S TRADE HIM!!!!! You know, there is a team on the North side who could use your genious moves …. we’ll do just fine on our own. Thanks for the boatload of support though!!

mrp2390 is right dreifer. You just might have some north side mentality going there. You’ve heard the defense argument because its valid. Our pitching would not be as good as it is if we didn’t have a quality defensive infield and outfield. Hitting isn’t everything my friend. And if you haven’t noticed, our hitting as a whole is a million times better than last year. So quit trashing our players already! I love Uribe and Anderson and so does our team.

How long has Gene Honda been the PA announcer for the White Sox? How many years?

Bob Sheppard of the Yankees is in his 57th year, Bob Casey of the Twins passed away a few years ago after 44 years, and Roy Steele had to retire becaue of a voice ailment after 40 years with the A’s.

Anyone know?

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