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Sunday, May 21, 2006, 10:43 am


I sense a fine coming.  Manager Ozzie Guillen showed up a little late to the ballpark this morning having set his alarm to pm instead of am.

He and his family took in The Da Vinci Code last night, and Ozzie said he screwed up when he set his alarm.


Congratulations to Greg Walker and Don Cooper on two separate graduations today.

Walk’s daughter, Kaycee, is graduating from John Marshall Law School today, and Greg will leave just about game time to be at the ceremonies downtown.  I told him it is always impressive how the younger generation can leap so far ahead of the older generation.

And Coop today received an honorary degree from the New York Institute of Technology, where he played baseball 28 years ago.

"I thought I was six hours short of a degree and was taking two classes," he said.  "Then I found out I was actually nine hours short.

"It had taken me 28 years to get the six hours, so I figured I would never get to nine."

Coop has stayed in touch with the school and has given baseball clinics and held camps on the campus each offseason.  His former teammate is the AD.

"So they called me this winter and said they would like to present me with the honor.  It is really nice when people think of you in ways they don’t need to.

"I guess the World Series title is a gift that keeps on giving."

Top Secret

We closed our clubhouse after batting practice today to make arrangements for a special promotion.  You didn’t read it here, but our team is going to wear replica uniforms from the 1906 World Series for today’s game.  Let’s just hope these have hits in them.


The game is the highlight of the Brusa household today…good baseball, plenty of sun, and sausage and brats ready to hit the grill. Contreras looks great. Absolutely no negative effects from his stint on the DL. Scott…I’ve said this before, and Im sure I’ll say it again…thank you for this blog. The tidbit on the uniforms was just the little inside info that we love!!

yeah so since uribe has been god awful all year and just cost us a sweep of the cubs, when is pedro lopez getting called up???

WOW…that’s rather harsh. granted Juan’s bat is not as good as we know it can be, but for starting shortstops in the Majors, only about 4 have less errors than he does. That was a costly error, but after than, in a tie game with 2 outs…we should have been able to bail him out.

the uniforms were a nice touch — even though i did do a double-take the first time i looked! i hope they manage to get another outing (of course, those fans who haven’t got all the numbers memorized and were annoyed by the jerseys not being named may disagree!).

it would have been neat to see both teams in vintage era uniforms, but at least our guys were looking pretty good. 🙂

The uniforms were definily a nice touch! Great series this weekend, and Jose looked really good today. He got a very warm standing O when he walked from the bullpen to the dugout. Great to have him back.

AJ’s reception during the Starting Line Ups was fantastic! As the game went on, the BOO’s for Barrett got louder and louder, and the cheers for AJ did as well. I love the support!

AJ and throwback uniforms are a good match- a walkoff last year, and a home run today…

Lastly, there is no reason to begin to defend Juan Uribe, simply becasue I don’t need to. His aggressive and very sound style of play speaks for itself. What he has brought and constantly brings to our team speaks for itself. Juan Uribe is a huge part of this teams success.

Juan should definitely not be blamed for the loss today. Errors happen (even though I don’t think he was charged with one, because it was on a DP throw)…and all players make them. It just so happened that, today, the lowly cubs were able to capitalize off of one of the few errors we’ll see all year from Uribe. If any team’s fans should know about taking advantage of other’s mistakes, it us Sox fans (see AJ running to first after striking out in the Angels ALCS series). Juan’s got gold-glove talent and we should all support him because I’m sure he knows his mistake cost the team, but I’m sure he’ll make many more game-saving plays than game-losing. That’s my rant (sorry, I’m a big Uribe-supporter)

Phil in Indiana


I loved your idea of signing off with names, and I’m so used to just posting- I already forgot! 🙂 But anyways, great suggestion!

-Bethany 🙂

Thanks, Bethany. I thought that since we’re all a community of Sox fans, we can be a little more familiar.
And I also wanted to remind everyone to be voting for our Sox in the All-Star game balloting. You can vote as many times as you want online. Since we’re the best team in the majors (we alll know the Tigers AREN’T for real), we should have a strong showing in Pittsburgh.

Phil in Indiana

Like Bethany, I forgot as well. And not that Juan needs any defense, but I just saw that play again in slow motion, and he was almost in mid air, trying to avoid the Cub sliding into 2nd base when that throw was released. Can’t see how anyone can fault him for that… -Dawn

Good news everyone. The sox are finally getting some national attention. Konerko was mentioned in the Mr. Boffo cartoon this past Sunday. I can’t find a link for it, otherwise I would post it here. Some day we’ll make it to the national sports pages……


That was a tough one. Jose pitched great, especially after skipping a start.

I thought you guys might enjoy a story from Friday’s game: Man Soo was warming up Buehrle before the game, I always go watch the starter in the bullpen. AJ came out to finish him up and some ding-dong calls out “AJ, your a [female genitalia]!” AJ looks up, and calmly motions for the guy to come on down to the bullpen. OOOhhs and ahhhhs from the crowd. The guy looks a little pale. AJ then calls over a security guard and whispers in his ear and points out the nimrod. Then the security guard gets on his walkie-talkie and points for guy to be brought down into the bullpen. The spineless dimwit looked like he was going to faint, I have no doubt he soiled his pants. It was truly one of the funniest things I have ever seen in the stands.

