Oakland Arrives

Monday, May 22, 2006, 2:20 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Ozuna, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; Crede, 3B; Widger, C; Uribe, SS; Anderson, CF.  Gar takes the mound.

Frank Return

I learned a little more about the video this morning.  The tribute will last about 1:40 and run between the top of the first and bottom of the inning.  Because the music used with the piece is popular in nature, and we do not own rights to it on the internet, we unfortunately cannot post it on our site.

And as I mentioned, we have planned one other special moment for our fans (and Frank).

Dr. Cooper

At long last, the Cooper family has found its lost dog.

Originally lost in Tucson in March, the Coopers were notified last week by someone who thought they had found the canine.

"It was about the fifth time someone called," said Coop.  "But they sent us a faxed photo and it sure looked like our dog.

"My wife hopped on the next plane back to Tucson — getting the dog back cost me something like $1,700 in air fare — and sure enough, it was ours.  Now, it’s back with the other two dogs like nothing ever happened.  The dog just took a one-month vacation from the Coopers."


Too bad I’m gonna have to miss the Frank ceremony. I really wonder how he’s going to react to the fans. It seems like we’ve been good to him, and that most of the bad blood is between him and the organization (and I do side with Kenny and the Sox on that issue…Frank said some really stupid things) and not the fans.
I’m glad Coop’s dog was found, must be some nice people in AZ.

And one more thing…I noticed that AJ wasn’t in the line-up for tonight. Any special reason or is Ozzie just letting him relax since the weekend was probably pretty rough on him?

Oh, and I’ll be at the Aug 15th BlogParty (Instead of BlockParty…I thought it was clever, probably isn’t)

Phil in Indiana

have not posted in a while…PRDAVIS, zito pitching tonight so ozzie is probably keeping pods and aj out of lineup….no lefty vs lefty…..cheer frank….may have blasted kenny and organization but was a “clean” swinger in the 90s and stayed away from the bonds-type of drugs!!! GO SOX!!

you-know-who(TQ),with some further opinions/shots/comments since the last post….
1)to Rich Hill of the Chicago National League Baseball Club,Inc.(a subsidiary of Tribune Company)…for opening your big mouth before thinking first,your prize is…a one-way ticket back to lovely Des Moines,Iowa…Enjoy the scenic beauty of Sec Taylor Stadium,the home of the Iowa Cubs…ground transportation provided(I believe)by Keeshin Transportation,providing air-conditioned,rest-room equipped BUSES to travel around in,instead of first class air accommodations to the rest of the National League….Thanks,Rich for playing “Who Wants To Be A Jacka**” by criticizing what everyone except you and Jay Mariotti thought was a clean play on Saturday…See you in Septemebr,Rich,when the rosters expand….

2)Re.Paul Sullivan of the World’s Greatest Newspaper and the criticism of his work by the Cub front office…I guess they not only want their broadcasters to “see no evil,hear no evil,speak no evil”,they want the beat writers,INDEPENDENT of the ball club(aka,they don’t work for them)to “write no evil”…Keep at it,Sully,light a fire under the a**es of Hendry,Baker and Mc Phail…keep after them,munchkin….

3)to jklein in tucson…John,I know you and I remember the Pabst Blue Ribbon Bouts on Wednesday nights,the Gillette Cavalcade Of Sports boxing on Friday nights and the “Fight Of The Week”on Saturday nights…None of the other young pups in this space do(and by writing this,I know I’m dating myself…but,with my success with women,that’s my ONLY option….)The reason I bring this up is the Barrett/AJ blowup on Saturday last would never remind people of Kid Gavilan versus Carmen Basilio…more like Moe Howard and Larry Fine…

4)If you saw the post that Scott produced after the melee,I am starting to be concerned…Am I losing my spot as this blogsite’s resident curmudgeon/cynic/smart a**/observer of things White Sox? I hope not…I’m having too much fun…

Finally,did Ozzie and his family fall asleep watching the DaVinci Code? Because I sure fell asleep trying to read the other book by that writer…Maybe HE should go and cover the Cubs…they seem to like writers of fiction…..

I’m pretty sure Frank’s going to get a good reception tonight. Everyone so far is right, he never had a problem with the fans & we never had a problem with him. I was at the KC Royals game a few years ago when he hit his 300th homerun (at least, I’m pretty sure it was the Royals, I know for sure it was Rat Pack night). I’ll be cheering as loudly tonight as I was back then. Even so, I’m still on for a White Sox winner, but if Frank should hit a homerun, I’ll cheer for that, too.

Go Sox!