-Bill in New Lenox

Does stink that we couldn’t pick up the sweep yesterday, but Uribe was off as much as Konerko. Couldn’t PK have shifted a bit to get the ball too? Just a thought…

The Tigers are def. on a tear and quite scary, though things seem to work themselves out AFTER the all star break so that’s when things really heat up.

The uniforms were cool, but heard most of the game on the radio and saw a few bits and pieces on TV so it threw me at first to see both teams wearing a great big C on their uniforms.

Bill: Did this paniced person get thrown from the game or did he just talk with AJ?


I didn’t see the guy after that, and definitely didn’t hear him.


Sorry we didn’t sweep, but you have winning seasons taking series after series. Can’t wait to see the reaction to Frank tonight. Off subject, something for your viewing pleasure…anyone know the name of the song in the background?? –Donna

Just a little help to anyone that wants to keep that video on their computer. If you open up windows media player and go to file, open url and then paste in this
Wait for the whole thing to load and then click file, save as… you will have it on your computer until you delete it.

alright after posting my last comment, it looks as though you can just click it and then save it. sorry for the longer explination. =)


Donna, that was fantastic!! Thank you for sharing it.
By the way..anyone else call about the Aug 15 blog outing yet? Just curious….


Donna…the song is called “Wrapped In My Memory” by Shawn Smith. You can download the song at the following link:

When you get to the page click on “Download MP3”

-Randy in PA

going on the 15th as well!


Scott, quick question. Was watching “The Final Word” on Fox last night, and AJ mentioned that he still doesn’t know why he was ejected on Saturday and that no one has explained it to him. Will he, and us, every be told? Also, as corny as it sounds, it would be great if AJ knew that we were all behind him. He really seems like he’s reached the end of his rope on this and it would be great if people could just let this go away. He said that twice last night, and Corey McPherrin just kept going. Was painful to watch.

Thanks Randy…what a great tune!


Corey McPherrin lost all respect from me last year in the moments after we clinched the World Series. He was interviewing Paul Konerko I believe, asking him how he felt for Joe Crede after being named World Series MVP. As we all known, Jermaine had already been named MVP. That was such a joke.

Pass on our support to AJ Scott, the only support that matters is from your teammates, and your fans- and he couldn’t have more from any of us!

Lets start this series off with a win tonight!


Tom in Lincoln Park,you’re on the net…Hi,long time participant,long time reader….
Notes on a contentious weekend…Scott,thank you for reading my mind on the thoughts in yesterday’s Some-Times by the Italian Weathervane…Jay,I guess,missed unnecessarily bashing the Sox,so he picked up on the brouhaha of Saturday…and his colleague Greg(Feet off the)Couch is doing a similar kind of work…To them and to all the other poison pens on Orleans Street,there is an old expression in Yiddish,which is vergehagit…which translated into English can maen either “go to h*ll or go kill yourself”…The second suggestion is unnecessary,but…well,that first one sounds pretty good…

Onto yesterday’s opus…For the visitors from Jurassic Park at Neverland,that was their World Series…For the Sox,it was a fly on an elephant’s butt…(Dawn,notice I didn’t use rear aperture?)

As I sat at the Cell(believe it or not,Ripley)among a bevy of Cub fans at my nephew’s bachelor party,I was a calm,collected,good host…Some of these boys had never been that far south before…imagine that? Because of changes of plans,the travel made us miss the top of the first completely,but I saw the bottom half on the concession area TV’s as our group and their sherpa guide hoofed our way up to section 552,upper deck,third base side…just about eqidistant with the Sox bullpen…Today,my face is somewhat red(not from embarrassmentbut from the sun…lucky us,huh,fans on the first base side…)as are the tops of my hands…but nothing else was damaged or bruised…Sorry I didn’t get the chance to meet friend Brittany…maybe another time…

As the Cubs circus ends,the Oakland A’s wander in with Frank Thomas in tow…I really don’t care what you think of what he did(and he did a lot on the negative side)to hurt his reputation,remember what he did to HELP this ballclub when it was scuffling…If you can’t remember,Jeff Szynal and the Diamond Vision crew will freshen your memory before the game…Remeber what happened to “Sock-It”Thome at the Jake the first time…Show some WS UNiverse class and give F Thomas what he deserves…After that,you can boo all you want to…..

Oh,by the way,Tom from Lincoln Park and other points…

I agree w/ TQ. Thomas said nothing bad about the fans. He was the face of this team for such a long time the fans should cheer him. Let’s show some more class than Cleveland. Chicago is better than that. We cheered him when he was with us and a warm reception is in order. As long as the Sox win tonight, they should cheer him loud and strong.
Lets get game 1 and the series guys.

Thanks to obrnmac for that link. What a tear jerker. I was ready to grab the glove and take the field.******, the tears do get in the way don’t they.

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