Also,congrats to Don Cooper on receiving the doctorate of humane letters from NY I of T…(shorthand…don’t you just love it?)You’d NEVER think to hear him talk that Coop comes from New Yawk,wouldya?
Also,congrats to the Coopers on retrieving their dog…You’re exactly right,phildavis(hello to West Lafayette,by the way…tell the Golden Girl,the Silver Twins and the Girl in Black at Purdue that I miss them all…)there are good people in Arizona…Isn’t that right,dr klein?

I know I won’t get an answer before game time, but….. wondering if those viewing the game by the magic box called TV will get to see the Frank tributes. I would love to experience it. I’m hoping for a great reception for Frank. There’s no questioning what he did for the team and fans for years.

On a emotional note, I couldn’t be happier to hear the new of the Cooper canine reunion. I’m a huge animal lover and can only imagine the roller coaster the family has been on. The best to them all!!


This is a post of mine on SoxTalk.com about the site’s podcast suggesting that Frank doesn’t deserve a standing ovation:

“I’ve been on this rant all season here, but SouthSideSox.com coined it perfectly, ‘so what?’ I’ll never deny that Frank wasn’t exactly a god with words; he was probably too honest at times. He never seems to take the poltically correct route but ends up being blunt/honest. That’s definitely hurt his stature and opinion with fans.

Frank’s the greatest player the franchise has ever seen, and I feel he’s a huge reason the Sox have been a consistent contender year in and year out, the past decade and a half. Without Frank, there wouldn’t have been much reason to build on anything.

Frank was just upset that he was not brought back to the only franchise he knew. I’m not suggesting he should be here, but I can’t be mad at that.

I just feel that the Sox’ greatest hitter, a future HOFer deserves a standing ovation from the one franchise that he earned all those accolades from.”

I’m sure there’s also several others like myself, that became lifelong Sox fans because of Frank Thomas in the early 90s. I’ll always be partial to the Big Hurt.

Hey Tom, Sox fans, etal,

Long time no posting, and no it isn’t cause the Tribe has stunk it up lately. Been busy watching the Cavs among being really busy at work lately.

Figured I’d stop by and congratulate your team for its continous success. You’ve been hitting well and pitching great. If they both keep going, you’ll be just fine.

Nice AJ highlight this weekend. He was not at fault. I kind of understand where Barrett thought AJ was leaning into him for a second time, but no reason why Barrett should have punched him. Hopefully AJ doesn’t get a suspension on reputation alone.

And as I’ve said many times before, the Frank and Thome situations cannot be compared, they are completely different. But I won’t be able to convince you or anyone else, so I shall let it go.

See you all next week (in spirit anyways) at the Jake.

Dean (in San Jose)

The Receception of Frank is bound to be “mixed”, regardless of the prompting of Ozzie in the print and air media, and the prompting of this blog. BUT people are still interested; Frank is not out of sight, out of mind, for as far as I can tell it is a sell-out. No tickets are available on the Sox web site. Konerko was very diplomatic, stating Frank always played his utmost between the lines. What about the mouth outside of the lines? Should have kept it shut on the way out, and because he didn’t, he’ll still receive a good smattering of disapproval. I will most likely be indifferent, even though I was a fan and have his jersey. Right now, I just want to see a win, after yesterday’s bad taste of losing to the idiots, and Detroit shutting out the Reds.

First: after the Sox crushed the Scubs in the first two games I was thinking that the series is not as important to me as it used to be. But when Uribe and Cotts blew the third game I almost became physically ill. So I guess beating the Scubs has not lost its luster, at least to this Sox fan. I am looking forward to the games on the Darkside, I mean Northside. Second: I am still a big fan of the Big Hurt, so if I were at the game tonight I would give him a standing ovation. Last: I thought the DaVinci Code was a good book but it was a lousy movie.

Hey guys, I just watched Pardon the Interruption and AJ was on it. He made a great inviation to Mr “I’m the best sports writer” Jay Marriotti to come to the club house and interview him. AJ said ” he’s your guy”. Tony said ” Hes not my guy, I don’t like him”. And Wilbon smiled and said ” I will relay the messege to Jay to vist the club house.” Good stuff, didn’t get a chance to catch Around the Horn but did any of the guys rip into Jay for anything he said. GO SOX!

Sorry forgot to post my name, Evan, Arlington Heights

scott… bummed you can’t post the video tribute, but i understand. want you guys to keep it legal! thanks for looking into it.

could you talk a bit about what the other part of the ceremony was? they didn’t seem to mention it on the radio. (and i dont’ get the tv broadcasts here in kansas).

man, i wish i could have been there…

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